Fish farming

Nothingness and emptiness An insidious degree Destruction of a species For profitability Unreal a groundless motive Existence without thought A phenomenal disclosure An abstration that is sought Unclassifiabilty with a consequence To bear The wrong association A deviation where Unidentified … Continue reading

DOLPHINS Shot in Italy

The pollutants of sanity Clearly regress In fishermans minds The undoubted stress Of a reduced catch In the marrow of mean And the cause and effect That is mostly obscene Fish for some reason Will not swim in our nets … Continue reading

Under the ice

The world beneath her Under the Finnish Ice To lower oneself down into the sea Through a hole you have made throw the dice In a prism of light Where Bubble worlds be Where such silence exists Awe-inspiringly Having the … Continue reading


300 million years on earth Perfect by design In the aura of the Dinosaur These jawless fish did shine Eel like scaleless bodies Spawn in rivers they Migrate to the ocean And will return some day Existence actuality Undeniably Enduring … Continue reading

Its all gone west

In our name They bomb cities In our name Kill and maim In our name We are responsible YES We are to blame The European Principle Of waging instant war Injuring and killing And then taking the law Into our … Continue reading


Existence for them Has miraculously Created a world Whose historicity Is one that no matter How tiny they be They frighten the humans But how can that be? Air breathing arthropods Silk weaving souls With 4 pairs of eyes Who … Continue reading

Red squirrels (sciurus)

These are forest rodents Arboreal omnivorus, Broad leaved woodland They love Scots Pine And NOrway Spruce And before us They would sit in common woodland All over the land Until the grey descended Which apparently wasn’t planned But the grey … Continue reading


A matriarchal system And a wildness of the heart “sita” an asian elephant Really from the start Ended up in circus No place for any souls Be forced to travel here and there And to take on all sorts of … Continue reading

Wildness in captivity

The industry that supports Such dreadful cruelty Of wild souls such as foxes Has to be Appreciative of exactly how aadistic The farmers are On the animals they see Take foxes they are wild And kept in cages Clearly there … Continue reading

What goes on in one’s head

Perceptivity and awareness The aestetics of a cause The sensation and impression Its bound to make one pause Being sentient and sensitive To pain and tenderness To wake up to one’s senses And try hard not to stress There is … Continue reading