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Who wants to reside on a CAFO

Pigs are almost human in their makeup so much so  in human surgery pigs being so sensitive unlike human beings as mothers they are wonderful to see     to rape a sow as this rape took place last year … Continue reading

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Who said its all over

  A pigeon on his shoulder a poster in his hands piles of heads and intestines someone was making plans   now for a greater holocaust as more innocent were killed their heads chopped off with bloody knives so much … Continue reading

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not a bull in a china shop just a street in India

It takes a Bull on a street to wake some city dwellers up they go about their business unaware of the  cup that has now runneth over for few apparently move themselves to consider when fresh meat they  may see … Continue reading

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Lamentation is it anything we can learn from

Reality is intoxication when ignorance is here such suffering a sort of on line holocaust where fear exchanges lamentation for an outpouring of belief for the painfulness of knowing the mortifying grief   this is a plague of disinllusionment an … Continue reading

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The trophy hunter the victims gather around to oggle

A child may source the unexpected moment to be seen with Daddy and  his rifle clawing spirit mean the great beast lies before them both a steel ball in his brain He in his realm but not at the helm … Continue reading

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The maggots fly blown souls created by the hand of one who demonstrates the need to clear the carnage that’s undone   for what we all experience here is malevolent desire to rid a being of such ill whilst creating … Continue reading

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A passing spirit enters

        I lie here in this most eventful agony feeling lost and broken and in a state I have seen death with his sickle he came into my consciousness I have seen life and its nothing I … Continue reading

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November hair

Van Gogh would be over the moon if he saw the wondrous extensions the aureate store burnt almond and chestnuts a cinnamon glaze sienna and ochre which, just might raise his blood pressure somewhat when he sees you a flame … Continue reading

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Captivity is depravity

Melka Excelsior has a bad mark capturing dolphins its really dark energy sadly hotels shouldn’t be vying for customers so disgracefully   by attracting them into a pool with the souls teaching them I understand our controls a dolphin is … Continue reading

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a plea from a lamb trying to reach its mother

Mother dearest mother why am I here today will I be gone tomorrow this green writing it does say they are wanting to kill me why me I am so small what do they want to do with me? it … Continue reading

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Baja St Ignacio Lagoon Mexico

A gentle place in Baja St Ignacio Lagoon where the ocean meets the sky and the world there is in tune   all the marvellous vistas and subtle pinks and blue come together and fill the world with wonder now anew … Continue reading

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The dolphins cry

I am tuned into the Dolphins cry and to pick up as I do the killings underneath the tarps that really just go through my heart, my soul,  my mind and every sinew and every cell often after midnight I … Continue reading

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Whose chicken not me I am vegan campylobacter

Supermarkets have got  the nerve to call themselves so super selling chickens full of vile contamination  they really can’t be trusted to look after the interests of the chickens first and foremost and their consumers yes today     it … Continue reading

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Nepal and one little goat

  Am I fightened am I shocked the insanity it has knocked me for 6 now standing here my fathers head and feet the fear is overwhelming for such a soul such an experience such a role I have right … Continue reading

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A darker shade of grey

The Thesaurus of Roget lists autism under selfishness self consideration, self love how can we say something we ourselves inflicted on others should be classified or our vaccination process and nutritional array   mercury and poly chlorination these are serious … Continue reading

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Foie gras and the yule tide window

Fortnums yuletide window and a foie gras banner shows how they make their profit and in Summerland it glows the tombstones  of the ducks and geese who sadly met their end gorged on fatty corn balls that rapidly did send … Continue reading

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is this pre-emptive

Excuse me for saying a big empty chair and its all down to Bias for  some of us care and felt there was bias painstakingly  strong the 10 o clock News for me this is wrong show your face we … Continue reading

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Forgotten heroes

the Jacobson organ 2 tiny pits nothing to speak of but such precious bits   the olfactory system is better by far and in dogs as a matter of fact its a star   it gives them the power the … Continue reading

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Unbearable behaviour

The tragedy is the human who is daf’t as well as mad insolent in many ways and really rather sad   the simplicity of tricks he’s made to do proves to us all the bear can do most anything that … Continue reading

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Audited accounts

Audited and then approved they got their confirmation of shipment out to Gaza that’s the demonstration   some arse behind a desk ticks boxes doesn’t have a clue once the accountants have authorised the shipment what’s to do     … Continue reading

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Hypersexuality in young girls now we see we see it with the dolls they play with and their clothes and make up,  we realize the sensual nature of underwear as well films and stories glorify it a kind of mini … Continue reading

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From India his light appeared and a tribute to him, for he had the kind of voice that dreams were made of and we see   such melodies confronting us surrounding us, their sound Sebastian Bede he does succeed in … Continue reading

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Personal thought of an animal poet in the UK

So you are the wife of the  president who believes that its prudent to cuddle up to   Taiji such a  friendship such love and such care from Broome it feels special so special  to share   a cultural bond … Continue reading

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The White Spring

On Sunday I stopped by Well House Lane my pilgrimage alone it always is a shady place but the sky took on a tone of the other world that special place that you reach when you are alone atop the … Continue reading

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Indonesian travelling circus with Dolphins

They belong in the ocean that’s where they belong but in Indonesia circus is strong travelling circuses from town to town and the terrible truth of  what is  going down dolphins are part of it doing their tricks leaping through … Continue reading

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Stone Henge

There it is a great stone structure a monument to who 5000 years 4000 years who knows which date is true out there on that chalky plain the sheep still ruminate they know a thing or two about it but … Continue reading

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Higher and higher a souls sets the screams as she daintily weaves in and out of our dreams gyrations excite and art form that we can experience thrilled by the sights that we see Janine a gold angel floats curls … Continue reading

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Like gangsters they work in the silence of dark energies infamously leave their mark shadows of sinfulness reach out  and fall Taiji’s police state is always on call   the banger boats sail on the oceans so calm the drives … Continue reading

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iniquity and eugenics

A web of such iniquitous behaviour stretches far and wide it sinks into our bodies encouraging a  downward slide   meddling with our precious genes corrupting our pure DNA America has spawned a great satanic cult of scientists who with … Continue reading

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Solidarity must be the word we all live by

Burnaby Mountain where indigenous souls come together with varying roles to fight BIG ENergy  at every turn for they are here to really burn   corporate power will watch us die the tar sands pipeline don’t belie its tragic  statement … Continue reading

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