Intensive farming

The balance sheet And budgets Is a lot to do with scale The flesh trade Stakes its margins And where it all can fail Is with numbers Huge great sheds of animals Savings all the while Time is of the … Continue reading


Reflections on a common theme Ones face resembles someones dream Not mine I fear for no sweet soul Has ever recognised my role In life beside them, none alas And so to face up to how crass Or perhaps how … Continue reading

Iceland’s banning order

A conscience And an integrity Insullied we can say A video made for Yule perhaps In a pure minded way With a deal of moral fibre Principled and true With a sense of responsibility Virtuous all through Iceland Foods A … Continue reading

Shearing and mulesing

Piece work means that payment Is on output And dealing with live animals We see Movement as the animals are being sheared And frustration then is evident They be Held down its uncomfortable Free spirits do not like shearers Holding … Continue reading

Autumnal ritual 27/11

27/11/2018 at Rollright Stones Oxfordshire Autumnal sprinklings Sparkling spangles Soulfully display A period of solemnity In their scintillating way The light gives course to pigment And a kaleidescopic hue Many leaves have fallen Their Transformation now onto The waiting earth … Continue reading


Born on a Saturday Back in the time When a gallon of petrol Shows how it can climb In price now for then It was 28p A gallon its hard to believe that And we Might go into a pub … Continue reading

Samhain at Rollrights 4/11

The scene was set A roaring fire A thinning veil There to inspire A goodly few Ancestrally Robed up and masked And wanting to be The stones looked resplendent In the afternoon light Lichened and purposeful And just feeling right … Continue reading


Personal power of thought and mind And a loyalty thats underlined A passionate observer she With moral sensibility The sunshine coast Where paradise fits nicely And each roll of dice Displays the sky and ocean wide And within that light … Continue reading


Frosty circumstances And sylph like avenues Droplets of pure heaven Samhain collects its dues From the spirited ancestral path At the thinning of the veil The great big door flops open And so begins our tale Eternal darkness lost in … Continue reading

Have a heart

A disembowelled heart Is bitten antagonistic I’d say A nauseous act A matter of fact But hardly a genuine way Of expressing respect For a victim That if not for you Still would be A soul in the forest Living … Continue reading