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Pure theft

Purity and morality Sadly don’t exist UnAdulterated Man unkind desist From the ultimate of larceny The theft of life that we The defilement of the infant Its how it has to be The grossness and the nastiness We see the … Continue reading

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The South Korean Dog food trade

Moral insensibility and insentience as we Watch if we have the stomach to and cry out inwardly Those perpetrators clearly their indifferent to one and all Totally unemotional, spiritless they Haul the innocent from cages in the ugliest of ways … Continue reading

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Who would have thought…………..

Look at me I am just a boy My mothers bundle Of sweet joy Off to school To learn to be A really good man Actually My little legs My school socks white My uniform And my blazer tight I … Continue reading

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My previous poem of January Saw me in a frame of mind Going off to the place of rainbows Surely I was blind My faculties played out by life Lost in plangency and woe Thinking that my dignity Had vanished … Continue reading

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My mother didn’t want me She kicked me out of the way What she had against me I can’t really say I had been inside her many months In the great dark warm embrace Swimming in her water Dreaming of … Continue reading

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They label us free range Some call us organic But truly it’s sadness Our lives full of panic Confined in a cage Without a door And so free ranging Like never before This isn’t freedom It’s improbity So called inspectorate … Continue reading

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Farmed fish and the implications for humanity/ environment

Corruption is a cancer That spreads now everywhere Top down it is causing Really much despair Fish a rich commodity Where some corporations Do Extend their grubby fingers That might reach the likes of you It’s really a massive business … Continue reading

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The poor little baby seals

A seal lies sleeping Having suckled Dreaming dreams of its life ahead Sadly lacking of life’s experience And is suddenly shot dead A sealer in some boat decides The little fellow needs to be Abused and used for someone’s clothes … Continue reading

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Corporate gods

The good old cow an ungulate Designed to eat and graze To feel the sun upon it’s back And amble all it’s days We milk them to their lame Or kill them for their meat We rape them and make … Continue reading

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I watched that little sentient soul Led down to the beach Clearly full of self belief And, when they did reach The spot where it was to happen Laid the donkey down Pouring kerosene over him My god they went … Continue reading

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More on the seals after yesterday’s tweet storm

It’s hard to get ones head around The murdering of seals These are babies, tiny babies Those frighteningly awful squeals As men, that’s today’s human kind Fathers brothers, and husbands too Leave their homes kiss the children And go to … Continue reading

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Extreme hunters

Hunters and poachers Are serial killers Rifles and bow hunting, they Go out into the animals habitat And try to blow them away Those, unhinged of them say It’s conservation Killing that is now their thing Or culling them For … Continue reading

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7 days into the murdering spree

It’s 7 days, a week of absolute terror The ice runs red from the blood of baby seals Where’s the true compassion The empathy for beings the sweetest angels Time alone reveals To me complete insanity from The Government The … Continue reading

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Seal hunting

Hunting they call this It’s brutal and wrong What Canada’s doing Just doesn’t belong On this earth At this time It’s violence and pain It’s murdering innocent Babies again For years it’s been happening Malice and woe Out in the … Continue reading

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Begging in China

A man resorts to begging His judgement shot away He has a faithful slave with him Shackled so to say Tortured made to sacrifice Himself to help the cause Force fed plastic bottles And not allowed to pause To think … Continue reading

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Lady killers

Giraffes appear to be the ladies target Canned hunting farms have them on offer, they Are hard to miss apparently this tall leaf eating soul Gunned down in a frenzy so some say This is what the bold ones are … Continue reading

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To those of you swimming with dolphins

To those of you swimming with dolphins Delve into your own minds and see What it was truthfully made you want that And why would you want this, my plea Is simple cetaceans are stressed out Be mindful less selfish … Continue reading

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A ruffians guide to the right method of killing babie

A ruffians guide To the process of slaughter Out on the ice Right near the water Using a pick Using a gun Finding a baby A baby to stun They have hearts of gold Their innocence shows Goodness and mercy … Continue reading

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Malevolence. (The Chinese pig story)

At the end of the day All the animals pay For the margin and the Final cost We all have been brainwashed to think of ourselves We are drawn to the food Off the cheapest of shelves Fair trade and … Continue reading

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Wild elephants how they suffer The martyrdom and pain The instrument of anguish The distressing notes that gain A distressing amount of angst among Those who hear their cries The heavy handed harshness And the bloody weeping eyes The training … Continue reading

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Freedom is priceless

The notions of ocean living Our freedom our rights to the sea Freedom of action and of reaction It’s the place that we all need to be It is a privilege actually Where our self expression can flow Free-born free-bred … Continue reading

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Fur /you are guilty

The industry that’s fur The so called rich who wear Their collars , cuffs and clothing The vile emotions where Great agony is present The finality of death And the boot pressed down On the angels face The stealth of … Continue reading

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I struggled to kill the bastard

They stalked me for miles That bloke with his gun He worked for chifuti And,I was done With him on my trail Not much could I do For 5 hours they came after Me that was true The senses the … Continue reading

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Live exports

A huge lake of bodies A wretched lagoon Thousands and thousands Of Sheep And quite soon The heat and the voyage And lack of real food And water, will harm them This is so crude How can this continue This … Continue reading

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Cameron’s Tory expose

Cameron’s after the snob vote Killing wild animals he Is after the blood sport Involvement To The ugly vindictive degree He wins my displeasure completely And my indignation as well I am no admirer of this little git I hope … Continue reading

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Hunter man

Behold the horrid hunter man A blood sport stalker One of the clan In pursuit, of a wild soul who Lives by its wits Unlike you You get On its scent yea on its trail In quest of some animal … Continue reading

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A gig at Sea World not on your nellie

Who wants to play At Sea World A gig, it sickens me It truly is unseemliness An unfashionable place to be There,supporting people Who are really rather cruel To the cetaceans taken from the ocean And housed in a concrete … Continue reading

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Canada you let yourself down BIGTIME

The Seals Their incarnation Into this sinful place Canada just one vile land Described as a disgrace Short tempered tetchy Forbidding,wrathful a violent lot Who allows the slaughter of Harp Seals And The anger that they’ve got Embittered clearly rancorous … Continue reading

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The Yazidi

the Yazidi face such persecution From the ISIL mob They are being abducted And killed And more left to sob 50,000refugees The killing of a few How you keep ahead of them Who knows what to do Melek Taus their … Continue reading

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Albanian fracking disaster

This bloody rush for Shale gas Has created this ordeal Marinza won’t forget it How do the people feel Clay and mud and water Shot up into the sky Falling down on people’s homes Who are asking their gods why … Continue reading

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