Camp Beagle

What evil lies inside

the so called farms of ill repute

torturing tiny Beagle babes

hurt but always resolute

each an inner warrior

charming and friendly, they

despite the jackboot treatment

still wag their tails and say



Hope Spring Eternal

we can hear the true warriors outside

forever chanting shouting sighting and crying


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Corporate cops

The corporate Cops

stand guard

Whilst baby Beagles

face true wrath

warriors living outside

they know the evil path

the vivisectionist  medics take

Cops eyes wide open see

absolutely nothing

nor hear the screams that be

Emanating from the yard

innocence knows pain

Born  in

some dark puppy mill

some shitty vile dark drain

Beaten up and bloody

No motherly  comforts here

just the ugly loathing

and the bloody awful fear.




Camp Beagle a hell hole in Huntingdon








from the place

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Poor Seals

it is indeed  the Western Cape

a graveyard for our once

resplendent Seals

sick and injured

many corpses

emaciated and it feels

entirely wrong

just skin and bone

no blubber left at all

Such devastation

and die off

they,   unable to trawl

the Seas  it seems

for the life giving fish


and at Hout Bay

God help them

they  are starving

what else is there

to say.




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The wild ducks swans and Plovers

come face to face with those

Covid masks tossed everywhere

they covered our mouth and nose

all the mucus membranes

just tossed into the air

left around for the wild life

because we do not care

imagine  being a carp or roach

a gudgeon or a bream

floating on the pool surface

A mucus ridden stream

of hopelessness and ugliness

it really isnt fair

Covid masks on every street

why are we not more aware.

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barricades everwhere


people packed in

like sardines

so tightly

arms above your head

you couldnt put them down

where was the  safety

in bodies you drown

tightly packed together

there was no safe way out

ten souls were killed there

there is no doubt


Venality and shabbiness

Irreverence all night

scorn disdain and paltriness

unfitting never right

that all these youngsters lost their lives

and the show went on an on

travis kep on rapping

though some had already gone


death knocked on the door that night

ten sweet souls would lay

forever their finality

they were made to pay

all this rapping violence

the chaos at the door

the barricades the

lack of care

there  was evil thats for sure

wrongdoers and blackguards

vulgarity and more

ten deaths  such a loathing

love  was  cancelled there

those who went will remember

it for all the despair










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Rollrights and beyond

The creaking gate

a portal to a Neolithic place

shrouded in a weave of trees

seclusion and such grace

in essence where quiescence and a stillness

and tranquillity

opens minds to a gaping fold

of meadows sweet

and symphony


of cornfields drowned in midnight blue

a prominence wet with the dew

each matrix  of each moment

behold Chipping below

its precincts all embracing

the light we now bestow

rooves decking and rafters

gables pitch and height

from this gradient seeing

the fluidness of light


assiduous and regular

the feet of robed souls  stood

engaged in patient prompitide

seemingly for good

entrnched up here in history

of base solidity

enduring many centuries

of ritualistic druidry

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At the Rollrights Always listen

to the coming of the dawn

to the muses  heard at twilight

far away towards the corn

listen to the grove of trees that

silently proclaim

stand beside the glorious Elder

of Long Compton fame

the Kings men

were exhausted as they reached

the steepest part

they lay getting their

breath back

all of stoutish heart

the diminutive

a crone in rags did cry

this hill is mine the lot of you

so leave now or you shall die









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artificiality armies of Beef we see

in feedlots in Nebrasca JBS it feels to me

each creating energy under a blazing sky

panting drooling suffering heat

and letting the methane fly

these are sensitive animals

imprisoned closely they

do not have any fresh green grass

its grains they eat all day

Dusty dirty uncomfortable

stressful through and through

hormones implanted in their ears

growing as they do

out of all proportion

internally they feel

sick and also fearful

the lives appear unreal

man abuses science

abuses husbandry

its all tied in with margin

and profitability

the animals feel wretched

and in the blazing heat

they havent been given water

which rapidly does unseat

it plays with their equilibrium

they suffer very much

standing in their water troughs

its true we are out of touch

unthinking and unfeeling

our interest in them fails

the artificialty rapidly derails

Their needs their bodily functions

their stress beyond belief

methane levels rise up

giving them such grief

extreme meat equals cruelty

and with triple digit heat

growth hormones

And all this added stress

these poor souls cant compete

they suffer and they weaken

on all counts it is wrong

and the planet is also reeling

for production does not belong

anywhere on Gods Earth

not anywhere at all

we have to return to natural care

to try to overhaul

and return to balance

to thoughtful husbandry

to treating soul with true respect

not this violent infamy.







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Spotlight suddenly took interest

what we saw was a terrible issue

that was covered up for years and years

the Catholic Church at the heart of it all

creation conversion and tears

taking advantage of children

many a priest seemingly

got them to offer them favours

treating them abominably


it had surfaced many times earlier

But  the church  was enabled to quosh

to move priests to some other area

apparently that seem to wash

over the problems completely

as far as the authorities they

Got rid  of the paperwork

and with a move

it was only the victims that pay


Nobody  hears tiny voices

in the night sky up above

the problem was rife

just all over the place

we have to ask where was the love.


the respect and the care for the people

when irreverence was everywhere

masses of courage the victims they suffered

Terribly  with the despair.


the church was a giant

so many men in high places can say

it was preposterous

and could ensure

left them resigned

All of those stresses nightmares in fact

With madness   Becoming aligned


some inconsolable some  felt defeat

suffering years of regret


racked with timidity

the qualms and mistrust

they were set


fine in the storm of the moment

the prejudice that was around

making out it was the victims

the children

Who in the  squalor were drowned,


they grew up  some with vile upheaval

Mistrust and misgivings  for they

had given their all   To their unseen God

And nothing was going away.


experiencing the nip and the tuck

the indiscretions prevailing

brinkmanship sickness all dire

as time went on some were ailing

the truth it gushed forth

the craven the cowardly

The rotters  a blight

The  Catholic Church had assembled

And really had no appetite

for disclosing the truth

So it  covered

all of its tracks anyway

recriminations should go on forever

its so important they pay


the reporters were raring to get on with it

fastidiousness was the name of the game

no stone unturned

no bridges burned

this was their  purposeful claim


a brainstorm of journalist rigour

An editor straining to be

in the midst of this gloom

stuck to the task

along with the depravity


some 90 Priests on the paper
and the Catholic Church knew it all

wonderment, that had been cancelled

an affront to those taking their call


so many hearts had been broken

so many souls had been lost

The agony reached every mortal

in truth a terrible cost


the contempt and the scorn

it was awful

grown men cried avidly they

were giving their god

what he asked for

each one consumed on that day


the terror  a despicable feeling

That swelled  in their guts

night and day

there is no forgetting

the ravish and the way they had

been made  to pay.


the paper though cut through

the bullshit

exposing the truth  as it was

the Church received censure


what went  before

Was because

They all were terribly evil

and it went on for years

Making those

sweet children pay

for the lust and the filth

whilst their priests quietly all

crept away.









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Austria oh dear!

Austrians fight back

As the governments spoken

with their hardness of heart

and the contract lies broken

freedom for those

vaccinated  sops

as most today knows

there is no humanity

not any more

the puppets are caught in their strings

i abhor

The ideals they call outsocialist fools

a complete litany

Existing Laws

Existing rules

who are the puppets

climbing up walls

seizures and sleep eyes

the great brainwashed breed

clap them in iions

and honour the breed




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Badgers lament

At hunts the police

are bystanders

seldom  engaging

and so when the so called

hunters are out baiting Badgers

They do so without being schooled

wild life created in tune with where they

are put on the earth to live and to play

not have these rabid hunters drunken perhaps

who bait badger setts they are emboldened chaps

they get around the law landowners who

with mates in high places

who know what to do

its the same as excuses on trail hunting

they go after foxes

police look the other way


its the old boys network

you scratch mine and i yours

and get on with killing and counting your scores

badgers have been in this neck of the woods

their families are decent

and deliver the goods

already accused  of giving cows TB

which means nod nod wink wink

And nothing to see


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Its me the sperm whale

A big tail

a grand ocean

A big body

thats me

they call me sperm

a whale that is me10,000 feet down

no sun for me

only luminesce

too cold to drown

no gardens to speak of

just strange souls who be

very weird looking

even for the sea

all kinds of monsters

frequent the deep

and with humanity whaling

it so makes me weep



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Festive Safari’s

Festive Safari’s for Brits

just believe

a Russian Company

Wants to  achieve

dosh in the bank

with a big guarantee

That you can kill Reindeers

yes any you see.

£6000 quid pull the trigger and see

A beautiful Reindeer screaming tragically

shot dead and kicking

Santa will be

pissed off let me tell you

but not as much as me


a Christmas tree made of antlers

each one a soul

wanting to live so much

but the control

the rifle the bullets

the evil of hunt

7 days a thousand quid

yes its no stunt.

Mixed bags on offer

Moose Grouse & Lynx

Wolves even Reindeers

Nobody blinks

that can cost six grand

Maybe a bear
Baikal Safari’s will always be there


snow mobiles quad bikes

is easy and you

can murder the wild life

And your dreams can comes true.

to all the sadist

the bastards of time

who reward their Christmas

with the bloodiest  crime.






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Disown this bitch

Look at her

grotesquely shovelling

Real living tentacles she

is aware they feel pain

but she is insane

providing details to me

no humane or compassionate person

no  female with nurturing ways

She cannot  see  innocence

or the unfallen

all she sees through her madness

her delinquent guilt

Is the spital  she swallows

and the dead souls that  wilt

Someone should arrest her

caressing and stressing

where does she sit

In the annuls of malvolence

a gluttonous indulgent slag

a guzzling  guormand

the crunch of live tissue

she is afterall a rich hag

Lipstick of crimson

From menstrual  flood

she made it on facebook

loving the blood

every last element

Of this live soul

a monster from Asia

now out of control

imagine a kiss from her

her wretched sick gob

with a coke over ice

her mission to rob

her filthy digestion

her stomach to match

shameless indecent

she is really no catch

a permissive obscenity

thats who she be

if she’s taken ill

chuck the bitch in the sea.

























but the bitch is insane


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They demand the fur off your back,  they do

and your skin as well

in foreign parts those without hearts

send the souls through Hell

hanging cats and dogs on hooks

and ripping the skin whilst they

suffer, they suffer terribly

and are then just tossed away


heaps attracting hordes of flies

as the souls bleed out

and all this torture and all this pain

is for hags of course who doubt

these butchered pelts have to be cured

treated with chemicals, they

are treated by poor souls in China and India

who are made ill

so toxic they pay


For the bloody fur trade all the fancy names

the fancy designers who earn

the cat walks with tenderness unlike

the models

those who abuse they should  burn

leg hold traps, trappers

the lowest of  the  low

setting these traps

where the wild creatures go

imagine the shock and the terror

they feel

with their leg hanging off

they cannot conceal


the fact life is over

a precious limb smashed

and they wait for the bastard

who ought to  be trashed

jailed for  a lifetime

but the great fashion stores

pay these vile blighters

with all of their flaws



wild souls in cages

cages of wire

where their feet are on fire

where its cold and its dire

psychotic behaviour

they are driven mad

by men some might know

even, someones dad


they look normal possibly

out in the street

but inside they are monsters

no way are they discreet

evil and wicked, corrupt all through

if you were a fox you know what they’d do


I cry out at night  for those creatures who

become hats and coats for people like you

trimmings on jackets on some collars  and cuffs

on market made cheap stuff designed for the roughs

The fancy  named places


increase their margins

the dead souls might be

still in their essence

the ether  as well

the DIO’s and The Hermes

lets hear the applause

Minks, foxes wolves Persian Lambs they

muskrat and Beaver

And  coyote all day

murdered like rags

on a shit  heap of fame

you bet I am angry

that they ever  came

to murder so woefully

look at them screaming

Its one long nightmare

all the while they are dreaming.

of much bigger margins

of much bigger cars

of stardom and you bet

A  change in the laws










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Hunting cranes

Reckless abandon

evil intent

Ron Spooner by name

says he’s just so content

with killing a wild bird

a migratory soul

a sandhill crane

in cold blood  he stole

With a  crack and a thud

the great wingspan

pulled back

to show its great power

Succumbed to his attack

wondering how

such a glorious bird

happen to be

attracted  absurd

to his plastic copies

and lovely rich


and the tired hungry Crane

thought she’d found her new dawn


what dreadful naivete

what Vulgar obtuse

a godly  creature

wondrously loose

ready to fly off to Paradise


gunned down so sickly

the permanency

tears just too many

for far far away

her man of the moment

thinks of her today

shot though the heart

and tortured to death

by an arse with a gun

who stole an angels breath


a scholar of ignorance

thats what he be

this miracle wonder

he killed desperatly

his non realisation

and artlessness

an imperfect hunter

Causing  myriad stress








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Horses for courses

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They called me Winter

A dolphin lass

Trapped on a crab line

it felt so crass

So frustrating

truthfully in so much pain

hauled off to captivity

which felt insane


a prosthetic tail

they said I was fine

But deep  down inside

Stuck on  that crab line

i really felt awful

and for my real tail

did pine

issues more complex

my bottlenose sense

Inside my body and mind

was so tense

i gave up the fight

Last Thursday   night

And now in the ether

enjoying my flight

to  where humans no longer exist







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Foie gras

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Sharks fins

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