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Taiji killers

So much violence From the Japanese Throwbacks from the war Hard hearted pitiless morons Hellhounds from before Out there in the ocean Vandals of the sea Excessively tyrannical And misanthropy Like yunei so bloodthirsty Spiteful bitterness Child abuse they are … Continue reading

Harbour Porpoise and their terrible deaths in Japan

The porpoise a small cetacean Is up against it they Creep under the radar Being slaughtered come what may Its all about Taiji alas Because they are driving there The banging boats and the pithing tools And ofcourse world wide … Continue reading

We have no clue how to manage our oceans

Reality looks out across the vast plain Of the sea It’s great depth and of course into it’s amazing constancy Or so we thought its inhabitants All shapes and sizes they In every nook and cranny Every single day Occupy … Continue reading

Jo’s video of 1/9 at Japanese embassy

Ric O’Barry is again free A blue day for us all But the Japanese are in the dark The truth is coming out at last We have to make our mark In London on Tuesday We came together too Stop … Continue reading

Toxic material in food

A Harukichi Onazuka tells it like it is The government of Japan are using inadequate Regulations to Measure what is right or wrong or safe or dangerous What they do Is falling behind in testing of cetaceans from the sea … Continue reading

The sun is out the sky is blue

The sun has shone it’s light on the Sea World Aqua Club and tells about the Orca’s It’s a peculiar rub Stolen from their mothers And plucked out of the sea Then put in tanks together But it seems to … Continue reading

Freedom v Captivity (Ocean v Sea World)

Puget Sound and areas of ocean great depth and vast surroundings they enjoy miles and miles of coastline in which to forage awesome beauty Orca’s do employ pods of them all socialize and show us just how playful and intuitive … Continue reading

Japan Shame on You

Taiji killed 800 Dolphins slaughtered them their reign of terror under tarps they tortured them I think a fatal error judgement clearly shot away the toxic nature they display might come back to haunt Japan for forever and a day … Continue reading

More slaughter in Japanese waters this time the Dalls Porpoise

More slaughter takes places every year outside the cove at Taiji this is in the northern parts without  the publicity   2 men boats go out to sea and take the porpoise they are always killed and many of them … Continue reading