Export of calves to the EU

The assertion is that infant calves
Can withstand a journey from
Scotland through to the EU
Unfed for me, a bomb
Gone off within my psyche
The inhumanity of man
Torturing these babies
There has to be a ban

Unweaned calves
just six weeks old
Taken from the mums
And subjected
to such awful stress
Someone’s done their sums
It’s all about the money
Why increase the cost
Of food and drink and care
My god
Humanity is lost

It’s not endurance
it’s suffering
It’s torture all the way
For Scotland now to go to court
Unconscientiousness at play
It’s shamefulness and unprincipled
How can that save the day
Babies going to the deaths
Not fed or watered by
Humanity one has to feel
How inglorious the lie
That comes to me imagining
Those babies and their stress
Where have we left our morals
Why don’t we care a less

Live exports evil exports
Same letters turned around
We need to exert compassion
Dig deep it can be found
Have empathy for someone’s else baby
console them love them
Give them care
Show some pity
Be aware

Its heartlessness
That’s what it is
The inexorability
They are frightened
The strange noises
Rocked about at sea
Stolen from their mothers
Scotland think again
I want justice for these calves
Not hours and hours of pain

No one wants threats and menace
The anathema of vain
It’s Injurious and scornful
It’s abuse time and again
We have an obligation
At the very least
Some accountability
For every single beast
We have responsibility
And a conscience and it’s true
We are duty bound to love and care
And that’s what we have to do

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