Lets not traduce the MOOSE

Based on a true story Hunting in North Ontario Camouflage and all The Moose around these parts Are big You can choose to call And wait Among moist meadows Or game tracts Or maybe Use one of the attractants The … Continue reading

Stonehenge summer solstice

There it is Its magnificent In its Place on Salisbury plain Presili stones and Sarsons Hewn and put in place To gain To demonstrate an aura An impressiveness beyond A truly commanding ediface In which all who see Respond An … Continue reading

Live exports of sheep and cattle

Its the vilest of exports Shipping live animals From farm to slaughter To me its a crime And its all about money Which doesnt feel funny For me those who do this Are no better than slime Creation of animals … Continue reading

“A radical moment” a song of our times

When not to eat animals is seen as too radical That just proves one thing We must have arrived Where the tallest of steeple And the hymns of the people Researching their diets See we have survived On our tofu … Continue reading

“Worried dream” from Peter Green

The graphics apparently Simple but they Follow the mind at the dawn of the day Encompass a place Where a solitary boat Sits on a lake And just lets music float Tired and alone Hands clasped having sown Seeds in … Continue reading

Witchety green

Witchety green From the island of fae Her eye catching verdancy Blew me away Sage and weeping willow Apple and pea Avocado chartreuse Eau-de-nil yes she be Rings on her fingers Raven black hair The heart of a warrior And … Continue reading


A ship in a bottle Unearthed on the sand Jettisoned years before Lets understand The ways of the wind Of the tides Of the moon The Ocean resplendent And once so in tune Momentous energies Cleansing us all That mirror … Continue reading

Summer Solstice at Rollrights 2

A grey old day was had by all Windy and rather cold But despite that lots of people came And joined our merry fold A lot of nice new faces And a number of the clan Formed a perfect circle … Continue reading

Rollrights at the summer solstice 1

A heavily wooded shady lane A rusty gate to where A path looks down on Chipping Norton A hillock green and fair The rollright stones From neolithic times Rest peacefully Where A labyrinth and brilliant light Is there for all … Continue reading

Mythago Morris

Fantasy tradition Just listen and you will hear The tales of myth and magick As the dancing folk appear Clad there in black tatters Old England border style Purveyors of great stories Just you listen for a while Characterization Narration … Continue reading