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Sunnyside Pri

We take so much for granted And children as we grow Lets liken ourselves to saplings Who in a forest show The richness of the fabric Some may never see Never feel the spirit Or the energy. Sunnyside its sandstone … Continue reading

Chocolate and Mali

The children of Mali Are struggling to be Part of gods country Of humanity Fear and trepidation They hold in their heart For traffickings rife Cart after cart And sent over the border Where the chocolate is grown For the … Continue reading

Hunter of wolves

A hunter with his bloodied kill and Nis daughter in his lap A photo for the album Dressed up to kill this sap This obstacle to knowledge Half baked and out of touch Unscholarly and backward Who does not conjure … Continue reading

Scarlett Hambidge

Your moon is in Libra It’s colour is Scarlett Your name clearly thought about Long long ago A great water bearer And nobody fairer A genuine soul as most people know In Chinese Astrology You are a dog A dog … Continue reading


The anatomy of Gaza Its skeleton on show Its demolition underway Where ever your eyes go Complete eradication And overwhelming sight Bombed and smashed to pieces Devoured as if by right Those buildings we once lived in Our home till … Continue reading

Willow (a fairy princess)

In a beautiful castle close to the sea lives Willow her mummy and sisters, who be as pretty as anyone ever and they all enjoy swimming out in the blue bay Willow has a horse its as pink as can … Continue reading

Deers use of visualization techniques to get them through the harsh Winter

How the deer’s get through the Winter Continue reading