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Heads up

The slaughter truck The view we see It stick its head Out tragically It can’t get back All it knows Is it’s life of love As the wild wind blows Successive souls Realise their roles

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George Galloway in Rochdale

Rochdale to the people Under a cold sky George is out there speaking Sincerely does apply His sincerity of purpose He gets to the crowd Suggesting they can lend him Their vote his words are loud The purpose is the … Continue reading

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Try to imagine Your mother One moment You can see her smile The next just an awful explosion The house You can now taste the bile You are bleeding From every orifice Your mother is no where around Just the … Continue reading

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The children share a great Ray’s expression

A great sting in his tail we know But children do not see They feel the love From up above And give it so freely Shared they are spared And knowing actually there’s a need

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Chipping Norton

Tonight the magic happened Chipping Norton showed Our world became exciting The preciousness it flowed Sparking light forms glistened Diadems of gold Hanging in the branches By the Town Hall We were sold On glittery stars their gently swaying And … Continue reading

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To my son

A precious first son Whom birth was my wondrous gift to our universe He lies in a hospital bed Recovering A mother who nurture’s and loves Feels the pangs of uncertainty but knows His worth and his strength was born … Continue reading

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The ultimate attempt

The ultimate message To victims whose plight Endangers real life The most wicked blight A man steps up bravely To rescue a hound In icy waters Seemingly drowned Out an existence an Angel he be A man with a sizeable … Continue reading

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To discover Bee’s And be their friend Realise to the very end That they will appreciate All you say And love you every hour Of every day We need to approach them As we do Without fear just love

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Wishful thinking sadly For ever an eternity Life is not forever One’s actual love It seemingly Will go on poetically But realistically Love is measured tragically But is not a constancy

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Perhaps an infatuation

Do they see what you appear to be Or what they think you are Or hope you are Perhaps the star That they really want to see It’s in their mind You trigger perhaps an expectation An enlightening experience Perhaps … Continue reading

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Toya’s message

She’s elated to be here Hawthorn hart does Excite her she’s jubilant Risibly, she Loves the sweet space And the divinity It just feels euphoric Closer to you Away from that women And what she did do Negative vibes And … Continue reading

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Which Witch

Ritual and riches The magic of desire Forestry divided The ability where fire Fills our hearts with wishes With the chill of true desire A certain madness in the air Of which no witch shall tire

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A crescent Moon A clearing in a tongue of land Was where At the extreme North West Of Oxfordshire on Warwickshire’s border share On 8.27 acres Of level paddock land Slightly acidic based rich soil On clay I understand At … Continue reading

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Duck Down

I once was warm My feathers were Mine divine my Dears Do you concur Down a substance Ripped and torn I do wish I had not been born It hurt so much Him out of touch I think of him … Continue reading

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Portland it’s sights and thoughts

Breath Life itself Appreciation From simple sights Night and day lights Sensitive souls Extols Salvation

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Carnivore v ethical vegan

Filling one’s intestines With blood lust death and vile Enduring luring sparring scarring Violence wretched bile On the other hand To understand a peacefulness Exists Plants and herbs and love itself All evil it resists.

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German Shepherds

Love and care And of being aware Sharing one’s place It all feels ace Respect occurred It wasn’t a word It was life and being Together seeing Loving and sharing And caring

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