She Trusted the people

A fifteen year old pregnant Elephant Known to trust and be In the Silent Valley In Kerala my plea The Indians who live their Your evil incendiary Leaving traps around the place These gifted souls They be Desperate she was … Continue reading


Just shy of a billion Cattle in this world One and a half million Last year in the U.K. Were hurled screaming Into the slaughterhouse Imagine the blood and gore.the tears the fears For the ungulate dears It’s worse than … Continue reading

Feeding the hungry

Animal aid unlimited A place of angelic souls Who search the streets For the hungry ones By the sides of roads in holes During the virus lockdown Eating places closed Few around to help the starving And of course that … Continue reading


By Madar Lake She was grazing And seemingly we heard A crocodile leapt towards her And sadly what occurred Was it took a huge chunk Out of her Before she pulled away Suffering a massive wound On that tragic day … Continue reading


America is burning up Racially the fires Are being stoked by the cabal The slashing of the tyres The burning of the police cars And looting everywhere They want to cancel out your rights That’s why Trump seems unfair They … Continue reading

Alban Hefin

Our eyes perceive such light from nature’s brush now really  everywhere the cherry green, the Copper Beech resplendent and  it be a lair of  florid fiery, fevered fashion fuller flushingly  fulfilled gnarled it be this Cherry Tree its  sweet cool … Continue reading

George Floyd

A wave of sadness  frustration  and  threat an African American arrested  and met with a painful and frustrating end to his life Arrested and handcuffed and kneeled on,   his strife  was audible clearly pleading that they the four police … Continue reading

The skylark

Of dullish coloration on farm and heath it   delightful song  at a higher frequency when close by  the wind farms when it’s strength and clarity rises and encapsulates  the heart and soul and we can marvel at its  melody … Continue reading

All life matters

The ungodliness and iniquity of how decisions made the principle of evil as the months did fade into years and into decades and still a m deathly hush as a whole place lost its footing a sick and soulless rush … Continue reading

Southern Africa and its horrible trade with China

Animals and China what they eat and kill ignorance is commonplace The  blood that many spill  in their own lives Meat Eaters,, Fish Eaters and the rest buying corporation foods is simply not the  best   China sees the elephant … Continue reading

Blue badge saga 24

Instinctive characteristics inherited and innate knowledge  from the Mother surely it is  great and not an ounce of arrogant thought Nor ignorance come to that Nature casts an informative eye and that is where she is at   deep rooted … Continue reading

INDEX for The Blue DressSaga 25

24/3 introduction to the blue dress saga 1 alchemy and blue dress 2 Embrace Nature 3 a walk in the forest 4 light is the gift we share 5 hedgerows 6 springtime 7 Dawn Chorus 8 Wildness 9 the Moles … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 23

They were blind  they were helpless their little spines soft 3 tiny babies  we held them aloft our eye sight was not that great we don’t see the light in my compost heap palace and all this in spite of … Continue reading


A burst pipe in the kitchen whit Monday what to do check out on  duck duck go a phone call it got through a burst pipe water everywhere don’t worry lad I’ll be there in 3 was that three days … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 22 a garden choir

Wind instruments and heartbeats the buzzing of the bee’s swaying grasses rustling reeds a gentle summer breeze  a scuttling of a lady mouse a gentle sliding snail dancing stalks and bursting buds create this gentle tale of wonderment of discovery … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 21

It’s really very sad for us    for all of us agree human beings get all het up  with us apparently   its not as if we are dangerous  we actually do them good we get rid of the nasty … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 20

Today we travel magically to Ecuador On the apron of the jungle there we found a very complex colony of  Atta Cephalotes leaf cutter ants whose city did abound   my blue dress on  today  experiencing travel over the Andes … Continue reading


John Pombe Magufuli Tanzania’s man of Peace as for virus testing this man did release and is a prime mover in deriving for us all testing of the virus and interpreting His call! M       quail and engine … Continue reading

Little white and little grey

Imagine at two years old in Russian Arctic waters being  captured and sold to China to the changFeng  Ocean World the fear element in their hearts and souls Must  have been Just awful to Shanghai an Aquarium The poor young souls … Continue reading

My wild red friend

Wild he be And VOLES he will see and hear and dig the vole his treat For a certain sweetness  of its meat  Beneath  the grassy roots he will be ou rough pasture Neglected and free parting  the grass a … Continue reading

Tower Hill KIA

Assiduous and caring  mindful and so sharing serviced  my Ceed today tbey honestly do pay attention to every need which is why  they  do succeed collected it from my door and brought it back by 4  Cleaned inside and out … Continue reading

Come fly with me blue dress saga 19

Come fly with me Dear Dawn come see the magic that we share be party to our wonderland and listen to our prayer from egg to caterpillar from chrysalis to now we are given wings to fly to kingdoms far … Continue reading

Aphid kingdoms 18.

Three millimetres  the smallest yet  But with  my blue dress on  well it did let  me shrink down  rapidly  to their size and obviously then realise On different plants essentially How sophisticated  they really be   Beans and Cabbags Peach … Continue reading

Horses for courses

Blood of horse blood of  Donkeys Vampires  draining all’s  awash equine serum keeps them barren Crowded  sheds oh golly gosh   tied up with ropes their hopes in shatters they cannot move just there all day When they lie down its … Continue reading

Positively charged polyatomic ions

The  Supermarkets Are really Going overboard spraying  and cleaning the trolleys at the stores every time they are being used we are all getting abused anti bacterial  cleaning  sprays rubbed  all over  it’s the craze   it gets on your … Continue reading

A mothers love

A mothers love sometimes requires  a little bit of  care and  one such baby  clearly wounded had been standing there being licked and comforted But the heat and dirt and pain was getting the better of the child zo we … Continue reading


A little boy discovered  Him  Crying all alone  Clearly  he was  suffering deep pain from the bone we took him to the hospital his leg was swollen badly the string tied tight around his leg producing somewhat sadly a lot … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 17 a wood lice tour

Silent souls sensitive souls serenity their thing arthropods of significance predominantly they bring An  Aquatic group into their being the lobsters and the crabs whose bodies when covered in water they can breathe which kind of grabs the ability to … Continue reading

Blue dress saga16

Faery rings upon the lawn The Gastropods asked  to see DAWN in her blue dress  And so she came  learning  lots and  feeling game gaining an  insight into our world into the  space where we were hurled   the molluscs … Continue reading

Universal dupery

Shenanigans and skullduggery its so beyond the  pale to get through this we have to find our back bone And the trail just  using  our  minds to resonate And  to banish all this fear Deceit  it’s bloody  everywhere Bias that … Continue reading