7 days into the murdering spree

It’s 7 days, a week of absolute terror The ice runs red from the blood of baby seals Where’s the true compassion The empathy for beings the sweetest angels Time alone reveals To me complete insanity from The Government The … Continue reading

Seal hunting

Hunting they call this It’s brutal and wrong What Canada’s doing Just doesn’t belong On this earth At this time It’s violence and pain It’s murdering innocent Babies again For years it’s been happening Malice and woe Out in the … Continue reading

Begging in China

A man resorts to begging His judgement shot away He has a faithful slave with him Shackled so to say Tortured made to sacrifice Himself to help the cause Force fed plastic bottles And not allowed to pause To think … Continue reading

Lady killers

Giraffes appear to be the ladies target Canned hunting farms have them on offer, they Are hard to miss apparently this tall leaf eating soul Gunned down in a frenzy so some say This is what the bold ones are … Continue reading

To those of you swimming with dolphins

To those of you swimming with dolphins Delve into your own minds and see What it was truthfully made you want that And why would you want this, my plea Is simple cetaceans are stressed out Be mindful less selfish … Continue reading

A ruffians guide to the right method of killing babie

A ruffians guide To the process of slaughter Out on the ice Right near the water Using a pick Using a gun Finding a baby A baby to stun They have hearts of gold Their innocence shows Goodness and mercy … Continue reading

Malevolence. (The Chinese pig story)

At the end of the day All the animals pay For the margin and the Final cost We all have been brainwashed to think of ourselves We are drawn to the food Off the cheapest of shelves Fair trade and … Continue reading


Wild elephants how they suffer The martyrdom and pain The instrument of anguish The distressing notes that gain A distressing amount of angst among Those who hear their cries The heavy handed harshness And the bloody weeping eyes The training … Continue reading

Freedom is priceless

The notions of ocean living Our freedom our rights to the sea Freedom of action and of reaction It’s the place that we all need to be It is a privilege actually Where our self expression can flow Free-born free-bred … Continue reading

Fur /you are guilty

The industry that’s fur The so called rich who wear Their collars , cuffs and clothing The vile emotions where Great agony is present The finality of death And the boot pressed down On the angels face The stealth of … Continue reading