Aggression start to finish Attack attack attack Unprovoked criminality No ones got their back Little calves just babies It’s blitzkrieg everyday A war of attrition Where only babies pay Taken from their mothers Immediately they are born Thrown into wire … Continue reading


Trip adviser advertising Sixty one per cent Of visitors are happy Really are content That’s visitors People who pay to see Those who are Trapped there And are kept there In a place they call a ZOO Who forget this … Continue reading

She gets my goat

Being in the forest Is the life for me Up there in the mountain passes It’s where I like to be Fleet of foot breathing hard Climbing over rocks Nibbling the greenery The dandelions and docks The mountain air it … Continue reading

CHINA the despicable

The want of the wild Of the bush meat beguiled The viciousness causing disease Be it bats rats of cervils Pangolins too Carrying viruses Which many do China has banned all wild species For they Realise people are beginning to … Continue reading

Bleached haired bitch

The hubris and the insolence It’s everywhere to see This bleached hair bitch Imagines she is queen of snobbery Holding up a dying creatures head for all to see Upstaging a wild soul In its natural urgency It is dying, … Continue reading


A wound behind his head Where he was unable to lick clean And in that neglectful period It began to look obscene As the blow fly maggots Gobbled up the festering flesh And blood In a couple days it’s was … Continue reading


A meaningless existence Uncertainty and pain Out there on the streets Fighting ones corner yet again Up against the traffic The noise and people who Really hAve no care atvall For anyone like you Rejected by society Spurned by everyone … Continue reading


For me it is humiliation A lack of respect and just scorn Aweless and well just unflattering As a women it begins to dawn On me really that his irreverence Certainly Disfavours me It feels like a genuine slap in … Continue reading


A premeditated violent act On animals for me Shows the extent of wickedness And immorality jailed for 24 weeks With a notification He Will not be allowed to keep animals For ten years Which is key He fed the dog … Continue reading

Who knows what becomes of us

Whether we end up in a temple Sanctuary or zoo Makes a great deal of difference Or in a sea park too Really human beings Are kindly but they can Be cruel and even beastly Dependent on their plan A … Continue reading