ICELAND 77 78 and 79

Three endangered fin whales Were this morning gleefully Swimming in their freedom In the cold Atlantic sea A realness undeniably Attested and so sure Enduring all life threw at them And a great deal more Each part of the angelic … Continue reading

S.W.A.T (Design and build)

Call the S.W.A.T team For They are amazing Building Design expertise Nothings too much For them They have high standards And A duty of care That will please In deference to them My admiration For the way that they worked … Continue reading


It bugs me in so many ways Why the angels of this world Really have to suffer As around them they see hurled Violation and transgression Dishonesty and crime Hunters vivisectionists And abusers how they climb Out of anothers misery … Continue reading

Steve Irwin and the red ape mother

The late Steve Irwin was driven His confidence to see And be a true blue earthling Respect and ofcourse a guiltlessness An irreproachability The mother sought compassion She felt his tender heart Which Clearly moved him you could hear him … Continue reading

In a wee wood

It was just a wee wood With a lushness galore With all sorts of trees And wild flowers and more Some old hazel hedging And brambles to tear A brook and a stream Such a sweet grove to share Several … Continue reading

Morandi Bridge

It happened in a rainstorm A cloud burst of a day A massive bolt of lightning And the great bridge it gave way Over the Polcevera river 150 feet Cars and trucks came crashing down An apocalyptic feat All this … Continue reading

A horror from the dairy

Little known You can understand Just why that may be Unborn calves Their pregnant mums Slaughtered Which for me Is wicked Absolutely Its immorality Ungodly and irreligious But it happens As we see The leather trade Can profit From the … Continue reading

Sea gulls

The sociableness and gregariousness Of the seagulls Their gatherings In numbers a real treat Foraging the world For any morsal Their plaintive garrulous voices Always greet The visitors All wheeling overhead And Coming down to share A family picnic Working … Continue reading


New Zealand is at war With invasive species Especially those who frequent The wilder climes Use is made of 1080 Or sodium fluoroacetate A metabolic poison And a sign of the times Its delivered by drops From a single aircraft … Continue reading

A certain weirdness

It curdles milk When making cheese A spell gone wrong Which could displease The sanely soul Whose fourth stomach Lining Supplements One’s finer dining The matriarchal destiny Kidnapping counts It seems to me An ungodliness A slippery slope For all … Continue reading