Refugee3. A darkening sky

Its not the world Its the governments of the world Its those who rule People are just fodder No different from the mule Sent into the mountains To carry heavy loads Or expected to work until it drops On those … Continue reading

A Pisces moon

Emotional and spiritual sensitivity Inner peace comes with a pisces moon The pathos that is present with the Fervour and desire To not be overwhelmed by it To surrender to its fire As the spirit world draws closer The thinner … Continue reading

Refugee no.2

We have climbed up in this truck In desperation Amongst the sacks and drums The children too The journey long and vile God knows whats on the dial No food no water What were we going to do No paperwork … Continue reading

“Shirley”. And her little “ricardo”

Once in a lifetime babies are born Shirley gave birth Her baby was torn Away from her side In frustration and woe She kicked poor Ricardo But she didn’t know Total incompetence Trainers in tow She wanted to smell him … Continue reading


She was beautiful Beyond the words of Roget She shared her inner thoughts She really loved the music Despite her outer curse She left so early On in life Which for me was worse She took on board the difficulties … Continue reading


Whether we are unenlightened Or our knowledge was curtailed We probably were guilty And feel now that we failed The ivory we once bought The leather we once wore Perhaps we were malicious Perhaps we did ignore The obvious its … Continue reading

Jetsum of our own wrath

In the salty wrath of the ocean Tousled bodies lie Children full of hope and joy There before us die Why we ask ourselves those of us Caring of these scenes Because we interfered with them We used our grand … Continue reading

Vietnam an atrocity beyond belief

An encounter of the worst kind Ever imaginable Dogs caught seen to witness What we see A man apparently human Takes his captors one by one And murders them in front Of us apparently for fun For me its detestation … Continue reading


Its perception not reality As to why a swan should be Trusting when its injured Its alas humanity Who feels that maybe wild souls Wouldn’t have the base Capacity to share this Healing interlude with him With you with me … Continue reading

The Bulls are fighting back

Riding the bulls Is in no way seen as easy They come out of those gates Locked onto rage And anyone who is fool enough To get up on their back Is going to face the fury Of the age … Continue reading