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Hopelessness and desperation Rally at this point today Hordes of people clad in little Carrying little but dismay Resigned to leave their homes And search for utopia Beyond their thoughts Out there in the wide horizon In mileage terms just … Continue reading

Trigger happy

Their fingers on the trigger unconscientiousness it felt Great dollops of injustice And shamefulness were dealt With villainy and A baseless Like the running of the hare People we could see them All breathing the same air Taken out and … Continue reading


If we should stay We are going to pay We are going to suffer Night and day Military Mobility The Schengen area Aids the free Movement of units and assets They all The European Area Will be on call A … Continue reading

From Gaza to Jordan

The animals in RAFAH Zoo Have clearly gone through hell Earlier this year a female lion I have heard tell Had her claws all removed Using a pair of garden shears Besides the cages are too small Raising the animals … Continue reading

“Marjan” the last lion

A precious stone they called him A gift from Cologne Zoo To Kabul Zoo on Kabul river When he was just two That was in 1976 It was a thriving place But was dangerous and very threatening And wars moved … Continue reading

Hopes and dreams and genocide

Below the lowest of poverty lines And families all destroyed by war The monetary system dismantled A country that lost all its law Genocide ravaged the whole population At least twenty five per cent killed Pol Pot saw to complete … Continue reading

“Faithful unto death”

What rationality could horses expect Engaged in war Made to fight an enemy And be cut down for sure Up against the machine guns And the enemy who would aim At the horses everytime As history did claim Their fear … Continue reading

Gaza from a childs point of view

For children living now There is no future Life is day to day And nothing more Annihilation The destruction of your way of life All around you really blood and gore Unimaginable horror At your bedside Nightmares are the stories … Continue reading

I was not there

I was not there But have woken up To the carnage of that day It was swept into my psyche Leaving us all to pay Regard to the heroism And the hatred everywhere I woke up screaming to myself I … Continue reading

London Bridge

Severe threats were imminent According to MRS May Downplayed from the critical Flowers and candles play Out upon the streets Of Manchester and to Threats were clearly ominously Challenging all through There is hatred and malignancy Some now vent their … Continue reading

Democratic republic of the CONGO

Poverty and impoverishment Creates in man a need To suffer with his family They are owned and robbed indeed Underfed and down at heel Unable to pay ones way So drawn into great dangers Just hopeful they can pay In … Continue reading

WAR and its repercussions

To fight overseas In the many great wars That were probably stomped up by those Politicians with so much to gain From the carnage It does keep us all on our toes Thrown into the battle of somewhere Expected to … Continue reading

Poor baby

WAR is raw It’s profit based Rich sods The gods of now She is breathing She is still alive But one might now ask how? A baby doesn’t know she is Syrian Just that she is a soul Lying in … Continue reading

The war and Germany

I am an old man now And I watched the film HELLSTORM And I felt sickened to my very core Of the horror that was dealt By allied planes across GErmany’s cities And the lies Told by allied governments And … Continue reading


Gaza a huge camp of angels Ravaged by obstinacy Unyielding temper No compromise Denying their rights to be free Israel she is supported By American tax payers who Supply the weaponry maiming the angels And other countries now who Are … Continue reading

Madaya in Syria

A mountainous coastal town In war torn SYRIA Its people suffering terribly For they are caught between The proverbial rock and the hard place And whats going on there Is obscene A siege and many suffering lamentably No food no … Continue reading

Cannon fodder

How they have the balls To do that To men who took the bait They went off to fight the wars Knowing that their fate Was sealed when pen to paper Kitted them out for they Went off to do … Continue reading

Cluster bombs

Humans sink below horizons Helplessly they fall Filthy minded ignorants Imagining they call Out to those who drop them These awful cluster bombs Whose bomblet’s scatter far and wide Where nobody can truthfully hide Some drop and they so explode … Continue reading


Children arrested throwing rocks at Israeli tanks we hear what do the occupied do to counteract the  fear of land and homes destroyed by soldiers marching into war and using where you live to kill and maim like never before … Continue reading

Feeding the Lions and Tigers in China

We could call the zoo’s Diablo for the devil runs amok inside them all live animals can be purchased does that suck! and then fed to the Lions to see them torn apart limb from limb in agony where the … Continue reading


What people do to people is a bitter pill for me what’s happening in Gaza for the whole wide world to see is happening because too many prefer to look away to let it happen to let them down to … Continue reading