A lot of bones are rotting in the sod Around the world Taken from true life they were and into death were hurled They talked up vaccination They talked up Monsanto They talk up going to the moon All those … Continue reading

The crimson sluice

The crimson sluice of whale blood Infused with brine does show How serious the case is And how it seems to grow The Faroe Islanders nonsense Is seen by all for we Can’t bear to hear the cries of woe … Continue reading

Don’ believe a word of what they say

The arrogance of hunters The depth of their absurdity Their overestimation of their own importance comes With cliquism and snobbishness And haughty disregard For other country people Who they make out are their chums Nothing could be further from the … Continue reading

The african leopards

No matter how important the panther is we see Hunters and farmers and the commercial world now So threateningly Abusing them for their skins and so creating a saddened state Where panthers are being slaughtered at an alarming rate South … Continue reading

Fox hunting and proposed repeal

The countryside alliance and its members Believe that rural sports are the done thing Hunting is part and parcel of the rural scene Where Shooting fishing and falconry all bring Something to the countryside thats traditional Ferreting and stalking its … Continue reading

Rays are sunlight from creation

Man could not be further from kind I have to say Those ray catch competitions Are the vilest of display On the pretence that wild rays Are eating all the shellfish, so They create a competition With prizes just to … Continue reading

IT makes no sense

The grind takes place upon the Faroe Islands With all the worst intentions there can be A bitterness and rancour and a sourness A persecution and a severity Blood-thirstiness and what is an atrocity As motor boats drive pilot whales … Continue reading

Coyote boys

The Coyote’s adaptability allows it a free reign Its a wily individual with a rather clever brain Its suited to its environment and has an instinctive flair With a life force thats so powerful and it truthfully does share Knowledge … Continue reading


Seven feet of the greenest bush And in the midst their sits A pigeon she has built a nest Of twigs which clearly fits The purpose without cement or glue Just her natural building instincts Propped and laid it’s true … Continue reading

We write what we have to

Shakespeare Keats and Spenser Never had to write Poems about anal electrocution Just the sight Of such a fucking evil Would have pissed them off like mad And here I am day after day Really awfully sad Writing up the … Continue reading