My bedroom tonight

My bedroom tonight Art work thats right An air source heat pump Installed at the end Of July 2015 and still To this day A mangle A tangle And heaps of dismay Floor boards torn out Ruptured, nails everywhere Splinters … Continue reading

Innocence a fast disappearing phenomena

Righteousness and honour Morality abroad The virtue that is infancy And the due reward Of babies born Created by the almighty Who knows all But the parent killed For the table and the unborn Clearly spilled Out upon the slaughterhouse … Continue reading

Starting gates and more cruelty

Has anybody stopped to think How human beings try To subjugate the animals And then try to apply Reasons not to ever Query what they do Whether its racing hunting Dressage it still for me is true Take horse racing … Continue reading

The inglorious slaughter

I am driven to say How the red grouse do pay A party of toffs The arrogant scoffs At those of us who Find it cruel what you do Its known as a sport One with little thought A pastime … Continue reading

Shipment of Pigs in Winter

Pig peoducers generally Are as insensitive as hell Their brains are in stagnation As long as they can sell Unconcerned and callous They send us off to die In trucks and there we freeze Poor souls And few around ask … Continue reading

Poultry and the message of life (hereafter)

The chicken gets a bad deal Almost everywhere All sorts of ways Of keeping its flesh cheap So much despair I have being a vegan For the people that I know Who fail to see What they eat And how … Continue reading

“Fried fishing”

The uncultured state Of being Their undoing in a away to consider killing a baby shark And then making it pay Levelling destruction Being ruinous and wrong By creating a fitration Commonly a “bong” A hookah A popper bottle a … Continue reading

A tribute to my friends

Sum and substance All enduring The two had made their way Steve and Andy guru’s Of the munro’s I can say Climbers of distinction Ben Hope most northerly In the great Flow country Of Sutherland they be Able to assess … Continue reading

They walk in our midst

Theres and unsightly hideousness Sharing our spaces Their countenance countrified Forbidding faces Land owners farmers Bumpkins maybe The rustic the caustic Bloodlusting they be Throwbacks to an age Medieval before People took heed of the ways Of the law Respect … Continue reading

Animals cruelty sanctioned by carnivores

Auction houses slaughterhouses Farms and puppy mills vivisection laboratories Where animals blood just spills Out of them most every day Cruelty there reigns Operators most frustrated All with shit for brains The meat eating public All turn their blind eye … Continue reading