Contaminated water Leaking Into the sea The Pacific gets a dousing All that toxicity The Cesium the strontium The tritium all there The iodine and plutonium In the water in the air To have lived in Fukushima Or even Tokyo … Continue reading

Standing Rock protests

The warriors are on the bus The road is being blocked The cops are coming so we hear People now have flocked They were spraying the indigenous Arresting people too Energy transfer partners Monsters that’s our view The black snake … Continue reading

Soul mate

A soul mate Is with you each moment Of each day In the darkness in the light At work and at play Tears come to all of us All of us who Feel very alone Knowing not what to do … Continue reading

Khabarovsk the Russian Far East

A terrible case of cruelty Of bitterness and woe Two student girls From Russia’s Far East Putting on a show Collecting cats and dogs from pounds Saving them from death And taking them home and murdering them Just casting out … Continue reading

A lot of American Horses

Horses are companions they are friends To humans who Keep them for whatever reason For us humans do They work for us in many ways are compatible and kind So to hear so many are being slaughtered It really blows … Continue reading

Cotswold Order of Druids 21years celebration

The Cotswold Order of Druids met At the Greedy Goose the day was set Fair and crisp, for a good retreat At A warm and friendly place to eat Above was a blue and dappled sky And mercifully the day … Continue reading


The expectation that life brings And the need to find a friend The suspense of realisation And hoping in the end You are taken home to a warm place A place that will be where A puppy dog a bitch … Continue reading

Admission of defeat

To erase pure knowledge from an archive What it says to me Is it acknowledges the defeated sense Of perpetuity It goes back to the boy Who sweeps the dust under the mat It’s the very same philosophy And shows … Continue reading

The last harvest

The underworld has sent her queen To lead the merry dance And how resplendent she appears Her nature to enhance Each year it’s the last harvest A dance of dying souls The grain the fruit the animals All or some … Continue reading


My World of darkness Envelops all I am and all I see I sense a lot I hear a lot I dwell in sanctity I feel the earth beneath my feet And I can smell the air Breathe in its … Continue reading