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Moles crying

Have you ever seen a more pitiful sight Than the Rollright moles and their terrible plight who watched the labyrinth torn apart right before their eyes they saw the bags of special seed back breaking work at play they saw … Continue reading

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Cherry blossom snow

blossoms and the wind create the thought of snow, we know of the fluttering sort   a lime green leaf that validates an unfurling curl that concentrates   the energy the forces our eyes depict and really  how   Nature … Continue reading

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Coppery tresses

My Beech is clothed in copper tresses gorgeous dresses she possesses   fluttering an intensity each leaf  a miracle for me cinnammon all  dashed with crimson a blush a flush and well away eye candy for  dendrologists whose omnipresence makes … Continue reading

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The power of Life force

Builders in the house next door have been destroying now for weeks a mature garden torn to pieces every day it speaks out to those transgressors but nobody can hear dried stalks hanging off the ground it is really clear … Continue reading

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Simba the terribly tortured Lion Cub

confinement and subterfuge purdah and pain a lion cub was stolen by the rotten  insane photographers wanting to injure and maim a lion cub these bastards for them just a game underhand dealers heartless and wrong lowest of the low … Continue reading

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lydia a classic name once no doubt a young mans flame   burning brightly eyes of brown played the boards in London Town   quite the dancer so she said but from the look of her not so well fed … Continue reading

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Yesterday I met Maureen sitting in the sun A bag of bits and pieces and what looked like  half a bun   frizzy hair quiet she was And a big smile on her face then she got out a compact … Continue reading

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Coppery magick

a miracle on the Copper Beech Leaves they just appeared a beautiful light copper soft and Summery tears the first few weeks quite tasty in salads easy too the  best is lunch or dinner its, what foragers do with some … Continue reading

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The darkness shows up so many gems

jailing women for wearing defying Iranian thought headscarves for the elegant an Iranian jail she was  caught expressing her courage her fearlessness they audacious and bold resolute these pretty  flowers shared some of the hours and in a bold vista they … Continue reading

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looking old for this  world ancient, its true My bold ribs Protuding it is they do A stature what has become Of a ,true feline acumen profound this is my sign encyclopaedic  alive to the way the body its  beaten … Continue reading

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White Spring

White Spring water churning and turning deep in the earth curling unfurling bursting with coldness airborne such alchemy lubrication for our cells ancientness wonder working it tells stories of ages past and now be venerated and wonder how a daily … Continue reading

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St George

A Saturday a cool wind St Georges Day in fact 3 Chandeliers a polished floor how does  one react   To the magical to the  enchanting and two  otherwordly songs dedicated I felt fated to be among and to invoke … Continue reading

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Moles and their roles

What do the moles think confronted by Druids clad in fancy robes in a circle prepared working the sabatts preparing each ritual opening quarters activity shared   ladies in finery some on their motor bikes bottles of mead and bread … Continue reading

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The pink Peony

a Pink Peony graceful and lovely delicate pure of trade the third week in April a delicious blue sky then one of those winds No one wants  to try to slug it out actually despite the hot sun with all … Continue reading

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The admiral and the fletton

nectaring,  its honest need for today a Rosemary bursting what a display of crinoline lilacs, the Buddleias they are seemingly  early  no flowers anyway   under the Cherry  some young common nettle we keep a wild garden and forage each … Continue reading

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Rosemary Blossoms

Rosemary  Blossoms her lilac frills Mclad in such finery it gives us the chills when big hairy bumble and honey bee Brown come to collect pollen its then when we drown   in the riches of Bee Land wings buzzing … Continue reading

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The little bronze faery

I am a little bronze faery I sit  by the books its a bit cold in here the ASHP  looks good on the outside but inside its cold i dont have thick clothes not when I was sold   they … Continue reading

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Jetster and the trails

my family are the Felidae once feral that  was I i lived close to the Union Canal and that is why i followed it to Waitrose making friends there as some  know and was adopted by the  Dragon Queen the … Continue reading

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Herb Robert (Geranium Robertianum)

i so encourage this  wee soul so shallow rooted,   she feminine ruled by Venus Has Water energy fertility and  health and love Protection at her core magically charged to ascertain which direction strangers reach before one’s door   its … Continue reading

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Do joggers ever think about chocolate

joggers pound the pavements Easter Monday they hope to work the chocolate off eaten yesterday the cacao came from Africa slave children  working overtime kidnapped so they say in Mali and Burkino Faso every single day   machetes heavy bundles … Continue reading

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the Fox wild crimson earth man crazy runner He confident a brazen heart full of certainty the vixens choice would’st he be her anchor her mainstay an aspirant a warrior and all of come what may   starry-eyed on pavements … Continue reading

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Dandelion troopers

The Dandelion Troopers roaring their way Through Northcurch close to the old Tudor .house hard fast to the High Street the forest lies dormant daffodils nodding the rickety fence with the laurels   all green And the tips of the … Continue reading

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Mullein and the sable haired goddess

A lady fair with sable hair she swears by the Mullein the most woolly of the plants a naturopath  skills a maiden of chance   those woolly  leaves maybe Adams Flannel perhaps beggars blanket A healing channel   verbascum thapsus … Continue reading

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With it

bracelets three on each wrist flash yoga pants from a vintage year poetry and music for me its very clear Animal Rights The  Environment Wild Life and  the Trees Druidry and magick the Butterflies and the Bee’s.  

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Easter Saturday

The  Cherry’s s ermine blossom like froth begins to show pom pom shapes and Fr.esh green leaves bobbing too and fro   the sun  is going to beddy byes a golden halo spread up and over the Copper Beech and … Continue reading

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Bua Noi

A gorilla’s life with his soul mates in the Congo tends to be happy and contented they love their family whereas human beings dealing in wild life really they are pond sucking scum bags they pass their time each day … Continue reading

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Bua Noi

This sad unfortunate Gorilla has been holed up sadly in tiny dirty cage treated very badly on the sixth and seventh floor of a shopping centre where all sorts of  lovely animals were kept in  such despair stolen from the … Continue reading

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Rosemary lilac bits

Rosemary began its flowering battle with the seasons in February,and today in April such profusions every branch festooned with lilac tufts and bounteous in the sun dancing mesmerising glamour titivated pretty pretty wit and brightness slapstick custard pie such fun … Continue reading

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Fox hunting

its them against us the posh lipped brigade horses and hounds the trails somehow fade hunting with hounds is illegal we know chasing the fox from his earth down below the beat of  his heart as he runs  for his … Continue reading

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Stellaria Media ruled by the  Moon of Feminine gender water  we soon see them couched in a small clumps of green love and Fidelity Something  to glean carry a sprig hold it in  your hand good in love spells Helps … Continue reading

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