A ballet for the cetaceans

A jollification a pleasance To carouse in a true game or two A rollicking jubilant joyfulness An indulgence thats enchanting to do Fluid dynamics created A ballet a vortex of sorts Forming a ring That makes ones heart sing And … Continue reading

Nilboguba and the precious Beluga’s

It’s insidious behaviour Hardly worthy, we Must have respect for animals The angels of the sea What is vile skullduggery The mind games we employ On torturing and Brain washing the larceny of joy These finless whales Designed to swim … Continue reading

Think before discarding your plastic

Plastic bags and supermarket waste And plastic string It’s everywhere It’s anywhere From Birmingham to Tring Blowing in the street it is On the sand and sea Getting tangled around the feet Of sea birds constantly Turtles in the ocean … Continue reading


Their Nemesis is pairing up With Delphin and Neptune Storm clouds are now hovering And it’s going to happen soon The banging boats The pithing rods Are instruments of death Medieval torture tools For relieving us of breath That Japan … Continue reading

A special dedication to Jo Phillips from the Taiji victims

Taiji creates it’s martyr’s It’s victims and it’s tears The roughness and the harshness Where the bitterness appears The adversity, the suffering, the cruelty The sighs The unpleasantness the offensive As each one of us, yes! dies Taiji creates the … Continue reading


Degeneration of a nation Clearly comes to mind They built the pyramids of Giza Their panoramic find Geometric wizardry Alignment with the moon A feat of engineering Clearly so in tune With everything spectacular Menkaure a wondrous sight A vast … Continue reading

Circus India a minute via Peta

Be ashamed India Circus supposedly Brings joy to your children Someone once said But not by creating a show Born from torture Incredible cruelty Don’t get in bed With any of these so called Vile entertainers Dire perpetrators Who care … Continue reading

To swim or not to swim that is the question

A place where selfish ignorant people Swim with captured Dolphins who Were taken from their family pod out there In the blue Stolen from their natural haunt Beside their mothers where they face A putrid pool and beings who Are … Continue reading

A caring sub contractor is made to be otherwise

Every 30,000 chickens that’s 30,000 souls 60,000 little legs Creation found them roles 37 days later thanks To man unkind And science and the chemists What in fact we find Is the factory farming producer Orchestrates true life But it … Continue reading

Greyhounds and their murky life due to some

They are gentle and lively Passionate souls Aerodynamic With all the controls Athletic and handsome Intelligent too Enslaved to regression Thats what humans do Money and profit It’s a lucrative trade Racing these great souls On our shoulders laid Archaic … Continue reading