Are the aliens almost here?

Each of us is somewhere Our presence is our worth We permeate and thus pervade This ball known as the Earth We saturate environments And empty spaces we Fill up with corporations And declare our vacancy Tonight a crimson sun … Continue reading

Watching the grey skies feeling the wind

The sun is wrestling wildly With the clamour of the gray Tenacity you have to hand it To the sun today A sea of slate is lapping Struggling to be Seen in every quarter Bringing its misery She’s back that … Continue reading

The time before the storm

The sun is acting strangely Its aura seems to me To be as bright as ever And the wind is breaking free Birds seem somewhat frantic The coloration too It really feels unusual And not altogether true But its tangible … Continue reading

Alleged man eater Tiger shot

Habitat encroachment Where cattle are kept We see Wild tigers drawn Its only natural The vulnerability Obvious to many And likely What happened here Why this Bahmapuri Tigress Attacked villagers Tis clear It was put out By the authorities This … Continue reading

Atlantic Salmon and why farming them is nuts

The naivete of thinking that your knowledge Is beyond The Natural world of Gaia Establishing this bond With obsession and with tenets That you believe is true Is in essence just credulity Its what corporates do Its bewilderingly obvious How … Continue reading

A poem for Samhain

I return a lesser figure Though my heart is as before Samhain is upon us dears With darkness at its core A time to honour the ancestors And our loved ones that have passed A cross quarter day See the … Continue reading

The gates

The gates silhouetted In black seemingly Magickal look at that path Leading where? To a castle perhaps To a haunt all can share Sorcerers gather and they cast Spells you can feel the A place where the past Is brought … Continue reading

Logging and what it really means

Logging opens up space It casts our minds back where The forests rampant in its green Seemed to attack despair Every inch of every where Was created and achieved a balance and Gaia was there And I just felt relieved … Continue reading

Coming home

Coming back from war Take off your uniform You sure Are not now in theatre You are on the streets of peace You were injured and in hospital But now you are on release Alone Of course You think for … Continue reading

Detroit red wings and the Octopus

The Stanley Cup finals In Detroit I hear Back in 52 It became kind of clear With 8 arms Their seemed some significance And so They Adopted the octopus And then did throw Live and dead creatures When the play … Continue reading