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Frosty circumstances And sylph like avenues Droplets of pure heaven Samhain collects its dues From the spirited ancestral path At the thinning of the veil The great big door flops open And so begins our tale Eternal darkness lost in … Continue reading

Have a heart

A disembowelled heart Is bitten antagonistic I’d say A nauseous act A matter of fact But hardly a genuine way Of expressing respect For a victim That if not for you Still would be A soul in the forest Living … Continue reading


An element of naivety Thats, if you ask me I have always thought that Souls that fly And visit flowers Would be Assisting pollination To call a soul a pest Is an arrogance Beyond me But its something To attest … Continue reading

Trail hunting a toffs day out

Subterfuge and chicanery The order of the day Hunting without killing foxes Has to be the way Has to because the law Has changed And foxes must not be Chased around the countryside By idiots who be Often tanked on … Continue reading

“Remembering those that are missing”

Consciousness coupled with soul urge And a reasoning power seemingly Gives purpose and great understanding To deep thought and profundity Raising awareness to a mindful degree About murdered women and the missing That we See among the Indigenous And proud … Continue reading

Cristina Zenato

A women whose integrity And constancy is there So much moral fibre And ofcourse she is aware Of their place Within the biosphere Each and every one She has honour And a reverence For everything she has done A diver … Continue reading

The Duchess of Sussex and her meal in Melbourne

Now we see the precious Royals Consuming Kangaroo She’s pregnant and the bush meat Was hardly good its true Who in their right mind would risk this The great flesh trade of OZ Pushing Roo commercially Really just because It … Continue reading

Stonehenge a tunnel

Contrast what exists To what it will become A short excavation a tunnel That some Might see as essential But tragically They Have no eyes to feel Nor a heart to display A world heritage site Monuments galore Neolithic persuasion … Continue reading

Hunting on Islay

By her own admission She’s hardcore Whatever thant means But for me Anyone ambushing wild life Abandons good judgement We see beautiful stags Roaming freely And wild handsome goats And to feel That so called hardcore Hunting humans Are out … Continue reading

Eye to eye

With your ships with your planes Your computers My eyes they see Through it all I come from the depths of the ocean From a place Where your bombs often fall With your rockets your micro wave Weapons With the … Continue reading


a case seemingly For uprightness rectitude And integrity A grand house Where visitors come Through and pay A game park Safari’s They are sold in that way And now we here hunters The worst kind of ghouls Those that want … Continue reading

The stags of Woburn

Someone had a bright idea Call it culling if you will For me a wandering poet For me really its just to kill To murder to assassinate A perfectly healthy soul £9000 for a handsome stag Whose antlers gave him … Continue reading


The trees are lost in shadow Moon in Libra tends to be Ready to create order Through diplomacy Relationships and partnerships Favoured it be said With beauty and creativity All coming to a head The East Is where we congregate … Continue reading


14 years of leaking oil How many sleepless nights Undutifulness and disregard For the ocean creatures Being scarred This filthy sputum The unconcern The recklessness At every turn This energy so negative Uncaring all the while So slipshod and so … Continue reading

Ngangkari healers

Kindred spirits Tribal clan AUstaloid Since life began An eminence and supremacy A true command And discovery The Ngangkari healers Apparently Have reached Adelaide, And now they see Their primitiveness And all who be Open to the ancients And all … Continue reading


“I myself can identify With a male chick And alone I cry Nobody hears me Or if they do They just might say Tell me something new”


A candour and frankness All seeing Fresh eyes seeing all that is there Unvarnished and unartificial and being aware Wide-eyed and blameless An enquiring mind A thirst and a reason In all that we find Curiously searching Engrossed in it … Continue reading

Corporative coercion

Despite the law of England Despite the wild life who Most support in England The hunters want to do Their hunting unimpeded For them the law is an ass For them its an anathema And they do believe on mass … Continue reading

Woe burn for those poor doomed deer

Humility is missing From the consciousness of those Responsible at Woburn Their showiness suppose A blatancy a shamelessness An inverted snobbery An attitude a hubris. Entitled honourably A tyranny of brashness A brazen faced refrain To offer stags for slaughter … Continue reading


Potter-dix public school Served ten days ago Chilli beef with kangaroo In the cowboy state Yes it is true Some head chef so called Decided he would Allegedly Increase the nutritional Quality By adding kangaroo And we Are shocked to … Continue reading


A thousand people Have joined the protectors The movement is showing its face Cuadrilla the corporate cancer Created confusion all over the place Egan just one of the frackers Whose humility just isnt there Its all common purpose And banksters … Continue reading


How many wild foxes Fall foul to these snares These cruel torture chambers Badgers and Hares Other wild creatures no doubt Fight for breath And so very slowly Die an agonising death Under the branches In bracken somewhere They lie … Continue reading

These evil traps

Traps and snares are everywhere The evil set them they are after killing wild life Foxes mainly pay A price that few may witness The torturing method used A dying vixen possibly Terribly abused In this case It was a … Continue reading

Deer oh deer!

Our wildlife up for grabs In woburn bedforshire We hear The Duke of Bedford’s Wondrous herd Of 9 species of Deer All waiting to be shot at Murdered in cold blood Its a money earner And there will be a … Continue reading

Trophy hunting here in the UK

Trophy hunting comes to Bedford What a great idea For the Duke of Bedford To earn some from his deer £9000 for a big red buck £3000 if its small And its hands on conservation And really that is all … Continue reading

Seismic alarms

Three tiny tremors Picked up so we hear The monitors buzzing Too small though its clear Clustered close by to the A583 Peel Road they say And fracking might be The reason, nobody Up top could feel Only the monitors … Continue reading

Unearthing doom

A university professor In Tennessee has said Fracking can open A can of worms And put our need to bed Thats my interpretation Written in my words Dragging ancient bacteria With fluids Little birds Will not be outside tweeting For … Continue reading

Perry beri

Visiting a fracking site Whats all that about CLaire Perry needs no cozying She is in no doubt Fracking is the answer And it must go ahead And all these grannies And circus clowns Should stay put in their bed … Continue reading


Conservation and community Is never going to be A defence against The hunters Who only want to see Murdering the wildlife That appears their only goal Which is totally unsustainable And proves they have no soul Here it happened in … Continue reading

Scottish Wool

The agony of shearing Comes home to sheep alas Piece working wages Frustrated rages Torture yes enmasse Scotland land of haggis Of whisky by the dram Tbis is how you shear The sheep For wool and how you ram Your … Continue reading