Naïveté is never a strong point

How naive men are With their diets poor Rather than eat well They want to score They like to imagine They are kings in bed When reality kicks in More of them are dead From the waist down Almost to … Continue reading

Soul sisters an animal story

A memory of freedom Is a seed in the Loam When shackled and locked up Far from ones home Lost in maelstrom Of darkness and glare Bull hooked and screamed at By those unaware They are not mindful They know … Continue reading

All’s well that ends well a doggie story

The fear it sucks ones breath away What is it you can do The dog is down the deepest well His cries are reaching through Actually your marrow So much on edge are you Listen to the lamentation Which is … Continue reading

DNPW Zambia

Hunting is a vile disease Attracting such vulgarity A tastelessness so undignified Made up of true impropriety A hideousness beyond belief A repulsiveness creating grief An odious loathsome ravaged crowd Who live within their squalid shroud And Zambia is unaware … Continue reading


A metaphor for the cyclic state Of birth death and rebirth John Barleycorn whose avid joy A grain with so much worth With rose coloured and gold lashes On the Andes you should see A grass grown in that windswept … Continue reading

The Keres

Fanged and taloned beckoning she Her bloody garments hanging free Spirits of the violent death On battlefields don’t hold your breath Ripping souls from those men who Took flight to death And thus did woo Were torn apart by bloody … Continue reading


A black bear and it’s babies And some shooter asks CAn I shoot the lot of them In the limelight he basks A female and 4 cubs down Drowning in their blood And, the great white hunter Is face down … Continue reading

Family. And the elephant baby story

Our greatest strength is the unit We call family Society has devided many and we Find ourselves like lost souls In a jungle of desire Up against the slippery slopes And the muddy pools so dire Our youths splash in … Continue reading

Nose horn

An odd toed ungulate which we happen to see Is as ancient as anything living can be Large megafauna and heavy as hell Thick collagen skin that protects them real well No teeth to speak Of only big lips But … Continue reading

Baby love

Such fear and complete consternation A mortal in fear of its life A one year old soul Who is not in control Impaled on the end of each knife Self distrust shyness and despairing Petrified honestly so Condemned by those … Continue reading