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Live exports a step too far

Live exports show us how compassion doesn’t find its way into Government circles or the Farmers Psyche, they think about closing the deal and the money in the bank as for the fate of animals their faces just go blank … Continue reading

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Air India why renege on your deal with Peta ( it does you know favours)

Today we parked ourselves out in the Aldwych the Indian Embassy was just in sight Air India reneged on carrying animals from the wilds to the laboratories, the height of arrogance and a lack of true compassion to do this … Continue reading

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Farmers with that attitude are best put in prison

We need to take an iron bar to him give him a bit of punishment that he’s dolling out he’s clearly human shit beating them about the back what kind of man is he a farmer with an attitude and … Continue reading

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Live exports from the perspective of the earthling

Live exports are an anathema to many, for we see sentient beings shipped around by trailer and by sea we know the stress that’s caused to us when understanding does accompany these journeys but imagine how the buzz of change … Continue reading

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That’s how it has to be, for the male calf and the dairy industry

Here I am holed up inside dear mama and now I’ve broken out into the real world in mama’s eyes I am her little star look at me all wet an energetic soul just about on top of really walking … Continue reading

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Air India a USP for you

When travelling Air India spare a big thought for the beagles and the other dogs in the holds below for sure in tiny little cages consigned to laboratories for experimentation you just must not ignore taken out of freedom these … Continue reading

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Gin traps ( steel jaws designed to torture banned in UK 1904

who could have really worked out how to torture and to harm innocent little creatures who really remain calm living in the moment dying in the field why do humans sink that low and use sharp teeth to wield clasp … Continue reading

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Bo’ai dog eating festival China 21/6

it happened last year and will happen again its a hell of sight all that terrible pain for those unfortunate dogs those pitiful strays stolen from here and there and caged for days just look at them fretting pushed into … Continue reading

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Melancholia poor bear

I have been to the pits in my life and I know that probably this is the last place I’ll go so far removed from the land of my birth where the trees and the grasses were something of worth … Continue reading

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Badgers deserve better 25 years the murdering begins lawfully in June

Shoot Badgers for 25 years our government ministers heighten my fears ignorance and the so called meat trade money is all about money its laid at the farmers and corporates who get off scot free the badgers can die indefinitely … Continue reading

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Children and Youth hunting (Trophy and conventional hunting) Broken Paws in South Africa

Safari’s allowing our youth to be snared by the hunters My Goddess nobody’s spared the great gun fraternity pushing the ammo and pushing the guns supplying the animals, supplying their sons and daughters alas I see this and cry deep … Continue reading

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Nature really does know best ” Crown of Thorns Starfish”

Artificial fertilisers imbalance the soil and run off which gets to the sea which then gets to the reefs and to the sea life and creates but tragically that should never be NPK was never really only what the plants … Continue reading

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Nature always knows best Cane Toads and Beetles

Australia had a problem with beetles years ago importing Cane Toads from the USA the idea was that they would gobble up the beetles but arrogance a forethought and reality showed up and now they pay big time as the … Continue reading

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pig farm in IOWA

Piglets tiny babies just a few days old chucked about like bags of spuds that’s before they’re sold thrown by their ears castrated by a bloke with rusty pliers tails docked some even pulled off seeing this the fires burning … Continue reading

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The last thing on my mind

What I see before my eyes is something that I hoped to god I’d never see how can it be apparently I saw this sod throw my daughter on a slab my other daughter he did grab and slice her … Continue reading

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A tiger is stripped of its fur by the low life butchers

All smiles from the men looking on , as they strip the fur from the tiger who made his last trip to anywhere, murdered for what some believe are his bones and his skin and his parts they retrieve there … Continue reading

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Russian dog hunters

Russian dog hunters kill dogs on the street a rifle a dog and a brick wall discreet with no legislation to protect their welfare they are shot where they sit in a land of despair the breeders they flourish the … Continue reading

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HR 933

Obama signed HR933 giving Monsanto power to do just what it wants with food its was our final hour Obama has conceded that american food will be Monsantorised for ever we shall have to wait and see the outcome of … Continue reading

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China has very little compassion and that will be its downfall

A monkey kneeling on the cobbles behind him seated with a gun going to blow the monkey’s brains out and all of this for fun hands in pockets people stand watching the ordeal imagine how that monkey now actually does … Continue reading

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if Helen is her middle name my name in French is Roy

When we are alone we have the time to think and ponder in our minds we go off somewhere quiet perhaps to wander through the forest along the shore or just sit still and hope to be with that dear … Continue reading

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GM the end is near

The end is really near for all our children The planet is now reeling for we see the genie is now out of all the bottles and Monsanto controls everything they be remember who they are and what they are … Continue reading

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Popeng Monyet ( Doll monkeys and fighting dogs) JAKARTA’s street entertainment for the tourists

On Jakarta’s streets what we see is the game where monkeys are dressed in dolls clothes the same a spooky dolls face then they’re taught to ride bikes scooters and dance and they really look eerie you just take a … Continue reading

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Air India

To agree and then renege on decisions made to safeguard those animals which would have been safe but now are going to pose great risk and great suffering on animals now who would be subject to experiments because that is … Continue reading

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Humane eggs maybe even organic

Look at this picture cage free its called it might be organic and humane whose fooled who accepts the labelling might want to see the stocking which is vile the darkest melee this has to be hell on earth imagine … Continue reading

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Iceland don’t be manipulated by the Japanese

Iceland what are you doing? killing whales again getting in upon the act mumbo jumbo pain by murder in the oceans the whales,leave them alone Japan has put you up to it what of the seeds they’ve sown? why sign … Continue reading

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Foie Gras (fatty diseased liver)

Ducks live in the water that’s why they have webbed feet but the ducks they use for Foie Gras their special thoughtful treat is standing in a tiny cage not able to sit down just imprisoned there on wire floors … Continue reading

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Chevron and my beloved Ecuador

Chevron you’re a shameful bunch Equador deserves more from you with all your profits you have, enough reserves but their green virgin jungle is a sewer thanks to you Texaco oh! yes they know now what they should do the … Continue reading

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Corporate thugs Corporate thugs

Corporate thugs are everywhere green wash to the fore PR Dept’s inflated but heartless to the core aligned to chasing rodeos where cowboys do their thing shock the horses rope the calves and wear their share of bling Rodeo’s not … Continue reading

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Blind baby mice wine

baby mice as well as rice a tonic to malign TCM forever for the sun will never shine down on these sweet innocents their eyes will never see anything but the deluge that drowns them instantly taken from their mother … Continue reading

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Art (how can art be responsible for the deaths of 4 sentient beings)

I sit here pondering wondering where the world is going how the innocent can be caught up in the two in and froing an artist wants to create some so called existential display and needs to kill a cow and … Continue reading

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