At Avebury
We see miracles
Centuries of grace
And favour there to savour
And absorb the truest face
Of history and magic
Of so much that’s sublime
An arch of mist as marvellous
As the gentle march of time

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Beauty from dead animals never in a million years

Beeswax and honey
Carmine cochineal
Collagen gelatine
Guanine it’s real
Lanolin oestrogen
Shellac squalene
Tallow say hallo
It all feels obscene

Skincare and make up
Shampoo and shower gel
Cochineal insects
Straight out of hell
Protein from animals
Obviously dead
Boiled animal bones
Sheeps wool fat

Milk from the dairy
Raped cows and dead calves
Extracts from horse piss
Boiled beetles
No halves
To speak of
Just torture and agonised pain
Extract of shark
How can we gain

Beauty from evil
Then palm oil it’s used
In almost everything
All very abused
200 plus names
Derivatives are
Foaming and viscosity
It’s is a star

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Glastonbury a mecca
For the witches and the fae
King Arthur
The white Spring
The Chalice Gardens
The lines of Ley
The Tor
St Michael’s Tower
The Goddess and the Green man
A lady working in that shop
Called Tish
An I am a fan

She is glorious
She is lovely
What she doesn‘t know
Who cares
A mine of information
And beautifully she shares
All the amazing witchy stuff
Knowledgable is she
Nobody else in the whole wide
World can compare
You see she’s key
To the fascination of the place
Works hard and emits joy
She just loves what she is doing
No wonder they employ

Her a true true spirit
Comforting is she
One of those voices charged with magic
She a constancy
I am privileged to know her
Her inner depths are true
Spirited and magical
One of the very few

Happy yule my a dear Friend

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At night the TOR

We hear the wind
We c the stars
We have our eyes
We b
The curtain of night
Our heart beat slight
Walking silently
On Fallen leaves
Watching our breath take flight
St Michael’s Tower
in darkness
Atop the ancient Tor
Just come with me on a night time jaunt
2understand what 4

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Wiltshire Saboteurs

The courage and the commitment
Of the true blue saboteur
Who take on the vile hunters
And Whatever might occur
That fight to safeguard foxes
Wild souls who can be
Tortured and run off their land
And murdered viciously

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Saturday night

We’ve been warned
That it’s warmer
But likely to be
Wetter and windier
Floods we might see
Tonight as I lie
In my bed I can hear
The roar of the wind
I imagine the fear

In the hearts of the deer
In the forest away
Up the hill, not the chill
But the trees
Who may pay
Heavily, really
Branches, torn
Leaves all a flutter
A roar like thunder

Trees may fall
Our home just might be
Down in the forest
There are risks to contend
That much is true
When the wind takes its power
And just blows on through

Two weeks to Yule
Christmas again
Another new year
And the same old refrain
Carols and over consumption
For some
When others have little

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Folly’s farm of rest for donkeys

The golden leaves of winter
Sunlight in my face
The slowing down of the cars outside
Winter drops the pace
It’s wet it’s muddy it’s frosty
A new year not too long
It’s good it isn’t snowing
And I know where I belong

At Folly’s farm my eternal home

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Skateboard tortoise

With speed you can in fact compete
Said the tortoise
Succeed not the name of the game
At least get respect
And possibly elect
To feel better which isn’t the same

Argument to the cat

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9th december

A tumultuous sky
A layering blue
It’s as if there is fire
It feels colder too
Fancy being a wild deer
At the sky a wandering view
As jack with his frost
Is earnestly
Decking the tree tops

A squirrel clambers
About the place
His little face
Happy enough
His fur coat thick
Up and down he won’t miss a trick

Then there’s the red fox
And family
Laid in his earth
In a town called Lee
When the buzz of the trees
Ashridge outs
It’s been wet all day
And we have our doubts

darkness is falling rapidly
The humans go home undoubtedly
And we bold spirits of the wild
Scoop up some nuts
Really it’s mild
For the time of the year
It could be cold
But it’s wet indeed
In some dry leaves rolled

Un the earth it’s much warmer here
We cuddle together
It does appear
Yule is soon
And we might see snow
And we might see sleet
We just don’t know.

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They have no care
4people living there
4 their water
or 4their health
It’s money they r after
& there’s nobody dafter
Than corps plying 4wealth
Frackers should frack
On their home land
Ruin their monetary wealth
Not harm the ppl
As clearly they do
& really do it w/ stealth

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Willow bark

Willow bark
Good for pain
My poor feet can hurt
It’s plain
Chewing bark
Relieves for me
Which is a natural remedy

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A thoughtful caring creative man
So fortunate I be
To have met him
In his charming house
In deepest Glastonbury

A teacher with a splendid brain
A true mentality
Equipped with understanding
And a benevolence that be
Remembered he is special
With a delightful family too
And though his mind is active
He climbs up ladders too

A handyman pulsating with the magic
Of the place
Almost opposite the abbey
Where imps and fairies chase
At the bottom of his garden
Exhilarating light
A great place to write poetry

Dear David another little ode for you

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A sea of chickens

The stench of ammonia
Fills up the air
The acidic urine
Burns skin the despair
Of real overcrowding
We stand when we shit
And you will be eating is
We are not fit
To be granted this pleasure
Not any more

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Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger hear our plea
Someone somewhere set us free
From all these selfies
Drugged up days
Honest folks there is no praise
We are wild souls
We need to
Be released not look at you
Ethics has no real place here
We want our freedom that is clear


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Chicken hearted

Imagine her thoughts
She’s a hen which means she
Will lay eggs
She needs babies
They make her happy
But humans eat her eggs
And thus she may find
She dies without having
Her mind
broken and so saddened

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Surfing with dolphins

High rollers and dolphins
Freedom to choose
A watershed moment
No time to loose
The thrash of the great waves
The great meditation
And shifting

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A male chick

Arn’t I lucky
I’ve been born
Into a vegan family
Has come for me
Life will go on
I won’t be minced up
Or thrown upon
A heap with others
It’s so good
More vegan families

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The chicks lament

The few minutes of pleasure
Is being bred to lay
Eggs each day of our sad lives
As males we have to pay
Our lives are just worth nothing
We are rendered or suffocated
Thats the be and end all
I can tell you it’s not rated
Murdered by the metal teeth
Or stuck inside some bag
One of gods creations
It’s true they have lost their rag

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Frozen on the railing
Unable to fly
A response from a warm hand
No one can deny
A lovely heart
Made the difference
And the bird able
To fly away
We witness the loving heart
On that icy day

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Starlight starlings

‘Breathtaking’ starling murmuration captured in Italy youtube.com/shorts/FlbWQhl… via @YouTube

murmurings from starling hordes
Amazing joyous forms
Bliss is surely reckoned
The coldest heart it warms
To see the uniformity
Collated in the sky
Every soul in unison
The evidence on high

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Glastonbury in December

Decembers light
On a cold frosty morn
A crescent moon winks
Seemingly Dawn
Comes with a brilliance
Exciting each hue
The Tor looks resplendent
In this early view
The camera reclaims
The beauty that’s there
St Michael’s tower
That we all now can share

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A look of all most Eastern realms
Below St Michael’s Tower
Rainswept aura sky and flora
Mellowing on the hour
The levels like great mirrors
Reflecting the big sky
Glastonbury’s auric clouds
A protection from on high

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The sky above us all

The sky that wondrous lid atop our world
It’s always been
There in all its glory
Colourful a scene
Of billowing clouds
And myriad colours
So comforting it be
A star filled escarpment
Bounded in a starlit galaxy
The sun it’s gorgeous palette
Diadems of gold
Wedge wood blue a rainbow hue
Those childhood skies I hold
In my heart for these days
The arseoles think that they
Have the right and the where for all
To steal all that away
Geo engineering arrogance on speed
HAARP and all the ignorance
Surely they succeed
In pushing us to destruction
The halo has become
Hell affecting weather systems
And an ugly striated hum
Of senselessness and evil
Of unnatural spectred light
The great roof of our wondrous world
No longer the glorious sight

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Sooty at Folly’s

In the Winter Sunlight
Fallen leaves under my feet
Yes a frosty halo
At Folly’s it’s a great retreat
Knowing we are loved here
Brothers and sisters who
Are one great big family
That Dear friends is true

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Pheasant shooting

Those vandal pheasant shooters
If you could only recreate
Such a beautiful specimen
But all you do is annhilate
Despoilers of creation
Toxic lead you fire about
Destruction is your mean salvation
I have little doubt

Wildness and the weakness
Their vulnerability
Debilitated enervated
October through to February
Toxic lead shot everywhere
£40 per bird it costs
To spread the lead
Around and in
Streams and ponds
And woods and fields
Really it’s a bloody sin

Lyme disease on tics
It happens
Toxic lead it kills
It happens
In rotting birds
Now dead

Stop these idiots shooting pheasants
Spreading dead birds near and far
35 million left to roam
Feed the Fox
He is my STAR

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341275 police women

She was in Prague
She had blue eyes
And a smile
A police women
Standing in file
A beauty
In her own right
The camera picked her
Out In the morning light

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Life’s experiment glyphosate

Life’s experiment
Where death is
out there in the big wide world
Murder plants and greenery
Trees and all sorts
where it’s hurled

The vile chemical powder stuff
Perpetuity I have heard enough

Endless time infinity
Never ending eternity
Undoing obliteration
A smothering of true creation
A hatchet job a ruination
Will never be our salvation

Dismantle life
Devour consume
Decimate eradicate
Vaporise and mutilate
Why was it
We just couldn’t wait

We couldn’t stop this vulgar shit
And knowing it’s satanic crap
The EU keeps it going
Keeps us using it
Their dirty fingers everywhere
No reappearance of green shoots
No thankyou

Kill destroy
words that roll
off the tongue
Along with the tongue

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Tragically Benjamin
Passed recently
A Wordsmith and Poet
He tasked brilliantly
His art and his skills
Highly acclaimed
Responsively He
With stanzas in rhyme
A real troubadour
With a clear paradigm
For bringing to the fore
The prosaic and more
A great wealth of gems
He was his own man
Beautiful balladry
I’ve been a fan

For years quietly listening

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A living creature against the sky
To a hunting man they have to die
Venison, wanted for yule
And in the forest it’s men who rule
They think it’s them but reality
Thinks absolutely differently

I be a poet for animals minds
Who speak to me along gentle lines
Softly intelligent
They are the signs
I live by

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To the woods

Above my header
The woods are there
Armies of trees
And awkward glare
Foxes in earths
Badgers in setts
Deers in the thickets
Squirrels there
A wild wild place
Where beasts agree
Vile and horrible malignancy
The hunters
Spiteful, baleful vile
They think of themselves
As dressed in style
Uncharitable ruffians they
Look into the eyes of A Hind
With a way
Of hating, desiring
Black hearted fools
Snivelling callous wretched pools
Of heartless breath
Ghoulish men
Possessed by dark forces
Of death

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