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It’s not really live Export not anymore

We call it live export Mostly, by the time They arrive at their destination That dreadful climb Down into death And a lonely divide Neglect and dementia Deep down inside Left wretched by the waves Tossed with the sea Broken … Continue reading

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Goats what they go through due to our stupidity

Goats are a hardy animals but man unkind is there ready to abuse  and does so bringing goats  despair they do eat quite some noxious plants more so than sheep or cows but do not win any more respect Which … Continue reading

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A little cat has found her god who will protect her soul forever

So much fluffy innocence Guiltless and fragile An unfallen state A kitten was bought And then raped It was her fate heinous beyond Any words Gang raped yes as well Seven boys did this To her Took the babe to … Continue reading

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