Captured from the Nikolaya Gulf in Russia

Through subliminal manifestations am able to bring to the world of the human a message the thing that bothers us really is capture is wrong its is peevish and tragic and has been all along terrible trauma for Orca’s for … Continue reading

Anipals( they are everywhere quietly and noisily doing their thing) dedicated to my friends and to Sharon who gave me the idea

Anipals use courage and a lot of hope they try hard to stay positive despite each slippery slope lots of expectation and a deal of support petitions signed and poems penned and lots of lovely thought   auspicious in so … Continue reading

Ice cream freezers in Gaza

To take one’s wrath out on the young really Israel you are among those devils who smile and exclaim that whatever you do you are not to blame truthfully what I have seen with your US backed war machine is … Continue reading

Palm oil and us the orangutans

Everything has palm oil in it do you really care do you check the labels are you now aware   look at us they’ve captured us we’re all tied up in knots we’re arborial apes you know and a bunch … Continue reading

a lack of respect

a lack of understanding is called into mind for me and true consideration of just how it should be we talk about other earthlings each has it place on earth its shouldn’t be a handbag for it had far more … Continue reading

Is the Elephant doomed?

Jane Goodall has come out and said The elephants now face a mighty uphill struggle and now the human race has got to check its behavior it has to realize Ivory is spelling out the Elephants demise   vast numbers … Continue reading

Waste of precious resources

the Corporate stance in this modern age is one of massive power its base is unbelievable its arrogance is how it manifests its intentions it does what it wants to do its all driven by  profit it extracts from souls … Continue reading


Hatred and loathing clearly its there its not understood why such darkened despair that young child is beaten is smashed in the face is cracked around the body its some big disgrace he is young can he ever understand why … Continue reading


Made to do circus tricks that was never for me I am an elephant bold as can be   heavy and strong with a  mind of my own I had to be broken I had to be shown   the … Continue reading

The cowards and the Bull

what we think we see is a bull a specimen,  strong as a bull can  be but in point of fact behind the scenes its been tortured actually   its horns are defiled its eyes are skewered its blood loss … Continue reading