It happened in MANAUS

We don’t know why it happened all we really know is it should never have happened whatever so and so took a sharp machete and sliced into these souls clearly was a psycho case missing his controls these were unique … Continue reading


a phallic pole stands in the square 1 calf and 2 goats waiting to be butchered a death it seems of note someone hold your back legs someone pulls your head someone has a bloody knife and then chops off … Continue reading

A mother to the world at large

The greatest soul in all the world is the mother she doesn’t have to be a female, she can be a kind of matriarch profoundly holding motherhood and any earthling really on her knee   clearly childless he or she … Continue reading

the great stain a picture comes to mind sent to me by claudia

This is more than just a fucking massacre its dark, and so related to those who take the natural colours of the ocean and the carnage of the angels¬†clad in blue   they sweep the waves and playfully torpedo in … Continue reading


A pen of dolphins captured slaughtered in cold blood they don’t know of empathy the victims of the flood Japan looks to its laurels but truthfully it knows Taiji is just an evil place where dolphins blood just flows the … Continue reading

I was that baby

I was that baby warm inside my mother perfection was my order of the day unflawed , unblemished, immaculate in every single way swimming in the ocean everything sublime mother warm and gentle as through the depths she’d climb blowing … Continue reading

Mabon celebration at Rollrights

  In the north east circle on ground inside the stones the rollright moles had worked their stuff all strained their little bones   to so expose the red earth probably overnight as the Autumn Equinox gave them equal light … Continue reading

a new kind of evil

bobbing up and down our dolphin friends are so aware the japanese those fishermen of course they do not care   they are like a bunch of fleas wanting only blood they have no care for sentients drowning in the … Continue reading

those poor birds

look into the eyes of those sweet golden ducks and those white bigger geese and we see some kind of vision the watery wastes but not that these birds now will be   in water despite their webbed feet and … Continue reading


out there in the far beyond away from the life we know the souls ¬†of animals who have left this mortal coil do grow   an influx of dead dolphins cut off in their prime and tiny calves have been … Continue reading