Their intelligence formidable Their capacity maybe Enlightened by the ocean And their perspicacity If I stop and think why strandings In estuaries and elsewhere And In shallow bays why they happen Are they Sharing their despair In the Faroes all … Continue reading

If only pigs could fly

The extent of basic care For pigs is evident today Farmers and when transporting them The venality in play Is criminal its wicked The immorality Its so unforgivable For me degeneracy Pigs use passive diffusion They thermoregulate Designed to live … Continue reading

Norway and the minke whales

Apparently Norway is having a bad time Flogging its whale everywhere Heavily subsidized costing a fortune And unquesionably cruel The despair Is clear to be seen From the masses Nobody really is keen But that doesnt stop them from killing … Continue reading

A fool at Brook falls

Anchorage Whitewater falls Brown bears feeding All these walls Of rock and water At Brook falls where Excitement is unrelenting there The drama plays out As salmon leap Up stream And the wild bears Clearly reap Fresh bold fish A … Continue reading

250 cattle destroyed by gov’t vet

A 69 year old man was Indicted we hear For neglecting his animals And it was clear Be wasnt too well And Wholesale larceny Took his mind off The farm which should never be His animals sufffered Neglect and cruelty … Continue reading

Hunter undone

A conflict of interest For me theres no doubt A veterinarian Whats that about Saving the lives Of animals she Wants to be a hunter too Actually Clearly she’s sick Her aberration Needs to be checked There is no salvation … Continue reading

Iceland 80 & 81 (permission granted to kill 191 fin whales this year)

Iceland is proving beyond any doubt Really what hunting these whales is about There isnt a market for whale meat we see FIn Whales are not eaten and so they be Scapegoats for Hvalur’s nationalistic regard Its an abberation and … Continue reading

Babs behan

Realness a breathing A Vital desire A fortuitous happening A natural fire Of energy coming From Plant sources she A botanical artist And sustainably Works at her craft With a sensitive air With the deepest respect Which ofcourse she does … Continue reading

A voice from the animals

Niall Blair what a hypocrite Arrogance too Permeates the grey matter Like it shouldnt do Not a lot of rain A big drought around And frackings still is going on cracking the ground Vast quantities wasted and polluted like hell! … Continue reading

Laying eggs

A realisation Of nothingness Nothing I have ever seen before Something fictitious And Unbegotten The nuts and bolts Beyond the law A Conflicting discordant Smorgasbord Of plastic everywhere Of metal cans And kitchen pans And so much true despair Featureless … Continue reading