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I have a magical Labradorite Pebble

St Pauls Island Newfoundland Continue reading

GB now

Everywhere you go these days there’s camera’s Warning signs its fear impressed and, we are much more fearful than we really ever were and unhappy too, as most would now agree Everything is digital, it really is couples are engaged … Continue reading


Ethereal! Continue reading

Wolves (we must stop this carnage) NOW!

Wolves are dying in their hundreds so so called men can slaughter them Continue reading

The hunted

The hunter became the victims for once no photographs just a blood stain on the forest floor and a few items of clothing Continue reading

Aradian Moon and beyond

Aradian Moon is coming soon Continue reading

Tears of joy

Aradia forever Continue reading


Happiness is now at the end of every days journey Continue reading


Clowns make us laugh or do they? Continue reading

Margins must include safeguarding animals against experimentation and torture

animal experimentation which boosts sale prices and margins
its unethical and sick! Continue reading

To see is to know

a vision Continue reading

A little poem with a big message

a little poem Continue reading

Courtyard Books in Glastonbury

Izzy at the Courtyard Continue reading

The Goddess and the green man

a great place to spend some time in in Glastonbury Continue reading

The Rainbows End Cafe Glastonbury

The Rainbow’s end Cafe Glastonbury its got to be a place you are sad to leave Continue reading

The Hawthorns Market Street Glastonbury, Somerset

A really wonderful place to stay a few nights and few weeks or maybe forever! Continue reading

Hibernation not in China(not in Shenzhang Zoo)

Lack of understanding killed them and ignorance of course Continue reading

Another look at fracking from Joe public’s point of view

Fracking is lacking true integrity Continue reading

Be creative be more primitive in your thinking

Primitive, Indigenous true believers of the whole valued by the community because we’ve all got soul Continue reading

Vaccination conflagration whose salvation?

The needle game is ne’er the same Continue reading

From the crypt the seed of fear is raised

Heaven and Hell who will go where to the outer reaches of despair Continue reading

Hog dog rodeo’s(man is becoming more inhumane by the day)

Hog dog rodeo it could only happen there Continue reading

Trapper man we have a plan (Very graphic)

Trappers its low life and beyond and just rewards are vile Continue reading

A pretty flower is always a pretty flower in someone’s eyes

a pretty flower is pretty forever Continue reading

Apathy not hatred

Carnivores eat meat, meat are animals, animals must die that is how it is Continue reading

a clarion call which only the wild souls can hear

she blows her horn to awaken the wolf spirits Continue reading

Cheese and Dr Neil Barnard

a dairyman’s bread and butter Continue reading

Wholesale killing of Wolves is what most people seem to want

wolves days appear to be numbered the ranchers have the upper hand and the end appears near for the wilder souls Continue reading

Americans have stopped eating pork they feel that the pig industry is being cruel to pigs)

Pork and all the terrible stories of factory farming put out b animals groups, you see we are doing something very worthwhile Continue reading

Meat traders( not all are honest sadly like so many other trades when times are hard and corporates are so powerful)

Brisbane those that did it were caught but its happening all over the world I am sure Continue reading