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Born in Guatamala And sent to El Salvador A 15 year old Hippo Somebody started a war Beat this giant senseless Thrashed him until he died Despite the aggression from street gangs People are mystified Here was the peoples favourite … Continue reading


FArm animals have no rights To life and sanity They are born to die Born to cry And its our inhumanity Its calamitous behaviour Divisible ofcourse Almost 10 million pigs are slaughtered Thats a lot of apple sauce! 15 million … Continue reading

Sam the Lamb

OK so I am a Lamb I bleat, that is my thing You people think we are idiots But to this world we bring Joy just watch us Dance and leap and joyfully engage Ok I am a Lamb my … Continue reading

True love for all beings

THe arena of life Whose forests we know A warrioress with that kind Of glow A great alder shield In the hustings alone Taking on ignorance That others have sown Some protect all Others turn away Some believe lies And … Continue reading


MYthology brought us The Harpies no wilder Wind spirits were there transporters of the dead Into Hades With bodies of eagles And faces aware Creation the great natural Phenomenon gave us A raptor a realization The great Harpy Eagle A … Continue reading

E Jiao (Donkey hide gelatin)

TRaditional Chinese Medicine Creates victims everywhere Millions face the good old chop And hours of true despair The donkeys for example A gentle soul they be A fact of life undeniably Whose possibility Has been to work and laboured long … Continue reading

Time is a great leveller

Eternity thats a very long time Apparently so the length of this rhyme And beyond through our lifetimes Possibly so But Chernobyl was terror Which most of us know CHernobyl and Prepiat And the villages too Some 400,000 evacuees true … Continue reading


A philosopher who took it upon himself As many do To think about the rights that animals Have and it was his view As a professor he had found It was the path to be on For him the very … Continue reading

Orca show

Orca’s great fin Drives along They win Blue sea come look Rippling muscles I just shook Eyes open that was me Sunlight on An olive sea Watch them leap Watch them go A Writhing scything Picture show Energy so much … Continue reading

Just part of the family

EQuality of life on earth Equivalence for all A dog a loyal family member Who answers every call To be a guard In a kennel in the rain The frost the cold On a chain to hold Yea life for … Continue reading

Major Sahib

Wounded and dying Eaten away by maggots all over him On that sad day Nobody loved him or cared for him He Was passing and close to it apparently ANimals aid unlimited they Found this poor soul Starving away Managed … Continue reading

There is nothing common about the raven

They mate for life Each serenade Bonding as they do A song bird And their every word Is love their lifetime through Tis true the wolves and ravens Are the sages for wise they be Master mentors mindful And their … Continue reading

FASHION The passion thereof

It makes no sense At all to use The abuse of animals who Creation gave them a thicker skin In cold climes this is true Human beings fashion statements Really to beguile Do not need To kill animals For skin … Continue reading

Someone else’s dish

HAinin a small island off of China And there a cat meat restaurant And we see A cage of victims waiting to be Butchered Treated with a relentless savagery They look up to your eyes Great amber bubbles Tenderness and … Continue reading

I am not exotic i am just me

Stolen I was stolen I might well be extinct Left to fester in a hovel It was as if I blinked And all my world came Tumbling down The jungle the despair Took everything I ever had And left me … Continue reading

Come with me

Come with me will you To a place where so few Eyes could have spotted her beautiful form Where she just set the scene And was her own storm A magickal soul Who just did belong Who could run with … Continue reading

Sulewesi and the macaque’s

They live in Sulewesi Old world monkeys they Live in Tangkoko reserve Thats where they spend their day High up in the canopy And on the litter floor Little family groups Who live their lives upon the shore Around the … Continue reading


Where is the isle of Apples? Its in Avalon, away Over the tor are you sure Really no one can ignore To the land of the fae Where pink and white frills dance A while in april through to May … Continue reading

Fear of the forest

Fear man fear Of the forest woodland It moves it clambers Its everywhere Ancient wildness Can you feel it The energy It wants to share Dangling strangling tangling Branches softwoods hardwoods Made aware Renewal its really now the lifes blood … Continue reading

Street life

On the streets under the streets Its only hell I ever saw To be a stray in Bucharest Cuts into every inch of core There are no laws protecting those Who walk the street without a place To call a … Continue reading

Carrion Crow

Its, the devil of a life To be a carrion crow People think thats all we eat Is dead stuff as you know Really thats a human trait So perhaps humans should be Carrion humans in a nutshell Thats if … Continue reading

Claudie of the aradia’s

In the grotto light of Clearwell A damsel dare I say In her beautiful crimson top Such gloriousness dear fae The iron ore rock resplendent As its ancientness devours The darkness offers contemplation And her sweeping powers Love I know … Continue reading


A women who broke into The patriarchal set Performing it divinely Not because they let Her just because she wanted to To give that air of grace Strength in the matriachal sense Creating her own space Druidic spiritual Practice A … Continue reading

To the crew and to the captain of the STEVE IRWIN

Away from the logicality A team of ardent folks who be Boldly searching in the name Of the Goddess Nemesis Whose great flame Exists for the arrogance before the gods And murdering whales From successive pods Is violence on a … Continue reading

Imbolc celebration at Clearwell caves

Today we entered a world away From influences negative stepped back in time All warriors Pathfinders that all shared The climb A slow procession Into a place Hewn from the rock The edge the face Into the chasm Where energy … Continue reading

London Fashion Week

Morality apparently Is all but gone On The cat walk where Bean pole models Pale as driven snow They ply to share Fashion thats the statement Designers that is those A cut above the high street They just get up … Continue reading

Imbolc (72 lines) ritual at clearwell

Iron ore and ochre Thats what they get 4500 years of real sweat Thousands of acres of trees Everywhere ST Briavels Royal Forest Of Dean All can share Deep in the rocks we are Down here today Yellow and purple … Continue reading

Balloons in the sky guarantee we will die

A flexible bag Inflated with gas Tied with a ribbon or with string A great mass From Apple now floats High in the sky To deflate at some time And then just to lie Somewhere who knows where On land … Continue reading

A Pachyderms Lament

We are flesh and blood as you Are flesh and blood, and we Have a muscle called a heart too Eternity Provides us with a love of life As you have And so we Enjoy the wildness in our soul … Continue reading

Magickal Snowdrops

Out of the mists comes the white souls of Imbolc A spectre of ermine and fresh fallen snow Tis there where the faeries would dance in the morning Before the light comforts the path where I go As gentle as … Continue reading