Its my life

I can weigh 5000 kilos And stand 4 metres high I happen to be a female Which is really why I walk life as the matriarch In our family herd With lots of cows around It doesn’t seem absurd So … Continue reading

Animals and tourism

Tourism accounts for many many millions And how they go about it seriously Does affect the animals for Elephants Really get a hard time as we see Elephant rides and safari’s Are big business Many of the leading lights agree … Continue reading

Wool I do what

We bleed from our arses We bleed from our crutch With wounds on our body That pain us so much Our wool is our body They say when its time We are lifted and slammed down Into the grime It … Continue reading

Wicked wool

For too long we have allowed them To pull the wool over our eyes We have seen those bundles in the fields We did believe we were wise But sadly we were taken in By the wool trade for they … Continue reading

Kamchatka in Northern Russia land of the brown bear

Land of fire and ice Where geyser fountains pour Boiling springs, hot water falls Hot mud and so much more Dead sulphurous lakes Canyons and ravines So much thermal energy A tourist walk way through it all Devoid of all … Continue reading

The magic of Namaqualand

The great Mothers Magic Is boundless From the huge barren plains All we see Is a scuttle of insects Over the dust Inhospitable obstinacy Spring though is around the corner If it rains what you will see Is the great … Continue reading

Drakenberg and the animals

It looms from out of Mother Earth Rocks of basalt climb Into the barrier of spears It traverses all time dark and dangerous mountains For a thousand miles or more Sandstone valleys cloaked In green Dizzying heights explore For 160 … Continue reading

Bullhooks veto

California had a chance to ban the Bull Hook But it sadly was veto’d so I hear Governor Jerry Brown had been won over With all the worst intentions its seems clear The travelling shows and circus’s are powerful And … Continue reading

Kakadu (cockatoo) Northern territories

We all can learn a lot from this great wilderness Aboriginal lands now still today The wild extremes of Nature truly paramount And managed in a very expert way In scorching heat in tumultuous rains This really ancient land Is … Continue reading

Lacking foresight

For an amazing and gorgeous paradise where life was Full and green Through the minds of selfish greedy corporates We have seen A living forest torn down and slash and burn In force And all to make a commercial oil … Continue reading