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Orca taking back their power

We brought it upon ourselves and as we are now paying for our cruelty to them we begin to question it all. we are hunting and capturing mammals with vast intellect and brain power that they now turn on us … Continue reading

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Unified Ledger

What is to be a shit storm is just around the corner Britcoin the great CBDC vogue To support the cashless society State buying and selling Tokenomics life is going rogue Everything controlled by global interests A digital currency matrix … Continue reading

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Beautiful melodies Words worth so much Meaningful desires Never out of touch Who needs social media When the closeness comes When the heart is beating Like a thousand kettle drums Beautiful lady Youth is like the fire Facebook Twitter what’s … Continue reading

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Vegan food is being hijacked by the carnivores

2my mind a madness is raging about Plant based they call it Whole steaks They now flout All sorts the rib eye, & so much more An inadequate failure really a flaw A kink or a foible a screw loose … Continue reading

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Of the sea An intelligence Second to none A companion When the day is done Lost on the ocean Ripples and rings We talk to ourselves And we know what that brings Some might say madness But others know It … Continue reading

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Poisonous vaccines have been around For years and years and I feel bound To remind the public that this is so Despite what governments want you to know Back in the fifties remember that Salk and Sabin do you smell … Continue reading

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Poveglia the island of lost souls

Poveglia an island with a daunting past And now who knows What future lies before it From what die lays cast Many negative symbols Bore down on this place Where Madness, plague,and mass burning And great suffering was based It … Continue reading

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