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Golden as the sunlight

A walker in Powys Had found her A Golden Eagle And she was dead in a river Though had received shots A wonderful bird Just to see Flying, a wingspan To dream of A Great beak and talons To match … Continue reading

Horses going down with virus

Thailand’s going through the mill Since February horses there have been Infected by some midges which caused A really frightening virus Where seventy per cent infected Sadly die. It started in Pak Chong Not far from BANGKOK A race horse … Continue reading

Golden Eagle

Seventy miles from Cedar City I was told there was An Eagle by the roadside That was just because A trucker seemed had seen it And as I was asked to go And, rescue the critter As someone who should … Continue reading

Bram Stoker and the Durian

It’s curious How fiction can change people’s perception The bat the durian fruit What’s all that about Bats have got a unrepresentative Focus it appears to me The Irish Author’s Gothic novel Dracula was key Vampire bats would congregate And … Continue reading


Though under the cosh Still we must wash The Eagle proud beautiful soul In the great land of feather One has to ask whether It’s right to feel constantly droll To bathe in the river To philosophise daily Shadows of … Continue reading