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The medics via pure arrogance Suggest that the above Is really not a disease at all That it came from the sky above They deny that there are chem trails And depopulation too They say we are delusional About Parasitosis … Continue reading

The EU screw

What were negotiations like A brain washing affair Double speak and bloody cheek And agreements from no where Sovereignty just torn up The institution notes The EU so intrusive It just dries up all our throats Lobby groups and think … Continue reading

Notre Dame

A conundrum exists In so many hearts The twin towers suggests Something more Watching the images The exposition The prejudices In the raw A great church Is burning What misunderstanding The fire going Against the flow 800 year oaks dont … Continue reading

Norway’ s arrogance

There was once established wolf zones But the government of the day Decides that hunters have the right To kill them anyway Such arrogance is unfounded They are unable to see 6 wolf packs in the area That supposedly should … Continue reading

“Under the sky”

Under the sky The once peaceful heaven The colours of morning Once as blue as the sea Now streaked up with Aerosols And as bugs we scatter No matter We stutter For no longer we be In freedom no tragically … Continue reading


A land walking mannatee Created we hear To end certain hunger Although its not clear A Genetically altered Creative attempt To put food on the table And therefore pre empt The world and its shortages Apparently This beautiful kind caring … Continue reading

Royalty and Corporatism

A golden piano For our golden oldies Respect for each other Grenfell and the rest Gatwick the drone scare And BREXIT the nightmare And ofcourse Mrs May Negotiator the best! The queen looked resplendent Surrounded by grandeur 92 years of … Continue reading


It stands there In all its glory Is that the word to use 7000 oil drums Are there any clues To why its there Christo and Jean Claude Those two apparently Created this piece of art For all of us … Continue reading

A Panopticon

Who was the many eyed Giant? Panoptes by name he was called A Jeremy Benson Smacks of control His system of design clearly schooled Prison apparently given to watchmen Watching but not being seen Based on deception Not the reception … Continue reading

Elberton and its Guide Stones

Some 750 feet above sea level They The granite monoliths stand tall On any given day Looking down upon us Since 1980 they Command a true expression The Guide Stones So they say Someobody called Christian Paid for them to … Continue reading

It happened in Salisbury

Its easy to lead Those who would rather not know The ways of the mind Moved by the flow Of negative consequence And nullified thought And Unfounded stories Unbegotten and caught Up in the melee of extinct ways To find … Continue reading


Films and their endings Leave so much to those Who follow the story line And watch as it grows And Then its all over which leaves us to feel It was just a brief bite Of a cherry for real … Continue reading


A single minded commitment to the People of the land An unwavering tenacity That all could understand The privilege of being the alignment of the true To have the manoeuvrability And the leverage to pursue The heartfelt and emancipated women … Continue reading

question their wisdom

The troughs now depicted all over the sky From jets and now drones that all like to fly Those pilots so senseless clearly they know why They evacuate poisons down on us from high Onto their families their very own … Continue reading

tetra cops

whose essential we are essential the grounded ones the law kitted out in riot gear we all know what thats for to just take on the public the scare de cats who might panic in the moment and all try … Continue reading

The supposed moon landing

The conflict of thought The arrogance sought It’s the failure of soul And the will to control To inflict on us all Really to overhaul Our emotions in thinking Science did call A tune if you like Call us out … Continue reading


The EU and the US tried by stealth To run us down Brought this so called TTIP In red tape we shall drown The crap about a boost to all economies Is all pie in the sky And pigeons coming … Continue reading

Weather modification special request to the so called military pilots

Weather modification Let’s celebrate with the gods The ignorant weather wizards Just a bunch of sods Dedicated to earning A salary to break The poverty of all pensioners For everybody’s sake GEO engineering the new kid on the block Children … Continue reading


William Cooper met his maker In a hail of fire What became of his pale horse It bolted in that dire Reason for his haunting His daughter Dorothy Was told that William Loved her And he did so avidly.


Its all intimidation The pep talks that they get The tetra packs They can’t relax Their hours are clearly set The influence of WIFI And microwaves create A smoking gun of resentment How to delineate Spreading chaos through their being … Continue reading


Being,given,existing, Undying is their claim Unimagined yet to come Its all part of their game There is something out there Some projection Absoluteness, untimely Consistent with a constant Homogeneity And there was no agreement No chorus from the blue Only … Continue reading

The rainbow people

History never gave her story And all of those stories before Under the sun The immortal undone The destruction and all of Our war The given was taken for granted The visible magic of life The ethos of sharing And … Continue reading

Who is the more naive them or us

The Canaanite bloodline How it flows Via the monarchy It does pose Threats to all Who live today Who work and hope And plea and pay Israel’s focus Welf relations Free masonry Lets man the stations The catholic church And … Continue reading

Why be a dick?

Medicines do nothing For a body that is sick And drugs are bloody useless Why are you such a dick? To listen to those white coats Peddler’s of them who Get their kick back quietly And, smile at you too … Continue reading


A lot of bones are rotting in the sod Around the world Taken from true life they were and into death were hurled They talked up vaccination They talked up Monsanto They talk up going to the moon All those … Continue reading

An orange sky and a fracking lie

An orange sky A city grey A great big sun To start the day But little heat Just a chemtrail There And this fucking dust Is everywhere Aluminium and Barium Too And god knows what Else we can do As … Continue reading

No tea party

Boylston Street Fake blood and all Back pack bombs It did appal The simple minds It had to be Convincing Really perfectly They had to drive a message home Terrorism For Those at home Must believe The way to go … Continue reading


Storm clouds hover Over clover Wild hares run They run much faster Faster than the speed of Hounds And men’s evil brain Astounds No one The instinctive thrust Is all bound up In blood and lust

Ebola and all that jazz

It smacks of eugenics Of bilderberg crazies Frighten the sheeple And watch them all run Ebola Ebola remember Swine fever HIV CJD It’s all been done But this brand of needle Has RFID chips It’s about something else That’s martial … Continue reading

power over the corporation

The state of the worlds equilibrium has apparently deteriorated corruption  is rife as is world strife and half the worlds inebriated   freedom to feel has been cancelled the need to conform seems to me those of us thinking with … Continue reading