Delilah’s travels

The artist within us Bleeds on the canvas Soaks up the pigment That Dawn spreads before All kinds of colours of Limitless beauty In the land of the FAE In a cave at the core Where the Maine Coon sit … Continue reading

Mind games

Its in the mind Its in the mind What people think Let them find A way through Passages dark and long Its in your mind That you are wrong And from your mind Your legs feel sore Your back it … Continue reading

poor bull poor sad bull

Clapping and smiling And hearing the cornets Triumph as the matador Standing aloft The bull the poor beast Is suffering madly Bleeding out sadly The fighting has ceased The lack of conscience The opportunism The total dishonour And rascality An … Continue reading

Temple Elephants

They don’t live in the real world These temple people they Many live on handouts All along the way In many ways they are ignorant And spiteful we can see The way they treat the animals Is not how it … Continue reading

The hunters illness arrogance and ignorance

Holier than thou The typical hunter And huntress now The women losing out The Neanderthals took mammoths Down The danger then was rife But these days with the Weaponry The victims get the strife The agony the torment They bleed … Continue reading


To enable the purest life force To be torn to shreds and die Standing in the moonlight Where every word is a lie Divorced from all reality Within a maidens soul She stands there in the shadows Bursting with control … Continue reading


This Hopelessness is terrible Its weakening as we Suffer so much agony Psychologically The despondency one suffers Each counsel of despair The enslavement by the masses All seemingly unaware Its undignified and tasteless To be kept inside a zoo No … Continue reading

Mae Bua Loy another elderly elephant

250 acres of park Within Chiang Mai 37 elephants A sanctuary No lie 400 dogs 50 buffalo 30 cats for sure 2 horses And 2 pigs a monkey And a cow They all adore The Mae Taeng Valley Sanctuary For … Continue reading


This old girl is 68 And lives sadly in japan Lives in inokashira Park Apparently the plan Was years ago to replace One That had starved to death because A war was on and so upon Her arrival What she … Continue reading

Humility thats all we needed really

Forests full of every conceivable medicine, animals Reptiles, birds The great lungs of the planet Remember all these words The precious trees that harbour So much thats good around Aged beings lost in time Giants from the ground They wallow … Continue reading