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To the land of the bloody sea And the flag of the bloody sun The hideous tarps on the bloody cove We can all see what you have done The most graceless hearts Around these parts The fishermen of Taiji … Continue reading


What is a dolphinarium Its a prison that is all Filled with salty water A dead place with a wall Of blue bricks made to look like What humans know as the sea But the sea is never like that … Continue reading

Refugee 4. We sank

We had been listing badly For about a half an hour When all of us were dumped Into the sea It was dark and cold The young and old around us Screaming sinking drowning In the water paddling like crazy … Continue reading

Standard practice. Thankyou Mercy for animals

foie gras we have created A disease for geese and ducks Force fed till their livers Expand ten times it sucks! Into their lungs and kills them That is what we do They cannot breathe in such agony Every word … Continue reading

Dog racing

Its a murky old world Where the animals be Always the losers So humans can see A profit For all of the strands in the field Thats when man un kind Is going to wield His big stick and arrogance … Continue reading

Preparations for the protest

I just checked all my batteries And my megaphone sounds great I have inflated my big dolphin Who really cannot wait My dolphin mask is by my bed Reminding me he is there And the placards are standing Close by … Continue reading

Grace Mugabe and her take on Cecil

So Mugabe’s wife has has told us all That Cecil was lured and killed and actually that was good He paid a massive bounty for the experience So actually he did all that he could As far as she is … Continue reading

1st of september 2015

We are the SUPER pod and London knows it From noon till 6.00pm We all are on the case Taiji and the Japanese around their coastal Waters Murder dolphins at an alarming pace For they are loaded now with methyl … Continue reading

Zebra trophies and children

Its a business Its about business Its a corporate entity Every facet covered For profitability The stock though its all living Alive somewhere, they Fence it up and deck it out And get you all to pay If you want … Continue reading

Refugee3. A darkening sky

Its not the world Its the governments of the world Its those who rule People are just fodder No different from the mule Sent into the mountains To carry heavy loads Or expected to work until it drops On those … Continue reading

A Pisces moon

Emotional and spiritual sensitivity Inner peace comes with a pisces moon The pathos that is present with the Fervour and desire To not be overwhelmed by it To surrender to its fire As the spirit world draws closer The thinner … Continue reading

Refugee no.2

We have climbed up in this truck In desperation Amongst the sacks and drums The children too The journey long and vile God knows whats on the dial No food no water What were we going to do No paperwork … Continue reading

“Shirley”. And her little “ricardo”

Once in a lifetime babies are born Shirley gave birth Her baby was torn Away from her side In frustration and woe She kicked poor Ricardo But she didn’t know Total incompetence Trainers in tow She wanted to smell him … Continue reading


She was beautiful Beyond the words of Roget She shared her inner thoughts She really loved the music Despite her outer curse She left so early On in life Which for me was worse She took on board the difficulties … Continue reading


Whether we are unenlightened Or our knowledge was curtailed We probably were guilty And feel now that we failed The ivory we once bought The leather we once wore Perhaps we were malicious Perhaps we did ignore The obvious its … Continue reading

Jetsum of our own wrath

In the salty wrath of the ocean Tousled bodies lie Children full of hope and joy There before us die Why we ask ourselves those of us Caring of these scenes Because we interfered with them We used our grand … Continue reading

Vietnam an atrocity beyond belief

An encounter of the worst kind Ever imaginable Dogs caught seen to witness What we see A man apparently human Takes his captors one by one And murders them in front Of us apparently for fun For me its detestation … Continue reading


Its perception not reality As to why a swan should be Trusting when its injured Its alas humanity Who feels that maybe wild souls Wouldn’t have the base Capacity to share this Healing interlude with him With you with me … Continue reading

The Bulls are fighting back

Riding the bulls Is in no way seen as easy They come out of those gates Locked onto rage And anyone who is fool enough To get up on their back Is going to face the fury Of the age … Continue reading

Cecils law

Brian May the badger man Queens guitarists and wild life fan With lots of hair And energy And of course a spot in history When Cecil took that fatal shot Lured out of the park By the hunting lot The … Continue reading


There is a certain arrogance commonly about From human beings dare i say who seem to be in doubt Animals of which I am one care we really do We were sent here to be mentors to be carers YES … Continue reading

Delilah of the faeline realms

They were from the Gaelic tinker tribe But how I came to share their misty light and shadows I am still unaware The place had been idyllic A remarkably lively stream Thorny brushes and holly And wild brambles that did … Continue reading

Stigma of artificiality a poem inspired by Duncan Burn

Waste at home is one thing But waste on the farm amounts To a massive loss of profit Which honestly now counts It has completely changed the market place All over the world And its down to “outgrades” Where the … Continue reading

Libido blasts

Siberia boasts herds of wild red Maral Deer With fast growing velvet bones and the desire Is first and foremost hunting them But secondly its farming them And tragically their life on earth is dire Why because of markets in … Continue reading

Good morning Taiji

Good morning Vietnam Remember that i am sure you do So I have a new title Taiji I replace for you Basically I am telling Broome and those other towns In Australia and elsewhere Where a hideous bunch of clowns … Continue reading


With animals some reverse their ideology For them the cage, the tank, the enclosures are Fitting They are acceptable, but we imprison those of us Who are the criminals Their freedom we suppose Is precious so we lock them up … Continue reading


Doodlebug is no name for a baby Kangaroo A v1 bomb whoever named him did they have clue What its like to give names to animals today To be named after an explosive device To me its wrong to say … Continue reading

It all kicks off soon

Taiji is about to begin Its inhumanity again A time when activists All around the world Can feel that pain Their innocence Their community The activity that lives The pods their sociability Its where every Dolphin gives Each other true … Continue reading

Some of what Captain Paul Watson said and I added at the end

The Faroese Do as they please 85per cent Hold a Danish Passport And appear content To collect their EC Subsidy Then fail to uphold the law Its criminal to slaughter whales The one law they ignore A thousand year ago … Continue reading

Cock and BULL

No cape Just utter arrogance And this BULL saw through it all Losing blood like crazy Backed up against the wall But not for a moment longer Turns and once again Lets them feel the agony The torture and the … Continue reading