A profound association A dying bull with need An inclusive cerebration As of course alas we bleed The matador his inconsideration Of my pain Instinctively I try to appeal But it was all in vain His morbid ghoulish behaviour Stabbing … Continue reading

“CORIA”in Spain boycott that place in JUNE

Its hard to not be racist When these heinous acts take place Festivals they call them I call them a disgrace Iniquitous and malevolent Its totally unfair Its inhumane and ghastly These men are unaware How dirty and how vile … Continue reading

Mr Blue,Bebe and Cece

Jefferson County DITTMER the place Where an 18 year old The police did trace He entered the home Of a lady and stole Equipment then went to her garden The role He played out apparently Was tragically To kill her … Continue reading

Warrior man come blow up your horn

A wary and watchful warrior Assisted by clear eyes The torture of existence The persistence of the wise To be penalised for being The disharmony they create The factiousness and awkwardness It becomes their way to bait To pick a … Continue reading

LIONS have they had their day?

They rank in the kingdom of felines to be Kings of their jungle all roaming free Of noble extraction distinctively so Back into ancestry long long ago It was about courage their dominance too Their bloodstock was genuine and remains … Continue reading

Beltane at the Rollrights

The Beltane celebration At the Roll Rights stones Oxfordshire’s best kept secret Its one of the unknown’s A mystical stone circle Ringed by fields and trees Upon a hill where sunlight does spill And the wind does often tease and … Continue reading

Becerrrades Novilladas in Algemesi cruelty

Towns that show so little respect For brave young bulls Beaten in The bull ring For us empathy pulls Our hearts and minds The courage be spirit they possess Murdered by a team of fiends Creating all its stress Its … Continue reading

My name Is Rory

They call me Rory To give me some glory I am from Africa I am a LION My babies are cubs My wife a lioness Just where I live A petting farm no less Cages and cages Of lions they … Continue reading

LION day london 30/04/2016

The energy is building Folks from here and there Are getting posters and their costumes ready And proving how much they care Prides of Lions will congregate In London’S Cavendish Square To march all the way to Downing Street To … Continue reading

Magnesium oil

Carpets of Rape coat our green hills Interspersed with telephone poles And conversations On the green of Spring Surrounds the forest I adore This rape this fetid smell disturbs Wild life like never before The sunlight brings the colour Of … Continue reading