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Export of calves to the EU

The assertion is that infant calves Can withstand a journey from Scotland through to the EU Unfed for me, a bomb Gone off within my psyche The inhumanity of man Torturing these babies There has to be a ban Unweaned … Continue reading

A special note to Marlene

You have been through a lot for me That much I know And me a mere Rabbit With little to show You gave me my name And I love it so With good grace And dignity Things seemed to flow … Continue reading

A special note to mummy

I’ve been really poorly And my mum has nursed me She’s my saviour and my God Well actually my goddess I know I have been a rod For her poor back Don’t mean to be That wound under my tail … Continue reading

Buffalo too often a victim of ambush

Hunters who take out Buffalo’s With crossbow bolts held true Should stop and think of the agony They put the animal through This bovine beast of burden With a beating heart so wild Is ambushed in home territory He is … Continue reading

The Pale Ale

Anyone for cricket? On a warm Summers day A cream and green can Let’s all watch them play Its Anspach and it’s Hobday In a brewing shebeen Where the freshest and most secret hops Have begun to Set the scene … Continue reading


Poor lad Nobody to care And few apparently aware Out in the street Behind a gate And there he lay In quite a state We were called And found him there. Clearly suffering And in despair Wrapped him Carried him … Continue reading


When we travel We unravel Others and their ways Different to the folks back home For understanding pays Dividends existence The spirit and the soul The vital force All essential To the knowledge, We extol Survivable in other lands Enlivened … Continue reading

Loving life

Life the gift of being Of hearing and of seeing Of feeling and revealing Of hoping and not fleeing Carefree joy and knowing That you will just be growing In a lovely homely pen A grassy airy splendid den Euphoric … Continue reading

Life being geared solely around profitability

Existence when tied into profit And commerce Sees realness and basics And enduring scenes Processes back up as The Covid Pandemic Clogs up the cogs and essentially we See a shut down in plants As staff catch the virus Whole … Continue reading

Dolphins the most intelligent

The dolphins have intelligence More so than the Japanese Who abuse them In huge numbers The target figures squeeze Banging boats and a driven pods Hand harpooning too The porpoise and the bottle nose Suffer yes they do The Japanese … Continue reading

Dolphinarium and SEAWORLD

An Orca’s need is space the sea the oceans A living world Captivity in a concrete pool Really to be hurled In this artificial Nightmare No depth no mileage There A filthy vile intensity And a growing despair The so … Continue reading

Phajaan breaking the babies spirit

Sociably dependent On the Matriarch and we See the vile dark mahouts Who sink deliberately Into vile persuasion Into wickedness Tied up sinews bursting Undergoing stress And these sickly babies Needing love and care And receiving the enormity Of iniquitous … Continue reading

Every working elephant

Dishonesty Apparent And insincerity Elephants are subjected to The most shabby villainy Treachery and betrayal To a Disingenuous Degree Torture as unchivalrous As torture can ever be From those who have no morals Who lead their life of crime Who … Continue reading


A fragile flower Her petals soft A broken heart Inside the loft Dust and cobwebs Silence she Took me in And murdered me And now I am Just lost forever By the Gade The totem pole The wooden hare I … Continue reading


She betrayed me.slapped me Blamed me In the sylvan grove was she Singing pretty folk songs Lost in pure tranquillity Sable hair A classic witch Her besom by the hearth Who betrayed who My love for her Emblazoned on the … Continue reading


Stealthily she walked towards me 8 legs 2 blue eyes Not a sound Covered the ground So wonderfully wise I looked and blew And where was she I called And where was she On the floor Amongst the books Claire … Continue reading

Under house arrest

Under house arrest And there is no lock We can all go out Knock knock knock knock A mandatory jab A genetic chip A Glyphosate sample Aluminium Each Trip thimerosal And Infant cells Johnson and his gang Ring all the … Continue reading

Such a beautiful soul

The moth And the light She comes every night Fluttering muttering stuttering Then goes away As her eyes and mine meet The moth dressed in white Who would ever smite Such a beautiful soul


By a busy roadside We found an injured dog He was old and suffering His life was one big slog Suffering an ear injury There were Maggots everywhere We took Him off to hospital He was a true old soul … Continue reading

Sharks fins

It might go all the way back To the Song Dynasty At a time when the ocean Was filled with shark But now 70 to 100 million sharks Are killed now every year To slice off their fins For the … Continue reading

Megamouth rare sharks

It is clear to me that all the sharks That have been caught so far Have been whisked off to a restaurant Seemingly they are Therefore on the menu Rare deep water sharks Filter feeding specimens Irreverence now marks What … Continue reading

Swan’s Lament

Heartache and discontent A mothers plea A swan on an island Her nest seemingly Hidden from view But apparently so A crowd of yobs Threw bricks at it We know The mother beside herself Imagine her pain the angst and … Continue reading

We all care about you Reice Brown

Environmental reporting ClimAte change Pollution HabitTs and resources Palm oil All the forces AnimAl rights Factory farming Human rights and testing Workers rights Supply chains Irresponsible marketing Arms and military Boycott calls Political activity Anti social finance Ethos sustainability Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxl … Continue reading

Regan Russell “Black lives matter”

Courage of one’s convictions The audaciousness of now a women who believed And who achieved Really now how Anyone can reasonably Pass a law that states That We may transport pigs From farm to The slaughterhouse Gates With no true … Continue reading

The solitary

They know about oneness Their whole integration A singular solitary mapped out isolation Up against villainy Mindless persuasion Illogicality And exasperation The Leopard a climber A mastery really So level headed Farsighted and clear Quick witted and nimble The judgement … Continue reading


A melee of monsters And all of them human Local to where the bold Elephant lives Searching for water Perhaps with her daughter But up against wickedness Which sadly survives Kerala‘S Deception Comes at a price Pious inexactitude Hypocrisy too … Continue reading

Hunter of wolves

A hunter with his bloodied kill and Nis daughter in his lap A photo for the album Dressed up to kill this sap This obstacle to knowledge Half baked and out of touch Unscholarly and backward Who does not conjure … Continue reading

Hunter man I am no fan

Contempt for really beautiful birds A wreathed hornbill who Flits about the forest Doing what Hornbills do His snooty bragging attitude A Typical hunter who Goes into another’s place And decides to shoot him through Unworthy of any title Despised … Continue reading


In 1987 She came from Africa The papers they said Guinea But we think She actually came from the Congo or from the Cameroon False papers under CITES Made the link A female in a concrete cell For 33years, she … Continue reading

Orca hell otherwise known as seaworld

What is more alien Than a sea pool Not very deep But only fool Would imagine wild orca’s Could possibly be Anything other than sick Actually They live in their pods WTH instinctive power Knowledge passed down through the ages … Continue reading