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The Bison

Bearded, sleek and powerful Our friend the Bison, who roams the realms of Yellowstone and other landscapes too 6 feet, from hoof to shoulder and can weigh some, 2 tonnes The females average half that size And the bold one … Continue reading

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Wolf haters listening to them its easy to see why wolves hate them for everybody else hates them too

I heard a man, from Montana today who wants to kill wolves when they get in his way and as far as he know everyone that he sees is in his way and must die on its knees he calls … Continue reading

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Barbaric paraphanalia

A net of chains around his face brown eyes stare out on the disgrace for man to do this as he’s done to terrorize somebody’s son to experiment to hasten fear is lamentable now can you hear? horrific stuff what … Continue reading

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My first thoughts after seeing Black Elk giving his thanks to the wind

the silver cliffs a backdrop to this land now shared by all the river dried up long before its water as a rule polluted by the waste of white men in their cities where the sky they seldom ever see … Continue reading

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Crush video’s

The kind of sensitivity of crushing kittens painfully underneath your high heels Ladies where do you come from? some sexual pleasure you derive from feeling the soul still alive then squashing it and watching it trying to survive as you … Continue reading

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The tragic story of the life of “Borko” a terrier

The story of “Borko” brings tears to one’s eyes and pain to our hearts when we do realise as a baby his owner beat him so hard that his young spine was broken and his whole life was scarred a … Continue reading

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The REAL Easter Bunny (a life no one would envy)

Listen to me all of you The Easter Bunnies, they are tortured really all their lives every single day and these souls are so social building warrens everywhere so imagine what its like for them in a tiny cage, unfair … Continue reading

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Apart from the human being do other species grieve ( not my question but I will answer it)

Its not whether that’s an arrogance no human should perceive all mammals love their offspring and for them are bound to grieve they carry their own footprint on into beyond and its clearly thus apparent its how we all respond … Continue reading

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America’s first people a lost people still

Open eyes see many things but closed minds cannot not feel the first people they were always there now what does that reveal a tumultuous uprising and a fearful sordid end 19 million people with little to defend the guardians … Continue reading

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A plea for all orangutans

It’s so green, you just feel it Your swallowed up, that buzz! Insects wander everywhere And certainly it does Rapidly get to you The steamy sensuous heat That seems to penetrate your every follicle, You eat The nuts and fruits … Continue reading

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Circus to me its melancholia for all

Its rather like a mirage, in the making Perceived rather than seen, it just appears No one really wants it, it suddenly arrives Assorted vans, a carousel, and tears The journey from the last town The show it trundles on … Continue reading

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Shark Finning a very cruel way of sourcing parts for soup

Perfectly designed, over millions of years yes they Glide effortlessly through the water on any given day They do possess a problem or so it does appear Their fins are made of cartilage which when cooked does remain clear And … Continue reading

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Nepal’s blood drinking festivals

4000 metres above sea level where the rolling mists do climb and hang in what can only be described as the new dawn of time villagers whose diets are chiefly sparse lentils and rice once or twice a year come … Continue reading

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Some worrying findings in meat from South Africa

Horse meat in the meat some eat has now taken on a sinister flavour yes and how where now has it gone in South Africa there’s confirmation that human tissue apparently a random sample carried out threw up this possibility … Continue reading

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The oaf and the donkey ( this story amounts to cruelty)

Sitting on a donkey a tiny little donkey and you with a big arse to match your mouth with one leg wonky oh! yes you think your clever such torture did you ever imagine if the donkey’sat on you what … Continue reading

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20 Lynx killed to make one coat (that’s a lot of blood)

The Emperor should tell her the Lynx coat that’s she wears killed 20 fine young animals but I don’t think she cares strutting her stuff with her blue jeans on who does she think she is 20 dead lynx crying … Continue reading

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Bee’s are under pressure from something

Agaricides formation sheets and cell phones contributory factors in all these bee zones clearly the mites and all of these problems are out in the open each day its hard to imagine the world is a place where Neonicotinoids do … Continue reading

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The murder of a baby Dolphin ( for no reason other than to see it dead)

Plucked out of the ocean a baby Dolphin, who had everything to live for and why wouldn’t it, want to the reason of course the fishermen Taiji’s infamous hole where every conceivable torture happens even to a baby soul this … Continue reading

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Laboratory experiments on animals are worthless and cost millions in tortured lives and deaths

9 billion dollars extracted from the public tax bill and its then paid to Laboratories who dare to understand how primates are so tortured such evil exacted upon in the vilest torture chambers cut up and then stitched on some … Continue reading

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Even Perceived tenderness far exceeds rehabilitation on drugs provided its maintained

Its not just actuality but, perception too for when the various buttons have been pressed I do think its then a perceived change of circumstances with love and care around let’s call it TLC, okay but really what I’ve found … Continue reading

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Let’s help the Massai warriors and the Lions and Leopards

The Massai are about to be evicted Tanzania says they have to go there after now attracting wealthy hunters to come and enjoy a big shooting show Lions and Leopards they now want to trophy shooot for big bucks and … Continue reading

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Jennifer Kate Australian designer where use is made of Chinese fur lining and trim

Jennifer Kate an Australian designer stipulates Rabbits on her clothes, and she fails to remember the cruelty angle where are the rabbits and where can they be I can’t see their eyes nor their legs nor their big tails only … Continue reading

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Cruelty is at the heart of egg production and its not even considered unfair

Only humans would be likely to take a soul with a short life and starve it for 2 weeks really pile on all the strife watch its feather soften and fall out on the floor watch it getting weaker that’s … Continue reading

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Easter and male chicks oh dear not good news

Easter gives us bunnies and little fluffy chicks the bunnies have been tortured the chicks were knocked for six either gassed or macerated great teeth cutting through million of tiny babies and there’s nothing I could do chirping very happily … Continue reading

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The death of a dog in the street (Sulawesi)

The death of a dog just a normal street scene fags in their mouths the manner obscene grabbed by the throat in so much pain pulled through the wires all of that strain and hit with a cudgel again and … Continue reading

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Mexico city’s smog digesting building

Having been to mexico City and seen it from the air its a halo of green custard which seemingly does scare sure they have had to do things otherwise we’d see hundreds dying in the streets of breathing difficulty and … Continue reading

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DEFRA’s own Scientists tell them Murdering Badgers won’t make a lot of difference to TB in our cattle

We don’t need scientists to speak the obvious its clear to anyone with brains, that we can kill every badger now in existence and every cat and bird up every tree it won’t make even one thin half penny of … Continue reading

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Obama signs the Monsanto Bill into power something one day he will regret and so will his children

A sleight of hand by wizards who know what they’ve achieved they’ve managed to get Obama to sign it and and we’re aggreived a sign post on the road to Hell where corporate devils ride some of the nastiest names … Continue reading

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A Hunters house adorned with 127 dead coyotes

This is about shock and its effect on anyone who sees the finished photograph emblazoned in the sun one hundred plus coyotes and that is what he’s done hung them all around his house an indictment so to say of … Continue reading

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Aradia Facial Oil

Aradia facial oil its one of those truly lovely moments jojoba chosen for its healing properties, creates a synergy resembling our very own rich sebum that softens almost instantly and kind of radiates rich in fatty acids it lubricates away … Continue reading

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