All lions deserve better

A National Park offers freedom Free born free bred and heart whole This was special Lion 13 years old A wonderful spirit and soul A master of all his surroundings The king of his jungle was he Untrammelled unshackled uncurbed … Continue reading

Hunting Speak

These killers use words thoughtfully Harvesting equates to murdering It beats me Conservation rates Improved by further killings Its an arrogant point of view Created by the psychopaths Because that is what they do Deep down somewhere in their socks … Continue reading

Cecil and the American Dentist

Zimbabwe Cecil’s place of birth A National Park was where He lived his life in harmony And clearly learned to share His whereabouts with humans Putting up with all of that Wearing a GPS collar So they knew where he … Continue reading

Message for sadistic men of the Faroes

This is channelled information Via our networks in the sea From the great whale hierarchy Through your universe to me We are precious in the ocean Our existence absolute Our survival is essential Our actuality the root Under the sun … Continue reading

A poisonous state of affairs

Is it revenge that the islanders feel For the toxicity of their every meal The threat to their infants inside the womb Possibly shortening their path to the tomb Methyl mercury and PCB’s And subsequently of course they seize The … Continue reading

Standing knee high in the blood they caused laughing their heads of

Laughter they can laugh Up to their knees in blood and snot What a resounding and funny joke That they dare laugh a lot Whole families they have wiped out And yet these retards feel This is the time to … Continue reading


Hails from Metz The north east of France At the confluence of the Moselle And Seille A very gentle lady who certainly Looks well A softness and a gentleness A luminary she With a vividness and brilliance Sits resplendently A … Continue reading


Born and bred in Singapore And found his way we hear To Preston, not far from Manchester Where they have strange ways, I fear Divyael is a healing man He wears his bangles well A gentle calming influence And doesn’t … Continue reading


Don’t believe. Cuadrilla They are mistaken Fracking truthfully Is a fracking crime Just go out to Brisbane Go to Philadelphia Realise these bastards are good at crime T But bloody bad at doing anything about it Protect the land we … Continue reading


Eighteen islands Forty seven thousand or so there The diet is of fish mainly In this polluted planet mono fucking diets Don’t get you anywhere Killing loads of pilot whales As this mob tend to do Loaded with methyl mercury … Continue reading