Igbo people

South Central and South Eastern

many subsistence farmers they

worship Ala their earth goddess

some twenty million pay

respect to their ancestors

into sublimity

kinship groups

rainforest souls

wanting to be free

men grow Yams and Cassava

and Taro yes all three

a changelessness apparent

sanctified they be

divination and oracles

some fifty years ago

a brutal war was raging

Many of you know

Many murdered many starved

Biafra sleeps a while

the people are revolting

they are really off  the dial





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Palm oil all the way from Africa

Corporations are rolling in it

palm oil is their thing

as for virgin forests

what does palm oil bring

to all that life and luxury

to the godly spirit there

little, yes I have to say

But lots  of wild despair

The Indigenous people suffer

wild animals do too

the wondrous  web under the ground

we miss that vital  clue

the workers slave for little

the corporations earn

the wildness and the glory

it really should concern

all of us for Palm oil

makes money that is true

for the biggest spenders

the corporations who

see wondrous forest torn down

the animals within all killed

the poor souls getting poorer

blood is being spilled

Nature how she is suffering

and the oil is not that good

ah they are making lots of money

much more than they should

Nigeria counts its riches

BIAFRA cries aloud

the Igbo people suffer

a nation that was proud

ancestral Land loss

killings so many were allowed

and tragically the rumblings

continue  to this day

And Palm oil doesn’t  help

there is still an array

of misnomers and degradation

everywhere you go

Suspiciousness and falsehoods

as painful feelings grow.







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Zimbabwe and its baby elephants

Hate crimes and BLOOD money

Elephant sales we see

Zimbabwe and the babies

an end to the family


how can hate crimes happen

selling babies to

How  come they are minors

they don’t know what to do


they haven’t learned the ropes yet

no mother anymore

all the  learning thats for certain

Zimbabwe isnt sure

money in the local safe

concrete pens in view

everyones a lockdown artist

permanently on view


i do love baby elephants

willing little souls

learning to do whats right from wrong

coping with their roles

learning to walk in water

and upon the road

it is  very important to know

the highway code.




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the want of  Independence

was the wish of the Igbo

stifled by the Yuruba

great dissonance did grow

Cacophonous  intention

repulsed at every turn

whoever dares to mention

the historical  concern

a secessionist state

was wanted

Biafra it be

from 1967 until 1970

what turned out to be a  ghastly

Civil War

more frightening than

all the nightmares anywhere

Conducted  without   plan


it became a horrendous ordeal

the Igbo suffered long

the capturing of coastal oil

a blockage  it was wrong

mass starvation

then ensued

so many children died

the Conservative Islamic  way

It was a great divide

the arts and crafts

the music

the “highlife” so to say

the culture and the lifestyle

so different  by the day

language food and  belief  system

ancestral philosophy

The  core values

fictitious too

Apparently  an absurdity

in how and what we do

you can feel  the animosity

its out there and its true

Biafra lost so very much

With sacrifice we do

face an uncertain future

from what was an awful coup.














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Commersons Dolphins

First sighted  in the Magellan Strait

in 1767 he

a famous old French Naturalist

Commerson was born to be

discovering these wild souls

active playful and small

diving and  somersaulting

and having themselves a ball

also called and Jacobita

a Pie Bald  Dolphin  too

With tremendous  curiosity

when swimming in the blue

tiny by comparison to many

the colour of the Orca tribe

impulsive swimming  through

Hoops  to follow wayward ships

flashing in their bows

with wonderful reactions

and divining powers


quantum leaps


resourceful I can  say

they caught the eye

of that french guy

And  from that very day

his name became their name

no contradiction there

with what is true vivacity

its a shame  that they are rare









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Eyes of black

you will never find an owl

that is ever wearing glasses

Piercing eyes  an orange

and a black

owls are wondrous raptors

philosophers to boot

You will  never hear them say a lot

perhaps, a hoot

fierce  beyond imagination

nocturnal in their space

no eye tests for the  family owl

just a  feathery face.

a sentinel under  the moon

draped in a feathery gown

judicious to the very end

empirical and sound.





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Surgery wallers

Go into the surgery

without a mask

you become,the plague

and are taken to task


you become the pariah

twilight zones are

rising around us

where is the Tzar


the bods from the science base

behavioural mob

with shit for their brains

that like running their gob


fed by the cabal

in their dums  in the ground

like scurrying rats

No where to be found



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I found a flower by a baby gorilla

Look what I have found

a tiny flower

It is  tangible and real

its substance is extraordinary

and I love its feel

the scent is wild and special

each petal soft and I

have an affiliation with it

by and by

twisting it in  my fingers

its identity

Could it be a Dandelion

a uniformity

of colour

likened to no other

a bitter taste maybe

its mine and I will keep it

in its supremacy


I am aware that I  could  crush it

but that would not be right

it transcends certain others

who also seek the light

its whole,  a true completeness

a real integrity

every aspect detailed

and unbroken thankfully


an order and a harmony

arranged in such a way

its petals, pure and simply laid

It has  no middle way

an assemblage of softness

of originality

conforming to its  blueprint

and to eternity.

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Skyscrapers and mindlessness

A poem from the wild birds

In fact its their appeal

Nocturnal migrations

are very very real

when the air is calmer

less strength needed for flight

less predators to complicate

and we then use the light

the moon in all its splendour

the stars that polarise

the Earth’s magnetic field

and of course pure sight

as to your well lit buildings

and skyscrapers you see

although we are  attentive

They really shine brightly

and it is so confusing

and tragically you see

we fly towards the illuminations

and die  crushed terribly.


it truly is  frustrating

and makes us wonder why

your architects and engineers

don’t consider us

the sky

is where we are

we share the sky

the mortal dangers  are

out there, we are suffering

the LIGHT pollution scar

we are painstaking about our routes

as careful as can be

watchfulness and vigilance

and our memory

its generally the unconcern

your laxness everywhere

despite our concentration

high buildings really scare


the living daylights out of us

and thousands of us die

every night it isn’t right

You should  try and fly

it feels like discrimination

with misjudgement everywhere

tactless and insensitive

and to top it  all bad air.


high structures in our flyways

disorientate,  they do

its maddening to fly for miles

so many miles

its true

we are dying in our thousands

and its, all down to you.

life is packed with meaning

the halcyon days we spent
enjoying, the summery winds

in the main we are content

so help us think about the birds

Each one of us a  feathered friend

use the brains you were born with

And please  please comprehend.


















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Mark Devlin








a built in valour


a true resoluteness

and audaciously

Freedom its out there

Initiatives flow

your music is out there

raring to go

bold and eventful

ready to fight

a clear undertaking

red-blooded and right

Lone self reliant

able to draw

to confront

all thats out there

to see it for sure

your wisdom

climbs mountains

embolden are you

a desire to command

one of the few

out there confronting

the demons Lets say

without hesitation

you blow them away.


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Peruvian women

Indigenous Women are

making a noise

its justice and rightness

they are the joys

that women are needing

land rights you see

Culture respect and identity

being the stewards of the forest

rings true

so much is wrong everywhere

we do what we do

ignoring the forests

Neglecting the trees

denying the women

their business to please


Peruvian Women

let their voices be heard

the threats and the challenges

as if a bird

flies from the canopy

into the sky

their amiability

is worth a try


a state of wonder


up against the indifference

which is needlessly

calling for courage

affection and care

these beautiful women

Ride high on a prayer



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Watching the boats

watching the banger boats

depart everyday

with their sick nasty mindless

sailing away

hopeful to track down

a huge pod of souls

a family tree

with myriad goals

dolphins divineness

essentially so

amazingly clever

as most of  us know

spiritual creatures

sensitive too

their surroundings

and each other

and all this is true


Taiji is a whaling port

and every year

they hunt and they catch

and they spread so much fear

they select fancy dolphins

to sell far away

they imagine they own  all  they catch



heartless irreverence

exceeding the law

cruelty reigns

for them it is  war

knowing how sensitive

dolphins can be

they use banging pipes

Pushed into the sea

to frighten the babies

and females,   thats right

without jurisdiction

they work with a might

of larceny, impure thoughts

they violate

earning blood money

at an alarming rate

they will not recant

their obduracy

is viler than ever

in truth,  honestly

As Hardened  sinners

what do they  do

wound a young dolphin

the villainous crew


stoop down and frighten

ruffians they

are heartless oafs

at the end of the day

inoffensive dolphins wide eyed  and true

unspotted and saintly

its what they do


blood in the water


Manipulation and chicanery

Driving the dolphins

scaring them too

disparaging loudly

thats what they do


mortification humiliation

injurious cursing

scoffing and mocking

these are sea angels

godly creations

supercilious bastards

of their great Nation


Japan is the land

of the great rising sun

of the murdering scumbags

who know what they have done

frightened and tormented

the dolphins we see

the porpoise the pilots

All of them them be

driven and given

the fright of their lives

the pretty ones trained

and the rest feel the knives

Under  the tarps in what becomes the brine

blood flows a’sunder

the sun doesn’t shine

on this satanic place

where insolence reigns

where malingerers torture

and bash out the brains

of the greatest of players

the real dolphin hordes

who submit to the butchers

and die on their swords


i wont watch the boats going out any more

the dolphin Project wants to for sure

depressing us all

Anointing our pain

we know what does happen

again and again

angels are driven

sucked in and sold

the torturing goes on

leaving us cold

They are arrestable

It makes  no sense

They are  detestable

the air is tense

with their culpability

causing much grief

their inexcusability

beyond belief.



Taiji Japan and Broome in Western Australia who supports their outlawry.






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fishermen discarding ghost nets are criminals without a doubt

the falsehoods and artfulness

and the disgrace

they cannot be bothered

all over the place

sensitive habitats

its becoming clear

ghost nets discarded

produce so much fear

49 feet deep 56 miles


just imagine that

really how wrong

ghost fishing innocent

600 years

before breaking up

All the billions of tears

shed by the by-catch

the true souls of  the sea

trapped and enclosed

and starved violently


so huge and heavy

coral reefs reel

Carpenteria Ghost Nets Programme



the Indigenous communities

clearly they know

the six R’s

are working

and now they show


remove record and rescue

Report and  reduce

and research

all of it true

903 miles of coastline

has been

checked in three years

the noble scene


uprightness and goodness


they care and they share

the ghost nets they see

unscrupulous fishermen

the opportune

discard their nets

From their ruddy cocoon

ignorance reigns

in their little world

wastrels and sinners

their shit is just hurled

down to the sea bed

degenerate scum

few thoughts in their head

seemingly numb

to the damage they cause

to the victims who be

caught up in the nets

the enormity


of their decisions

so much remorse

Condemned to such fury

Right from the source

millions of creatures

starved of their right

many  in agony trying to fight

their way out of netting

this awful discard

that threatens so many

and upsets this Bard


their vile debauchery

no self control

Undisciplined monsters

without a soul

an insatiable urge

to murder and kill

devouring nature

can you all feel the chill?


their shamelessness

coarseness and wantonness  they

Dishonour  their gods

quietly each day

they need to be charged

and sat in  some jail

chastised every time

YES wherever they sail.
















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Wood chip madness

unconscientiousness and falsehoods


the villainous and good for nothing

true venality

a century of  flourishing

of  uprightness to the cause

replaced by the  chicanery

that tragically won’t pause


vast forests of  greenery

air providing wealth

a constancy of innocence

great principles of health

the faithfulness of animals

Koala and Gliders they

are slaughtered by the ungodliness

as the trees are borne away


legends of each moment

magical they be

prophetically creative

vibrationally free

communities so sacred

sentinels  are we


japan is after biomass

with yen to burn all day

60,000 tonnes  of life force

resourceful in every way

Blue Gum  the consortiums

heartless arrogant scum

destruction is their only thought

and my god we see some


Australia takes Aboriginal Land

so easily

steals in the darkness

so much improbity

these artful shuffling larcenists

their treachery we feel

every wangle every fiddle

of course these types conceal


wood chip can you believe this

to burn this energy

with morals of such looseness

accursed flagrancy


disrespect the ancestors

the battle lines are drawn

each spiralling dimension

Every leaf thats torn

a’sunder by the gruesome teeth

the transgression into ill

the iniquity of the braindead

And the rivers of chlorophyll

each sentinel withstanding

a web of life itself

microflora communities

just think for thyself

creation the great timescale


the undeniable  factored in for free

tall trees saplings shrub and thorn

stolen by machine

great robots driven violently

it really is obscene

and not a soul to speak

the politics we know

the grey suits fucking everywhere

the dark web and the low

life the cabal satanic

a sparseness is what we see

a rotten clash of belligerence

and for sure hostility


the Wurundjeri people

the Kulin Nation they

breathe the vital oxygen

their vitalness display

the beginning of  each tiny shoot

uncopied and alone

their eminence was largely

from where they had been sown


the disharmony created

the bedlam of the crowd

the bugger mugger scramble

of course the woodsman proud

Cutting out the greenheart

rupturing the soul

Pickling the spirit

and the killer role


suffocation smothering

vandalism they

Bring their cataclysmic forces

swiftly into play

Suppressing  youthful


every sodding day


and its going to a Japanese

POWER Station, I hear

industrial destruction

and loads and  loads of fear

the despoilers they are out there

giving it their all

tiny pricks with little else

pissing up the wall.







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Hailey is My cousin

and, in so many ways

We mirrored each other

in our early days.

Our  fathers were absent

but our mums thankfully

were attentive to needs

and were purposefully

both beautiful souls

Watchful and caring

earnest and loving

and, always sharing


Hailey  brother Barry

and Hailey were two

Peas in a pod

they were both good and true


growing up she said she really

looked up to me

whatever the predicament

we seemed to be


Assured, she remembers

when she was sixteen

I gave her a scarf

Made  of  soft messaline

she loved it so much

it was good to wear

so soft to the touch

But she was aware

growing up we were close

but when I left,  as such

our paths hadn’t crossed

We were just out of touch


friends,  drifting apart

With tears in their eye

I was  in the Harlequin

in Watford a sigh

I wouldn’t have normally

been there  but Annette

said I should go there

and thats where I met

Hailey again

we were able to

catch up on stuff

It is what real friends do

We remembered how we went

to St )ames  in Bushey

Sharing our sad childhood

And the challenges, we

faced absent fathers

But both had good mums

all the abuse

but we were still chums


so its been three years

since we got back again

I was thinking  she may have

abandoned me

over my sadness

but the tragedy

was she had given birth

a rather sick child

who had a heart problem

with her partner it was wild

low times and sadness,

and masses of stress

it was just all of these

circumstances,  no less

that was the reason

No contact was made

all the uncertainty

really it weighed

On both our  sweet minds

This Mutual regret

But we quickly picked up

where we left off

all set


fine,  we were activists

sharing stuff,  I

Said about the Catholic School

and the wifi

the radiation

the dangers were  bad

the governments arrogance

and just how sad

that children are being

Affected each day

and now the vaccines

Being rolled out our way

so much to talk about

thats what we do

depend on each other

which really is true


Her Partner Matt

she had known him for years

he was a hard working

an artisan who

fitted heating boilers

and serviced them too

he had won some big  contracts

in London and he

Always worked hard

and expeditiously


a perfect family

in so many ways

a great deal of  love

and caring

which plays

to the children, one Freya

the youngest

and Millie

Adorable lasses

always merrily

felicitous and happy

joyful and wise

for their years

and their bones

wifi and phones!


Hailey she cares

and she makes sure her girls

get the guidance they need

knowledge she hurls

its for their betterment

and you can see

they are really sweet girls

as to their gadgetry

they are not on their I pads

hour after hour

they listen, they learn

and they empower

each other

a family, balanced and true

lots of moral fibre

and integrity too


Damian thats Hailey  mums Partner

he be

arty,he is    into crafts

an artisan,free

plays the guitar

creative and real

faithful and loyal

and expressly ideal.

her Uncle Robert

he went off to France

bought a cottage and Land

a right song  and dance

but Thankfully Carole

stayed steadfast and strong

with a penchant for animals

all of a long

Reliable and worthy

Unsullied and true

the perfect mother

to her special  two

if you like

Damian, is now

a step dad we know

the story ends well

And reliably so.

























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Greedy and unsustainable

Ban bottom trawling

a wilful and culpable crime

one of total  violation

forfeiting the time

irreverent behaviour


and scorn

despicable and paltry

unfaithful to the core

unethical and immoral

its become and all out war

Suspected blamed and censured

sinners those who do

fish without compunction

conscienceless its true


its outlawry

and unwarrantable

its criminal I’d say

Only the wicked would do it

for its vulgar anyway

it challenges all honesty

its offhand and its wrong

its injurious and harmful

and it just does not belong


in our or precious oceans

its ugliness devours

Causing indignation

right across the bows

a virulence and


in poor taste one can say

So frightful and repellent

in its ill proportioned way.



destruction of habitat a waste of species

dullards dragging the sea bed killing everything in sight






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Pet food slaughter


they are so far from sentient

heartless and cruel vile, they

go out shooting Kangaroo’s

blowing them away

lousy shots most of  them tearing off their jaws

terrible vibrations

call them the Pet food wars


obtuse and dull these shooters

Repressed and bloody dour

causing immense suffering

sane souls asking how

Anyone in their right mind

Could  ever act this way

so deplorably lamentable

tear jerking all the way


at night you will hear the rifles


a vile disturbing business

whose work is truly dire

2000 wild Bush Angels

to be slaughtered every week

and turned into food for cats and dogs

this is what they seek

Residents of Loddon  nightmares every day

a battleground of ignorance

of  worry and dismay

limping broken kangaroo’s

orphaned joeys crying

Broken bones and gaping wounds

and the meat traders some lying


Telling  us  its ethical

new jobs for the place

Bloody awful karma

One hell of a disgrace

What is  the feel bad factor

the nights of discontent

the querulous demands on life

nothing heaven sent

ululation everywhere

the tedium of death

these beautiful handsome wild souls

gasping for the breath

god had given freely

these shooters stole away

dead flesh soaked in maggots

and Australia will pay

the piper, you can bet on that

Their sacrifice is wrong

its hideous and repulsive

and really does not belong

in the state of Victoria

its odious to see

formless grotesque ravaged bodies

All murdered they will be


a total obscenity

the admiration most

have for the iconic ones

to tourists they just  host

their gentleness and caring

of noble descent

2000 victims every week

a blood awful dent

in what is the creation

miracles they be

environmental stewards

such  true ancestry


up against the butchers

the dregs of sanity

some of the lower orders

drenched in depravity

the statuesque the handsome

high spirited and real

they really leap with dignity

see them and you feel

joyful deep down inside of you

as for the blustering fools

the arrogant the cavalier

many who have no balls

no real guts in their arsenal

shooting  from afar

domineering and lordly

they are the eternal scar

on our noble creatures

we watch them hacked and fall

fathers losing children

what is a lead wall

of bullets tearing into flesh

Mean  spirited and rank

aloof with a moroseness

i hate them to be frank


Don’t  let them  murder kangaroos

the trade is dark all through

because they have displeasure

for the darling Roo

an aversion and ill feeling

stop them in their tracks

we do so love wild animals

and we have their backs


kangaroo processing

its evil through and through

Making money out of killing

how can it be true

its a sickness that breeds anger

reeds a fury in my soul

such spiteful bitchy viciousness

who just take on the role

of barbarousness and savageness

they in fact dig their hole

deeper in the sinfulness

threatening those who call

Cancelling our humanity

which really affects us all.


Stop this vile processing plant

stop it in its tracks save our beautiful Kangaroo families

the bug Males and often sad females and their joeys and pinkies that end up decapitated or bashed on the bull bars

life is sacred  the Roo is Australia.










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Kangaroo fathers

meat trade shooters

lack of understanding

skulking they

hunt at night

its their delight

to blow big males away


Kangaroos have family structure

unlike meat trade shooters who

big males oft are fathers

doing what good fathers do


The protection of male children

not milk dependant, they

still need guidance

about where to eat

and what to eat

and may


Need to sleep

find water holes

protection is their thing

and are up against the craven

spunkless shooters

who do bring


nothing but audaciousness

and murdered on a wing

they have this kind of loathing

for the families in full flight

feeding underneath the moon

doing what is right


soaked in animosity

in a state of war

ill wishers and antagonists

bred on blood and gore


Shooters carry iron bars and knives

and axes too

they decapitate and chop through bones

That is  what they do


butcher fathers in front of mothers

and their children who

Seek out their protection

what are they going to do


now maybe both parents

fighting hard for breath

shot and rendered  ready

the babies too their death

is matter of fact

their union broken in one night

gate crashed by these meat trade shooters

in the bright spot light


roughness harshness acerbity

boorish loutish, they

carry their repugnance

as they go on their way

dissension and hostility

rancour and deep spite

they are an anathema

looking for a fight


fathers are protectors

with the best intentions they

are responsive and have empathy

and how the family pay

out there in the bush

the mean bloodthirstiness one sees

Flint hearted callous retards

sadistic if you please


how many youngsters perish

their challenge it is there

such misogyny aforethought

its the dusty air

killer butchers  on the prowl

and are unaware

unfeeling and unmerciful

intolerant as well

a little bit of  training

and a passport out of Hell


they will never get a pardon

from me I have to say

the Meat Trade never prophets

They are vulgar in the way

they cannot see the wrongness

not understand the pain

the grief they cause in families

really its insane

for  they are iconic angels

grass eating souls they be

an integral friend of Nature

Whose responsibility

to environments and family

are second to none

the irreverence of the populace

when the day is done

the impiety snd mockery


these truly friendly creatures

that absolutely bring


great spirit to the land we know as Australia.


















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Chef’s entitlement

T V chefs

their arrogance

the sophistry its everywhere

animals are reared

and killed  fed on

GM, so unaware

of reality

of  honesty

and the waste of some of the bodily parts

by ignorance

the muggers be


the depravity


a living soul bred totally

for the oven imagine that

fed on cheapo foreign muck

flesh and blood and fat

no honour and no caring

an artificial life

imprisoned in a darkly stall

fed on lots of strife

maltreatment its just commonplace

a wretched grotty time

Cut in  pieces packed in trays

to end up mixed with acidic chyme

Which really is gut wrenching

sinful and shameful each flaw

dismemberment of the murdered soul

And the precious herbivore.











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Donkeys I love them poor souls

A donkey hard done by

for most of  its days

a slave to its owner


despite all the ways

it tried just to give

How it struggled to be

impressive at carrying

weight actually

in the hot weather

up hills it would fight

the steepest of  gradient

Nothing felt right

whipped if it struggled

a disunion  there

no understanding

or being aware


Despite the  unkindness

and the disrespect

the donkey would carry

and rarely object

for some mouldy hay

and a kick now and then

it was always that way


for years this would happen

the load never small

Back breaking effort

tied to the wall

when not carrying loads

a life to exert

whatever the weather

he just felt like dirt


when he got older

clearly got slow

and therefore was beaten

he had lost his glow


where ached

just a frenzy of fear

the donkey was sad

that was so clear


No holiday coming

a green field somewhere

to rest and retire

owners unaware

Sold  off to the factory

led into the barn

a sledgehammer used

and a terrible yarn

to tell of its demise

its poor head bashed in

and made into ejiao

from its tired and chafed skin


ejiao the Chinese use old donkey skin

and our poor Donkey gets it

he never  could win

He worked like the clappers

a slave night and day

and was fed very little

and then  led away


to the ejiao  a stripping

a killing its clear

Working animals  tragically

do live life in fear

humans are rotten

Right to  their core

emotionless  varmints

Amazingly free

of spirit

of loving

Of care or belief

from the beginning

it bore out such  grief












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In the blue of the ocean

the jellies

gentle progression

for they

pulsate and joyfully

sail calmly through

the salt of the ocean

its what jellies do


a gas filled bladder

and tentacles long

all sorts of colour

no colours wrong

here with the light and the sea

and  it all

a state of  wonder

astonishment,  call

up the artist and tell them

be baffled to spy

a wonderful wizard

who just likes to fly

so weirdly toxic

a great man o’ war

a  breathtaking evil.

whats it all for


a demonstration

just full of  swank

a flourish of trumpets

a lot in the bank

form and solemnity

pompous and great

a  being an entity

a realness of late


way down in the ocean

where light fades away

where darkness recovers

and tries to say

the really great flourish

Of  tentacles that

Make a palpable difference

Where ever they are  at.






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Life expectancy

life is creation

Beings under the sea

Is thoroughly beautiful

if you ask me

unless Indonesia happens

to be

the place where you live and love

then tragically

life is a bummer

for the indigenous they

get somewhat excitable

and skittish, the way

they treat us if injured

Dugongs alas

they forget they should protect us

And become crass

as for our suffering

they disregard

we become dinner

Mentally scarred


being protected

a species should be


the joys of the sea

so empathetic

soulful and intense

being injured by boats

it makes no sense

to then feel the half hearted

uninspired way

the natives mistreat you

Out in  the bay


their hideous nature

frightful they be

a knife in the body

ravaged we see

and feel the emotion

The fright and  the fear

their tactless behaviour

oh yes its so clear


today is our last day

alive on this earth

eyes closing


what are we worth

Just  fodder in  fact

Just dead  meat to fire

no way to react

the lord god is a liar









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Medieval nonsense

The in unbelievable  abuse

of the Black Rhino

its horn, used by the Chinese


to sure the various diseases

to aid their sexual deviation

employing the vile poachers


Money grabbing abjectness


spivvery and skulduggery

wavering loyalty

Murdering the Rhino’s

often with their calves

hacking off their glorious horn

Nothing done by halves

contemptible behaviour

every eight hours

a rhino is attacked

with utter scorn

poachers working

taking back to Viet Nam

the spoils

we might ask why

the horn was ever torn


off of a frantic mother

steeped in agony

a calf disparaged in such an awful way

a blood bath on the plain

rudeness and disdain

dreadful dereliction day on day


Prehistoric  memories

of morality

the ruthless and the unrelenting power

of money and corruption

and medieval medicine

bloodthirstiness and barbarity

thats how


airlifted by helicopter

Thats  a new idea

wild terrain and  wilderness

darted now its clear

saving  them from poachers

its what we must do

carry them upside down

and truck them out

its simply true

rolled into these moving crates

and driven far away

Zulu Land is arranging it

flying high they say


at the rate that Rhino Horns

are wanted

there will not be any Rhino

Left around

airlifting them to safety

is the only way ahead

where there are no roads

That is  where they are  bound


the haughtiness and arrogance


the domineering tyranny

we see

the uneasiness and angst

it must be thwarted

safe guarding the Black Rhino

has to be


seemly and with dignity

Cutting through the anguish

that has been

there isn’t any science

its all medieval crap

a stagnation of irrelevance

To What has proved obscene.




This is the last chance for the Rhino’s

and we must respect all involved for they are

the last hope for existence of these wonderful creatures

in their rightful wild places




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Famous names

Famous names

forgotten claims

baby cow skins,they

seemingly care nothing

for what goes on today

Feathers plucked  from live geese

with more feelings than those

plucking them

who chuck great handfuls

as their screaming grows

shearling lambs whose woefulnes

is a bitter pill to take

famous names

their thoughtless games

Nipping gnawing, gripping


nauseous,tear-jerking, We

Fancy names





fancy prices

all denying.


The unthinking cruelty  and the finality of death



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Sea creatures suffer so

Contaminating and polluting

disposal overboard

the unconcern, and lack of care

the lethargy its everywhere

lines and hooks such apathy

the oceans feel the

phlegm and we

each creature stoically does try

to live our lives

a wondering why

sharks and turtles seals and all

get caught up

in the callous call

unconscious fishermen

they be

just polluting tragically

spiritless and impervious

the ocean depths its curious

violated everyday

the angst it causes

who can say

so indisposed

so much dismay

we all feel grief

the woeful way


the ocean bed

your dustbin for

the chafing

Ugliest of  sore


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The Faroes

The Faroes pales

into insignificance

killing Pilot Whales

storing up the  mercury

One hopes their liver feels

not just fat and sluggish

But  actually reveals

the evil that is life force

a deathly hush hangs low

retards  in the back ground

the carnage it grow

Creation was Gods miracle

blood pools everywhere

55 plus Pilot Whales

and the unborn calves despair.




550 whales murdered this season

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hatred of Wolves

in Wisconsin

really its everywhere

sinfulness we feel

a massacre is underway

its very very real

Federal protection

the Trophy Hunting mob

killing during breeding

their bloodbath it does rob


creation of its miracles

218 souls, gunned down

really all this wrongness

in each others blood we drown

abuses at high level

they came with hounds we know

fighting was inevitable

the evil it does grow

Trophy Hunting wildlife killers

Rotters simply they

want to kill 300 more

more and more each day

these hunters they sell guns

and ammunition

engaged in death

thats all they do

such disrespect of life

such vile contempt

Murdering whole families

YES its true

seen as unimportant, spurned

and left to  die

nothing but fault finding

lambasting them and why

as to TONY EVERS this killing

has to cease

protection is the answer

really we need PEACE

a little understanding

and planning in the pot

all these recriminations

all trumped up , YES the lot

of wolves they feel the anguish

condemned every way

steeped in criminality

And of course made to pay


excessively though balancers

legitimate they be

the environment is governed

by their lifestyle and we see

their punishment, the slippery slope

to Hell and life no more

Accursed and atrocious

And what is it all for






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Refrigerated storage

Snowdonia a place of  NATURAL beauty

seemingly and frighteningly might be

if the planning goes ahead

dead animals will be

stored there a facility

where farmers can drop off

their dead animals for storage

it seems horrible to me

up a single track road

the “kennels” is its name

already a planning application

was refused it  seems the blame

to do with an incinerator

of  hunting dogs  their kills

and now another application

i have to say it chills

me to think an application

Could be lodged  and be

adding to the carnage

it feels awful actually


Snowdonia a place of Natural Beauty

a grade 2 listed building is close by

water and yes housing

what of   run off

to me it just feels wrong

under the sky



NP5/62/63F refused application

For the same site.




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Foie gras

Its frighteningly obvious

and cruel beyond belief

creating Hepatic Steatosis

and the most spiteful grief

this mousse or lobe of wickedness

Grotesque in every way

funnels  pushed down tender throats

three loads every day

gavage, force fed these victims

their throats violently sore

their livers full of  awfulness

nobody should ignore

it is a silent killer


malice and dushonour

a most outrageous ugliness

callous made with such brutality


fatty liver growing by the day

17 days of three dollops of corn

the liver grows and pushes into the lungs

ten times larger than when they were born

sadistic and blood thirsty

to have no mercy we

torture these sweet wonderful birds

with such vulgarity

how can human beings

buy and eat this pain

its really a degeneracy

truly its insane


eating houses serving it

are sicker its a crime

Buttery smooth so people say

the calories they climb

high 10o measly grams

Has Cholesterol on a scale

criminals and perverts

and good for nothings fail

the bingers and the gluttons

gastronomic fools

often drunk with rich red wine

gormandizing calls

out for more of the foie gras

the despicable I say

such irreverence such scant respect

a pejorative display.

Banning  it forever

is a good idea

Boycotting shops that sell it

or serve it

it is clear

its unrightful

its invalid

its misjudgement

day on day

unfitting and  inappropriate

for anyone to pay














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Spanish Mustangs

It was women and children

that helped to protect

the wild Spanish Mustangs

the great disconnect

Velma and Dawn

who took up the fight

Against the inhumanity

it wasn’t right

their wildness was beautiful

But sadly man showed

his evil his cruelty

so much blood flowed

until Velma got wind

and fought for them, she

known as “Wild Horse Annie”

and her legacy

stopping the aircraft

the big trucks that chased

the murder of wild horses

it was her, who faced

the men and their cruelty

she did them proud

she cared and she shared

And she dared,  a great cloud

Of true positivity

covered her tracks

the BLM was formed

despite the attacks

these wonderful horses

Their  wildness their fire

survivors belonging

their nobleness higher

than so many others

muscled and strong

an unbroken line

their lineage long


a great state of wonder

and much admiration

followers loved them

across the nation

enigmatic and puzzling


full of mystique and magic

a pull

respectability applause and acclaim

Intrepid and bold

as wild as a flame

kicking the dust

the pluck and the grace

such super stallions

who run at a pace

with all the conviction

and confidence, they

are content with their lot

at the end of the day





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