Alban Elfed “the light of the water”

Today you join our circle With a rich harvests in our mind Thanking our great mother For her Abundance that we find We have watched as she has nurtured The grains and the greening scene And now we reach a … Continue reading

by another name

The summerlands at Autumn Time Might be the place for me Entering another phase I would, absolutely Realise the finality Of being but not seeing Shedding tears Increasing fears And honestly not being Able ever to see your face To … Continue reading


The inner child The inner mind The positive All underlined Skin the colour of the Eyes we see Blue and green The mentality Of The avatar Is what springs to mind A sixth sense That Some people find A cerebration … Continue reading


We really have to ask ourselves Why we allow abuse Of animals like the kangaroo There is no real excuse They are wild and they are iconic To Australia and they Have been and won their totemic status and respect … Continue reading

Iceland 140 and Iceland 3 more babies torn from their mother

With the sun coming out And yonder the sea Slate grey on this day Where the whale once so free Swam across oceans and ended up here In Icelandic waters where Clearly the fear Is manifest everywhere Endangered whales Are … Continue reading

Iceland 141 and 142

Another great soul lies quietly On the floor of the icelandic dock Where loftsson’s butchers are working Flensing away such a shock These beautiful whales were just swimming In the cold water and they Need the breath of the masters … Continue reading

Creation never imagined man could be so revoltingly unfair

Imagine all these years ago In creations factory They were working out the miracles That they wanted to see Human beings and animals Of every shape and size

Blue shark on sale

Cornish blue sharks on sale in Borough Market Predation of our waters And what for Very vulnerable code 5 Clearly threatening ICUN Says it And I am sure We need to leave the blue sharks Well alone wherever we Are … Continue reading

Cat killings

Its night time The M25 rarely Sleeps And all around The many towns Maybe a phantom creeps A wild fox Maybe many wild foxes On the prowl And thanks to all these Wheelie bins Murder now most foul Is going … Continue reading

Vine and ivy and the Autumn Equinox

The time be right for grapes and vine Equal day and night A sign Of prophecy and of truthfulness Of intoxication More or less Bacchus he a deity God of the grape and of the tree The great green man … Continue reading