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She says she is a modern nomad And the desert is to where She loves to travel purposefully Remaining aware Nature just appeals to her The animals the trees Abuse and exploitation Brings her to her knees She has that … Continue reading

When hunters tell you they respect their victims

Respect is not a word In their vocabulary Irreverence is more the world they use Most of them are ignorant They humiliate their victims But because they are not word smiths Really they abuse All of us all at animal … Continue reading

Cashew seeds or nuts as they are more commonly known

A tropical evergreen two different  heights one  over  forty feet one half that size the one that is smaller grows faster and yields more of the seeds  and profit wise builds   a better business Commercially Vietnam leads the world … Continue reading


A lady from Germany Living in Canada Fighting the good fight For all she is worth All of the creatures that live Love and die here She is on their case that much is clear She is a vegan She … Continue reading

Heidi bear

She’s all for the animals That fills her day Protecting their habitat With much to say The greatest CV Audacious and strong Making their argument. And Saying how wrong The zoo’s and the circuses And the caged up are The … Continue reading

What’s not to love

What’s not to love about Qualities you Ascribe as important It all that you do Freedom Free will free speech, and of course liberty Equal rights for us all Let the animals be Our privilege really to Walk side by … Continue reading

Hard core wizard

A jovial wizard vegan animal rights brigader she Is out there on the front line With a big heart easily Taking on the corporate world The meat trade and the rest Showing us some empathy At loving she’s the best … Continue reading

To all my tweet friends

We tweet like birds Using our words To break the ice and be On social media Friends which tends To target and to see Another form of communication Parly odes and more And so this yule I want to say … Continue reading


The path down to the place We first met Just around that bend A harvest celebration She became my first real friend Leaves were falling all around The blush the flush the scarlet rush A hot and firery end She, … Continue reading

A poem for Rhonda

These trees are friends They reach across to touch Each other, they Are rooted by longevity And soulfully they pay Respects clearly together In this sweepingly beautiful scene With the Winter sun apparent It is somewhere we have been Followed … Continue reading