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A fox in the snow

A fox in the snow Where the wildest winds blow Content with his lot For what he has got Where he was placed He does feel graced With life and with love From ABOVE

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Bears skins of mothers With cubs by their side A mother is hunted It’s mothers then died The implications are terribly. Strong Leading to the babies Of. Course it is wrong Guards headgear and clothing It’s wrong on all counts … Continue reading

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Cat abuse in China

Why is it that the Chinese feel The need to torture and reveal An evil side where culture may Reside leading to a decay Of any empathy abroad The tortured state who dare afford Dismemberment and worse on air By … Continue reading

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Black Bears

For years I have been writing About the Dear Black Bears Canada gifted these beautiful souls Their arrogance it scares The life out of me actually Hibernating they Are often shot with bows and arrows Ambushed so to say Cubs … Continue reading

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