Where else dare I sleep Mum died and daddy too They blew up our home Why? I have no clue Where I can go What’s to become of me All I ever loved is gone As you all can see … Continue reading

The activists anthem

How easy it is just to take it And waste And eat all you grow And to be so debased Where you just do not care You just keep buying stuff Cos it’s there Watch it die Watch it rot … Continue reading

Ebola and all that jazz

It smacks of eugenics Of bilderberg crazies Frighten the sheeple And watch them all run Ebola Ebola remember Swine fever HIV CJD It’s all been done But this brand of needle Has RFID chips It’s about something else That’s martial … Continue reading

Sweety and Tricia were mean’t to be

A grey sky The sun peeping out of the clouds The snow hard and cold As we made our way to Over the compacted snow on the highway Where are they taking me Somewhere that’s new A long journey far … Continue reading

Stand alone and fight your corner someone will come they always do

How often is it we do stand alone A hopeful thought That someone that we know Who knows us Will also soon be caught Up in the truth and justice That occupies our stance We see ourselves alone and thwarted … Continue reading

Denmark be careful where you leave your mark (internationally)

Whatever is the outcome Justice has to be The saving grace The total energy Denmark has now Raised itself above the parapet All our eyes are on them It’s sea shepherd with the debt It’s boats are being held unlawfully … Continue reading

A pod of risso’s dolphins lost their lives today

A pod of 12 were slaughtered In Taiji just today All were risso’s dolphins and all of them did pay With their lives But they fought hard But there were many boats A boat for every dolphin Anything that floats … Continue reading

Which direction

One direction the direction Not sensitive to those Other earthlings on this planet Who just must suppose They are there to be exploited And no one seems to care Or even think about it A fewer still will share Everyone … Continue reading


Having a personality That’s split perhaps into two Is mind blowingly obvious to me and perhaps to you How such a person could operate In a veterinarian place Healing and caring for animals Whilst also giving chase So during the … Continue reading

Anyone for curry

It’s come to light that in Pakistan 2 brothers have been found Who liked the taste of human flesh Dug out of the ground It seems they went to graveyards And found their booty there And took it home and … Continue reading