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Fishes and the pain barrier

Ignorance and the arrogant It suits them to believe Living foods created Actually achieve Greatness in the oceans For sentients they be Able to feel pain when hurt To the 99th degree Hauled out of the water Slammed upon the … Continue reading

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Lough Neagh

This massive lake The biggest actually in the whole UK Home to Eels that live and die And apparently do pay A high price for their want to be Calling it where they Take up residence A massive business in … Continue reading

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Live food markets are torturing through ignorance of pain and suffering

Live food markets Call out those workers For the cruelty that some suppose Fish and crabs and frogs appear To be treated badly And it us clear Operatives decide that they Do not feel pain and go out of their … Continue reading

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Glass eels

In the great Sargasso Sea each larvae spawns and possibly we see them drifting on ocean currents for a year or two they be as they approach the EU shores they all metamorphise into transparent tiny eels swimming like the … Continue reading

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Despite the cites ban on exports Glass eels as they are called Are being caught and exported Which should be overhauled Baby eels or elvers Unlicensed but can be Smuggled out of the UK And sold its seems to me … Continue reading

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