I asked DEON to put up my picture

Look at me my attractive beak My big brown eyes and all I seek Is empathy from you today So I can just go on my way Polluted seas so much plastic Radiation and elastic DDT and mercury And most … Continue reading

Its not really that far fetched when you think it through

The freedom that flight gives you When we recall Our great mother gave some The right to not fall But to fly and to soar To be forever free Wild birds thats their mandate For eternity Huge corporations soulless they … Continue reading

8/12 Taiji a snapshot of the vanquished

What we witnessed was almost Too much for the soul In actuality what was their role They were immortal beings Designed to be free Under the sun With a mandate to be Enduring whatever But driven and shocked These drives … Continue reading

Look at me looking at you

You lay there looking down on me Imagining no doubt That just by cosying up to me You know what I am about Imagining in your tiny mind That you would like to be In a pod of dolphins Swimming … Continue reading

To be humbled and then rumbled

The tiny threads of toadstools Hiding in the litter A spiders web that hangs off someones Car A snail that leaves a silver trail To somewhere far away A dew drop looking Like a star None of these might make … Continue reading

Mirror in the drawer

It won’t be long Though I still feel strong That my eyes will close for good My pain is getting worse and worse And I feel misunderstood When lying down with no weight on my legs I honestly still cant … Continue reading

The sky tonight

Tonight my poem is of the sky Above my house So let me try And explain to you Now All I see A black array of finery Not a lot of stars about No moon either Its not out Probably … Continue reading

Dont give up we can beat them

DAkota access Investors are panicking tonight If the oil dont start to flow Its more than winters bite That will get to their arses All you have to do Is sit it out And fight this one For its winnable … Continue reading

There are no risks so dont worry about oil spills

They said it couldnt happen Kelsey was the man The corporate head of fuck knows where Energy transfer plan Of action it cant happen Of course not Kelsey, we Know the black snake never coughs its heart up Actually So … Continue reading

Taiji’s decision can be grotesque

Yesterdays accomplishment of Taiji TRophy Hunters Was to catch a pod of Pilot Whales And trap them overnight Mothers with their babies With older sons and daughters Left to thinking whether being brought ashore was right The chaos and the … Continue reading