Kirara (captive Pacific white sided Dolphin)

Born in Kamogawa SeaWorld in Japan from wild parents this Pacific Dolphin forms a plan to ship him into Texas SeaWorld Antonio 22 hours transit time in a small crate as we know   the stress will be fantastic a … Continue reading

Who really are the sheeple

Cambridge University spawn evil sick design carried out on the innocent the sheep souls that entwine humanity with a reason to contemplate and to be lost in utter ugliness in what is eternity   it is carried undercover in a … Continue reading

The Danish Navy will maintain the spectacle for all to enjoy

The bloodbath will happen the pitilessness intolerance follows rigour and stress   hardness of heart relentlessness too their pound of flesh is what they must do   each so unfeeling merciless yobs vindictive and callous our lives each robs   … Continue reading

Taiji and the Faroes

A whirlpool of blood teeth ridden with gore we were playful souls but clearly we’re sure the Japanese are a bunch of sick fools our intelligence takes us as agony calls   on the Faroe’s the pilot whales are torn … Continue reading


I ask myself a question how it is that people will spend their lives on this here earth just trying to kill   animals what kind of creeps work in the city lights in their concrete glasshouses and grow into … Continue reading

Not all Farmers are our friends

They spray with such impunity they apparently have no care for people living around their fields and the environment all share and some curtailed by margins with supermarkets they have to watch their prices or of course they have to … Continue reading

Seaworld you should be ashamed of yourselves

Seaworld’s new idea it seems is cover up the scars the rake marks on the Orca’s bodies these are the worlds stars   being injured regularly by other Orca’s who leave rake marks on each other’s bodies that is what … Continue reading

Marsworth an afternoon out

A wide expanse of water  a stillness to behold a tranquility of spirit in all of this we were rolled and emissary was welcomed by  the sunlight and the calm to evoke those golden ringlets and keep us all from … Continue reading

Elephants and Ivory

China’s growing middle classes top the scale and ivory is the essential gift it seems its iconic holds its value well and always looks the part and according to the Chinese whose net is cast tradition comes in here but … Continue reading

Chickens that’s what they call us but are we really

our greed for profit far exceeds the need to really be compassionate and kind to those we farm extraordinarily   an ocean of writhing feathers filthy dirty stalls they are wallowing in excrement putrescence kind of calls   some birds … Continue reading