The Faroes the dolphins the heroines and the navy

this story fills me with dismay and it happened, just today hundreds of  dolphins got away but the Danish Navy came all guns blazing arrested the crew the “Spitfire” women heroines true they should have been killed the dolphins they … Continue reading


these trappers  have big traps and can’t keep them closed bragging on how many kills I suppose musk rats and foxes and all kinds of souls clearly and obviously  many poles apart from the compassionate people around who can walk … Continue reading

It happened on Chios

It happened on Chios in the Aegean sea a magical place supposedly an 8 year old child got to cats from a shop and murdered one of them he just wouldn’t stop bashing it crashing it till it was dead … Continue reading

get off our backs you low life hombres

nothing better to do with your time than just be cruel up on us you climb drag at the saddle whips us to bits of course we will buck feeling you shits sat on our backs that flesh on our … Continue reading

Predation and war

its true we are predators but, we do not do WAR that’s not what we’re about or created for yes we are intelligent and sense a lot with such advanced sonar a living bot we see as an insult for … Continue reading

Blackfish and the repercussions

Following Blackfish the movie repercussions have surfaced and we can only imagine whats happening at Sea World, just how can things be trainers are leaving trainers are saying Sea world are exemplary, they others are saying the complete opposite the … Continue reading

lead on said the cow my throat is already quite sore

Lead on said the cow you must show me how and why if I die you will win a ribbon for free and that’s down to me and its why people here kind of grin as much out of nervousness … Continue reading

The Malaysian Tiger and its commitment to the forest

We want to save the Tigers I mean to say they are inconic really in many ways they have to be the star   remember Blake was adamant they burned bright,  and they do but building a great big highway … Continue reading

Digital Revolution

The Barbican played host to creativity a world of CGI, games and beyond vast digital wonderment conceptual art forms testament to computational planning probably now spanning a quarter of a century of discovery and more inventions on a unique theme … Continue reading

Animal and Child abuse

its not such a rare phenomena to find this correlation child abuse and animal abuse for them its their salvation a psychopathic journey that takes the would be host through the animal kingdom to a place they then like most … Continue reading