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Dr Vernon

It just isn’t fair The old man in the chair Not monetised Just in the know A doctor of age Knowledge off the page Truths Dr Vernon does share His integrity Outshines all of the rest He tells it like … Continue reading

Mark Parker

The foothills of the Eastern Pennines The spine of England its been said Santander a Spanish Bank In Nelson Street its App bright red One particular gentleman Mark Parker thats his name A cheerful helpful more caring soul Thats him … Continue reading

Despite lockdown i found a shining star today

Today I had the need to speak to you about my car I switched in late january and today I found a star A caring helping wonderful hand with my NCD Which had been sent to you two times But … Continue reading

Dear Mark

Happy birthday dearest Mark Holding hands once we When we were just so very young When our innocence was key that path we shared How joyfully We felt blessed We were sure And today it is your birthday But you … Continue reading

Is the sky the limit

Hempearth’s Derek Kesek A visionary who Uses his grey matter By greening it Its true Utterly non toxic Hemp its rightness fits Morality ethicality Is exactly where he sits Give him poetic justice The appropriate he knows well Unswerving and … Continue reading


Courage And commitment And Accountablity Donald Trump Assignable Merited engaged A godly man With a world wide plan Who now has kind of staged High standing And consideration Veneration too Integrity and honesty And logical virtue up against the vile … Continue reading

Lyubov Marekhodova

For her reality Presents a world of ice and snow On Lake BaiKal in Siberia Where few people go She is by herself With her animals Miles from others who Live out in this wilderness With little else to view … Continue reading

Christina Ha

Imagine not being able to see And participating in Masterchef We Who can see could we deal With sharp knives and hot pans Know where we’ve placed things And Opening cans It feally feels hopeless Unheard of in fact Insurmountable … Continue reading

My Grand dad

Grand dad Jack McKane Belfast born Its plain a family man And I’m a fan And I had much to gain My own father said I Was the reason why He was mad at me And didnt want to be … Continue reading


Trafalgar Square The Lions Protestors we could see Remembering Dear Cecil And all that imagery That awful cowardly dentist That bow shot him And ran back to drink his heart out Thats how it all began A trophy hunter The … Continue reading


A nice clean bed New sheets duvet Pillow cases too I count my lucky stars tonight That you do what you do Your painting skills And thoughtfulness It is second to none No matter what the weather When you are … Continue reading

Lord Sumption

Lord Sumption has integrity His command of language It is key Courage and commitment too Responsiveness it all comes through Humility and modesty A champion such chivalry Justice and the process of Law Right minded, impartial He does implore An … Continue reading

Good Energy

A stalwart campaigner A GREEN pioneer Thats Juliet Davenport Yes and the year 1999 A long time ago When she took on the fossil Fuel giants, you know Not exactly an enviable position to be But she was a champion … Continue reading


Callum, Pencil behind his ear A carpenter who cares His work bench Underneath the Cherry Their combined aura swears An exactitude of feeling An energy, a force Planed white wood From A previous life No one has misunderstood The concept … Continue reading

EMMA and her little one

A warm heart And a mindful soul Really a delicious role In wild life lives And Emma she Lives and plays So earnestly In North Yorkshire Her garden where Magic reigns And heartFelt care Flowers and A welcoming For the … Continue reading


In this world where energy Where life and sustainability A wizard out there Whose expertise is such A top gun in the heating world And on ventilation systems With pure designs in heating And on cooling so in touch Air … Continue reading

John Chang

The year was 1950 A busy Newcombe Road A really handsome curio shop The Chang family abode Still Part of the British Empire Imagine that can you King George V1 the King of Kings Actually its true From 1946 to … Continue reading


He called himself SIMBA The gentlest of LION The kindest most caring With muscles of iron The shingles he carried So helpful was he And all done with a smile In his integrity Upright such goodness His character he Of … Continue reading


To be loving of ones parents Brings originality A genuineness to work with And such creativity Foresight from your mother When Shinichi Suzuki His Language acquisition And a learning she could see Affirmative of action It’s how you had to … Continue reading

Ntanda Mahlanga

For the tribe, for my people For the love of life we all Break out and be confident The over powering school Of hard knocks and persuasion Took me through that race Feeling every sinew And trying to raise the … Continue reading

Mr Trump

I am concerned for you I really am The number of people who Want to harm you I worry Honestly I do I look upon you thoughtfully As a powerful leader who Cares about his country And is determined To … Continue reading


Tonight having heard the sad news I recall The Southern Resident Orca And what did.befall When she lost her baby In the Salish Sea So precious Her anguish was going to be A mother a bearer a nurturer who In … Continue reading


The greatest organ any creature Possesses its their skin Gifted By their maker hair and fur And wool And Mankind Takes advantage The animals we abuse Sometimes ripping it off their bodies That is how we choose As a method … Continue reading

Neil a true warrior

To have the courage Of ones convictions Can be hard to do One soul 13 years ago Passed One of the few VEgans who was on the case Of caring for animals, he Despite his Spina Bifida He was fearless … Continue reading


When we travel We unravel Others and their ways Different to the folks back home For understanding pays Dividends existence The spirit and the soul The vital force All essential To the knowledge, We extol Survivable in other lands Enlivened … Continue reading

Ingrid Newkirk

It’s your birthday Ingrid 71 years old Heading up the wonderful work Your integrity it told You many years ago Just how much pain There was about How Animals were suffering You just were in no doubt Your incorruptibility Your … Continue reading


This is from me Perhaps until now The voice and the spirit Was teaching me how Much admiration I Do have For you When you lived next door It was good You were true To yourself and to me And … Continue reading

Debby and Paul

Appreciative of life itself A couple I admire Whose gratefulness is indicative Of many a Beltane fire Who have that crusading spirit In the midst of lockdown, they Help others by enlightenment Tuesdays and friday With goodwill and with helpfulness … Continue reading

Ian Crane

I hear you have not been all that well Your tenacious spirit clearly Your unflagging efforts all the while Is why So many dearly Appreciate so much of what you do Its been your way Of taking on the corporates … Continue reading

Khai Eng

Transforming a plot That was lifeless and dry Smothered in carpet And destined to die A classic Beech Pulling nutrients fast Neglected for years There the die cast The true historicity Wildness took charge Draining the top soil And it … Continue reading