What price is charity

Charity begins at home “Tiger tops” by another name Organising tournaments Polo its the given game Thailand watch the pachyderms Mahouts riding them about Sticks and stones hurt all our bones Bashing them leaves me in doubt Cruelty does nothing … Continue reading


Acidisation is coming Prepare for house prices to fall Who wants a home in a gas field Its coming the tories appal All of us really their greed in all this Its the corporatocracy who Always vote tory a gory … Continue reading

Looking out at my garden and thinking of the equinox

No vivid colours to speak of The hedge and the copse of a hue Recently snow from the heavens Had fallen and it had frozen the dew Ravens and long tailed tits already nesting Caught out by the season too … Continue reading


Bodiless bears A mystery Scattered across the forest floor Something no one dare ignore A blach bear headless With its penis Bitten off and left Bleeding, such destructiveness I was left bereft Yellowstone Its paradise Away across each scene What … Continue reading

An appeal to President Lenin Moreno of Ecuador

Long before you They had settled In the virgins palace where The jungle swept above them Where the sun had bleached their hair Guardians steeped in romance spirited and free Who lived close to their mother It was where she … Continue reading

Stephen Hawking

We all have imperfections It was something that he felt But it fuelled his determination Which obviously spelt The need to be deliberative And speculatively cerebrate the scope of time And by association see An Independent quotient A physicist he … Continue reading

Feather dusters shoes and handbags

The Western Cape yES It rhymes with rape And murder they do as well The largest bird On Planet Earth STOP dear not another word Fashion I look ashen At the thought of Seeing this A full grown Ostrich Being … Continue reading


Creative comedic laughter and joy A figure of vigour His passionate ploy 90 Long years Entertainment his thing An eruption of mirth From his ardour did bring Heartfelt emotion The notion that he Could work on the boards And intelligently … Continue reading

Claude Monet

A painter who encapsulated Spring’s vitality Light demands so much respect And shadows too, as we Search through Nature’s wonderland Bold colours do evolve A semblance, a suggestion that Our eyes and minds may solve His water lillies Grew upon … Continue reading

Vernal equinox

Light and thrust and energy Vigour life and intensity Vim and zip And dynamics there And an undertaking and a need To share A month before the ice and the snow Worked to freeze The sod below But now the … Continue reading