The expectation that life brings And the need to find a friend The suspense of realisation And hoping in the end You are taken home to a warm place A place that will be where A puppy dog a bitch … Continue reading

Admission of defeat

To erase pure knowledge from an archive What it says to me Is it acknowledges the defeated sense Of perpetuity It goes back to the boy Who sweeps the dust under the mat It’s the very same philosophy And shows … Continue reading

The last harvest

The underworld has sent her queen To lead the merry dance And how resplendent she appears Her nature to enhance Each year it’s the last harvest A dance of dying souls The grain the fruit the animals All or some … Continue reading


My World of darkness Envelops all I am and all I see I sense a lot I hear a lot I dwell in sanctity I feel the earth beneath my feet And I can smell the air Breathe in its … Continue reading

The flush of romance to impart

That Crimson light an idyll in my Dreams of long before A swathe a flush of fire glow A rubescence at its core A warmth a carmine cosiness Magenta at its heart The muse would choose the blush the flush … Continue reading

The sickness of watching Dolphins swim in the desert

IfnArizona had been supposed to have Dolphins creation would Have put them all in small pools Which would have been for their good But all we see is lizards and snakes Around the place Nor Dolphins it just makes no … Continue reading

They thrashed about in panic

35 striped Dolphins met their end today All driven into TAIJI cove And then All made to pay All females with their families Swimming peacefully Mentoring and centering And living sensibly Then the blasted bangers Came close by of course … Continue reading


Those who live where wild life lives Those iconic souls Are just taken for granted Despite their special roles The black bear in New Jersey Some 3000 or more I hear Are sacrificed like some disease Every single year And … Continue reading

7 years young

7 years young A star burning bright An illumination And bringer of light A child of the universe Clearly in tune Feeling Bob closing in With the moon on the wane A wealth of affection Devotion and grace Beautiful rainbows … Continue reading

The mound of the hostages

The mound of the hostages The passage tomb It’s megalithic And that isn’t much room On the hill of Tara 3000 BC Where cremated remains Are like sands from the sea An engraving smile on the front Entrance stone It’s … Continue reading