The forest

Slash and burn A crime so heinous Out of an arrogant and Evil mind As ignorant as the day is long And the big eyed corporates are Still so blind To the biosphere And the ways of nature To the … Continue reading

Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger

A mysterious soul In complete control Thought to be extinct But clearly now linked With sightings Apparently This beast could be Secreted away Where few people see Back in the thirties Hunters were earning A bounty And clearly such killings … Continue reading


The Lakota a proud people A sovereign nation The reservations Who have their own laws Women apparently lost Now in time Sexual abuse The figures they climb Families close ranks Retribution can be Fierce amongst families A big problem we … Continue reading


Poisonous vaccines have been around For years and years and I feel bound To remind the public that this is so Despite what governments want you to know Back in the fifties remember that Salk and Sabin do you smell … Continue reading


“In the darkly forest Helen Keller Once proclaimed Walking with a friend” Is better than walking in the light Alone How true that is For the cheer one feels Holding the hand of one who reveals A caring A sharing … Continue reading

Lambs to the slaughterhouse

Chop up the mint leaves And mix with the vinegar Sugar to taste all is ready to go Off to the slaughterhouse Where groups of Lambs Stolen from their mothers Clearly they know Each sequence before them The sounds and … Continue reading

They are fracking well attacking

This is the Hell we didn’t agree to This is our countryside where we were born This is the fracking and they are attacking The air that we breathe and although we now warn The people they listen to half … Continue reading

Who is standing where?

The ancient woods have seen it all Have heard each constant sad refrain Bathed in sunlight on summer days And seen the moonbeams through the rain Produced each seasons leaves so green The oxygen enrichment scene CO2 their life giving … Continue reading

A day with the druids

The Gods were clearly angry As we pulled up the hill The Wye looked like a raging dragon As its red hot breath did spill Snaking through the narrow lanes Of Coleford we arrived At the Rocks the forest dancing … Continue reading

Can we reconcile with the dolphins smile

Taiji’s no spent volcano Its a town where rotters be They hunt the precious dolphins With their criminology All their strength and liveliness Like quicksilver in flight Their vigour and their energy Is soon thrust out of sight The banging … Continue reading