Naked but for the crow

Form and contours Posture she A living sculpture Using dance to move To let us see Thrown as if the sculptor Returned to polish and Cut out and mould and fashion Lick into shspe by hand The music has its … Continue reading

A turtles lament

The existence Of life And its meaning When it comes to your shores From the sea That miracle contract with GAIA The reason is eternity For all Who appreciate thecfactual realms The turtles great armies Who come To Costa Rica … Continue reading

A verdant repose

A verdant repose From the heart I suppose The flowing the flowering The lushness that grows From the baked clay luxuriance Into the spray The leaf stalks the petiole Foliation display Like a great faerie cascading Bough leaning to life … Continue reading

The Icelandic Orca’s

Great spirits of the ocean Whose heart and soul remains Contrary to the rule of man For the largest dolphin reigns In the want of eternity And of possibility The realness that is family With selfless certainty Historicity heralds Heartfelt … Continue reading

The poaching nation identified

The Japanese have lied for years Commercial whaling and so my dears Their “research” excuses on their ships Is gone we see and now all trips Say nothing thus at whaling they Are breaking international law today Minke and humpbacks … Continue reading


Warriors on bikes The biker brigade Bikers for TRUMP On their shoulders is laid An air of protection In their hands his fate Tney know in his heart He will make AMERICA Great He is in no cabal No masonic … Continue reading

Taiji’s sea pens

Imagine your freedom is taken away You are driven and frightened into taiji bay Around you your family Your whole family tree Who are slaughtered in front of you Thats where you be Grief stricken broken Your heart torn away … Continue reading


The religion of poetry Metaphors they Cannot be told in the Light of the day The height of persuasion And great harmony Was the crafte of those souls Who were born and were free THe greatest spell weaver Enchantress of … Continue reading

#water is life

Deep snow razor wire And robocops Now in our face Energy transfer partners More arrogant than before The bridge needs clearing urgently Our ambulances cant get through The world is watching North DAKOTA And we all see what they do … Continue reading

The marvel of magic

In essence around us Are magickal things Essentially purposeful And what that brings Real perpetuity Essentially so From all thats around us That most people know The trees of the forest The fruit on the trees The stones and the … Continue reading