Corporate gods

The good old cow an ungulate Designed to eat and graze To feel the sun upon it’s back And amble all it’s days We milk them to their lame Or kill them for their meat We rape them and make … Continue reading


I watched that little sentient soul Led down to the beach Clearly full of self belief And, when they did reach The spot where it was to happen Laid the donkey down Pouring kerosene over him My god they went … Continue reading

More on the seals after yesterday’s tweet storm

It’s hard to get ones head around The murdering of seals These are babies, tiny babies Those frighteningly awful squeals As men, that’s today’s human kind Fathers brothers, and husbands too Leave their homes kiss the children And go to … Continue reading

Extreme hunters

Hunters and poachers Are serial killers Rifles and bow hunting, they Go out into the animals habitat And try to blow them away Those, unhinged of them say It’s conservation Killing that is now their thing Or culling them For … Continue reading

7 days into the murdering spree

It’s 7 days, a week of absolute terror The ice runs red from the blood of baby seals Where’s the true compassion The empathy for beings the sweetest angels Time alone reveals To me complete insanity from The Government The … Continue reading

Seal hunting

Hunting they call this It’s brutal and wrong What Canada’s doing Just doesn’t belong On this earth At this time It’s violence and pain It’s murdering innocent Babies again For years it’s been happening Malice and woe Out in the … Continue reading

Begging in China

A man resorts to begging His judgement shot away He has a faithful slave with him Shackled so to say Tortured made to sacrifice Himself to help the cause Force fed plastic bottles And not allowed to pause To think … Continue reading

Lady killers

Giraffes appear to be the ladies target Canned hunting farms have them on offer, they Are hard to miss apparently this tall leaf eating soul Gunned down in a frenzy so some say This is what the bold ones are … Continue reading

To those of you swimming with dolphins

To those of you swimming with dolphins Delve into your own minds and see What it was truthfully made you want that And why would you want this, my plea Is simple cetaceans are stressed out Be mindful less selfish … Continue reading

A ruffians guide to the right method of killing babie

A ruffians guide To the process of slaughter Out on the ice Right near the water Using a pick Using a gun Finding a baby A baby to stun They have hearts of gold Their innocence shows Goodness and mercy … Continue reading