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5000 plus children

Netanyahu pronounces And gives us the theorum The Amelech scripture And death to them all Palestinian children Every last one of them Murder them do not hold back Answer the call Imagine it such a finality,We Hear the insanity Ox … Continue reading

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Stevie sisters of the moon

She walks in fact she sweeps into a space And burns a space The voice breaks through the silence And truly wonderful face Mystical clothes worn beautifully An aura of acclaim Stevie the choice of many Which won this lady … Continue reading

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Gaza is being flattened

A conflagration of explosive force Death reigns across Gaza A bitter course Of an enemy willing to slaughter And kill Whole families stripped of their breath Lying still Frantic and torn bleeding at will War is the path unto death … Continue reading

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The ugliness and unfairness

Imagine it friends and family Your home your heart and soul Loved ones really at your side The iniquitous whose role Is really to steal your everything Being the chosen tribe The only ones with a genuine god Whose religion … Continue reading

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Girl with red hair

Look at her red hair He tatts and her shoes Just feel her honesty How she reveals Loving and caring Her willingness to Add to our wildness Her choice to do What she could for us Her thoughts were true.

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Ravens are it

A glimpse of those eyes Affirming each day A wonderful brain With a sense to display Somewhat of wizardry Often of tact A true exactitude How they react Unpretentious and candid With such gravity A spirited Angel Comes closer to … Continue reading

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A child looks up at the ceiling

Blinkered We do see them Marching and they Have all of the backing From the USA And other countries who Apparently Have their belief To your certainty As to those fighting From Gaza well they Are enclosed in true purdah … Continue reading

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I am not impressed with the wealth of stealth

We see the evidence We hear those cries Discrimination Before the worlds eyes Undistinguished bombing Nothing ruled out Children are dying There appears little doubt But much of the world Only sees one way Though it takes two to tango … Continue reading

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Our god is watching over us

Escape friends, is a realisation Where thought And ingenuity Becomes a sport To tantalise Taiji It’s monster aware Banging their pipes Inducing despair Nonsensical tricksters Incoherently they Are brain dead obscure Let them scribble away Go to their temples Appeal … Continue reading

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Pumpkin head

Pumpkin head Tattoo thighs Samhain indeed Witchery admirably Poets concede The insight the empathy Rolled into one A mirage of certainty Beautifully done Rhapsodical ancestry The essence of time Fanciful dreams As the wizard doth climb In through a portal … Continue reading

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Let’s get to their children

Unspeakable and unutterable To a stammering degree The addition of vile chemicals That really should never be Anywhere near a toothbrush Let alone a child A controversial substance That really drives me wild Such insanity, its toxic It compromises sense … Continue reading

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“The Portal”

Exertion delivers A prominent wave A Sculpture personified Jetster the brave His black and white fury His art work alive With wonderful prowess And a purposeful drive It is never frustration It is insight galore What he can manage With … Continue reading

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The Tor

The spirit of Autumn A colourful climb The Tor it’s so beautiful All of the time Solitudes kingdom The sky above Leafy lanes whisper It’s A time I so love

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It’s coming

It’s true for those who have a soundness of mind Learned in such things Wise never blind To the obvious lunacy Out there alas The killing of animals Truly on mass False expectation Unpreparedness no doubt Lead to the gallows … Continue reading

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Fighting back

Something we wish for Something to see A hunter knocked out By a deer gleefully Observing the action Seeing him fall, broken and busted So loved by us all

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Scrap fear

A soothsaying warrior Quietly proclaims The truths in a churchyard How many see flames Out of ugly mouths Heartless globalists Spreading the fear And their dread in the mists Of change of division Of covid and more Of climates and … Continue reading

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It is love

Jetster a male cat Sufficiently mentioning His needs apparently Life kind of censoring Close to his lady A meeting of minds No truer perspective A glance at the signs His pattern of living Habitually Getting up hunting Sleeping a free … Continue reading

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A sharing

Sharing a room with you Is an inducer Of sleep in its deepest form Profoundly so Alone in my room All I have is my heart beat And an ability To remember those nights

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Tallow and honey

Our discharge organ A vast skin deployment My disinclination To reluctantly Select two ingredients Rendered Beef fat Dripping refined A slaughterhouse death From a sweet life That be Out on the grass A ruminant excitedly Siphons the greenery Wild florals … Continue reading

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Donkey dirge

Enslave the angels Beat them down Our selfishness Does slowly drown Life’s essence from the working few Whose broken spirit Dies Thrown away like garbage they Felt the pain and passed away Alone in agony mentally Exhausted by the infamy … Continue reading

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Hunters moon

The hunters moon Described as such By those who believe They remain in touch It’s the etheric guide And ability To raise the bar To actually see The victims better To shoot to kill In the lunar light A deathly … Continue reading

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A wonderful PIG

Misunderstood generally She though clearly actively Was able to show off in the light She shone and though gone Put up quite a fight Remembered as courageous In so many ways representing Her family was able to raise The pig … Continue reading

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Wolves are special, see through that maze They Live in packs a family phase Brave and boisterous belligerent too A king and queen together do Run and master the life all chose Success ahead I do suppose Wild and ready … Continue reading

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Stevie Nicks

She possessed the confidence That others lacked She could sing she could write That was a fact She dressed in the genre of witch repose She performed and we warmed To the style she chose She was beautiful beyond compare … Continue reading

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Faroese farmed Salmon

Faroese salmon billed as the cleanest We know it’s all lies Who’d believe them Killers of pilot whales Whole pods are murdered From these bloody farms Where the pesticides stem Forth against lice against all sorts of Nasties Why britain … Continue reading

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Ted the Donkey

Inquisitive that’s gorgeous Ted Everybody’s friend He loves to wander up and down the field And he does lend A helpful smile when you get close He doesn’t feel the need To immediately leave the scene He makes you indeed … Continue reading

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Why is it we are so stupid Believing all we hear They see us the idiot breed And Are ramping up the fear Dairy milk is sadly Not the flavour of the year Soon it will be cockroach Protein rich … Continue reading

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Watching red kite

Just been watching the Red Kite A swirling It’s moves unfurling A rapturous creative observing arc Attested and deliberate Right from the start Hunting as soon as the light Comes to be A carrion scoffer road kill now be Much … Continue reading

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The beautiful Starlings Sworn at by city dwellers Messing in high buildings Magical spellers Active great movement Flurry and slurry A maelstrom of movement A height of protection Great flighted dances Assiduous chances They appear hyperactive Extending their pathways, A … Continue reading

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Fur hags for gods sake listen and take heed

Ladies wearing fur You let down the feminine The carer the mother There is no other Mother who would murder and wear her victims skin That then poisoned yet more women and children in the curing process It was beautiful … Continue reading

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