Manimpex 2

Working with God’s materials
Manimpex shows us how
We chose the Rainbow Granite
And The adjective is WOW
it comes from out of Africa
Namibia perhaps
Beyond the mantle layer
Igneous rock that wraps
Itself in quartz and feldspar
Cooling and solidification
From the magma underground
Observe multi striation
Traditional and very hard
With a naturalness, our eyes
Do Marvel at the colours
Where light can realise
Almost a hidden atlas
Of rivers and creeks to see
And The sky evolves around them
veined and marbled,We
Study Streaks and stripes galore
Freckled and speckled and so much more
Streaks and tipples every hue
With tips of green and a rosy dawn
Its magical and seems to spawn
A brilliance and an intensity
Discreetly muted barmoniously

And Danny such a gentleman
His heart of gold
His concentration
A workforce of creating souls
Forward planning consideration
Absorbed in thought
His vitalism
Its all to do with
Of The mental image
And imagination
His intellect and observation

And men who come
Quietly do
Their work respect
Its flowing through
Assiduous and attentive too
The work in hand
That they must do
Tidy and clean
And respectful souls
Each one filling
Their chosen roles

Its Danny’s aura that seems to shine
They carry his spirit
And down the line
God’s materials hewn they be
And polished and finished
So expertly
A goodly price
The kitchen done
The cleanest lines
The morning sun
naturalness every day
The colour scheme the overlay
The just design
The lights at night
Such an array
Of pure delight

Thank you Danny for your consideration
The design the work and your attention to detail
We Wish you all a Happy Christmas

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