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A teacher like no other

an affirmation Truly can  be a powerful tool delivered by a sage or guru asserting as the rule of thumb expresses emphasis an unretractable desire to persevere completely with the warmth from one’s own fire apprentice through to investigator an … Continue reading

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Lesser Celandine

Moisture wetness dewiness Where Ficaria Verna thrives A harbinger of Spring itself A wild plant that survives Forming mats in woodlands Threatening to control In the Buttercup family It has a powerfful role Called the lesser celandine But noxious one … Continue reading

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To surmise perchance to see

There are many dusty tomes around Probably visited by what used to be the bookworm But Being afraid to fly The indian meal moth cometh Clearly the need to learn Sick of all that muesli And filled with such concern … Continue reading

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The joyfulness of some To match the nonchalance of many The one who plays piano On the station as some do Watch the passers by some Don’t even notice Others stand recording it But most seem clueless too The talent … Continue reading

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