My previous poem of January Saw me in a frame of mind Going off to the place of rainbows Surely I was blind My faculties played out by life Lost in plangency and woe Thinking that my dignity Had vanished … Continue reading


My mother didn’t want me She kicked me out of the way What she had against me I can’t really say I had been inside her many months In the great dark warm embrace Swimming in her water Dreaming of … Continue reading


They label us free range Some call us organic But truly it’s sadness Our lives full of panic Confined in a cage Without a door And so free ranging Like never before This isn’t freedom It’s improbity So called inspectorate … Continue reading

Farmed fish and the implications for humanity/ environment

Corruption is a cancer That spreads now everywhere Top down it is causing Really much despair Fish a rich commodity Where some corporations Do Extend their grubby fingers That might reach the likes of you It’s really a massive business … Continue reading

The poor little baby seals

A seal lies sleeping Having suckled Dreaming dreams of its life ahead Sadly lacking of life’s experience And is suddenly shot dead A sealer in some boat decides The little fellow needs to be Abused and used for someone’s clothes … Continue reading

Corporate gods

The good old cow an ungulate Designed to eat and graze To feel the sun upon it’s back And amble all it’s days We milk them to their lame Or kill them for their meat We rape them and make … Continue reading


I watched that little sentient soul Led down to the beach Clearly full of self belief And, when they did reach The spot where it was to happen Laid the donkey down Pouring kerosene over him My god they went … Continue reading

More on the seals after yesterday’s tweet storm

It’s hard to get ones head around The murdering of seals These are babies, tiny babies Those frighteningly awful squeals As men, that’s today’s human kind Fathers brothers, and husbands too Leave their homes kiss the children And go to … Continue reading

Extreme hunters

Hunters and poachers Are serial killers Rifles and bow hunting, they Go out into the animals habitat And try to blow them away Those, unhinged of them say It’s conservation Killing that is now their thing Or culling them For … Continue reading

7 days into the murdering spree

It’s 7 days, a week of absolute terror The ice runs red from the blood of baby seals Where’s the true compassion The empathy for beings the sweetest angels Time alone reveals To me complete insanity from The Government The … Continue reading