Elephants and Ivory

China’s growing middle classes top the scale and ivory is the essential gift it seems its iconic holds its value well and always looks the part and according to the Chinese whose net is cast tradition comes in here but … Continue reading

Chickens that’s what they call us but are we really

our greed for profit far exceeds the need to really be compassionate and kind to those we farm extraordinarily   an ocean of writhing feathers filthy dirty stalls they are wallowing in excrement putrescence kind of calls   some birds … Continue reading

Blackfish or Orca also called killer whale

It goes without saying that Orca’s should be back in the ocean Yes out  in the sea they travel for hundreds of miles every day and stuck in a concrete pool what can one say   Science is deluded Sea world … Continue reading

A new truth in Animal Experimentation confirmed

How can we trust the arrogance if the commercial world won’t play ball over experimentation it wont go away each specifies some testing and the animals know pain every conceivable torture is carried out for gain   and so the … Continue reading

The new dawn

For nearly 50 years They have been spraying Its not as if we wanted them to spray The giants selling chemicals were angry Because we didn’t buy enough each day Well sod them I just tell them go and rattle … Continue reading

A mother and her baby die together at home

Defiance was the wrath that they contend with resistance on a level that must be monumental for a loving mother cradling her baby on her knee   broken, twisted, torn her baby with her confronted by the hand of death … Continue reading

Kihura Nkuba

He who handcuffs lightening and puts  thunder into jail such a man is bold by all accounts and so his tale of safeguarding his people Uganda  has to see for Kihura’s shadow has power beyond imagination and he will use … Continue reading

Science Leave the Monkeys out of your equation

The insects that we zap have learned to cope with us We on the other hand were not prepared To see our citizens forever perish We’ve potentised our chemicals and spared the child perhaps but the rod is now beginning to crumble for the … Continue reading


A few tough old cockerells strutting their stuff With waistcoats and cigars and far too much puff Boardrooms need women We all know how much They have added value And therefore as such Would be more representative Of life today The male domination … Continue reading

Wild Elephants and their Ivory

The world has got a problem the emerging China trade as the poorerthere get richer Culture is displayed before them, and the Ivory becomes something to buy for its rarity and its luxury and as  status it is high many … Continue reading