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An alkaline earth Atomic number 38 it be When exposed to air It goes yellow A reaction all can see Used in glass for Colour TV’s and cathode rays To prevent x ray emission And for cancer its phase Found … Continue reading

Under house arrest

Under house arrest And there is no lock We can all go out Knock knock knock knock A mandatory jab A genetic chip A Glyphosate sample Aluminium Each Trip thimerosal And Infant cells Johnson and his gang Ring all the … Continue reading


Mathematical precision Unquestionable he be Genuine the unvarnished truth It’s his validity Down to earth and candid Hallmarked in a way The whole truth and nothing but the truth Plain speaking all the way Unembroidered and ungarbled Honest to god … Continue reading


If we should stay We are going to pay We are going to suffer Night and day Military Mobility The Schengen area Aids the free Movement of units and assets They all The European Area Will be on call A … Continue reading

Let down merchants

Federal Europe The liars are many Having gone out to BRUSSELS And not really any Were leavers Believers Retrievers of soul Of our sovreignty EU CONTROL We have been signed up to All these long years They make all our … Continue reading

Liberality and the 17.4 million

Swinson May lose some I hope so I do Who now would vote for her snowflakes whose view Has already melted And has lost its gleam The great referendum She’s run out of steam Swishing alone denying us time REMOANERS … Continue reading

The EU screw

What were negotiations like A brain washing affair Double speak and bloody cheek And agreements from no where Sovereignty just torn up The institution notes The EU so intrusive It just dries up all our throats Lobby groups and think … Continue reading


It’s all about enlargement The European need The way the institutions work Despite now how we bleed Sovereignty and freedom The Brexit leavers who Had won their referendum From what was the EU The European Union Strait jackets to the … Continue reading

A very sad father

The Benn act Attacked Democracy It worked Just with adversity badness Madness sadness A Remoaners Nemocracy. Cobbled together Indulgently Wondering whether It could ever be Delaying Brexit Better still Optative Probative And A bitter pill A very sad father Who … Continue reading

BORIS and our plight

Boris’s pitch To be dead in a ditch Rather than let the EU Make our decision WitH all the derision Which is that re moaners Will do 1 billion a month For the pleasure That’s treasure For yes the EU … Continue reading

The great debate

8pm BBC There yes they all sat With Emily Maitland Clad in blue Thats where they were at BORIS and Jeremy Michael And Saj Not forgetting Rory All wearing the badge Of honour and glory And foresight divine With BREXIT … Continue reading


Skulduggery exists The perfidiousness creates The frame-up of the century Such Hypocrisy conflates Truthfulness and honour With the sanctimonious way Of misquoting and misinforming And making people pay Inventing pure falsehoods Wholly insincere Betrayal and duplicity So prophetic and so … Continue reading

BRUSSELS 26th May 2019

The streets of Brussels The men in black Shields and helmets When’s the attack? Crowds of people Flags and Bikes Cell phones buzzing The hates The likes Chanters Gazers Thinkers all Water cannon Its a rule Of thumb The people … Continue reading

Gilet jaunes

Twenty third week of the gilet jaunes Fires lit everywhere Smoke bombs The gendamerie So much smoke filled air The traffic lights forgotten Crowds just everywhere Macron is a monster Who from the start was not aware Protestors being manhandled … Continue reading

The EU invasion

I fail to understand the logic And really the reasons why The politicians back the EU With what soon will apply The loss of all our counties Our history wiped away Our birthplace Its a disgrace And to you all … Continue reading

The Patriot

Entrenched up to our eyeballs In remoaning rectitude The recalcitrant the unenlightened Arrogant of brood The greatest referendum To hit our inglorious shores In or out of the EU And to massive applause We knew of the New World Order … Continue reading

Theresa Mays deal

Brussels and Labour are planning their coup And we have to ask ourselves what will we do A bombshell of soughts Kind of plays with our thoughts Restricting departure The name of their game Ofcourse theres no faith in the … Continue reading

Breakaway groups

Theres a certain ambivalence Surfacing here Voted to stand A manifesto so clear Remoaners all clearly Ready to say We are MP’s We know better Today If we voted leave We got the wrong end Of the stick so to … Continue reading


A standoff in Paris Tear gas aimed high Shields at the ready The tension feels high They charge at the crowd As the rocks start to fall Paris a battleground A moving wall Of bodies some injured Bystanders who Were … Continue reading

EU and some more

40 billion quid To stay in the EU swamp Actually most of us now realise It is no big romp Unelected bureaucrats Feathering their own nest And all the negotiators Should all be under arrest No deal we want no … Continue reading

Crashing out

Crashing out Is what Blairs about He so crashed in his war Killing many Innocent children And what was that all for? The tory people sadly Remoaners at their core And now theres Blair Who wants to share The limelight … Continue reading


One expects from one’s leaders A sage like degree A modicum of sense Whose authority Would seldom be questioned A wise man a sage Never a featherbrain Not up to their age A wizard whose intellect Comes shining through A … Continue reading

It happened in Salisbury

Its easy to lead Those who would rather not know The ways of the mind Moved by the flow Of negative consequence And nullified thought And Unfounded stories Unbegotten and caught Up in the melee of extinct ways To find … Continue reading

The Pacific Ocean

Its undeniably massive In places extremely deep From the Arctic Ocean To Antartica Its hydrosphere does leap To 46per cent of the earths surface So to say Its larger than the land combined On any given day The Mariana trench … Continue reading

Time is a great leveller

Eternity thats a very long time Apparently so the length of this rhyme And beyond through our lifetimes Possibly so But Chernobyl was terror Which most of us know CHernobyl and Prepiat And the villages too Some 400,000 evacuees true … Continue reading

Obama signs the Monsanto Bill into power something one day he will regret and so will his children

A sleight of hand by wizards who know what they’ve achieved they’ve managed to get Obama to sign it and and we’re aggreived a sign post on the road to Hell where corporate devils ride some of the nastiest names … Continue reading

Defense Procurement ( gone wrong)

The revolving door policy in force to take generals and others and employ them in lucrative Government procurement jobs Continue reading

Dumbed down

For short term profit the threat of Nuclear reactors or radioactive ways to boil a kettle is chosen rather than renewables, one day, perhaps in the not too far off future some of us will regret that we didn’t wake up sooner Continue reading

green(behind the ears)

Occupy even the Green Party are not too happy with them, but when the men in blue or is it black get behind them. its a bit of a rainbow message to all Continue reading