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Scales of Keratin such structure and elasticity this hobgoblin of the heated plains a resilient soul who be Novel in  its peculiar gait Attractive  one might say Who loves  a tasty termite anytime of day the tragedy for Pangolins is … Continue reading

Pangolins or the scaly anteater

Its been a year Since China took the Pangolin off the list And thus gave them an actual chance to once again To exist And for poachers to desist From trapping them from catching them And removing their scales The … Continue reading

To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading


Fibrous structural protein nails feathers And horns Claws and hooves and of course hair The animals are pawns To quackery and nonsense And for this so many die The pangolin its scales Are used but for healing that’s a lie … Continue reading

VIETNAM “with sloppy thinking the whole worlds sinking”

It’s good news I hear But it’s well overdue Shutting the animals trades down My view What you have permitted With LION BONES has been A lack of vision and I think obscene South African traders Canned hunting they Have … Continue reading

Cameroon’s most precious resource

We are selling ourselves short What is an irreverence The great aged forests Priceless if sold Trees of great age And a wealth of wild treasures Gifted by the gods And right off the page When It comes to wonders … Continue reading

Southern Africa and its horrible trade with China

Animals and China what they eat and kill ignorance is commonplace The  blood that many spill  in their own lives Meat Eaters,, Fish Eaters and the rest buying corporation foods is simply not the  best   China sees the elephant … Continue reading

The African Pangolin

The Chinese scourge of traditional Chinese Medicine Is hoovering up Our endangered species fast The pangolin that has roamed The earth some 80 million years Is coming under fire like crazy and so many tears Are falling from ecologists They … Continue reading

Pangolins and genomes

The Chinese and their singleness of purpose Historically their traditional Chinese way Of abusing the wild animals for certain And paying for it really more each day The genome and its sequencing Apparently Coronavirus and it’s said that SARS Are … Continue reading


These Beautiful secretive animals Whose diet of ants and termites Primarily they are nocturnal Poached from the forests on nights Where degenerates seemingly mindless Moronic and wanting alas Engrossed in a TCM nightmare A malevolent slattern morass Pangolins are on … Continue reading

Wild animal poaching

The dishonesty is out there At high level Unconscientiousnesss rampant As we know Its about the opportunism And the shabby venality The aiding and abetting That does grow Everybodys at it When there money to be had All sorts of … Continue reading

Maria Diekmann and Honey Bun

This prototype Creature A pine cone on legs Walks like the dinosaur Almost it begs As it wanders through wild bush At quite a few knots The scaly mammal And we see lots Of them being slaughtered Apparently they Have … Continue reading


Its deep seated in the culture In the tradition of a place In Africa it is illegal And these days a disgrace Wild and feral animals The sick ones too can be Victims in the killing Which is why now … Continue reading

Leave us alone we do you no harm

The elusive and solitary Pangolin they do not hurt anyone but life is thin THe Nepalese want the scales which they wear In amongst the myriad hair That’s because they are supposed to bring Good luck to the wearers, like … Continue reading

Bush meat what it is and what we can do about it

Its everywhere The hunt is on 1 billion dollars around the world Perhaps 5 million tonnes per year Wild animals it seems appear On the table Its got to be A vile exposure actually Elephants Gorillas the Chimpanzee All kinds … Continue reading

Most wanted

Most wanted and most hunted Most extra ordinary Covered in the truest scales A ball thats seldom played with Thats unless, all else fails Keratin a substance Not known to be a cure For human symptoms that we know Despite … Continue reading


The oppression and victimization The austere and the rigorous time The ruthless and pitiless workers And having to lay in this slime All be it in fact of our making We dump where we lay thats our strife The gestation … Continue reading


they live in Sumatra About the size of a cat Loving the forest And it doesn’t attack They are very shy Live on ants and termites A mass of thick scales But a soul without rights China has thrust itself … Continue reading