Cat killer 3

A cat in a cage
Claws drawn with rage
Being tortured and pranged
Pinched hard and banged
Infuriated gnashing and spitting
Wrathful a constancy
Scowling and lamenting
Nettled and rattled
Suffering so
Taunted and injured
So offended we know

A brave little soul
Taking pique every way
A maniac geyser
Trying to pay
Homage I don’t think so
This creepy git
Weird as is possible
A savage shit

Inhuman beasts
With evil intent
Not heaven sent
A relentless attack
A misanthrope
Gloatingly callous
One can feel
There’s no hope

I’ll wishing I’ll willed
Such severity
This baby fights back
Trying hard to get free
But these ghoulish devils
Have no mercy, they
Molest and abuse
In their poisonous way

Imagine those cats
Their hearts were of joy
These monsters get hold of them
And then employ
The wickedest torture
The vilest of hurt
Casting their evil eyes
On the soul in the dirt

Each one a sinner
A traitor of life
A despoiler of innocence
Cajoling with strife
Their vast lack of pity
Each merciless threat
Not an ounce of compassion
A terrible debt

It’s about wearing down
The feline resolve
The relentless taunting
How it does evolve
Guilty we see
All justice denied

Eyes gouged that torment
Those shrieks piercingly
Enter our minds
a searing instancy
Unfitting and vulgar
Unforgivably wrong
Covered in blood
It didn’t belong

Where it’s laying
Still alive
In its stupor of sighs
They set fire to a bundle
In its bottom they force
A burning stick deeper
Into its source

Imagine the feeling
It’s death cries we hear
So wrong on all counts
The contempt and the fear
The humiliation
The cats still alive
Still fighting for life
Though how can it survive

And these brutes looking on
Excited to see
The vanquished the awfulness
So despised and contemned
Punished tongue scoldingly
Unbelievably wicked
The enormity

Such perfection
An innocent
Playful and calm
Stolen by monsters
Held on their arm
And treated to death
The burden of guilt
Ingrained on these sinners
These wasters who built
An, on line programme
For fiends everywhere
Unspeakable perverts
Who feast on despair

China stands large
Millions of souls
A network of monsters
And perverted trolls
Capturing innocence every day
And laboriously slaughtering
Making cats pay

Are they on drugs
Binge drinking maybe
Hung over on blood fest
Snorting and shooting up
Dripping in fear blood lusting cretins
Listen you can hear
Their muttering name calling
Sickly regime
Demonic irreverence
So it would seem

China Please incorporate strict animals rights laws into your
Country these evil transgressors need to be put away for a long time or given the death penalty.on line fetish cannot be allowed any longer

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Cat killers

Words don’t give this criminality
Justice not at all
China it seems are allowing
Criminals to fall
Through whatever sanity net
Governmental place
Prison with hard Labour
China has to face

The terribly unpredictable
Torturing gangs out there
China on line brutality
The darkest worst despair
Cats and kittens taken from rescue centres
dupe the staff they have their laugh
And then of course they play

On line with the vilest torture
Which only really can
Come from the mental iniquity
The brutality of man
Inscrutable expressionless
Inhuman we can say
China is breeding monsters
A Soulless heartless way

Excited by the screaming
The suffering we hear
It’s a waking nightmare
Their angst is very clear
Each twinge each poke each action
Each reaction every shock
Unbelievable desolation
These obsessives need a block

Creating hundreds of victims
Harrowing beds of pain
Long suffering down trodden
Victimized disdain
It’s intolerable behaviour
To get something of a high
It’s harrowing beyond belief
The gnawing chafing cry

Of a kitten trodden on on the floor
Of the use of electric tools
Grinders, sanders,cutters,hammers
These ugliest of ghouls
Obsessed with woeful torture
These innocent beings they
Are violated unto death
In the most obnoxious way

Wailing groaning weeping
You feel it in your soul
Snivelling filthy monsters
They really need to control
Their victims know their suffering
A requiem of grief
And listen to the chuckling sounds
Group amusement
However brief

How dare they say they are human
Butt ugly hideous shits
Repulsive shapeless morons
Squalor surely fits
Whatever in their anatomy
Haggard odious they
Need locking up and terminated
It’s the only way

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Cat killers of China

Tonight I was sent a video
Of a cat dismembered by
A Chinese man in China
Who himself one day will die
Use of electric cutter
To slice into the head
Of a cat a gentle being
Photographed and led
Out of this life by a monster
Who dug out its eyes as well
The agony personified
In a torture straight from Hell
It’s up to the authorities
To trace these cretins and
Put them in the electric chair
For anyone to have planned
This awful execution
Of innocence for those
Who have seen and heard the torment
Honestly it shows
The grim extent of such a race
Such violence and what for
On line shits such iniquity
Once seen one must abhor
The sights and sounds of China
Such malevolence the grief
In essence anyone alive
Feel it’s beyond belief
To abuse a living creature
In such a horrid way
China find these satanic bugs
And murder them I say

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Pray save the sabs

Sabbing warriors clad in the wild ,
after saving the wildest child
Out of the earth across the green
The bloody spiteful hunting scene
Horseback allergies
The anathemas
So much rejection
Loathsome obnoxious
Hunters anger
Everything they touch

Pray save the Wiltshire Sabs and all the sabs everywhere

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The egg industry

Whose chicken
They are
The industry
are vile
Beyond words
Infanticide the greatest
Massacre of birds

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Imagine you are starving
Your family are sick
The aid trucks are coming
Flour sacks
you may pick
You sit in the cold climes
Awaiting the show
The trucks they are coming
As well we know

Thousands are coming
Famine is rife
Our children are dying
And so is my wife
Thinner than ever
Frightened are we
Fear the great killer
For now where we be

Run to the lorries
Let’s get some flour
Let’s make some real bread
It’s going to wow
The family
We need it
Our children are weak
The guns are a blazing
Souls fall at our feet

Israel the soldiers
Guns blazing away
Tanks ratcheting forward
What can one say
Bullets are flying
Many are shot
They fall in the puddles
And there they will rot

The soldiers were fearful
The stomachs were full
Out of their sick heads
Some cock and bull
Shooting the starving
Wholesale genocide
The tanks running over
Many have died

Palestine crumbles
It’s people are dire
Shot at blown up
Burning by fire
Our stomachs are empty
Our poor throats are dry
Our children are weak
And of course yes they cry

Occupied Palestine
That’s where we be
Barbed wire and shell shocked
None of us free
Bullets are flying
Lots of us shot
Flour blowing everywhere
That’s what we ‘ve got

The west doesn’t worry
The UK no doubt
They cannot realise
What it’s about
Pendantic persuasion
Means nothing no more
Galloway won his own little war

His mission in Rochdale
A real good idea
Labour and Tory
Their messages clear
Both friends of Israel
Dancing their tune
Losing the people
As the great big balloon

Goes up into the sky and is gone

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George Galloway

Rochdale by-election winner George Galloway speaks to LBC… via @YouTube

His pertinent words
Flow beautifully
No script just intelligence
A man of his words
A smith of acclaim
He won fair and square
It what was a good game

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Through our eyes

The world through his eyes
An enormous great ball
Of sadness and agony
Where every fool
Imaginable is known as a farmer
Of sorts
A human being born without good thoughts
A crippled mentality lost in a sty
Of inconsequence
All I see with my eye
Is vile brutality every day
Chops suckling pigs and spare ribs
At play
Gestation crates no nest building We
And left to sleep where we shit
See you see
The world through our eyes
Is one great shitty farm
Where all of our family
Come to great harm
Bacon and trotters
Crackling and salt
Though my eyes humans
Life comes to a halt

And all our family are being slaughtered

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Live exports

The issue here
Live exports
Are criminally insane
Many arriving dead
A voyage of awful pain
Some jettisoned
Shark bait
Others will arrive bloated
On an island somewhere

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China’s poor animal rights legislation

Behold an ancient country
China’s population
Enormous numbers
Vast they be
But animals rights unfortunately
Groups there conducting awfulness
On cats and dogs and more besides
Terrible torture gangs on line
Tearfully I do opine
The need to fight for animal rights
The need to stop this awfulness
Crushing kittens burning dogs
Unbelievable torture
Shown on blogs
Sickening terror
It is a land of utter despair

Innocence is sinfully
Slowly murdered and we see
Their exploits only evil can
Be described each ugly plan
Of carnage so blood thirsty they
Get off on death
Minds in decay
Little kittens torn apart
Put in liquidisers
From the start
Cackling and loving it
Mental illness it must sit
Firmly in their very being
Selling filth that’s what we are seeing

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An ailing Horse

The RSPCA were told
About an ailing Horse
Suffering in silence
As a matter of course
Despite its sad appearance
And weak and sorry state
The RSPCA decided
It would have to wait
It died the poor soul suffering
Lost to the world it be
How very very tragic

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Heads up

The slaughter truck
The view we see
It stick its head
Out tragically
It can’t get back
All it knows
Is it’s life of love
As the wild wind blows
Successive souls
Realise their roles

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Soup of transgression

The head of the horse
Buggered off
China cooks
And sups the soup
Of depravity

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Elephant HELL

Botswana is hell on this earth
For the Elephants
Apparently government issues
We see
Poaching and hunting is rampant
It’s awful
Trophies are welcomed
And now certainly

Hundreds are murdered
Now so much money
Is earned by the government
Giving free reign
To the murdering scumbags who call themselves hunters
Who come here who shoot
In their deadly campaign

130,000 now live here
Tusker and others Botswana’s the place
These beautiful animals
Lost to our planet
End their sweet lives in well what is a pace
Bounties are earned lives spurned every which way
Wiping away these illustrious souls
Botswana be shamed
Botswana you are blamed
Licenses issued new hunting controls.

Animals fall in great numbers apparently
Elephant giants lost to the world
Beautiful majestic wonderful warriors
Cut down and ravaged apparently hurled
Out of existence by the madcap hunters
Looking for trophies ivory, skins
What has gone wrong with the real preservation
Elephants murdered these are the sins
Of the new breed of sportsmen carving an income
Importing in numbers
Tusks by the score
Elephants dying so may crying
Angels of mercy this is the new War.

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Leave that dog alone

You idiot you scumbag
What are you trying to do
Maliciously you Torture
Someone who didn’t hurt you
Swinging an animals by its tail
You Rotter in the extreme
You need a damned good hiding
What you are doing is obscene

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Gestation crates
Pregnancy prisons
Imagine the evil
Imagine the pain
Squashed into the cage
With nothing to gain
But sadness, an aching
And knowing no love
Is now in your life
From the goddess above.

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Why some Japanese love felines
The cats apparently
Get much esteem and loving
From the Japanese They be
Willing to share whole communities with cats
And love them so
But when it comes to dolphins
It’s the money making show

No care no love just malice
The highest bidder gets
The prettiest of dolphins
Creating enormous debts
Of depravity, the ocean
Gives up the beauty breed
These loving caring dolphins
Who really must succeed

Taiji a port of infamy
Fishermen whose minds
Shinto non believers
Nobody opines
Sense and sweet affection
They are treated abominably
With banging poles
Frighten these souls
Out of polarity

They are felons in reality
Bandits of the sea
Stealing what has common worth
It is a tragedy
Made by stealth and greed alas
Torture and awful pain
These dolphins have deep feelings
And a caught up in the refrain

Of evil we should punish them
The perpetrators who
Break up pods of elders
Leaving babies dying, who
Would otherwise live longer lives
Learning in the sea
But many falling victims
To the fisherman of Taiji.

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Wakayama province
Especially Taiji
A whaling port from long ago
Who with their hurtful qi
Decline the force of The Kami
Disrespect the soul
Torture and murder Dolphins
Whose life force as we know

Is advanced in every detail
The ungodly ness we see
Breaking up the family pods
Its how it shouldn’t be
The Japanese are letting down
The Shinto seemingly
Going against the ancient gods
With their vile depravity

Within them so much wickedness
And sharp improbity
They have no understanding
Of Nature and they be
Out and out iniquitously imbalancing
The sea
A career of crime and moral weakness
an enormity

Complicit in the torture
Of infant dolphins too
Of selling off the pretty ones
To be abused in some zoo
The burden of guilt is on Japan
Money grabbing shits
Who go against their religion
For that is where it sits

So many days in every year
Driven dolphins cry
Out up to the heavens
Stabbed to death and why
So some can gorge on bloodied flesh
All done without remorse
These are higher beings
With all the goddess force

Under the tarps the butcher breed
Are shameless each obscenity
Met with cries of awesome woe
By the angelic community
Who live watch every sequence
The tragic events on line
Contradicting Shinto
And the Jinja public shrine

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Pollution. And Stonehenge

Collusion pollution
The A303
The jaunt down to Devon and Cornwall
Must be
Flowing no hold ups
Just slow down and observe
The greatest of henge’s

Straightening the curve

An ediface built
By strong caring souls
Who cast as true warriors
They knew their roles
With huge Sarson stones
And with boulders they showed
Remarkable love for the Wiltshire abode

They followed the sun and the moon
And great light
Neolithic magic they did invite
Respect for all Nature
Living close to the earth
The true realisation
Of what was the worth

The Great Plains of grass
As green as could be
Sweet with the herbage
Where sheep constantly
Sample gods wisdom
The great sacred sphere
A Henge of such beauty
Stood centuries here

And now varying councils
Look down on the place
The myriad relics the antiquities case
Bodies lie resting their bones white as snow
But we feel the need to enter the show
With great JCB’s to utter and tear
To move those old souls
To be unaware
Of history made by former great souls
Who worked their hands to the bone
And remain really poles

Apart from our councils
Our grey suited bods
Who sit most of the time
Forgetting the gods
Primed always ready
To truly beautify
The landscape of Wiltshire
Which really is why

Tunnels and widening
Comes to their mind
The great Neolithic wisdom entwined
Lets break up and filter
The sod and just share
Let Wiltshire suffer
The new age despair

The druidic messages
Lit by the sky
Planetary influence
Ours by and bye
Meaningful wisdom
Celestial signs
The new revolution
The council opines

Gone is the history
Gone is the grace
Gone are the memories
It’s the disgrace
Of arrogant arses
On the plushest of seats
The great EV shifters
Abominable cheats

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The greatest of Henge’s

The councils have eyes
But c very little
They say they have 🩷🩵❤️
But seemingly they
Cannot C further than the sky up above
Or the green natural plains
Engaging the love
Time brought it’s miracle
A henge of great worth
Standing the test of time on Wiltshire’s

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Elephants of Bangladesh

The sickness sprung out of the arrogant thought
Wildness is everything when souls are caught
Up in the graft of humanity
Stolen and deprived of real charity
That’s when we realise how sick we are
On the face of freedom we are the scar

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A hunter whose after

A hunter whose after
A Fox or a Hare
Or a Deer
With the hounds
Introducing Fear
In the wildness where creatures
Love where they be
In an earth on the earth
In the forest

Freedom to range
To drink the wild rain
To eat the wild grasses
To add to the refrain
The music when grazing
Each seasonal gift
The softness of shadows
The peculiar lift

Sharing the love
The wildness one sees
The sweetest of sweet herbs
The majestic tree
The wet of the rain
The taste of a stream
The silence that comes
From each emboldened dream

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A fox in the snow

A fox in the snow
Where the wildest winds blow
Content with his lot
For what he has got
Where he was placed
He does feel graced
With life and with love

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Eli phants

It is our hope we are seeing
Nothing to do with them
They are our battered babies
Each one a life gem
Each is huge and heavy
A vegan from their birth
Travellers in time they be
Mighty kings on earth
Socially so beautiful
Caring every one
Able to kill each hunter
When the day is done

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The ruins

A crumbling castle
Generates a past in high repose
Beautiful it’s stalwart flanks
Just looking well it grows
Stouter almost than before
When surely it was made for war

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A lost son

The hills
Give me chills
The trees make me wheeze
The cottage below
A tiny lamp glow

A Great stretch of water
A pearly blue altar
Significance magic spells everywhere
The palest of skies
And the dampest of air

Ethan we are looking for Ethan the boy
Lost on the moors
And all of the joy
Apparently smothered by
Mischief and grief
By the days he’s been missing
It’s beyond belief

The cry of an owl
A hooting refrain
Those old dry stone walls
Battered down by the rain
Shadowy forms from the windows I saw
A dirty great
Crack was right down the front door

Winter is here
The frost has been hard
No sign of the boy
They are searching, a word
Of advice tempers frayed
Great clouds briefly high
Now what occurred
Was a break in the sky

Ethan where’s Ethan
He was gullible he
Might have gone down the cliffs
And fell into the sea
The whirl pools and eddies
The sharp rocks as well
Those searching however
They know where he fell.


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Always late

Miss Communication
The lass is always late
She’ll say she be there at 4.00 pm
And not arrive till 8

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Crushing irreverence and the innocent

Tiny kittens
So much innocence
Tiny voices
Pretty hearts
Unbelieving godless swearing
Desecrating sinful parts

Crushing animals
So perverted
Unclean spirit
Chinese crush clubs
On social media
Un consecrated

Wicked blasphemers
Play false defile
Atheistical godless
All on trial
Backsliding rotters such

From the place of the dead
Nether regions of sinfulness
Damned you be damned
Hellfire and kittens
Crush video murderers
The abyss where you hide
Infernal vileness
A demented backslide.

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The Elephant that’s just any Elephant

Look at this creature
Massive and heavy
A big heart strong breath
They can walk many miles
A fantastic memory
Such recognition
Socially active
A lifetime mission

Man looks up to them
Their weight alone
Running in anger
Their skelethal bone
Powerful and strong
Just to uproot a tree
Imagine the strength that it takes
Just to be

Along comes the hunter
Brandishing steel
Bullets a firing
Yes it is real
Hunters down elephants
Guns do the trick
The great white hunter
My god he is thick

The elephant is
A superior soul
Whatever man thinks
He is in control
Phajaan at infancy
Sure it will break
The spirit a bit
But he is no fake

Lodged in the memory
One day we will find
That murdering scumbag
Facing the grind
Will move and be seen to
Crush someone you’ll see
For the elephant shows

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The Kangaroo’s

Australia boosts the most beautiful souls
The great hordes of Kangaroos
And their sweet roles
In making a nation so truly unique
Marsupial heaven that now many seek

A hot dusty clime where the miracles live
Designed for the country
Able to give
Back as much really as they take away
They can vary their diet
And so then display
A marvellous attitude
In what they eat
In how they give birth
They are a treat

They know how to live
And respect all about
And what do we do
We jibe and we shout
We kill them we eat them
We make footballs we
Wear them their skin
Becomes leather you see
Australian idiots arseoles galore
No respect we give
We have never been sure
Only the Aboriginie respects wild life here
The white blokes are daf’t
Mostly tanked up on beer.

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