Genetically speaking

The Kangaroo genetically Is programmed to create An ongoing superiority Increasing at a rate Of knots Raising expectancy Of survival at its root A peanut and another and a joey There to loot The limited resources that the Mother can … Continue reading


Bush angels were designed Centuries ago And the indigenous have respected them And watched them as they grow Clearly a living model A matrix in a way Designed to work the outback An exemplar so to say Their inventiveness is … Continue reading


What swollen headed businessmen Create pomposity Are unconcerned and indifferent To the methods that now be Utilized in the harvesting Of the iconic kangaroo’s Who are taken out in the dead of night And then they just refuse To give … Continue reading

Imagine a joey

Its tangible its solid Its home inside my mothers pouch Bounding freely through the bush As angels often do A phenomenal experience A closeness born of nature That inner strength created That inherently is true The embodiment of life itself … Continue reading


The malignancy and malice In the heart of shooters who Look upon Bush Angels Like nobody should do The spitefulness and gall Thats shown in their night time jaunt And the total inconsiderateness That many of them flaunt They work … Continue reading

The Carmichael Mine STOP ADANI in their tracks

I just see inexpediency And inadvisability It just feels so unseemly Inopportune And untimely In Mundra thats in India A coal power plant was built Adani were the company Who have denied all guilt They overstepped their mark we hear … Continue reading

Trump and the trophies

We know his sons are hunters And elephants they have killed No doubt the lobbying power is there For all the blood thats spilled Overstepping the mark though Transgression of this type It was a vile intrusion A really ugly … Continue reading

Star Poultry Melbourne

This abbatoir in Melbourne Came uder scrutiny From Animal Rights More and more frights Reluctant seems to me Hens done with egg laying Should be given space But instead are stunned And their throats slit Blood, all over the place … Continue reading

Investigations in okeechobee dairies Florida

Contrary to reason irrational belief Unrigorous and ungrounded Creating utter grief Incongruous and unwarranted Untenable and unsound A total lack of vision And biased judgement all around Male chauvinism everywhere The abundance of it clear Narrow minded intolerance Which leads … Continue reading

Only 12 billion litres

12 billion litres of potable water Thats all thats needed for a years worth of coal In a place where the water is scarce And the farmers appreciate water For it is their soul Adani the Indian conglommerate business From … Continue reading