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To have no regrets The heart burning desire Of unaccompanied children Who bleed in our fire Who are left on the hillsides In camps and police cells As young as 10 In our man made hells Tory MP’s in their … Continue reading

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We create with our arrogance Terrible strife We transform our dreams And forgo true life People lose everything And make a break Get on a boat Just something to take Perhaps with their child A bag or two All that … Continue reading

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Tear gas

We are standing in the clothes We brought Everything is gone Not even a change of socks And nothing to put on The rain is cold and logically We know We left Syria reeling Having no place to go Once … Continue reading

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Samaritan Purse

Look out in the sea a colourful craft Packed to the gunnels with people Its daf’t So sad So ridiculous So many souls Huddled together Seemingly poles Away from normality Locked in this way Bobbing and rocking out in the … Continue reading

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