Channelled via the BADGERS

The set of our horror tale Comes from the wild From the counties of England All so called self styled Places of honour Of privilege for The wild folk who live and abound In the raw In the damp Demostration … Continue reading

Who knows who we might meet

Who knows who we might meet On a cool Autumn day In the woods in the quiet Where no mortal ray Can reach where the animals Quietly come eat Where hunters may be Awaitingtheir treat Watching the innocent Wild folk … Continue reading

The IUCN how could you

What the hell is going on How on earth could you Accept A load of trophy hunters Trophy hunters do Kill for so called sport They pay the piper and that’s who Members of the Safari Club They come on … Continue reading

Wild animal services the Terminators

In the year 2015 75326 Coyotes were killed 12186 Prairie Dogs 973 rEd tailed Hawks 3700 foxes 419 black bears 528 River Otters 3 bald or golden eagles All these wild victims killed for no other reason than being wild … Continue reading

Another look at Circus

HOw was it we were ever Taken in by circus Wild animals in trailers Transported town to town Made to climb up steps in rings And when they fall perhaps That brings Circus into disrepute As well it should For … Continue reading

ELephant Leather

it really is a sick world we inhabit At this time The skin of many animals Thought to be divine By some who want their custom cars Bags and belts and shoes And they choose the distressed durable leathers Here … Continue reading

The EU commission why I ask?

Glyphosate a chemical herbicide to boot A substance that could have been banned But apparently it didn’t suit The unelected commission In the great EU Who decided we should have some more And made Monsanto’s dreams come true Another 18 … Continue reading


Where is the joy Yesterday I Lived to the full I on a high In the old city Where dreams came to be The spirit of yester year Came down on me Not far from the border No weirder sound … Continue reading

Child hunters

The recent spate of children killing animals 12 years old and younger even, they Got me wondering which came first The parents clear denial Or was it the gun makers who were way Out front in tooling up fhe smaller … Continue reading


He went into the toilet Clearly alone A man with a mission And a beautiful tone Just 42 years of age His whole entourage Were kind of Around him But his camouflage Was his truest addiction The downers he took … Continue reading