Apathy it gets to you it feels like that I know but that’s the way they grind us down but that so many, did go gave up their core activities and stood there to be seen the Japanese would have … Continue reading

Never underestimate the power and courage of a saboteur

A saboteur her bravery took her to a place put her in the firing line of course its a disgrace but society has qualms about  the fox the law, the hunt and  certain tory toffs believe its always worth a … Continue reading


  The sky reflected the sullenness that all of us felt today this was the day the Japanese were preparing to display their vile techniques for torture and capture  dolphins who would end up torn to pieces for that’s what, … Continue reading

the death of a wild pig

men robotic slobs who believe its right to catch wild pigs and try to retrieve some semblance of sanity when they themselves are as violent and wretched their beastliness delved their grossness their nastiness malefic and dire holding the pig … Continue reading

4 photographs from Paul Watson

The Faroese how they did seize the opportunity to manually dispatch each whale with such ferocity   a barrel gutted woollen jumpered upstart so full clad giving it some welly which looks and is real bad     this is … Continue reading

We are the Dolphin Warriors

We are the Dolphin people we are the true front row where ever the banging pipes of war sound that is where we go   we are the Taiji warriors the embassy is our place we get outside there several … Continue reading


The secret life of a snuffler won’t ruffle her feathers today for a snuffler is a lady who loves animals, they say not loves them like some people but truthfully reveals a tendency to smother them and I kn ow … Continue reading

The butchers of Taiji

We stand in line with tears in our eyes megaphones blazing gas horns surprise waking the dead that’s what its about the Dolphin’s in Taiji too, I don’t doubt if we shout loud enough maybe, they will hear and keep … Continue reading

human larcenists of furs for their personal vanity

the insentience and numbness is prevalent today in a group of selfish people who make so many pay the lethargy of being the nonchalance they feel cold hearted and unseeing impassively unreal unemotional and insensate shameless to a tee impervious … Continue reading

The grind the evils of the Faroes

  There is nothing fair about the Faroe’s the islands of the damned violence it breeds violence there inhumanity slammed   a turmoil in the making severity at the helm barbarians and butchers that clearly overwhelm   eruptive their behaviour … Continue reading