Goddess Ballachulish

Undeniable there she lay 2000 years Essentially Her eyes were face downwards, she Her quartzite eyes perpetually Searching through the peaty realms Where Oblivion just overwhelms The spirit cancels out the light Intrinsically forced to bite Down on spagnum moss … Continue reading

Tourists in iceland

Iceland makes a fair old bit of money Taking tourists out to watch the whales Most of them are Minke in whale terms kind of dinky Thoughtless though for really where it fails Is these same tourists watching in the … Continue reading

60 whales were slaughtered today

60 whales this morning lost their precious lives The Faroes Islanders wickedly proclaimed Thors harbour saw the wretched blood and thunder Acted out and all of them are blamed Their sinfulness and iniquitous behaviour There is no need to slaughter … Continue reading


Pringles, kellogs makes them Proctor and Gamble, they Thought they had a great idea Potatoes all the way GM corn Rice and spuds Grind them up and see Add a million chemicals And fry it all and be Adding crazy … Continue reading

Mojacar’s lack of compassion

It happened on a beach in Spain. A little dolphin lost Split up from its mother Onto the beach was tossed And there its stress was clearly Made worse by those who Found it and decided they Would touch it … Continue reading

Lady Liuwa

A wonderful pristine wilderness In Zambia’s far west The Liuwa Plain National Park Where existence and the rest Come together feral souls The environment to test Five years after the Angolan War With poachers everywhere Trophy hunters followed Heightening despair … Continue reading

Backwardness in Taiji

Their unwillingness to realise the obvious Ocean mammals belong to no one, they Were given a freedom by the gods of long ago The indisposed and demurring though will say Culture and tradition gives them credence To slaughter and to … Continue reading

Snowshill Manor

Snowhill Manor A 16th century country house Where once we know A certain architect was living A poet too Who loved the flow Of words and phrases Of alliteration And quietly he loved The old crafte Alchemy and magic thrilled … Continue reading

Palm oil

Magnates and tycoons And fats cats have prospered SIngapore Indonesia and Malaysians They Have witnessed the forests Burned to their roots Moving the indigenous out of the way Animals surely have lost all their habitat Now several groups control all … Continue reading

The caves of fae

Through enchanted caves Eeked out of loam the industrious moles The grotto’s work Laboriously Bewitched they cast In telepathic channels lurk Under the kings men Standing stones Otherwordly ancient bones Charmed I am sure By the worms that crawl Through … Continue reading