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It appears outside my window A beautiful yellow moon Hanging in a profusion Seemingly it’s soon Coming into my window It’s glorious shining seems Closer almost staring and It’s almost in my dreams Through an ugly window Out into the … Continue reading

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It be 3.00 am And awake I be Samhains shadows Delightedly Turn forests into light filled places Deers and foxes show their faces Portals to a distant view A thinning veil Stands good and true A secret sense A soulful … Continue reading

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A crescent Moon A clearing in a tongue of land Was where At the extreme North West Of Oxfordshire on Warwickshire’s border share On 8.27 acres Of level paddock land Slightly acidic based rich soil On clay I understand At … Continue reading

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Claudia and her flute

Breath of the goddess Witch of the August tuneful beyond words and when she plays I can still see her she moves me completely Peacefulness lasting All of my days

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Dancing with the moon

Claudie Ferri a roaring fire Flames licking higher Who remembers the embers Or the choir With the altar set Ancestral sweat The salty air And so much to share In our hearts desire This lunar fire Burns brighter longer still.

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The Moon

The moon beyond the stars It’s light is surely ours Brightly beaming Surely gleaming with its inaudible powers A body cold and transformative where little green men be Riding in their stereo typical powers of energy Aspiring to be travellers … Continue reading

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April the 4th

It’s April the 4th Another new moon A stillness apparent The crows hear them croon Sun glazed burnished branches No whiff nor breeze Just enlightened pathways On our bud forming trees The goodness of Nature Fraternally ours Such generosity across … Continue reading

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Eyes of black

you will never find an owl that is ever wearing glasses Piercing eyes  an orange and a black owls are wondrous raptors philosophers to boot You will  never hear them say a lot perhaps, a hoot fierce  beyond imagination nocturnal … Continue reading

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Galium Adarine the plant of many names

A deftness and adroitness With resourceful ingenuity From Saxon times to now we see Goose grass growing frantically A weed tis said of hedgerows where Much has been said but few will share It’s cunning stance it’s mastery And it’s … Continue reading

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