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The Tarkine

How thoughtlessly annihilate The wilderness of souls The aboriginal custodians How history controls Our very life the air we breathe The land we walk upon The Tarkiners for 40000 years They had not gone A realness and actuality An enduring … Continue reading


The magnificent Andes Marvels of time Snow topped and hopeful That someone may climb Known as New World Vultures Sadly you see Its the quechua respect As to how we fly free We are the Condors ten feet of wing … Continue reading

Foxes and their cubs

The Huntsman is the ignorant The dehumanised for he Persecutes the fox and the hound From the same family The Canidae The godly ones For one to kill another Creates a senseless murder scene Just like killing a brother And … Continue reading

Hunters on horse back

Throwbacks from a former age With a loathing of the now Most hold ancient grudges The loathsomeness of how Odious and obnoxious They snap they snarl they growl We are the lower orders The dregs seen as most foul When … Continue reading

6th February 2021

Patience is the red kite Circling above A keen eye on the ground below Acquainted to the Dove In that you are both birds Its true But that is where it ends A poem from my window to the world … Continue reading

OH Dear God!

Oh dear God The trapper The wicked laxity Unconscientious Opportunism And partiality Hide the vile contraption For a great wild soul Who will know his foot is broken The trapper scored his goal Waiting licking shivering The agony we feel … Continue reading

Wildness and the whole hunting theme

Existence, subsistence, eternity The whole life cycle where we The human, the hunter, encouraging those To come and spread fear and just be Undeniably practising murder Of the enduring and eternal flame What is the nirvana of many A groundless … Continue reading

Brainwashing animals to retrieve corpses of other animals

A good idea For, for me its wrong GUN Dogs trained or brainwashed With training until they be Outside their own bodies And their true psyche Making animals believe They are out as observers To watch and retrieve The corpses … Continue reading

Fruits of the dead

A spiritual dimension In a Wintry altitude Where elemental spirits Are a light prelude For something rather special On certain Apple trees Rotten apples overlooked by birds They quickly freeze Its called a polar vortex Where the rotten fruit slips … Continue reading


To the fox who left his earth today To the vixen his partner who To his cubs perhaps he went for food And ended up in stew The HUNT was out The toffs were riding The hounds were hungry, they … Continue reading

My beloved FOX

The Hunting Act 2004 ********************** Hostility it hangs In clouds around the forest where The red one stalks And breathes the wondrous Ice clad December air Dissension in the countryside A jarring disharmony The frost that encrusts the barest boughs … Continue reading

Councillors audacious ideology

Councillors with Urbanite audacity Unknowingly breach Laws of wildness, they Imagine their importance Usurp the will of people They are unconscious Spirits and their way Out of a predicament Is killing Deviousness the order of their day The Fox and … Continue reading


Importing foreign plants Into our countries Its big business of course It is but we Are arrogantly altering Environments and insect life Desires and really all that subtlety Natures blueprint really shows soecifics Preference, for soil types And our special … Continue reading

Trail hunting

Its all a big con A way, around The Hunting Law me thinks decked out in Their clobber And a few warming drinks They have clambered up onto their Thoroughbreds hounds are a yelping A trail is laid Convinced they … Continue reading

I thank the Goddess for Baronsdown

Its bitterly cold In the forest The wind shock the system And we The wild ones that live and that Play here Are shocked by the Adversity Christmas brings frost And snow falling Earnestly we have to be Careful when … Continue reading

a lot of sad vixens

A lot of sad vixens Holed up in the earth With their cubs It just rubs And shows me their worth And What Hunters believe They can chase any soul For they have the upper hand Yes they control On … Continue reading


Hunt Saboteurs Have courage Taking on those Huntsman who Clad in pure delinquency Doing what they do Ex Chief Inspector Davies Hoped in his own speak That officers would not see The following Footage that we leak 100 Hunting webinars … Continue reading


At last the so called councils Up and down the land Are coming around And making a really thoughtful Stand Ethical determination Of the Hunting Law And Peterborough took the challenge And showed the hunt what for All forms of … Continue reading

Disrespect of the dead

Jarring and grating of spirit Of soul Artless and tasteless Your imperfect role To disrespect Nature Such harshness I see Turgid and tasteless Such barbarity An animal shot through A life stolen by Oafs heartless soulless Liars who try Wickedness … Continue reading

A Gambian Boy

Big brown eyes A solid smile A forest gazer And many a mile He runs His gait is fast and sure Wildness and his Need for more His comprehension Its from his core His choice of food He loves it … Continue reading

Excuses that turned against me (a short story)

Just Going out To bag me a rabbit So don’t be too long Don’t make it a habit Out in the dark woods The charred sombre gloom Through the great mass of leaves Down the long path to doom Over … Continue reading

Caprinopsis picacea

Amazingly discovered Back In 1785 By Jean Baptiste Francois This egg to bell shaped soul Doth thrive It Loves its alkalinity Emerging from the leaves that litter in October Where sometimes it achieves A small group But as a solitary … Continue reading

The Tongass an infinite Wilderness

Eternity a fact of life The Tongass is to where The souls and eyes do manifest And enduring place to share Genuine and attested As ancient as one can be Trees that sunk their roots 800 years ago And who … Continue reading

Rowldritch acorn

What more fitting a gift Than an acorn for they Are a symbol of strength and power That The Oak Casts away That wild souls consume Like the Squirrel and Pig The Bear and the Deer Both liking to dig … Continue reading

No concept of wrongness

A baseball bat So pitiless So heartless Not a thought No concept of forgiving Or living just the sport Of killing So intolerant Relentless to a tee His vacant eyes His woeful size Morose misanthropy Spiteful child Toward the wild … Continue reading

My wild red friend

Wild he be And VOLES he will see and hear and dig the vole his treat For a certain sweetness  of its meat  Beneath  the grassy roots he will be ou rough pasture Neglected and free parting  the grass a … Continue reading


Buttercups and daisies the little knotted rings children  made for mothers Ranuncular  he sings  beautifully the legend says this glossy yellow flower that grows in grassy meadows And captures solar power  this is chiefly to attract insects and to make … Continue reading

On the trail

On the trail of brother fox reading signs and comprehending for foxes in their wily way Are never  shy  For they are sending messages as to what they do For those  who care and take   a view  night is … Continue reading

Insufficient evidence

Insufficient evidence That’s the judgement here A lack of understanding Of the foresight and the fear We who are the wild ones Birds and mammals we Will suffer as life gets tougher Than we every hoped it could be An … Continue reading


My blue dress Every stitch is pure enchantment A night sky over a wild forest Where the tiniest bats Doth fly Walking slowly through a grove Brushing the ransoms green The wafting of earths aroma Adding to the scene Ahead … Continue reading