They think it’s funny!

Medieval torture Blood shedding everywhere Not appreciating life And everything that’s there Animate existence Vitality and force Hearts blood and reality It’s at our very source Psychopathic monsters Walking in our midst Thinking they are clever It’s as if they … Continue reading

Chicken who you calling chicken?

Asda’s really going through the mangle Their chickens seemingly bunged up with stuff Campylobacter seems to want to get amongst them 80per cent of them that’s really tough Cooped up in those massive sheds is something Living in their own … Continue reading

Spies are everywhere

A certain P. Igeon was apprehended,he Was found in Pakistan they say Acting suspiciously He now has been arrested Which seems a blooming shame A flighty bit of business With a rather funny name A fickleness apparent Flying here and … Continue reading

The Taiji Dolphins who commit themselves to suicide

Taiji a little port an awful place For those who go There just passing through in fact Essentially who don’t know Do not perceive the danger The domineering way How coercive the Japanese are And how much you must pay … Continue reading

Curiosity made it happen

A cat at the window of opportunity A bird in the air just outside Michael the bird says come on up here We both now need to confide But then of course you are a cat mate Not in a … Continue reading

The double crested Cormorant

The planet doesn’t need the help Of the army of engineers Who clearly think they are helpful Raising a wealth of fears We are wild birds all lost for words As to why you feel the need To shoot us … Continue reading


We are the indigenous earthling birds And truthfully humans we are lost for words We live in the wilds in the forests and sea And this shit that you drill out of earth Is to me A loss of freedom … Continue reading


Whoever is responsible for this act of cruelty Needs a bloody long time in a padded cell that’s If you ask me And it’s happened in Charleston In the USA Electric tape around her muzzle And abandoned in that way … Continue reading

Villaneuva de la Vera in Extremadura Spain 24/2

Culture and tradition words that sicken me When they are used to describe something That for me is infamy For me is, wanton cruelty Of animals No regard For the safety of our earthling friends Who really battle hard The … Continue reading

Rebel with a name like that what chance did he have

Rebel died and why was that Because he took the blame A child got through an enclosure in a zoo That’s what they claim The officials of the zoo were where The parents of the child were where Others watching … Continue reading