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Porcupine quill

A call made to our helpline Brought a response urgently A fawn dog clearly suffering With a quill shot painfully By a wild porcupine Into it’s right eye Very deep and bloody Enough to make you cry Just watching that … Continue reading


Animals aid unlimited Here for every one It makes no difference Who they are For when the day is done Like “Tinker” he just couldn’t see His little eyes said no so Bunged up with pestilence And his sight it … Continue reading


Descended from the wild ass Some 40 million now In the world and mostly Pack animals and how They work hard in hot climates Draught animals they be They eat a lot of grass They eat voraciously. Recently Pakistan Has … Continue reading

The drug

Pain the sort of malady That grabs you in the night It makes you feel so all alone Some say you feel like shite And so step up to pain killers Prescriptive ones out there Or over the counter cocktails … Continue reading


When the tastebuds slip a knot And lose their ability to know What is passing between the lips Helping folk to grow That is when your joy in life Peters out for good That is when the extremes you came … Continue reading

The pollutive firework phenomena

Tradition and Culture Are words that are used These days unfortunately They are abused Animals slaughtered in rings In Spain and elsewhere The gushing of blood Into vile dark despair The fifth of November The gunpowder plot Guy Fawkes and … Continue reading

VAXI nation

The absurdity of using lethal substances In vaccinations primed to safeguard those Likely to be struck down by bouts of the dreaded lurgi Its The vagaries of Government, I suppose And Mandatory the new kid on the health block Heavy … Continue reading

Prescription drugs

Every year they kill about 200,000 souls Prescription drugs forget the bugs It’s big pharma that controls The market place in drugs Doctors are just their slaves And we are all the guinea pigs Fodder for the knaves Thats the … Continue reading

toddlers deserve care

the cape of no hope and a tenuous end littered with risk that’s beginning to send doctors and others down slippery slopes minds eyes are blinking as are long term hopes   the drugs they are using are serious, they … Continue reading