Fukashima and its risks

Why play the joker Mr man the Pacific trails how they began far away from the reactors still the seepage appears to  kind of chill   despite the currents and they are strong hot spots on the floor seem wrong … Continue reading


Firing heaps of softballs at some pet cow in a  field is tantamount to the vilest act who ever lay concealed   with some contraption doing this imagine that poor soul probably at great speed till she lost control   … Continue reading

The slaughterhouse experience if its the last one you have Hathor help you

Having eyes to see having ears to hear the slaughterhouse suggests such fear and the conscious ones who feel great pain as the blood of life pours down the drain     the captive bolt a final jolt poorly done … Continue reading

to the 3 women seated on the giraffe’s back

3 potential, mothers 3 women who feel its right to bow shoot its seems to appeal   to pay a fat sum to some grease ball, who claims to be an organizer of hunts there are flames of hell soon … Continue reading

The rare desert Elephant

The rare desert elephant feels forlorn in many cases wishes he hadn’t been born   creating his tusks have brought him down attracted great evil some have gone to town   on  and our harems promising ill they come with … Continue reading

A Dolphins tale

Let me tell you and hope that you will get my drift for how we do you may know how sensitivity is greater for us than it is for thee   our emotional state may seem extreme and the way … Continue reading

Farewell my love

I thought of you last night darling I did I lay awake, kind of lifting the lid feeling a weakness inside of me and crying my heart out vociferously   I wanted to get up and come and see you … Continue reading

The goddess

The Landscape Goddess sits serene the Tor is her breast the Chalice Hills been her pregnant belly and Wearyall Hill her knee which she’s raised and Stone down  stays still her head at the levels and there she can see … Continue reading

The Killer Whales and captivity

The arrogance that Sea World regurgitates abroad capturing the mighty killer Whales and their reward   is cruelty a lack of understanding a villainy in respect and where does it all lead to let me interject     out of … Continue reading


Massachusetts has come up with a domestic order asbo to be taken out for abusive owners which honestly does go to show the law and people in it are beginning to see the light beginning to  think ahead at last … Continue reading