Iris a 32 years old Chimpanzee Lived in a cage In a place Chessatea A sort of zoo On the roadside poor soul In a cramped dirty cage A dark little hole In Georgia she was Filthy as hell Under … Continue reading

Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface of what is Life the ocean wide The orcas and the dolphins Simply cannot hide Plunged into captivity The aqua parks deceive Their public into thinking That they alone achieve A wonderment In what is A cash … Continue reading

A spectrum disorder

The rate of growth in environmental Quarters The inoculant that subdues The spirit child Who is medically disabled Potentially enabled Who has crossed the current Boundaries Bordering on the wild We refuse to understand Their coordination A gift alongside their … Continue reading

She wears a white dress but she doesn’t confess

A white dress and boots Stood there in the sun A big ram hung swinging Look what she’s done Stripping the skin And the wool of his back Stood on his head So under attack She is the hunter Who … Continue reading

Look at me through some bars if you can

Soft warm and innocent Blamelessly so A state of grace Harmless you know Sweetly inoffensive Playfully you Are gently angelic Excused all you do A good moral strength Saintly of soul You walk oh so humbly But with such control … Continue reading

Homeless boy

Abandoned and Homeless A 7 year old On a New York sidewalk So I ‘m told Isolated in a A plastic bag Orphaned and Kithless Just a wet rag A Shirt Just So rootless Unsettled Disturbed and so hurt Banished … Continue reading

It’s all about class

Psychotically wired With an unfeeling air UKIP and the Tories They are everywhere They want the hounds barking The horses in flight They want badgers culled In the dead of the night They want foxes chased And torn into strips … Continue reading

It happened in Ewhurst

It happened in Ewhurst In Surrey In the borough of Waverley Where The Surrey Union Hunt Was having a punt Which led to a deer’s Dire despair Their terrier men Took umbrage to those Saboteurs who tried to aid A … Continue reading


Emancipated, meagre and thin Scrawny and weedy Wizened of skin Orchestrating starvation At St.Leonard’s on sea Watching him bare boned and haggard For free Stolen day by day Suffering so On the edge of sanity No where to go He … Continue reading

Second skin

First flush impressions Colour and light A feast for the eyes It’s demeanour, bright Psychopathy raging A madness in flight Cracked brained and bonkers All down to hindsight Oblivion paramount Keyed up and tense Unsurprised and astonished With lots of … Continue reading