A special note to Marlene

You have been through a lot for me
That much I know
And me a mere Rabbit
With little to show
You gave me my name
And I love it so
With good grace And dignity
Things seemed to flow

It just is becoming
Revealing in me
Wonderful feelings
Me to a tee
When those green bottle flies
Took a shine to me
It caused us all pain
And such adversity

Fly strike Myiasis
I just never knew
And as we get older
The eggs hatch and phew
Things just get maddening
But Marlene You were
My absolute rock
Your loyalty
Your love and your faith
And what was constancy

Without you I never
Could have got through
Your care always there
With your joy and I do
Borrow some strength
It was awful but I
Knew I’d get through
I just had to apply

My inner being
And borrow your power
Those flies couldn’t hurt me
Hour after hour
Feeling your love
Seeing your eyes
Knowing you cried for me
I realise

How much you love me
and I love you too
And I am only a Rabbit
But you were so true
Unchanging and faithful
In every way
Which was how I got through it All
And why I need say

Thank you so much
Your heart is pure gold
On clover and shepherds purse
You know I’m sold.

Which is my way of saying I love you so much xx

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