The mule women

Its a very hard life For these women At Melilla a border town where SPAIN and Morocco are trading But deep in the heat and despair At five am every morning The women queue up and await A pittance for … Continue reading

NORWAY and the whales

Norway insists on the killing of whales Undeniable catches that honestly pales Into a hellhole in consumers eyes At The heart of the matter someones telling lies Its well documented the catch is increasing Consumption is down and therefore just … Continue reading

Cane Toads and the aborginies

We apparently have the gift Of imbalancing Nature We do it with our arrogance Every day We have been around a few hundred years But compared to Nature we Havent scratched the surface yet And we frantically Want to use … Continue reading

19/4-21/4 Copper Beech in the celtic month of WILLOW

Thursday your buds were beautiful Friday your leaves on fire SAturday resplendent your flames were licking higher Copper stopper popper And bronze of dancing light A lustre Of profusion A beam a stream the sight Of recent winter storm clouds … Continue reading

Shackle and hoist

It was never about religion It was a method to kill Done and as cheaply as possible For profit Then ofcourse will Be higher and that was the Reason Shackle and Hoist centre stage A most evil cruel wicked method … Continue reading

Zoo’s are not good news

Zoo’s provide exhibits Their failure is of CARE And Of proper supervision Of the animals held there FUZHOU ZOO Is an example No cameras around The Self seeking and the self-indulgent With no keepers on the ground Kangaroos are wild, … Continue reading

The trek

The most ancient and the largest Fresh water lake Baikal rift zone where The earth crust is pulling apart the scare With mountains all around it Its vastness blows the mind Thousands of plants and animals Just everywhere you find … Continue reading

Kangaroo’s v The Meat Trade

Wild animals are essential To this planet They contribute so much And need to be Honoured for the work they do In actuality Front line having substance Essentially By their very nature They are able To maintain the balance That … Continue reading

Muritz through the seasons

The embodiment of all you ever saw Or wish to see The backbone and the marrow and the core Is adequately Provided by our mother the creator Essentially Great forests lakes and rivers And wild life good and free Muritz … Continue reading

Family court

Uneasiness just watching Agitation and dismay The cops are knocking on your door To take your child away They have a court order From the family court The police state is in overdrive Clearly a big wart On the legal … Continue reading