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A memory of the old country

A wild child and the wild child’s child Together we can see A sort of natural native house a bit like a teepee Reminds me of the Avenue of volcanoes Far away Where the Anaconda prowl the wetlands And the … Continue reading

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Finger prints required to use the toilets

In Moore bank that’s in NSW Australia we hear if you need to use the toilets it is very clear they need of course your fingerprints security they cry all this great big brother stuff biometrics mystify some of us … Continue reading

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Residential mayhem

To all you Nature Lovers The hidden delight Havens of peace Towering forests The sight On your doorstep in fact A real great estate Spectacular views Where everything’s great You can build your own dream home And dream all the … Continue reading

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Sad little dog

Thats what you get When you give of yourself Faithful and loyal to the end A rope around my neck My body in check And dumped in the water My neck Pulled very hard And my sinews Busting and breaking … Continue reading

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Love eternally

a black envelope written in gold came winging to my door the message was from Cristina and Steve and I was sure their wedding was in 4 days I had wanted to go but sadly couldnt make it which I … Continue reading

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