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Kanga my Australian lovely

Kanga my Dear on line friend Your present ailing makes Awful reading I have to say My heart it surely breaks Your illness pain and worry For an Angel as you are A thoroughly beautiful lady That the Roo’s regard … Continue reading

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Beaten up

So many injuries A terrible shame Once I was fearful As to who was to blame Beaten and broken Soulfully sublime Lost in his moment Unable to climb Out of his pit Of the place really where He hit out … Continue reading

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Panchita a Galapagos Sea Lion Got caught up in netting and she It cut into her body Stressing her out so badly She just couldn’t return to the sea She was helped by some warrior people Who looked after her … Continue reading

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I am sitting up thinking unable to sleep I really miss seeing you and sometimes I weep It’s perfectly possible there’s not a sound Not even a wild fox patrolling around Just me sitting up hopeful I might Close my … Continue reading

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Thoughtfulness over our own selfish streak

Absolutely reading what you wrote and actually said I got the instant clarity in many ways It led Me to realise your message of course I did agree We all are being selfish to a point And tragically We take … Continue reading

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Coming out of the woods A bevy of souls Townsfolk and countryside Some clearly poles Apart from each other A countryside jaunt Hoi polloi and the others Tom Dick and May An under privileged few On this balmy June day

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Hen Party

They remind me of women Their stature their colour Standing together in wintry weather Each to her own bundled and shown A true explanation of endeavour full blown

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Loving and sharing

Offering food for animal friends It’s a gift of love that never ends They talk about it that’s for sure And come again to collect more Sharing is a lovely way To remind our friends That we always say How … Continue reading

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Silence by degree

The ward a dismal place of woe Recovering souls lie still Rigged up to contraptions Serviced there’s a chill There’s grief frustration,fear and pain A time honoured stint An army of nurses delivering care Give the love that’s missing there … Continue reading

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Cows emotions

Cows we must never forget are mothers of the field Many fed on soya meal Expecting them to yield wondrous mineral rich nutrition for its Wondrous calves Over milked and under fed Kidnapped really halves The emotion the devotion and … Continue reading

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To the AR Community

To the AR community everywhere The warriors on the front line Those locked down at their computers Yet more petitions to sign All of us fight hard to save them The animals in captivity For all of their life And … Continue reading

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“Brianna and Winter”

Unbelievable cruelty Is carried out each day In dairy farms across the globe Where farmers will not pay A penny more than they have to Money the driving force And many a pregnant cow Is sent to the abattoir The … Continue reading

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Little Leo

Little Leo alone in a gutter He lay In Rajasthan all of the day His head in the water To weak to move Clearly very sick And not in the groove Animal aid unlimited came Put him in a blanket … Continue reading

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On hearing Hilary Hahn’s interpretation of Paganini Caprice 24

A mindfulness Within the scope of genius May throw Light on Paganini With her violin and her bow Dedication personified The spirit from the core A countenance of peacefulness And a beauty without flaw

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Carers and the hospital parking fiasco

Mr Philip Davies Won his oratory wings In the house he did his bit And we know now what it brings More difficulties for carers Visiting hospital for they Are having to pay a ransom And this is not the … Continue reading

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