Despite lockdown i found a shining star today

Today I had the need to speak to you about my car I switched in late january and today I found a star A caring helping wonderful hand with my NCD Which had been sent to you two times But … Continue reading


1080 sodium fluoacetate A devilish nasty source Of pesticide so inhumane With a terrible force Against the godly creatures Vertebrates and all Mammals even cats and dogs And humans too The call Goes out from me and others Why Australia … Continue reading


Straight out of the bin Where the wicked reside We see the irreverence Of his last ride Neglect and disparagement Mortification Offhand and scoffing Bearing no relation To the sad gelding Lying its soul passing to It place in the … Continue reading

Greed and theft of resources shared

Mary Shelley years ago Wrote her story as some know It was thought to be a horrific tale Of body snatchers And faces pale Today we hear of living souls On this earth Enjoying roles Under the ocean And still … Continue reading

The great ungodly

Trappers and hunters and farmers Who dare To make their living By not being aware Of the wickedness the terror The vast cruelty Of farming and killing For FUR ignorantly You evil personified Ungodliness That is your crime You must … Continue reading


A cloven hoof Is all we see A dead horse Who has galloped free From the horse racing He was put through And collapsed in pain As many do Up jumped a jockey A rider a fool An iniquitous arse … Continue reading


A minstrel of sorts And what resides in his thoughts Is love and a tenderness, He Hunts in the moonlight In the wilds on his own Resigned to his space Out there alone He knows what he needs And his … Continue reading

Foie gras

Fortnum & Mason From Piccadilly Serving the Royals Royal Crest aNd all All of that suffering And that lamentation A waking nightmare An afflicted creation All of the protests For all of the years Dressed up as Geese Crying real … Continue reading

Mama one and two

I am now out in the back yard My puppies are all gone The humans that abandoned me It was a giant con They abused me And then sold my pups And left me in the wild But now I … Continue reading


One moment there was certainty Then it was swept away They left me at a petrol station Very far away Suddenly alone was I Nothing to call my own In Ducar California Lost and quite alone Stuck here in the … Continue reading

“Milo” the film

Milo was a little boy Caught up in net, where joy Only half on his mothers side And where His father really did deride He told his son that he was sick With a skin disease An outrageous trick Really … Continue reading


There was a time When this poor soul was loved By someone, they took him home and looked after him That was until They left him In the street to roam Under the hot sun His bid To find somewhere … Continue reading

Unfair trade thats chocolate

Growing cocoa isn’t easy Its hard work and the prices paid By our Multi National Buyers Seemingly Make unfair trade The reality accordingly Margins seemingly Are weighted against the growers Which is why slavery And why growers are Disrespected seen … Continue reading

Chocolate and Mali

The children of Mali Are struggling to be Part of gods country Of humanity Fear and trepidation They hold in their heart For traffickings rife Cart after cart And sent over the border Where the chocolate is grown For the … Continue reading


From Pacari to Cadbury The best to the worst Upright and honour To just feeling cursed Children and chocolate What do we see Big names with secrets That should never be In the Ivory Coast And Ghana we know Children … Continue reading

Live exports

The impoverishment and exhaustion Collapse and ruination 895 calves imagine that The deprivation On board the Asoprovak From Christmas all that way Tossed about in rough seas Really every day Feeling absolutely desperate Fear its like a war Punishment and … Continue reading

A silver spoon in the mouth of those

A silver spoon in the mouth of those Lobbyists Who do propose The reintroduction of neonicoinoids Bee killing pesticides That Good sense avoids Why on earth are we prepared To sacrifice and not be scared Of murdering the precious Bee … Continue reading


Guilty everyone of you Guilty as hell on earth Caught red-handed killing The iconic one whose worth To GOD in out back Heaven Their magical embrace With Nature and with History Of the latest Human Race The Kangaroo is special … Continue reading

TAIJI and elsewhere in JAPAN

For years we have been fighting Always and even till today Dolphins are being massacred In every awful way Taiji is synonymous With dolphin drives and pain With pithing and with torture And how protest is in vain How many … Continue reading

“Its from a small farm so much better for me”

Just a small farm where Milton might See Paradise lost And all that in spite Of that soul who was loving Life clearly its need To escape to be off Just to try and succeed Its just a small farm … Continue reading

Wickedness was all I saw

Such love such depth Such empathy A token of generosity Such affection Such intimacy On her bucket list Of Integrity A valentine Oh goodness me What unbelievable chivalry A dead giraffe Its heart torn free And gifted to her As … Continue reading

Stone Henge

Come with me be wild and free The Druid orders constancy Robed and well Each ancestral spell Cast diligently The great plain we see The chalk below And earthworks deem Well trodden paths Where rituals seem The ancient emboldened corvidae … Continue reading

Poor Chinchillas

Michigan in the USA Suffering doesn’t go away Chinchillas darling little souls Honestly poor things are poles Apart from thoughtful caring they Were tortured really every day The fur trade is an awful thing The suffering that it does bring … Continue reading


A message from the heart to Grant Shapps MP Enlightenment and true respect And longevity The unconscionable continuance The incessant flowing meme STONEHENGE iN perpetuity A continuance to dream. For ever and for always For as long as men have … Continue reading


Its really very sinister The present goings on Governments and terrorism Honour almost gone Deadly crimes apparent The enormity Of what we see in Texas Its sinful actually To do this to each other Within a country, we Have to … Continue reading

Kamogawa Seaworld Restaurant

Theres a sickness emanating From those visitors who feel Its just right to watch the captive Orcas and Dolphins with your meal Beluga’s sea lions all who dream Of wildness and their thing And are forced to be the entertainment … Continue reading

Wolf Baiting in Kyrgyzstan where man becomes the inveterate monster

The ignorance of man Can be cruel and ghastly An arrogance of species Undermines Wolves and dogs are Godly souls Both from the family Canidae This lack of understanding draws down lines On a woeful track And so wolf baiting … Continue reading

Foxes and their cubs

The Huntsman is the ignorant The dehumanised for he Persecutes the fox and the hound From the same family The Canidae The godly ones For one to kill another Creates a senseless murder scene Just like killing a brother And … Continue reading

Namibia and Botswana

Gifted by god Historicity The big five Are in flight Sinners there are many Who seem heartless And delight In selling off the pristine wilderness Under the feet of animal angels In fact a human blight Who behind closed doors … Continue reading

Dogs appeal aloud to the world at large

Skun thats in Cambodia A slaughterhouse to where Thousands of dogs are slaughtered And all of them aware Restaurants in Phnom Penn They open all the time Cambodians love dog meat Which is why the numbers climb Some three million … Continue reading