200 lost souls

The Faroe Islands massacre A pod of two hundred souls Whitesided dolphins magnificent All slaughtered by the trolls Their bodies split a’sunder Their intestines all on view Retards that is all they are Stealing from the blue Creation was miraculous … Continue reading


In the fifties Britain tested The bloody atomic bomb Which pissed off the aboriginies And caused a maelstrom Of rabid negativity And now believe it or not The Scottish want to ship their Waste and really there’s a lot From … Continue reading

The Dingo

All apex predators matter Their impact really makes A difference in the scheme of things Creation makes no fakes Its man that ruins everything With his prejudice and pain With his lack of understanding If only he would refrain To … Continue reading

Animals dont deserve the treatments we give them

Spain Portugal France Cuba Mexico Venezuala and Calfornia Still pratice bull murder in the ring Barcelona though has banned the sinful practice The romans may have so engaged And,the British too But things have changed a good deal We’ve moved … Continue reading

The fisherman of Taiji

Aggressive on the outside Robotic in a way Openly in defiance with cove guardians i’d say With an air of superiority Of potency and power Distracted by reactions And really wondering how Their roughness and their strong arm tactics And … Continue reading

Kangaroo’s and Emu’s

It is discrimination Total vacuity A kind of inertia An insensibility Unconcerned and thoughtless Disregarding facts Not mindful of Gaia Using moronic attacks Where is their stream of Consciousness Perhaps it never was Perhaps they never had one And that … Continue reading

Fleetwood reminiscing

Its life and what is thrown at us That makes us what we are Its the bedrock of our being The nuts and bolts that star Undeniable factors That immortalise the way Essentially we manage To make it through each … Continue reading

Chalice well and its gardens

A stillness and tranquility Meets the traveller who Stumbles on this resting place Hushed and calm the view Sweeps away before thee With its harmony aloft A breathing space a reposeful face Where everywhere feels soft In Well house lane … Continue reading

Ortolan Buntings

Guormands a name applied to those With impure thoughts Whose shameless nose Whose grossness and salacious ways Offer a bawdy unwholesome phase Called murder in the first degree The Ortolan Bunting a bird who be Migrating to Africa every year … Continue reading


Equal day and equal night Equal dark and equal light The Autumn Equinox is real Excitedely we see the wheel And it feels right For all that light Each leaf each bud It does excite The gaze does raise that … Continue reading