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Ise foods Japan

An Olympic Certification Which I guess tells us a lot The athletes animal protein Clearly they care a lot About how good production is How Eggs are markedly Being served up via Ise At the highest degree The tragedy is … Continue reading

There are no excuses

There can be no excuses For The hatred and the pain The innocent regarded As cannon fodder plain and simple In onlookers eyes Attrition on a scale Beyond what is offensive And guaranteed to fail A wonderful assemblage Of neutrality … Continue reading


Lockdown Social distancing Face masks BBC Covid death inflation It’s sUbjugation we Are being slowly softened up By the cabalistic few Our genocidal masters Who do what that lot do Kill the poor old people Who have worked their whole … Continue reading

Essential work

The essential work is in the sky its raining down on us from high aluminium and the rest we are the bugs and we protest barium and lots besides they are taking Us all for rides to destinations we don’t … Continue reading

Yule at the ancient henge

We are witness to the ancientness That encompasses the soul The unique hues of Autumns past Just memories that roll Forward like the passing clouds Less colourful its true A mantle of slate grey above For Winters here and we … Continue reading

Thomas Alexander HUNTER ARKANSAS

The shock and surprise Now before his eyes The Deer he had shot At, It lay Quietly remembering Much better times Til he came to gloat On that day He had pumped shots Into me, I was ailing A deer … Continue reading

Farmer fraudsters

It happened in mid wales Or so someone said A farmer his business Was failing which led Him to inject his cows With red diesel to see If it messed up the readings On what was TB It was for … Continue reading

The infamous English mud

In the cover of darkness A phantom ship sails From Hinkley Point Power To Penarth in Wales The good ship “SLOEBER” (A puppy of sorts) That can open her belly And share all She sports 2000 tonnes of nuclear mud … Continue reading


The EU and the US tried by stealth To run us down Brought this so called TTIP In red tape we shall drown The crap about a boost to all economies Is all pie in the sky And pigeons coming … Continue reading


An Infectiousness and a pestilential gathering Unsterilised and as filthy as can be Loads and loads of rounded up strays Transported for hours and hours And all of them are coming here to be Processed that’s the word but what … Continue reading

Dumbing down is working

Humans are easily fooled these days But animals at least Instinctively know what feels right or wrong And any beast Coming under fire from the vibrations of the earth Tsunami’s earthquakes solar flares The animals show their worth Smart meters … Continue reading


The little blue pill Came with such a thrill The pain in my guts It just went Gave me such energy How could that be BIG PHARMa, had kindly sent It all the way To me yea today I could … Continue reading

Dimbo grumparse

Dimbo Grumparse had a long name A very special little animals shell Precisely because he was The biggest pain in all the world And, that was because He had been all things to all people But lately had become Nothing … Continue reading


It happened a great viaduct plunged onto The street People many injured The carnage did un seat A lot of vile attention The worthlessness of some Who stand up on a parapet Displaying just how numb No more than ghouls … Continue reading