Mauritius a paradise in the Indian Ocean

Long tailed Macaques live in the wild this paradise was where Nature put them and they exist they do roam everywhere   but there are unscrupulous people around. as we all know ready to make a fast buck and see … Continue reading


Its a broad specific systemic herbicide it kills weeds dead and us too there has been many studies so these facts are never new its just the world has overlooked and whilst it was asleep Big Pharma has been working … Continue reading

Its a moneymaker

Sealing is a moneymaker that’s what I have heard this year they are up and running 70 ships the word is out some have got stuck in ice thats Karma fighting back but despite all that there’s money to be … Continue reading

The trap neuter return

I had a lucky escape today picked up on the street I am just a feral although I keep myself looking neat I wander around the streets all day and go in the forest at night and the truck came … Continue reading

Tactile caring for each other and our earthling friends

I think this is a ¬†hard one but one that must be said all creatures great and small react to another’s touch I am fed   up with human beings who have sensory organs but they rarely use them for … Continue reading

Illegal slaughterhouses why?

In India there are ¬†places Illegal slaughterhouse so we hear lots of pigs tied up awaiting for death in it all its forms shaking shivering pallid from the fear   why would there be so many illegal death camps the … Continue reading

Why are they blaming me

The cattle industry Why are they blaming me they do this because they are ignorant and with their arrogance they can’t see   beyond their nose beyond that concept of the bucks they lose their husbandry is very poor but … Continue reading

Trophy hunting scumbags( I make no excuse for the title)

“We’re having a blast the time of our life” statements the hunters now make canned hunting’s getting to grips with the maniacs out there who just want to take   out big game and get a guaranteed hit on any … Continue reading

Stephen Harper and his 2010 interview

Stephen Harper represents the people he represents the Sealers and their trade he speaks of Science as if they were a god force at an ecological source he says its laid confirming what some of us know of abattoirs of … Continue reading

“The Atlantic Seal Hunt Sustainable Viable and Humane”

The Atlantic Seal Hunt Sustainable Viable Humane Canada says sustainable whats sustainable whats sustainable your prayers Humane if thats humane humungous is the word humungous an atrocity and your use of words are absurd   “green speak” hoping people believe … Continue reading