Wild plants

Human beings really are egotistical  for they believe they know what ought to grow in their gardens well that’s as may   Mother Nature has the rule book she knows what is best drought acidity lack of humus it can … Continue reading

Canned Hunts the Lions deserve much better

6 great beasts sit in judgement in their heads the cuddling farms that was their  kind of grounding those tender human arms that use to molly coddle them when they were so young and now they sit in earnest really … Continue reading

23,000 seals all babies

Already in Newfoundland 8 days into, the great hunt 23,000 babies have been battered senseless its no stunt its murder on the ice floes and Canada has the cheek to turn around and say its humane and monitored they seek … Continue reading

The last message from maybe the last Orangutan

The problem for the red ape ts the corporation guy he wants to make a lot of dosh in the winking of his eye he doesn’t care an earthlu for some red ape up some tree all he cares about … Continue reading

Crystals falling from the sky (For Crystal Lewis Behl)

Wild plants are a strong bunch they are planted, by God so as to withstand drought and storm and being pulled out of the sod   its not that they are not useful they may provide a lot acidity alkalinity … Continue reading

Kentucky and and the Ag Gag Bill

The whole concept of an Ag Gag Bill is repugnant to us all that farmers and their labourers can ill treat their animals we call time on such behaviour not let them get away with cruelty as is happening around … Continue reading

Salmon fisheries and Seals

In Caanada trhere are Sealers slaughtering the Seals In Scotland there are Wild Salmon Fisherman and what it reveals is they are killing seals too licensed for to do and threatening Sea Shepherd that what these killers do people trying … Continue reading

Milk (not of human kindness actually the bloody opposite)

Another thought occured to me its manufacturers who use massive amounts of cows milk in processed foods they do   in chocolate and in yoghurts in cream in smoothies, they use it in pizza’s in cheese in hams its everywhere … Continue reading

Scott Neeson

Life changing  it was all of that Cambodia was where Scott saw a true reality and what was dark despair for children living just about in squalid conditions, they had little chance of making it out and he realized a … Continue reading


The Killer Whale or Orca has become the new cash cow its big and its reputation tell the public how they can be used for entertainment purposes and they are taken from the wild and put in a concrete tank … Continue reading