Eden in Africa

Eden in Africa 2 freaks with hooks Beating an elephant baby It looks Terribly painful And surely it is What frightful cowards they are I am in a tizz A state of confusion Eden it be Where all of creation … Continue reading

The hunter and his gun

A shotgun or a scatter gun Shooting different sized lead balls Greatly increases the weapons potential And goes against some rules Close up they are effective But of course further away The pattern may not all hit the target And … Continue reading

NZ dairy Fonterra

Squeaky clean New Zealand Has somehow got away With making all its Bobby calves into victims everyday Milk designed for baby calves Is sold and fed to you So as the nasty dairy trade Does what it wants to do … Continue reading

18/12/2015 a message to the dolphins

990 feet once one swum Down in the depths Having some fun The Bottlenose does not have to be As deep in the water around Taiji And thats a shame For monsters there The taiji fishermen Spell despair Their rank … Continue reading

A faery story

The cherry grew it was bound to suit From one small stone It produced a root A branch a bough And blossom too That filled our garden With scent which drew A frog then seen To leap below Telling his … Continue reading

delilah 2

She sits Her eyes of jade The East Might recognise This sylph like beast Mythical magical alchemy Precipitation falling fast The winds great curtain Flailing passed The force of heaven Rolls the sky In the garret where She does lie … Continue reading

Lion Day yesterday

It all began in Trafalgar Square Cecil the Lion we felt him there Dominic told us to stop and make The public aware and to stay awake To the horrible hunting now going on In Africa, so many gone Shot … Continue reading

Delilah’s travels

The artist within us Bleeds on the canvas Soaks up the pigment That Dawn spreads before All kinds of colours of Limitless beauty In the land of the FAE In a cave at the core Where the Maine Coon sit … Continue reading

Mind games

Its in the mind Its in the mind What people think Let them find A way through Passages dark and long Its in your mind That you are wrong And from your mind Your legs feel sore Your back it … Continue reading

poor bull poor sad bull

Clapping and smiling And hearing the cornets Triumph as the matador Standing aloft The bull the poor beast Is suffering madly Bleeding out sadly The fighting has ceased The lack of conscience The opportunism The total dishonour And rascality An … Continue reading