A turkey portrait

A living artists palette Indigo azure Your coat of many colours Sapphire with a pure Gentian cardinal damask Ashen dapple grey The colours only GAIA ever Could infact display Cinnabar and madder A blush a flush a glow Stripes of … Continue reading

Thoughts of Yule

Its dark its cold its uncomfortable And these days energy Is expensive so what do we do We shiver yes maybe Windchill can be piercing Perhaps it is a time To recharge all our batteries And purposefully to climb Into … Continue reading

Yule logs

The log known as the Yule Log Always needs to be Gifted never ever bought And importantly Each years log needs a slow burn Of, ofcourse 12 days Put out on the 12th and saved When its then worthy of … Continue reading

Alban Arthuan

With darkness and stillness comes Light from the Pole The great bear a source of light Spreading its role Providing inspiration an embryo Where Beginnings determine Those moments to share Capability and power And a potent desire To be well-connected … Continue reading

Feathered apes or the Corvidea

The cognitive powers and abilities That the crow family display Brain size yes comparatively Really they are way More intelligent than most souls They really truly are Facial recognition and their language It is far Ahead of even elephants and … Continue reading

Alban Arthuan at Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain

300 sq miles of chalk grassland Half of it is owned By the Ministery of Defence All of that is zoned Eight million shells Fired all about Thousands unexploded And underneath these areas We understand its loaded With ancient villsge … Continue reading


Matilde and Lisa two faeries I knew They danced where the toadstools and Mushroom rings grew With magickal enchantments some Mortals can see And are often bewitched by their curious qi The souls of the plant kingdom cometh and they … Continue reading

Those MP’s (they know who they were)

Blank minds guilty really Of the thoughtlessness we see A degree of unintelligence And complete inanity Unconcerned and uninvolved Apathetic and inert Swollen with true arrogance Flippant which does hurt Improvident and disconcerting Paying no attention to What is their … Continue reading

OUR MP’s and pain

Physical sensitivity For them its rather hard Awareness of the people They are morally on guard Responsive they are hardly that Alive, debatable They are very much robotic And untranslatable As for voters they are seen As wholly insentient when … Continue reading

Africa’s problem with Lions and human encroachment

Space a specific area A true locality A vastness where wild animals Have lived and have felt free But now we see true conflict With human beings who Also use the precious land And want to live there too Agricultural … Continue reading