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Transgenic husbandry

The fight back is on Pharma genome projects are putting the backs of animals up and this may be the last straw Continue reading

Vegans offer a way out of this mayhem

We are all Earthlngs our right of life is precious to us Vegans offer all sentient’s this ethic Continue reading


The Earthlings film may open your eyes,when you watch learn from it and change Continue reading

Corporate policy and animal rights

Human wrongs and Animal Rights but animals quietly endure our care and go to their deaths at our behest tearful and crying for our souls Continue reading

A mothers lament for the runt that she loved

Man has adopted the right to treat other animals so aggressively and so painfully but he does it with many excuses and profits financially from it. Continue reading

From womb to tomb a reason to consider veganism as an option

a vegan option, morality and ethics based the animals cry out in horror and we send them into Hell and then eat them,wear them,use them and waste their existence because of addiction Continue reading

Sea Shepherd and Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson how we miss him and his heart searching work Continue reading

The Arctic, the oil and its effect on the Polar Bear and the Walrus

Shell Oil is in the Arctic along with others their derricks and drills litter the pristine wilderness already Continue reading

The Language of dance

Inspired by a video sent to me from a Facebook friend in France a lady dancing Continue reading

China’s lure for the dreaded cure

The use that is still made of animal body parts in Traditional Chinese medicine banned in Europe but black marketeers and gangster elements ensure the trade is vibrant still Continue reading

Chem trails in the sky will anyone deny!

Chem trails raining down on us almost everyday from our wonderful air force Continue reading

Blockade at Pimental Island on the Xingu River

More on the Belo Monte blockade now in its 7th day on the Xingu River in Brazil Continue reading

Endangered animals and Chinese medicine

Chinese TCM is killing so many endangered animals and prescribing them as pills and potions, for every illness under the sun. Black marketeers and gangsters are involved and the markets in China, Taiwan and Korea can’t get enough of them it seems Continue reading

Eddie Lama An enlightened soul Based on the film “Tribe of Heart” The Witness NUMBER 1 ON GOOGLES LISTING 29/6

Tribe of heart describes a man Eddie Lama whose perceptions about animals were changed by a tiny kitten he was asked to look after Continue reading

Palm oil the new nightmare

oil palm at the expense of rainforests a terrible error supported by the banksters Continue reading

The Reindeer Cafe near Staples Corner London

The reindeer Cafe I went again today Sunday it was crowded yet the food was wonderful they deserve all the nice customers they get.. Please go and try it out, oh! and by the way

its very good value Continue reading

Costa Rica/Germany/Paul Watson and Shark Finning

Captain Paul Watson, A Sea Shepherd Angel should be out on the high seas fighting against those who would harpoon and murder the great whales, instead he is stuck in Germany on some trumped up charge. Germany I shall boycott travelling to your fine country until you release him. Continue reading

Pig Iron (from Brazil)

Pig iron from Brazil is made with massive amounts of charcoal from illegally logged forest trees, big names in the car industry are sourcing fvrom Brazil so it goes without saying they are supporting the logging and the slave labour those companies are GM/FORD/BMW.MERCEDES/ AND NISSAN BIG NAMES THAT COULD PULL THE PLUG AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE Continue reading

Mahler 6 at the Barbican

Nicholas Korte had invited me to listen to Mahler 6 and I was overcome by the beauty of the piece Continue reading

Wiluna 966 km north east of Perth in WA

A uranium mine in Wiluna is planned ,Toro has state funding, the indigenous people have little chance, again they are lost people. Australia your karma balance exceeds your ore deposits and long term that may prove disastrous. Continue reading

Battery Hens = cheaper highly profitable eggs

Battery Hens live and die in total man made Hell, to think consumers buy into this and consume the chicken periods
only distresses me to think they are indeed beyond help.The fact that some producers will not forgoe this means of torture even though they signed up to do that proves to me what kind of people they really are and how little they care for life, on which they derive profit from Continue reading

Sardinia’s Blue fin Slaughterers

Sardinia its gone viral the world can watch the evil you perpetrate on Tuna as big as men, their pain we share but its hard to watch it must be harder still to eat them Continue reading

This is what dreams are made of, or are they

The Olympics in my estimation could be really green but some of the co sponsors well lets say we will have to wait and see Continue reading

Bees and Neonicotinoids

It is the Bee and end all! Its no good hiving off our responsibilities any longer Continue reading


Inspired by a poster I was sent this morning called Oppression just a pig hanging on a gantry in the last throes of life Continue reading

Chicken Physiology

chicken periods eaten every day, we call them eggs, that have not been fertilized, so in effect just a period Continue reading

Chem trails over Dacorum

Chem trails more today someone’s responsible someone knows Continue reading

Chicks (Remember this when you enjoy your eggs)

Remember those fluffy little chicks one sees around at Easter time golden little bundles tweet tweet well its not all heaven I can promise you reality is agony and murder on a scale that most couldn’t dream up if they tried Continue reading

The Belo Monte investment could be the worst ever use of money

Foreign investors ready to take their cut, and the cut is deeper than they think it cuts the hearts of 40,000 people, innumerable numbers of animals, trees, plants, insects, birds so that some mighty hydro- electric scheme can happen- the cost to the lungs of our planet is far too costly Continue reading

My Copper Beech Tree (after a light pruning)

My Copper Beech Continue reading