Whales and the Japanese

Japan believes the global food Shortage now can be Rectified by eating whales For they Nutritionally Have everything imaginable And radiation too PCB’s and mercury and fire retardants That do Give the people cancer And those diseases we Will see … Continue reading

Moonstone cottage

An enchanting play on delightfulness In the cottage where we stayed It’s boundary wall is the abbey wall Which would have course been made Centuries ago and forms the boundary To where An apple tree and a raised platform Gracefully … Continue reading


It’s hard to imagine in this day and age How some men in positions Are right off the page Lacking the sense they were born with I’d say With a need to be helped to point the right way What … Continue reading


Ebola takes the world by storm This invisible,force cloud It’s out there running havoc Through WEst Africa a crowd Of people flock to hopefully Escape it’s violent hand The bush meat eating soldiers They failed to understand Ebola it is … Continue reading


Darkness seemingly can feel quite negative But not to those nocturnal souls who ply They feel free and positive more so than some think For seldom do the human tribe Ask why The veil between the living and those passing … Continue reading

We need a fracking miracle

It’s so water intensive Perilously so A perfect natural resource To just be in the flow Its healthy and life giving For almost every soul Every living creature Appreciates it’s role The frackers. they appreciate How their need is that … Continue reading

Win a live sheep

A novel plan at marketing Emerged at Top star spa A liquor shop with bright ideas Who thought they could go far When it got on social media Animal rights saw through The marketing as very cruel They didn’t have … Continue reading

Glue traps

Glue traps A cowardly lingering death Only a man could create such hell And wait until their breath Has petered out through panic Has broken down through pain Has stopped of course through heart ache To never beat again A … Continue reading

Let’s pray for the wild one’s

Those big brown eyes That see beyond the rainbow Wild and clearly adamant About their place on earth This a prayer for predators Stalking wild woods often Over rock and hillock Where everywhere has worth We are those earthling warriors … Continue reading

Cracking trespass laws

The House of Lords agreed to rubber stamp Cameron’s plan To frack drill under people’s homes It kind of over ran Any fucking sanity That ever did remain On this violent planet Apart from corporate gain Shale drillers are now … Continue reading