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Feelings and wildlife

As protectors it is concerning That binoculars are made And targeted at hunters An extension of trade Broadening the market Commercially feels wise But feelings have to play a part We have to realise We shouldn’t become detached from life … Continue reading

VIETNAM “with sloppy thinking the whole worlds sinking”

It’s good news I hear But it’s well overdue Shutting the animals trades down My view What you have permitted With LION BONES has been A lack of vision and I think obscene South African traders Canned hunting they Have … Continue reading

Somebody else’s baby

For me it is a certainty An irrefutability Killing babies For consumption Feels alien to me The Dairy Farmer’s Philosophy Is selling into dairy Bovine lactating fluids Sold to human beings they Are told by all and sundry That using … Continue reading


Its deep seated in the culture In the tradition of a place In Africa it is illegal And these days a disgrace Wild and feral animals The sick ones too can be Victims in the killing Which is why now … Continue reading

All slaughterhouses are death camps manned by psychopaths

When one kills innocent animals day in day out One sees Ones spirit fading rapidly which signifies the ease That those enrolled to do the dirty work of others who Sit on their leather sofa’s allowing them to do All … Continue reading

Lambs to the slaughterhouse

Chop up the mint leaves And mix with the vinegar Sugar to taste all is ready to go Off to the slaughterhouse Where groups of Lambs Stolen from their mothers Clearly they know Each sequence before them The sounds and … Continue reading

how now brown cow

In their streets clothes The family arrive Children and women Can that Brown Steer survive There are hooks everywhere And a black and white floor Looks strangely MASONIC So whats it all for The children are hoisted On top of … Continue reading

Was he hogging the fast lane

A trailer turned over on a interstate today 2600 PIGLETS thats babies on their way To slaughter without water Babies that they were Tiny little babies And a lot of them did pay Injured some they legged it Others they … Continue reading

Amputee’s and the rest

The butcher surgeons every farm has got one No training no compassion nor empathy A human robot with a pair of rusty pliers Grabs a piglets bollocks and pulls them free Snips the piglets tails yes hear them weeping The … Continue reading


We hear just now That franks and sausages May have human DNA It must be from Someone’s saliva Or perhaps their piss Along the way Vegetarian sausage too have meat No wonder where they are made In apparatus never Cleaned … Continue reading

Slaughtering how does it affect them

There is nothing thats ordinary About the slaughter man His work is killing animals And of him I am no fan A killing man can not sit on a jury For murder that indeed is true The law sees him … Continue reading

Kosher and halal slaughter

Animal earthlings slaughtering Halal or kosher they Are cheaper by comparison But the animals have to pay A real cost its their agony Its more pronounced you see To Have their throats cut Whilst they are conscious They struggle frantically … Continue reading

Cows are females

Cows are females Let us not forget this Raped and milked Murdered tortured too Their calves were kidnapped The patriarchal society This is what the menfolk Want to do Lively spritely vivacious Youth Consigned to burgers they Are thrust into … Continue reading

309 each hour

i want you to imagine A steer so full of life Transported to the slaughterhouse Made ready for the knife The last thing on this earth they want Is to be told they must die They love life as you … Continue reading

Maple Leaf Poultry

It rolls into the slaughterhouse Many feet high Orange and yellow crates Where in doth lie Injured and sick chickens The sadness thats there As we look through the slits It is real hard to bear Clearly they are hopeful … Continue reading

Paris the march to close abattoirs

What a fantastic outpouring of sentiment and care Under a lovely blue sky where so many did share Such energy such thoughtfulness and togetherness as they Spread their positivity all along the way Placards they were everywhere lots of tops … Continue reading

Kosher killings

Kosher slaughter it beats me How kosher butchers seemingly Can see the difference More than I In this blood bath Where so many die Writhing in another’s blood Hanging witnessing the flood These young calves Just babies who Suffer kosher … Continue reading

Bagshaw &/sons slaughter house 2014/2015

This is the purest thuggery Plug ugly through and through A pig it has been cornered In a lairage in full view 3 so called men are with it In front of them a gate And they are trying to … Continue reading

Slaughterhouse blues

There is always someone Who has to do, the dirty work And over the course of time Degeneration A graceless abandoned shameful Manner numbs the soul of man And what we see right here today Is humanities desecration The slaughterhouse … Continue reading

Purgatory is where this is at

drag them down And cut their throats Prod them as they lie It’s a blood bath A great raucous shout And, no place to die Huddled in a heap and being beaten With a really heavy pole, that rips Into … Continue reading

“Someone’s got to do it” a chat with a farm hand/slaughterer

Someone’s got to do it do what I often say someone got to to kill them and do it every day   like cut the  bloody piglets teeth and tear their testicles away and snip their fucking tails off the … Continue reading

Ideas from Phillip Wollen in Australia

2 billion sentient beings are wiped out every week throats slashed sent to Rainbow Bridge where admissions are an all time peak torture on a scale mankind has never ever seen and carnivores now contribute to figures that are obscene … Continue reading

We are trying to get away( and you are trying to prod us to our deaths would you run to yours?

Animals are all trying to get away no one wants to die no one at all loaded in some dirty truck and shipped off to the slaughterhouse its not as if we’re all having a ball kicked and prodded don’t … Continue reading

Death at our hands ah! but we are humane

60 billion non humans killed each year but of course we call it humane slaughter humane! But its grim so grim for me tired and often weary some can’t walk at all some are full of sores and cuts and … Continue reading

Plea to each slaughterhouse operative from us all

For those who value life as much as young lambs and young pigs and little baby elephants and all of you who digs this earth of ours and our planet as many earthlings do than to lead us to a … Continue reading