Franken chickens

Baseless groundless without foundation Almost fictitious in a way Unconceived and unimagined In the finsl stages of decay Insubstantiality Not a whit or jot can we Talk about in real terms Just shallowness and vacuity Meaningless and characterless No relstion … Continue reading

Fraken ch

And all he could do was spit at me

Constancy and endurance My life spent in the field My unflagging efforts Just trying to build Muscle and brawn and strength For to try And live out my life Under the sky Fortitude that was the name of the game … Continue reading

Tied to a telephone pole

Abandoned thats me Left all alone Tied up in a blizzard And just left to moan In Mainsworth Terrace Thats in Hartlepool A German Shepherd Which you know as a rule I favour one master And so now for me … Continue reading

Blatant disregard for a life

This happened in the municipality of Eastern Goiao in Brazil 40 km from capital Brasilia A place where there are a number of pet shops and grooming salons And a large open air market. Such grossness such vulgarity From a … Continue reading

Kanga anga

To have reconciled With our noble wild And iconic Kangaroo Its gallantry Its gentility Acknowledged Through and through Re branding it k-Roo infact And encouraging folk to eat And to want more Roo’s Is just not good news We should … Continue reading

Australian Rodeo or (any excuse to harm the bovine species)

Apparently men seem to think That its right That its really so masculine To put up a fight With the bovine brigade From male bulls through to calves No Australian man does nothing by halves. It attracts the women Or … Continue reading

The big FLOP

Supposed entertainment Based on arrogance and grief On ignorance on hollowness And, alas belief It truthfully lacks substance Fictitious in a way Characterless and meaningless Where all the animals pay Circus is a world of difference From reality Its poles … Continue reading


You want my skin my pelt my fur God given wealth perhaps we were Each created for different climes Which Possibly you might concur You have skin why take mine Its true mines thicker But yours is fine But adding … Continue reading

Dolphin killers of Taiji

Illogicalness and false reasoning A contradictory seasoning A kind of fallibility Is what we see now in TAIJI A one track mind and tunnel vision Self deception imprecision As a mission based provision Coming to the wrong decision Eating dolphin … Continue reading