rape hee haw style

a donkey was out in the desert alone when a bloke took his pants down and thought he’d  disown   a piece of that donkey but rape wasn’t on she used her hind legs and the rapist was gone   … Continue reading

Happy birthday Ian

Dear Ian Crane just keep being a pain to all of those frackers for they are fracking insane shale gas is one thing but all that you do is worry the life out of them thats  our view Dear Ian … Continue reading

Taiji and the sea angels

Hearing their cries in the water their innocence clearly comes through their sentience clearly a factor the perils they face in the blue   their blamelessness surely is with them guiltless and misunderstood up against wickedness and immorality we must … Continue reading


tears of emotion and purest devotion to animals everywhere but the sweet cow from her grandmothers farm she knew, how calm they were and so clearly how sleep wasn’t easy as tears filled her eyes she sent me a e … Continue reading

circumstances outside of our control caused this

Yarmouk refugee camp is desolate and poor thousands as far as the eye can see and probably many more standing very quietly waiting to be fed waiting for some hope at least now its all come to a head the … Continue reading

whaling and science

Slovenia has heard it from the horses mouth Japan says basically to go to hell as you all know well nobody’s going to dictate what we do there we will cull or murder everything in sight and if you do … Continue reading


An 8 year old cat and her kittens were set alight it seems at the moment no one knows by whom but clearly the worst of dreams befell this little community in Houston when they were found they all had … Continue reading

understanding them

Its all about a lack of understanding the Japanese lack sentience and they operate on face which to them is paramount to us  we do not delve that far and pay attention quite as much to this emotion it doesn’t … Continue reading

The Faroes the dolphins the heroines and the navy

this story fills me with dismay and it happened, just today hundreds of  dolphins got away but the Danish Navy came all guns blazing arrested the crew the “Spitfire” women heroines true they should have been killed the dolphins they … Continue reading


these trappers  have big traps and can’t keep them closed bragging on how many kills I suppose musk rats and foxes and all kinds of souls clearly and obviously  many poles apart from the compassionate people around who can walk … Continue reading