Chinese Leather Industry which includes fur and meat

We watch the doleful,the soulful, the awful The great pain and suffering coming to those Strays from the streets Stolen from backyards Consigned to the leather trade Now I suppose Sitting in cages suffering badly Watching the evil played out … Continue reading

Millie Jean the pet belonging to Samantha akin Davis

This gruesome of stories This heinous of tales ONE Samantha akin Davis Followed some trails Into the Artex Hills Close to her place Where Millie did wander And sometimes would chase Imagine that poor soul confronted By those terrible low … Continue reading

Chrissie Hynde at the KOKO

KOKO it’s there And it’s hardly surprising It’s great heart is pumping It’s red walls are something It’s stairways a hive Of activity Thumping the drums are spectacular A great pulse of energy Full of excitement That’s how it must … Continue reading

Blake gave them the respect they expected of him

Money and animals Quite the anathema Finding conclusions And remaining strong The wild ones Are wild because creation wanted that They were the The guiding lights They did belong Not in some circus Nor cage And no temple All of … Continue reading


To just see the exclusion zone Pale green pines The buildings bare A solitary truck with open doors And, no human beings there Chernobyl In proximity Heavily radiated Not the place to ever be The cost of nuclear energy The … Continue reading

Set aside

50 metres isn’t very far away But that’s the separation that’s imposed Between food grade and non food grade But to me a simple poet leaving it to fate to me seems closed Down for wind blows pollen every which … Continue reading

Chicken sheds

The Cafo is a concentrated hellhole For horror even Edgar Allan Poe Couldn’t have dreamed up anything as squalid assemblages of such vastness and they grow A sea of filthy crammed in aching bodies The smell of shit and urine … Continue reading


Clearly the gap is widening For the innocent proclaim Their hearts and souls Are measured By their fur which is s shame Where stores forgo their ethic And pity is filed away All they see is profit As long as … Continue reading


I want you to imagine something Your feral roots are deep You live there in the mother earth It’s where your children sleep You have always been a dweller In the land and know the score The terrier men and … Continue reading

Where we are standing

Stone Henge is where we are standing An iconic circle and we On this hallowed ground must wonder Just now where we be What now lies still under Where each of us stand Are there ancient chapels Underneath this chalky … Continue reading