To be unimpressed With the gift of Nature The integrity of the Kangaroo Nobility in a principled order Ingenuousness both good and true A constancy and an ancient breeding Unsullied and honourable Born to be Bounding the outback Frank and … Continue reading

No greater love story

Betulaceau a family tree A lover for life Extraordinary Admiration for one so bold A prodigy on it I am sold Enigmatic a surprising tree Who loves the fen lands And there they be Feet in the water Peat saturated … Continue reading

Canada goose and the margin hunters

A certain illogicality.surrounds the fashion trade Canada Goose is a company Whose inconclusive raid Upon the natural wildlife Is measured in the way Their minds work And their balance sheet And their margins Everyday Their perception is that Coyotes were … Continue reading

Calves and Rodeo

The mindlessness of the unsound The wanting moronic who Go about as cowboys And to rodeos they do Inanity and thoughtlessness A topic of their day Unseeing eyes And tunnel vision It all gets in the way Apathetic unaware Preoccupied … Continue reading

Poor Sow

The ugliness of concentrated Animals feed organisations Such gracelessness and squalor Saving a pound or a dollar Here or there Thats what they do To poor young sows Just make us chew Down on bars Imagine that The monotony of … Continue reading

Greed pure and simple

Scrimping pinching scraping Pennywise and miserly Covetous and rapacious Retentive grudging niggardly These are just some of the words That modern man says he Can utilize in his gambling hours And create such emnity Arrogance and haughtiness Blatancy and brash … Continue reading

The unconsciousness of the Nepalese Farmers

In the area 3000 dairy farms 424 Buffalo Farms 7.2 million head of cattle 5.4 million head of Buffalo Samakhusi an urban city of Nepal A really awful problem Is the lack of human consciousness The abandonment of dairy calves … Continue reading

Agricultural Shows

We exist in actuality Undeniably Enduring and well grounded Flesh and blood We be Animals That human beings Use captivity Fear and farming methods As a philosophy Together we all represent The Meat Trade YES on show You bring your … Continue reading

A poem for a twitter friend from Avalon

The woods have many varied splendours Hiding in the shadows where Foxes and badgers voles and shrews And even the illusive Hare Whose magick is all supposing Bestower of such light Whose ebulliance and affection Can be observed at night … Continue reading

Goat tying

What baffles me competely Such disappointment we Have to try to contemplate Disgruntled that we be America is blighted With High School Rodeos And clearly so much true abuse Seen in youth that grows Out of a belief system That … Continue reading