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Dogs appeal aloud to the world at large

Skun thats in Cambodia A slaughterhouse to where Thousands of dogs are slaughtered And all of them aware Restaurants in Phnom Penn They open all the time Cambodians love dog meat Which is why the numbers climb Some three million … Continue reading


There he was curled up BY the side of a shop Sporting pink walls Was where he chose to stop Clearly abandoned A poodle for sure Neglected and dirty Sat on the floor We put on a leash And took … Continue reading


A call came in A street dog who apparently Had been sleeping rough around the cars And looking rather lean We went down to try and find him And under a white car There he was quite fearful Hiding, he … Continue reading


Named after The Norse God “ODIN” so we hear Abandoned on a construction site In the footings It was clear Lethargic and ill fated Just quietly laying there We were called to see Just how he was Whether aware Apparently … Continue reading


When your old Nobody loves you Disablement gets you down You realise you are a nuisance And no one in the town Wants to be your servant And so often you find Loneliness is your friend all day It’s all … Continue reading


Deprivation It happens And when it does It really gets to us That solace that buzz In our hearts In our souls In our head everywhere We love and we need and we still Want to share They have gone … Continue reading


It’s really grim to be alone And in pain one has to say and ”Yara” she ticked all these boxes That was on the day We got a call To rescue her Hiding in a den Underneath a bush Amongst … Continue reading

“Winn” and “Dixie”

I can’t remember actually how we got here I just remember both of us Could see We were in the sewer the air was really smelly Standing in a puddle now we be We thought it’s best to yelp and … Continue reading

“Abby” who is telling us her story

she stood there just in front of us Long Brown matted hair 2 years she’d been a runaway And looked the worse for wear Clearly It’s a wake up call And can be a bitter pill Fending for oneself alone … Continue reading