Tanzania and Green Mile Safari’s

what is an ugliness repellant and monstrous a family of hunters in their four by four into the bush with all of their armoury sat in the vehicle starting a war this isn’t hunting this is vulgarity this isn’t stalking … Continue reading

Cecil’s children speak up for their father

Yes its a year since our dad passed away murdered by Palmer great man of decay who fills patients mouths with amalgam and smiles and bow hunts great lions and somehow reconciles we heard many stories most of them lies … Continue reading

The Kalahari experience

A safari camp in South Africa luxury all round a delicious lunch a shooting range tattoo’s and guns abound the matriarchal squalor and Patriarchal sin Its the Lioness they are gunning for it gets under my skin its the females … Continue reading

Rebecca Francis

She lives in Wyoming A mother she be she keeps 8 horses and so we can see she has some love and care deep in her soul but tragically for her takes on a role of a hunter and killer … Continue reading

Croatia detests her Canada on the other hand

a single mother with fiery tattoo’s born in Croatia is that good news thinks sexy camouflage and guns galore and uses her son for her own private war we watch as he guns down a Robin a soul he has … Continue reading

The absurdity of death

beautiful creatures that live in the wild in accordance with Nature just anyones child a real validity creations gift to us all everyone of us if you get my drift enlightenment its out there judgement as well the absence of … Continue reading

The little black bull

a baby its a baby as quiescent as could be it just wants to lie down and rest as anyone can see the bullring and the audience the matadors now try wanting it to fight them but it doesn’t want … Continue reading

South Africa you bring shame on yourself

South Africa can whistle down the wind to me Can make so many excuses but cannot make me see How they leapt like lemmings down into their pit their iconic Kings and Queens they treat like so much shit from … Continue reading

RAHUL of Mumbai

Technical Support from Three the people flogging phones and I phones everywhere I pads too are sold on contract and when things go wrong the lads and lassies in Mumbai then share their expertise their service and their caring the … Continue reading

I pad

16 months I have had my Apple I pad i use it every day to write my blog suddenly the other day it died on me it didn’t want to work I make it slog of course I do, I … Continue reading