Law breakers Left the corpse of one dead fox Where it could be Found hunting with hounds This is what we see The bovver boys are out and about Doing what’s not right With vile recriminations That certainly were not … Continue reading

Glasshouse country farms

A little town called Beerburrum Near the glass house mountains Where A slaughterhouse happens to be Where shit loads of despair Are seen to be now building On the sunshine coast Where the Jinibara And the Gubbi Gubbi post Their … Continue reading

Ashridge and Hares

Sleepy trees And fly agaric Toadstools Puffballs Frosted fern Shadows creeping Spiders peeping Hunting fills me With concern the National Trust Have given credence To the Hunters And the Hare Hare today And gone tomorrow Soon Hares wont be anywhere


I was invited out one day It felt like rain But it made me say Inside my heart Someone I knew Would share an hour or maybe two It made me happy So off I drove Found her place Beside … Continue reading


Arrogance and ignorance Feel very much to me To add up in the scheme of things To where bio security Is very much at risk I feel And immunity Precautions they are flaunted And vulnerability Become really an issue Poorly … Continue reading

Grouse moors and our precious Ravens

Its weird the way that Nature works And grouse moors apparently Dont like raptors in their midst The aristocracy Apparently are in it for the game The sport of kings And kudos is a just reward For pretty birds with … Continue reading


You can see her at Stoke Mandeville Or at Rothschilds at Tring A Consultant Rheumatologist That honestly does bring A caring and a sharing And her influence to bear She is meditive and deliberative And has always been aware As … Continue reading


ALbus I met Albus Fully clothed he was In his little cotton suit His mother said because He loved to romp In muddy pools That was the reason why They dress him up In his one piece Which When he … Continue reading

Hannah Hauxwell

A dales women A spinster On an isolated farm With an utter realization That her idealistic calm Stemmed from her surroundings Her Low Birkhatt farm was where Such an inspirational quality Which was why she was living there Essentially the … Continue reading

Ashridge demo 9/12/2018

Flags and masks and energy Were the order of the day 40 or so of us visited Ashridge an array Of protectors from a lot of counties Met up there to say That the National Trust Had lost it Really … Continue reading