Possibly our last night together

Why is it you cannot help us? Why is it we have to die? We are the whole family tree Huddled here, no lie If only you could help us To actually get away It is our sense of loving … Continue reading

DAPL the mother of all vigils

Can anyone be stronger Than to sit on sacred ground Where ancestors have lived and died And where their souls are found A simple barbed wire fence Between the bridge where Tiger Swan And the law enforcement militarised goons Are … Continue reading

The masked ones

This is what we are up against The low life scare tactics Putting the fear of god up people With their sicko tricks And, this isn’t funny Its terrorising and they Were masked and very forceful Before they drove aWay … Continue reading

VISCUM ALBUM And the wild birds

A reciprocal relation And functionality Is seen a lot in Nature Its complementary And honest interconnection Really answering to Need for where there is wildness The weak may not get through The mistletoe a parasitic plant That likes to grow … Continue reading


we exist yet we are hidden Immortal in a way Always there to compliment A sad event some say Part of ones expression In sadness and in joy Excitement and perhaps when pain Does start to annoy Its like there … Continue reading

A thought for my human mother

In present time I am with you Every second of every day You are whom I worship And so to you I say You have made my life complete For everything you do The food you give me The pi … Continue reading

BRoome goes the bass drum

YOur Sistership with Taiji it really has to end The bad press that your getting like a kid without a friend Cuddling up to murderers the outlaws have to see Pearl fishing all those asian bars but then it is … Continue reading

3 years old toddlers thats the emotional beings we call pigs

MExico you sicken me The suffering that I now see In your so called abattoir Employing monsters who think they are In a drama which is HELL on earth Why would any soul give birth Would any mother dare to … Continue reading

WAR and its repercussions

To fight overseas In the many great wars That were probably stomped up by those Politicians with so much to gain From the carnage It does keep us all on our toes Thrown into the battle of somewhere Expected to … Continue reading

Polymers worth at least 5 quid

The polymer fiver Is not a survivor The uproar it caused On the street Tallow was used Females were abused And really it wasnt discreet Rendered from animal sources So many of them get to see The idiots who take … Continue reading