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Entering another world

I cannot for the life of me Keep my eyes from closing Yet I need to see her To fill my heart once more A darkness is now coming in There is no light alas Someone go and fetch her … Continue reading

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To everyone

A new year around the corner Who knows where we shall be This time next year who knows No one so lets just see To everyone who knows me Happiness I send Truthfully I love you all And am so … Continue reading

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The immature seem to know so much

Having parents that are qualified To assess all situations Living in the wilderness Will see some altercations Packs of wolves and buffalo The carnivores delight Provided there is instinctive knowledge All will end alright But headstrong youth can ruin The … Continue reading

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Dead Nugent

All above board A legal hunt All the meat Used no stunt Not from me So he explains The locals love him And his veins Are full of blood Like that poor lion Shot and slaughtered Down the line The … Continue reading

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Mother and child and a promise from the gods

Senseless is that really the word to be used here A mother with her baby cut from ear to ear The insanity, the madness mentally they are gone The obsession its inexplicable and unfathomable such a con To gun down … Continue reading

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Buddhists who chose arrogance over compassion

Who is this creep? Why does this great soul Put up with his shit Rocking clearly mentally aggrieved And far from fit They talk about their principles Their buddhism and prayer They are a bunch of idiots And their revulsion … Continue reading

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The diabolical hunters of Foxes

Thousands of healthy fox hounds Are often killed we hear When they are not as productive Thats if it does appear If they just show a weakness Then they can be clubbed to death Sometimes with loads more life in … Continue reading

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The ozone hole and our future

The BP spill impacted poorer areas This Porter Ranch gas leak appears to be A much more affluent area outside Of Los Angeles And its methane even though we cannot see As far as climate goes its eighty times Worse … Continue reading

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The redwood city monster

In Redwood City California A monster is on the loose Its hard to imagine a human Other than hanging by a noose Contemplating such an act Of terror on a cat By dying it purple For the express reason To … Continue reading

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She looked like any other chicken really But for some reason she didn’t lay eggs now The farmer didn’t want her thought she was a waste of time Really she seemed useless anyhow Her physical condition wasn’t very good Her … Continue reading

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The Chinese panda keeper

A Chinese zoo keeper liked endangered birds He didn’t just like them appeared lost for words He had a strange penchant for birds that were wild And because they were rare he simply defiled The trust he was given and … Continue reading

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Baby turkeys Living, breathing Specimens of life Ground up Mangled and sadly tangled In the corporates wretched strife Little hearts And tiny beaks Little eyes And little wings They are aware of the inhuman rumble That death And destruction brings … Continue reading

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From the 12 th of August to the 10th of December grouse shooting is underway The beaters the hides the shooters And the lead shot so to say The red grouse and the foxes hen harriers To the fore stoats … Continue reading

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Taiji and those monsters they call fishermen

Its really hard to find the words To describe cetacean drives How whole pods thats whole families Lose their precious lives The family tree in motion Their devotion it is there Such wickedness and improbity And terrible despair Iniquity immorality … Continue reading

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Fur coats

Did the Queen have to wear The dead skin of those who Were trapped and slaughtered needlessly Many of them too They say she has worn it 50 years But sadly needed still To wear up at Sandringham To fight … Continue reading

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The aristopratts apparantly have the backing of the Law Fox hunting with dogs is banned But this lot just ignore They ride down the high streets caps tossed in the air Hounds up front the public don’t want them bloody … Continue reading

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Why so little respect for pigs

Pigs have such potential In the main we underrate Just how intelligent they really are And What is on their plate how we disrespect them Ridicule them too Farmers are off handed And scurrilous in my view Those about to … Continue reading

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Mother and child after the wild one

What makes a mother want her daughter In the saddle Chasing after foxes Its never fiddle faddle It is serious business Frightening a fox Chasing down a vixen With tinsel in your socks Its boxing day nice crisp wind Blowing … Continue reading

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Digitalized tracking numbers

A living breathing soul becomes a commodity A bar code on a label in its ear Stamped on with a sort of punch An item code and a digital crunch A universal product code Watch out it gives the load … Continue reading

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Cecil’s message for christmas

My GPS collar Will save me Oxford knows more About me This Palmer creature And his hangers on And the elephant carcass Hung up upon Their truck It compels me to track it the smell I am not going back … Continue reading

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An unbelievable sky above Of almost cornflower blue In this marvellous polar light Great ice bergs melting through Myriad icicles dripping Gaping holes azure A hostile place where diadems Seemingly endure Tranquil floating ice rocks Ice sheets floating here The … Continue reading

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The shelter where death was the gift for christmas

The American dream at Christmas An atrocity we hear A shelter in Texas A safe place for animals All of them murdered In heightened fear Man calls himself kind In his so called books He is an insolent beast With … Continue reading

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Have we reached the tipping point

Compare the rainforest These last 40 years Go to Malaysia Hold back the tears Perhaps you cant see Perhaps you don’t care So many with asthma From the state of the air The forest was once massive The planets lungs … Continue reading

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With all those corpses in them i bet those jodhpurs were tight And that brand new tunic It did’t feel that right Mounted on your thoroughbred Some tinsel around your cap Boxing Day you are on your way And whose … Continue reading

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I love the way you choose My yuletide gifts my dear My beautiful beaded bracelet It is very clear Infinity is with me The concept I can feel The snake eating its own tail Promising strength for real For Nabokov … Continue reading

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Sea Worlds dirty secrets

Another former trainer has begun To spill the beans Clearly they are beside themselves Expected to be machines Not able to expose the truths The brain washing that goes on When you work at Sea World And afterwards when you … Continue reading

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I felt it Let me say the year Was drawing nigh It hadn’t been so cold its true But I can tell just by the sky The moon and the stars mean much To me And it is just a … Continue reading

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Think tanks and glass tubes

Smoking crack Cracked up we know Back in May Did the words flow A professor too inhaling he A sort of mini think tank free Thinker With business research You wouldn’t want to be left in the lurch A makeshift … Continue reading

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Seaworld and Asda and the killer whales

Seeing sense and sacrificing Sea Worlds Will to use Killer whales in entertaining their public Is good news ASDA we respect decisions made to now not be Associated with the abuse of the Orca’s That the world can see No … Continue reading

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Frost spangled

The magical effect of Jack Frosts Handiwork An artist’s use of ice work to beguile A fresh cold look of something truly beautiful To sit inside my car and watch awhile To take in the serenity of Winter The givenness … Continue reading

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