A Japanese man was arrested Because he chose to flush His wife’s cremated ashes Down a toilet in a rush He had had an unhappy marriage And out of disrespect Went to the supermarket And decided to elect The toilet … Continue reading

Monkey and circus

The trainer The no brainer A cruel and ugly Bitch Has no compassion Anywhere What she does to this titch It’s about retentive training A monkey on a stick That gets a blooming hiding It’s enough to make me sick … Continue reading

Radar slip rode

New Zealand slips under the radar It puts out it’s slogans about Being a place With a much cleaner face But this film leaves me In such doubt The Rodeo Season from Farm Watch Now who in their right mind … Continue reading

Our beloved dolphins

Black Fish and the Cove Took it’s pots shots at those Corporate crap heaps Whose cruelty grows The vilest philosophy Under the sun Rising, a red ball of Life on the run Behold the great pods Of silver and grey … Continue reading


Try to imagine The solace we feel The pain and the heartbreak Of knowing it’s real Being alone In a hall where the smell Is of blood Is of sinew So much like Hell The noises the squeals The frightening … Continue reading

No middle way

Despite the Tory puffers The queen will not be saying Fox hunting has been repealed The hounds will not be baying Possibly at Christmas though A snippet could be heard About the proposed middle way lord Donoughie a bird Whispered … Continue reading

Deep water dolphins

These colossal giants when they err They do Create an infernal hell on earth Where evil washes through Take BP in the Caspian Sea The oil blowout that came Killing all the wild life Whose hearts they did inflame But … Continue reading

Another documentary in the offing

A native of Hokkaido Living in New York A film director Feeling the fallout Off the fork Of compatriots And children Having to eat whale And hearing constant Protests of Taiji Which does derail The truest objectivity Of the culture … Continue reading


Behold the kindred spirit The equivalence of souls We identify each other In our differing roles Intrinsically we are family Born out of heart felt ways Connected by the silver chord That’s with us all our days Our ethos and … Continue reading

Refugio’s famous pipeline

The filthy vomit enters the Environment as such really What chance now have we got? The waves roll in Carrying the shit of corporate devils shorewards And the result They do commit the greatest sin Our innocent wild life Clogged … Continue reading