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Wild life in Victoria

Terms like harvesting Disturb me Farmers need to be Educated and realise The Kangaroo’s they see In their state are wild Were put there by their god In relation to the environment Thus I think its odd Farming puts up … Continue reading

Eating a cat

Before she scoffs her cat meal She puts her lippy on We only catch sight of her mouth And hear the cockerell out upon A farmyard fence All bite and crunch Sickenly her guilt Dipping the head into some sauce … Continue reading

It happened in Bakewell

Potency and power The influence of how In Bakewell so we hear Some Hunters made it clear Walking hounds Its tyranny That dominance A strategy Vested interests everywhere Command prevail It is just there The High Break Hunt Defiantly Do … Continue reading

Young mothers

The tears in the eyes of Ungulate females Breastmilk still leaking But their vital force No longer required By dairy professionals Sick in their souls Hitting profits of course Ungulate mothers Their bio energy What is in fact Their allotted … Continue reading


It makes so much sense That we understand That stale white bread Is far from grand As a mental process Our concentration Is seemingly An indication Our mindlessness It disordered be For offering bread Is disorderly Its apparent to us … Continue reading

Christina Ha

Imagine not being able to see And participating in Masterchef We Who can see could we deal With sharp knives and hot pans Know where we’ve placed things And Opening cans It feally feels hopeless Unheard of in fact Insurmountable … Continue reading


To the fox who left his earth today To the vixen his partner who To his cubs perhaps he went for food And ended up in stew The HUNT was out The toffs were riding The hounds were hungry, they … Continue reading

My beloved FOX

The Hunting Act 2004 ********************** Hostility it hangs In clouds around the forest where The red one stalks And breathes the wondrous Ice clad December air Dissension in the countryside A jarring disharmony The frost that encrusts the barest boughs … Continue reading

Rural arse’oles

Kimblewick is at it Trail hunting so they say Entering a private farm Killing a fox that day The cops don’t seem to worry The government them too These so called bloody hunters Break laws thats what they do The … Continue reading


Dont give them excuses For rotten abuses This American Hunter In Chitral believes A bow and an arrow Though his reason be narrow The rarest of thinking Achieves In him so much wonder To take himself under The spirited plain … Continue reading


There arn’t that many people in the South really I fear Who’ve ever heard of this small town in Derbyshire, its near To one great monstrous landfill site Owned by of course Rolls Royce Hilts Quarry, thats where they put … Continue reading

Old Brock

Old Brock probably saw the Romans The Cathedral bells rang for all time Forever there’s been a criss cross trail Striped black and white face bushy tail Woodland valleys labyrinths of tunnels underground Daffodils there yellow yawnings Country Lanes there … Continue reading

Flea in their ear

A cold Autumn morning The Hunters on cue The Sabs with their skeleton masks just a few Talked to the Hunters asking them why? The Sabs seen as wasters The fox has to die Why such a question Leave the … Continue reading


She just kind quietly sat by the door at the back of the restaurant her head in her hands all the worries flood in a cigarette burns from her dry shrivelled top lip the next 5 hours shift is about … Continue reading


Assertivness is a tightrope that one walks upon And a pole that help’s one balance as one goes Its important that one’s feet are strong and healthy Its no good having chilblains on your toes You can walk through any … Continue reading

If you want a fat baby

If you want a fat baby Whose judgement is poor Forget about Breast milk It’s cows milk for sure It comes as a formula Arrogant man Mucked about with it And all this began With a mother and baby Who … Continue reading


The lines on his face Were deep as the sea created from stress for the whole world to be witnessing how age took hold and could harm manifestations of previous calm youth rose before him a porcelain light soft held … Continue reading

Horses for courses against all the forces

With insurance premiums rising Thoroughbreds are lost Sent across the sea to South Korea At quite a cost To someone for the journey Winding up inside The many Korean stomachs What a fancy ride Cut down in their prime it … Continue reading

Councillors audacious ideology

Councillors with Urbanite audacity Unknowingly breach Laws of wildness, they Imagine their importance Usurp the will of people They are unconscious Spirits and their way Out of a predicament Is killing Deviousness the order of their day The Fox and … Continue reading


A truly memorable meeting A dream accomplished he Had seen the dragon motive And was so enthralled to be He felt some powerful magic And he wanted to be part Get aboard that chariot Yea right from the start After … Continue reading


Triodos my favourite bank In all the world today Caring sharing ethical In every thoughtful way Banking with veracity In everything they do Unpretentious and friendly Their vision coming through Imaginative and inventive Outside the box I say Triodos gets … Continue reading

The worm that squirms

As the worm squirms In the dead flesh that you Are about to cook why not go to the zoo The lock down idea Where wildness proclaims They have been kidnapped Which floods through their veins Don’t eat it rare … Continue reading

GRESSINGHAM killers of feathered angels

Gressingham Ducks 8 millions souls Are dispatched to Heaven Each in their roles Their sacredness ending As blue coated sods As the RED TRACTOR rumbles We pray to our gods As ducks from the waters edge We can proclaim This … Continue reading

On be heading an owl

She received her come uppence And rapidly too When she murdered an owl On a video view This evil of bitches As nothingness reigns Erased by a bullet Held now on strong chains That killed off what spirit She ever … Continue reading

To be read at my funeral

Happy Yule and beyond

To everyone who knows me A gift of loving care Its been a stressful 12 months In this world that we all share It truly is a stubborn fact That what is going on Is governments are weak as hell … Continue reading

Riverford Organic

Essential to our planet Farmers now who are Bound by their love For the soil and who star In their own wild productions The love and the care Who respect every being That happens to be there They are playing … Continue reading

Philip Hasco

A trader Whose eager Helpful and caring He rang me today Well disposed to sharing His time He was patient And willing to be Instrumental In sorting stuff Now out for me Mr Catalyst Bitcoin Effective was he Steadfast his … Continue reading

Suddenly I remembered

The Anderson shelter It was very dark I remember At the bottom of the garden A mark and an arrow She puffed She was puffing When she opened the gate Where It dragged horribly Thats when she stepped slowly Down … Continue reading

Manimpex 2

Working with God’s materials Manimpex shows us how We chose the Rainbow Granite And The adjective is WOW it comes from out of Africa Namibia perhaps Beyond the mantle layer Igneous rock that wraps Itself in quartz and feldspar Cooling … Continue reading