No dogs left behind

No dogs left behind From Florida we Fight the good fight And we globally Rescue rehome The victims and we Fight for their right To live our constancy We are spread far and wide Where ever they be In YULIN … Continue reading


Vulnerable I’ m feeling Vulnerable Thats what Jetstar said to me Almost from the start You had got to his heart In an inkling he just felt so free It was all in his stars He was thinking On the … Continue reading

Wousers and my various mothers

I have had a wealth of mothers Of the human kind I was the famous waitrose cat Which kind of blew my mind I lived in Berkhamsted And walked there everyday Across the main Road down the hill I did … Continue reading

Abnormality in the nick of time

Thinking back on him Some of his traits Frightened me He didn’t conform His abnormality A nomad of sorts A mutant as well Defiant and solitary In his own hell I never felt comfortable With him around He was prone … Continue reading

A knock on the door

It was late it was dark A matter of fact I opened the door It was hard to react To the sight there Before me So tall It was cold And Reality rolled Before me No eyes just black holes … Continue reading

Ivory ( the rotters who procure it)

The Narathiwat National Park In Southern Thailand found A fifteen year old Elephant A male tusker on the ground Half in a canal it seems It’s head hacked off oh dear Such a grisly murder scene That raises yet more … Continue reading

JET And his thoughts

Wousers and wabbits That’s the name of Jets game Out in the garden The very same Behind the bijou Near the Apple tree Where the wousers do scamper Perilously Wousers and wabbits Glittering white Their tiny blue eyes In the … Continue reading

Asha (lonely and blue)

The culture of a zoo The lack of understanding The torturous intent Where that in fact is landing Elephants are social souls Familial intent Instinctive and impulsive The life time that’s she’s spent In that ghastly hell hole Is going … Continue reading

SAFFRON (Crocus Sativa)

From the ancient gods I flourish My truth and exactitude Factual and ungarbled And was always viewed As communicating colour And a heady trail of scent A real reliability My sincerity was spent Soaking up the sun My planet so … Continue reading

Wild herbs and grasses

The indigenous tribes of the America’s Use wild grasses that grow That have the protective aura And their wildness that they throw When burning their healing bath of smoke The combinations do Affect the body and the ritual space And … Continue reading

Mandrake (Mandragora Officinale)

Some twenty other names For this plant poison Anthropomorphon, and the Sorcerers Root Racoon Berry , Mannikin Woman drake and Hexenmannchen It’s gender Masculine And Of some repute Ruled by the planet Mercury Whose Element is fire Hecate and Hathor … Continue reading

Foxgloves(Digitalis Purpurea)

“Witches thimbles “Deadmens’s bells” “Cow flop“ three names for The foxgloves There are many many many more Feminine their gender Planet Venus element water Powers of Protection, They Are finger like Biennial plants Well loved by the Fae Never cut … Continue reading

Wolf’s Bane (aconium napellus)

Dumbledores delight Thor’s Hat and Cupid’s ear A gender that Is feminine The planet Saturn’s near Element is water And Hecate she be Protecting and reality Invisibility When added to sachets guarding solidly Against the dreaded werewolves That happen for … Continue reading

Sage (salvia officianalis)

Of masculine gender Where Jupiter rules Element air Immortality calls Longevity too Wisdom it’s there Eat it every day And just feel aware Carry it in your bag And the evil eye You won’t have to worry Wave it good … Continue reading

Mullein (verbascum thapus)

Aaron’s Rod Graveyard Dust Candle wick all names A Feminine gender So the spirit claims The Planet Saturn ruling Its element Is fire The Deity is Jupiter Powers can’t get higher Than courage, and protection Health And Divination Mullein is … Continue reading


The mindless profiteering The gullible the weak The poverty of purity It’s what the masses seek The freshest food available Alive, alive oh Watch it’s eyes they follow you Just where you might go The hot plate it is boiling … Continue reading

BOSCO the bear

For a wild bear to suffer The horrid conditions A concrete pit and on hard concrete ground Stuck on a box Surrounded by rocks Listen to her to her sound Arthritis affects her she clearly Now At this so called … Continue reading

The Spanish

The Spanish Galgeros Their life is a mess Adverse and hostile And there’s no redress Spain is a cruel place For bulls and for dogs Luckless and hapless In the spirit it jogs Animals really are Suffering there It’s a … Continue reading

St Brigid

As the goddess of poetry She was the one Born exactly at sunrise In tune with the sun From her forehead a flame Rose into the sky Up into heaven The holiest high Giving new life Made the dead walk … Continue reading

No excuses

The university of Alabama Mary Shelley and GMO’s Experimentation with Wild Baboons And it’s done under our nose “laja” gets a transplant In January A kidney from a sow By Sept dead 9 Months of utter agony and how The … Continue reading

A puppy dog

Why did the puppy pee In his house That’s what puppies do Why be such a grouse Why beat up the hound That’s isn’t the way To summon the gods Or make the soul pay The head of a business … Continue reading

Foie gras

Is there anything more dreadful More nasty Unwholesome and unhealthy Let me know Creating a disease in ducks and geese Until they scream In agony internally As their liver starts to grow Pushes its way into the lungs Cuts off … Continue reading


A broad spectrum herbicide Used to slaughter unwanted plants In agriculture and landscaping Used with surfactants For a better chance Of total penetration Into the plant cell To animals it’s toxic To eyes and skin they tell Cardiac depression Intestinal … Continue reading


Quercus Alba Duir Juglans Masculine that’s so Ruled by the Sun Element Fire Deities Dagda And Erato Protection power and money Religious idols were Made of oak And witches loved Dancing they confer Under A handsome oak tree And Druids … Continue reading


Lactuca Sativa The common old lettuce Of feminine gender It’s planet the moon It’s powers are protection Sleep and divination And feeling sublime and just being in tune Where love is concerned Burned and yearning Rub some on your forehead … Continue reading

Sacred sites

Sacred sites in WA Are desecrated every day Abused in every circumstance The Aboriginal spirit we The sanctity of soul The innermost integrity The building light And role they play In need of the absolute For their way Meticulous intent … Continue reading


Catnip known by cat lovers Around the world The felines do activate excite and purr It’s significant powers are true Feminine gender it had to be The planet Venus and water Is it’s element And Bast its deity Used widely … Continue reading


Honeysuckle Lonicera Caprifolium Gender it be masculine It’s element is Earth It’s planet of course Jupiter Where it gains its worth Ring green candles with its flowers To attract the money tree Rub lightly crushed flowers On one’s forehead And … Continue reading

Dandelion and Brig

Planetary bodies A Druid tells us so The Dandelion such virtue And now all of you know Of the tiny tenacious one Who sacrificed her soul And with her spirituality One reason and control

Aspects of ROWAN

This year the Rowan’s berries Are abundant to be sure It’s gender it be masculine It’s element fire And Thor Is of course it’s deity With divination you also can increase your psychic Powers My dears And therein lies a … Continue reading