Festival of sacrifice live exports

Despite the stringent regulations Animals Australia have documented Atrocities beyond all thought or shame The Middle East apparently are heartless And so thoughtless Insensitive and cruel and as such must inflame Every thinking caring soul who witnesses how they The … Continue reading

Ghana dies slowly because of the digital age

E waste hell The fires are lit Computers burned each day Huge amounts of illegal waste Exported there they say With all it’s vile contaminants It creates such toxic smoke Recycled in Afrika And of course it is no joke … Continue reading

Rat hole miners

In the north of India Within the Jaintia hills Many a rat hole mine is found A labyrinth of chills Mini coal mines Reached by foot and crawled into each day Children from the age of 10 Working now for … Continue reading


Eleven years young And he shot a deer Just one in 20,000 born His father says he is very proud He’s kind of reached a dawn Within his hunting experience To have slaughtered this dear soul This sentient this rarity … Continue reading

Seaworld’s upset with PETA

My poor old heart is bleeding To hear Sea World believes That somehow it’s hard done by What ever that achieves Dolphins plucked out of the ocean Their pods split down and lost Me and all the many souls Who … Continue reading

Butchering is their business

look at him Look at her A great big spear Stabbing dolphins Exciting fear Not long before The ocean welcomed Them and they Thrill seekers and light bearers Leaped through the rainbow spray Caught up in the banging pipes Their … Continue reading

Clearwater under our fins

Rescue rehab and return Qualities that do concern Winter was the dolphin and she Got Caught up in a crab trap We Watched her tail was lopped off she Was not then returned back to the sea In a tank … Continue reading

Declawing animals is not the way to go

Dirk Arthur’s coming back to do his magic show The illusionist who combines cats Is an on stage fiasco Big cats wit h their claws removed And a part of each toe And incorporating all of them Is costly as … Continue reading

Subterfuge at the highest level

To be ignorant one has to trust the arrogant And this is a combination that can’t be There is too much at stake There isn’t give and take And this is what we see with history The young the sick … Continue reading

A tannery in Thailand busted

Thailand’s exposure of hell just today On a tannery where all the poor canines pay 88 dogs were scattered and there 14 already skinned poor sods Anubis will prowl As one of the gods His fierceness here The growling ones … Continue reading