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To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading


Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading

Seal lingo

I am into speaking SEAL And was perturbEd the other day When I came across my brothers And sisters and really they Were slaving in MOUNT MOSAN For some measly frozen fish Cheap labour They were employing slaves And I … Continue reading

The penguin and the Leopard Seal

A tiny penguin Makes his deadly dash Across the sea Away from the giant Leopard Seal Which did apparently Chase him across the melting ice Upon the azure sea Unstable truly and on fire He didnt want to be Supper … Continue reading

Cape fur seals and Namibia

Predation on the Skeleton Coast In Namibia is high Wolf-Atlas Bay and Cape Cross It happens which is why Thousands of Cape Fur Seals are born each November,to correspond With the Benguela Current Nutrient rich waters beyond The Natural world … Continue reading

Born without a heart of anykind

You create their purgatory Their angst each twinge they feel Stolen from creation Your heartlessness is real I see you laugh and joke about The perils you inspire The total desolation For Seals ofcourse its dire You encourage with your … Continue reading

Seal babies

The illogicalness of blaming seals For reducing the fish All those deals Solecism so many flaws That Canada YES as a country ignores Contrary to reason, they Murder babies everyday Batter them Smashing their brains Bulging eye balls Done by … Continue reading


Infanticide The murder of babies on the snow Our sinfulness and wrong doing Ofcourse its all on show THe Government of Canada Wants this crime to be Happening it subsidises This debauchery Its for the skin and fur The flesh … Continue reading

Sealskin boots

Sealskin boots Imagine that Battered babies Is where you are at Clubbed to death Beside their mama And wearing boots Makes you a star The blood and guts Each frightful scream And you believe Seal boots just seem Wonderful for … Continue reading


The hordes of egotistics That Sadly now are found Tourists mostly, idiots Who curiously astound Those of us who are caring By brandishing their lens And who interfere with animals The message that it sends Is wholly just how selfish … Continue reading

Come Trudeo

The murdering psychopathic thugs Frequenting the ice floes Smashing baby seals about Rotten so and so’s Unimagined agony These babies are going through And their mothers watch in shock and awe At what these scumbags do Someone elses baby Kidnapped … Continue reading


Seals skins exported from Canada When manifested they Are called Raw skins not otherwise specified So they get through that way Years ago they exported them Declaring them to be Raw seal skins And that ofcourse was Absolute clarity But … Continue reading

Seal murderers of Canada

30,000 baby seals One has to ask now how that feels To be aware that on one’s land A people fail to understand Babies born of true creation Gifted to your special nation Can be slaughtered in such a way … Continue reading

Canadian Embassy 4/5 Trafalgar Square 1pm -5pm

CANADIAN EMBASSY TRAFALGAR SQUARE 1pm till 5 End this awful massacre Of baby seals Alive And graceful on the ice floes Until the murdering scum Bash their tiny brains out And drag them off Though some really some are still … Continue reading

PAUL WATSON And SEA SHEPHERD and all the crew

What is absoluteness within the great oceans The givenness offers perpetuity The great whales the dolphins the pilots The greys So many species we enter a phase Of continued slaughter And science we hear Is often the reason Though that … Continue reading

Sperm and monks

The Hellenic trench 5000 metres It sinks to such depths The Meditteranean sea And there where the steep slopes Just fall away Thats where you might just find me I am so heavy a mild sort of grey I tend … Continue reading

Innocence asks why?

Sunglasses Designer olive two piece A green hatapik Will wonders cease A blue woolly hat And pea green boots He’s dressed to kill Right down to his roots Out on the ice A man on his own He had his … Continue reading

The false premise

The fundamental principle Of life on earth is here Undying and immortal Grounded and ever clear The sparseness and the nothingness In human terms out there On icy flows where fierce wind blows All in the frozen air Their outwardness … Continue reading

The Hakapik

This tool or murdering weapon Was of Norwegian design A multi purpose hunting tool Meant to underline The need to use the butt end To smash the creatures skull But both ends appear to be used In this enormous cull … Continue reading

No understanding of Nature

It is mindless and unthinking To continue killing Seals On the basis that they eat fish For really that conceals The greater need of money Of profit from their fur Thats the reason it goes on As most around concur … Continue reading


It seems that. Greenpeace wants to Fight big energy But has its work cut out for what they do Is playoff the indigenous who cannot hunt seal or whales As sustenance Which supposedly holds true So Greenpeace has decided That … Continue reading

My thoughts on” A sealed fate”The plight of the harp seals

I watched the film I took it in To explain I have followed It And all the sin of slaughtering babies For their cute fur And selling it to those Who seem to concur To the profitability angle abroad They … Continue reading

Think man unkind

The muck you now dispose of In the oceans where we live The heavy metals the radiation The excrement you give So freely of the crude oil Your plastics and your vile Chemicals so potent And your noise How you … Continue reading

To the seal pup crushing laggards

To the seal pup crushing bastards Paid a pittance for their crime Beating the life out of infants Well before their time Canada and Namibia governments should be Frightened for those allowing this One day they will see A giant … Continue reading

Pelt the seal trade

For any man to use the argument That cruelty Is a way to make a living Off and of dark adversity And that they are valid arguments To stoop down extra low To even be abusive And spiteful as we … Continue reading

Seal king and his filthy hands

The seal hunt is on Feel the fear Breathe the pain Hatem Yavuz Oh yea him again Based in Australia Factories in Turkey Namibia loves this guy He holds the key All of the babies on the Skeleton coast Are … Continue reading

Mis judgement or arrogance time will tell

Being rich and famous can be dangerous Its when good judgement is the order of the day For the pitfalls you cant see Can haunt you instantly And then regret can cause you grief And dismay Seals get such a … Continue reading

The poor little baby seals

A seal lies sleeping Having suckled Dreaming dreams of its life ahead Sadly lacking of life’s experience And is suddenly shot dead A sealer in some boat decides The little fellow needs to be Abused and used for someone’s clothes … Continue reading

More on the seals after yesterday’s tweet storm

It’s hard to get ones head around The murdering of seals These are babies, tiny babies Those frighteningly awful squeals As men, that’s today’s human kind Fathers brothers, and husbands too Leave their homes kiss the children And go to … Continue reading