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Just 45 minutes drive from the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK

All zoo’s are past their sell by date A long long time ago Concentration camps for souls Prison camps that show Wild animals in cages Locked away they be Prisoners who were not allowed To be as born YEA free … Continue reading


He was born in the Slangkop troop A complex hierarchal place A fascinating family Where he recognised each face It is very unsettling For baboons to find their feet When they lose sight of family It really does defeat Their … Continue reading


Mobanza Mobimbo Gerard As sinful as they come He a Ivory trafficker One of the chosen scum It’s said he murdered Elephants 500 met his strife Felt his bullets In their soul And Of course lost their life And it … Continue reading

Edicts from the darkly

Mindlessness is clearly Rampant out in the EU A certain moronic feature Doing what they do Changing back to experiments On animals we hear Clearly they are wanting And as such it is very clear The bureaucrats should be the … Continue reading

The Japanese and the sea

Whales and dolphins Get a poor show from The Japanese If it’s not harpooning near TAIJI Drive fishing as they squeeze The life out for so many killers all the time And now a ship it runs aground And the … Continue reading

Wildness in Lions is fast disappearing

Harvesting wild animals Especially the LIONS Conning volunteers To come You must have seen the signs They pay to go and nurture The cubs and can you see We turn our backs on Nature And it’s legitimacy That gargantuan roar … Continue reading

Elephants rights in Thailand

This appeal is to TOURISTS You are the ones Who go out to Thailand Your daughters and sons Expecting to gain sight Of Elephants there To ride On their backs And you don’t even care That by riding on their … Continue reading

Ntanda Mahlanga

For the tribe, for my people For the love of life we all Break out and be confident The over powering school Of hard knocks and persuasion Took me through that race Feeling every sinew And trying to raise the … Continue reading

Those poor Macaques

Wild Macaques right into Laboratories we hear The NIH their mind-boggling work It’s macabre abuses fear These really intelligent monkeys Know all about alarm They come in very inquisitive Soon subjected to harm. Someone called Elizabeth Murray And inquisitor of … Continue reading

Tigers in circus

Abusing the wild tiger With captivity Cruelty apparent Doing tricks, it’s feels to me These are from wild tiger stock Fierce and natural predators Made to look like wimps It does unlock A feeling in the Tigers Of resentment It’s … Continue reading

Vietnam and it’s cat fetish

Misplaced fear is rampant In Vietnam today Especially when it comes to Cats Many people say that they have Supernatural powers Inducing mortal fear And people have misgivings When they wander near There is a sort of phobia Against them … Continue reading

Left flooded with tears

Acts of god they called them An inevitable distress A family living in HemeL Hempstead Trying to address What is catastrophic When storm Clouds opened wide And a huge deluge enveloped a home and all inside The storm drains couldn’t … Continue reading

Working animals

Be unfeeling is something that many Apparently have toward animals who Are freeborn but taken to work hard as slaves Apparently that’s what they do Logging and carrying sees our compassion Well non existent alas Being unsympathetic to anothers feelings … Continue reading

Flat House Farm Lutterworth

It saddens me to see the way Farms treat pigs For they Are very very sensitive And caring They display Tenderness and intelligence And Much care for young And nest and really Enjoy life Yes living among Their family and … Continue reading

Sallu the pony

The Tonga or the cunnicle Is a one man coach Providing a passenger and luggage Really for the riding Up against the. AST crowds The traffic everywhere The ponies drawing these Do find it’s hard out in the air So … Continue reading

Beloved grey wolves

The beloved grey wolves Have won their reprieve Colorado has missed them Can we believe That is the sentiment They are the ones Chosen to be there Daughter and sons Gods creature great ruler Environmentally They tailor the wilds With … Continue reading


It’s sickening that behind closed doors Stockmen’s outlawery Is taken out on young Bulls Who are treated mercilessly A zero grazing system Ungodly I would say Locked up inside concrete And shouted at all day It’s prison for the innocent … Continue reading

THe Poachers of Kerala

Kerala is establishing a bad name So I hear Torturing elephants poaching Bison IT iS very clear Us ANIMAL rights around the world Are noticing the trend The Indians are cruel and vile And it better end six killed a … Continue reading

Raccoons lives matter

I put it to you animals are on a higher plain The prey animals eat vegetation The carnivores it’s plain Do eat other animals generally their prey Whereas human beings Are wicked when it’s suits them they Look at this … Continue reading

The magnificent bull

To the teach the Spanish wickedness Their sinfulness explores A flagrancy beyond the pale With all it’s beastly flaws Those murdering bulls And claiming They are fighting And we should participate in the spectacle Which the Spanish feel is good … Continue reading

Horse mutilations in France.

Apparently ESMS can affect Stallions it appears Who mutilate themselves and others Raising considerable fears Abroad one really has to think Why animals act this way Could it be down to the chemicals Ingested along the way. Mutilations of live … Continue reading

A glance into Paradise

The bent wood faeries Dance and sing And you my dear That day did bring An impish charm A light beyond The isle of Avalon Your wand Brought sanctity You were in fact Sublimity How I react I was there … Continue reading

Zoo’s in Malta

Criminals go to prison Locked up for their crime Animals go to zoo’s And their we steal their time They have shorter life spans But lock them up we do Human beings are wretched That much I know is true … Continue reading

Foie gras disease torment and murder

This farm is non existent A nullity a blank Consciousness was never ever there And to be frank Negatives the uninvented It was called a farm Where beauTiful ducks Were caged and left In the most vilest or harm In … Continue reading

An early death possibly a godsend

The total insensitivity Which brought about the death The finality of a journey Lost She denied a breath All her dreams and wishes Negated by you Exhaling all that cannabis And what did ensue Her life was at a. Speedy … Continue reading

A Mothers reward for Innumerable sacrifices

A cows reward for giving birth For allowing her milk to be Stolen for the humans To use it copiously She allowed her calf to be murdered Kidnapped and away NEver to be seen again She was made to pay … Continue reading


The spurious nature of man To the wild elephants Deceitful and mendacious Of course they are no fan Of the local people Selfish people Ignorant people who Only see the land there on as there’s Really it’s true. Before man … Continue reading

The old bed

The old mattress and bed Has seen better days It’s history cracks me up In so many ways To just see it going On the big yellow truck Will be a god send I will know that my luck Is … Continue reading

Mr Trump

I am concerned for you I really am The number of people who Want to harm you I worry Honestly I do I look upon you thoughtfully As a powerful leader who Cares about his country And is determined To … Continue reading

Nigerian hyena men

From nothingness comes A troupe of street performers Nomadic people Trainers let’s say Of hyenas baboons Pythons and reptiles A meagre lifestyle Drinkers of potency They The deepest jungle The most powerful sedative Hallucination They have them each day Abusing … Continue reading