On listening to dark mother

The velocity of struggle Sending messages afar Melodic in the principle This is where we are The dark mother Comes to us Wraps her clouds About our soul Sending her wind of weeping forms To actively enrol Night time dreams … Continue reading

The noble Orca

A mammal of distinction With an ancestry of old The largest brain ever To evolve or so I am told It has enormous courage And audacity A fearlessness beyond all fear And wondrous chivalry ITs greatness is unmatched It transcends … Continue reading

Man eaters

The wildest of wild tigers exists Now still today In the Sunderbans in India And many people pay With their lives Allegations rife and of course the reason why These tigers hunt for humans And why so many die They … Continue reading

Under the carpet

We see without feeling We feel without seeing What to us has no purpose Now Within our being Todays trash tomorrow More scourings of sorrow Functionless purposeless Unwanted now Once it was practical not long ago With an earning capacity … Continue reading


What and olfactory experience can we justify The stench of rotting flesh on skins that will Be used to fashion into leather garments Only made from animals they kill No animal wants to die to just be carved up Its … Continue reading

The forest

Slash and burn A crime so heinous Out of an arrogant and Evil mind As ignorant as the day is long And the big eyed corporates are Still so blind To the biosphere And the ways of nature To the … Continue reading

Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger

A mysterious soul In complete control Thought to be extinct But clearly now linked With sightings Apparently This beast could be Secreted away Where few people see Back in the thirties Hunters were earning A bounty And clearly such killings … Continue reading


The Lakota a proud people A sovereign nation The reservations Who have their own laws Women apparently lost Now in time Sexual abuse The figures they climb Families close ranks Retribution can be Fierce amongst families A big problem we … Continue reading


Poisonous vaccines have been around For years and years and I feel bound To remind the public that this is so Despite what governments want you to know Back in the fifties remember that Salk and Sabin do you smell … Continue reading


“In the darkly forest Helen Keller Once proclaimed Walking with a friend” Is better than walking in the light Alone How true that is For the cheer one feels Holding the hand of one who reveals A caring A sharing … Continue reading