Wild birds and their keepers

Human un kind They are out there Everywhere we go Wildness is to slavery And those now in the know Believe themselves to be free In their semi detached box With their standard car And the in built bar And … Continue reading


Courage And commitment And Accountablity Donald Trump Assignable Merited engaged A godly man With a world wide plan Who now has kind of staged High standing And consideration Veneration too Integrity and honesty And logical virtue up against the vile … Continue reading

Go fund Me

Go fund Me Hosting a fund raising jaunt And its for Hare Coursing Such pain they flaunt Arrogance yea you feel it here Ignorance too its so very clear Beautiful Hare’s torn to pieces Leaving some hunters in creases Soulless … Continue reading

The Faroes

Hard as nails The Faroese The Grindadrap The Danish Navy If you please! Protects their vikings Just Throwbacks who Wipe out Pilot Whale Pods And They do The bloodbath The whole family tree Torn to shreds The agony They drive, … Continue reading


Spirit is everywhere And the belief From the trees of the forest To the utter relief Of the stones standing Proud At ROllRIGHTS All do Have a spirit To run with A spirit thats true Edward Burnett Taylor Primitive Culture … Continue reading


Born from a dream And one hell of a team Essentially Andean charm Cacao the jungle The evergreen sway Born out of Paradise An ethos away Living and growing Giving and knowing Flowing and showing Intrinsically An authenticity Born out … Continue reading

Factory Farmers miscreants

as far as the eyes, can bloody well see And your noses can smell its where we be GestatIon crates Under lock and key To the farmer who we seldom If ever see There is no wonder left in life … Continue reading

Backyard dogs

Backyard dogs We’re on a chain Wet and cold Life is in vain Frozen water Dried up meat Nothing left for Us to eat We’re wet through The wicked sods We’re the guards Really at odds With life Supposed to … Continue reading

The death of a River Dolphin

Seven men plunged into The Sharda Canal Three have been charged And really all shall Realise honestly what they Have done With their wicked embrace Out there in The sun Battered this dolphin A rare river soul With rods and … Continue reading


The purest of chocolate The cleanest of taste The realisation It has to be faced The most ethical brand In the whole world today The genuine article That I can say It holds its ascendancy It is supreme Outclassing all … Continue reading

Trunyan an Island in Bali

An island where the death are laid Ephemerality Alone perhaps the eternal rest An open cemetery Not buried Left to lie at rest With eyes no longer seeing The sky above A phantom state An epitaphic being Relics of those … Continue reading

Glimpses of farm animals and others

Wickedness a quality That farm animals today Expect from corporations Iniquitous decay Degradation and depravity Degeneracy too We need alliteration To help us all see through The improbity and dishonesty And insincerity Pigs in almost complete darkness Where they hate … Continue reading

Wild birds massacre

DEFRA Whats its got to do with you Your grey suits they Are too tight imagine that On any given day Stuck there in your office Dint you want to hear The wild birds singing in the trees What is … Continue reading

Restitution is not being seen to be happening

Apparently dissension is causing Aggravation Restitution for damaged crops Is Going by the board Villagers are adamant They need to put up fences Electrocute the attackers They just cannot afford The losses of their crops From wild boar and from … Continue reading

Brainwashing animals to retrieve corpses of other animals

A good idea For, for me its wrong GUN Dogs trained or brainwashed With training until they be Outside their own bodies And their true psyche Making animals believe They are out as observers To watch and retrieve The corpses … Continue reading

Wolf killers

A lack of understanding Of Nature and its balances Dissension on the part Of wicked soulless people who Call themselves brave hunters Non conformist rotters Ignorant and arrogant Who just do what slobs do Its all about the ammo The … Continue reading

Wildness a journey to forever

In the wildness where oblivion Is ours to master we Live our lives to our mothers rules The great one and she be Always looking after us As long as we agree To live out lives according to the rules … Continue reading

Eating live baby mice

The abandonment of decency The irreverence of man Whose desecrating evil Is apparently to plan For certain its ungodly A created species who Willingly gives up its offspring So that we can do The most unhallowed evil We violate them … Continue reading

“In your face”

In your face nothing hidden Over indulgence seen As an excessive desire for eating A deadly sin has been Committed leading to gluttony But my belief is here We see a case of shock factor On the face of it … Continue reading

Fruits of the dead

A spiritual dimension In a Wintry altitude Where elemental spirits Are a light prelude For something rather special On certain Apple trees Rotten apples overlooked by birds They quickly freeze Its called a polar vortex Where the rotten fruit slips … Continue reading

Leisure Hunters

Laying traps in order To catch wild souls and pets When you are after pheasants Really pushing bets They do it just for leisure Hobbyists infact Some breathing space Its a disgrace And House cats they attract Here we see … Continue reading

Arnold Putra

Youthfulness a product Truthfully we see Bound up in the brainwashing Dosed up medically Part of the existence The visionaries who grow Out of the amalgam Of the transgenic ebb and flow Born in Indonesia Now residing in LA From … Continue reading

Horses for courses

Living alone takes a whole Lot of soul Away from a life form Perhaps a great hole In what is expected And the unforseen Animals think and animals glean So much from their Environments and from the way They are … Continue reading

South Korean dog food soup restuarants

Apparently eating dogs Has been going on for years Many are riddled with diseases Stolen pets the dears Living in some peoples homes But stolen anyway And kept on farms And murdered there There is no law they say Dogs … Continue reading

Criminal abusers must be prosecuted

Animals have rights But these wild souls perished In hails of gunfire Together, alone Running away from a maddening Fire storm cowards Murdering and taunting We all must disown These squalid of tainted and Mental case wallers 500 wild deer … Continue reading


Some body else’s mother Has a different face from ours She cries a lot, she wonders First how many hours She has to work at picking Mangetout for Tesco store At rates of pay that some would say Break ever … Continue reading

DUGONGS their frantic plea to the ABORIGINE

Australia must hang their heads In utter shame, for they Allow the Native Rights brigade To actually get away With torturing and slaughtering The most iconic soul Suffering the agony Your hunting lacks control a great spear thrust in its … Continue reading

AUSTRALIA ready to obliterate

They thoughtlessly kill all the Roo’s That they can And as for the Barrier Reef Their love of coal Losing their soul Bringing the country To grief As for the Koala’s They get short shrift Wildness is frowned upon It … Continue reading

The ungulates expected

Blame the BOVINE females For the Methane they create Vast clouds of it And why is that Farmers who berate Us all in the Concentrated Animals Feeding Operations Oceans of waste Its seldom faced But its down to Corporations To … Continue reading

Rome counts the victims

Rome a beautiful city For Starlings yesterday Saw a warring faction Explosions there to stay A new year for inhabitants And the people thinking they Should try and set off fireworks Frustrated by the way Lockdowns had been ordered Freedoms … Continue reading