“The Atlantic Seal Hunt Sustainable Viable and Humane”

The Atlantic Seal Hunt Sustainable Viable Humane Canada says sustainable whats sustainable whats sustainable your prayers Humane if thats humane humungous is the word humungous an atrocity and your use of words are absurd   “green speak” hoping people believe … Continue reading

its hard to look them in the eyes

All these years the harrowing stories the seal hunts and the pain all those babies murdered their lives washed down the drain how do they get away with it its apathy alas moral insensibility and insentience on mass some know … Continue reading

Why? and for what

Made up to the eyeballs mascara to the fore nails painted she’s  aquainted with all aspects of the law   a lady on a mission amorousness her forte she’s carrying a rifle and someone’s going to pay the blusher on … Continue reading

Even at Easter we cannot escape your cruelty

I am one of those little chicks all fluffy and yellow that’s me I kind of chirp a bit its true for just born I’m so  happy the problem is a that I’m a boy and boys do not lay … Continue reading

What we go through so you can eat yoghurt/ Easter Eggs and the like

What I had to go through its just too much to say 10,000 of us in these stalls and many pass away   the anguish and the torment the sorrow and the grief the mournfulness and sadness it is beyond … Continue reading

Clad in Fur that might just purr

Heartless, the insentience of wearing someone else’s skin imagine that the stupor that’s kind of wearing thin not realizing what it is you upon your soul the dead body of another who took another role they too were created by … Continue reading

Giraffe kill ( another one)

Another 3 slags to slag off a virulence beyond a noxiousness a morbidity and with this they abscond to a far off place called Afrika where canned hunters strut their stuff if you’ve got the readies then hunting isn’t tough … Continue reading

Lambs mint sauce and a hot plate

You’ve all got fucking eyes to see a LAMB is a baby sheep a bouncing spring like joyful soul who frolics in the deep grassy verdant meadows who plays with breeze swept flowers as innocent as the day is long … Continue reading

Emily and other mothers like her

Emily was a mother and possibly 4 or 5 times each time her calf was born though one of the greatest crimes was committed against her kidnap so to say the farmer came along of course and took her child … Continue reading

Its all happening again

Here we go again weeks and weeks of pain the commercial hunting slaughter of the babies near the water they leave the ice with blood red trails of gore and skin and body parts these vile insults of man un … Continue reading