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Beltane and beyond

It be the noble metaphor of life and death and further more Of when the cows were driven back to the stables in the raw State of frost and darkness with Winter on the way And Beltane represented By fantastic … Continue reading


He was lying sighing Crying deep inside His owner seemingly had tied His leg up And denied, to himself That it was cruelty Around and around it went And, around his neck as well And over time it sent Him … Continue reading

Debby and Paul

Appreciative of life itself A couple I admire Whose gratefulness is indicative Of many a Beltane fire Who have that crusading spirit In the midst of lockdown, they Help others by enlightenment Tuesdays and friday With goodwill and with helpfulness … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 12

One of those drones was in the sky this morning the police  some over  zealously believe whirring overhead That we’d all feel threatened but in  my nice blue dress I could achieve I came to see the Hare Family big … Continue reading

Ian Crane

I hear you have not been all that well Your tenacious spirit clearly Your unflagging efforts all the while Is why So many dearly Appreciate so much of what you do Its been your way Of taking on the corporates … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 11

Most avid Gardeners’ Know of one friend Who often observes them Hoping to lend An ear it’s the Robin His breast rosey red Who will watch you intently At your raised bed With my blue dress on I cut to … Continue reading

The lock down is costing big bucks

The Global Pandemic Was it engineered And out of its squalor Of course it’s appeared SOuth Africa and Botswana With their borders shut The poachers are at it And we have seen a glut Of killings this month 15 Rhino’s … Continue reading

“GATES” no trust there

Seeing is believing Through the bark It’s actual skin The Inner workings of the tree The Holly known as Tinne It’s pain it’s truest energy From which we blurt out, we Look outside the universe and we begin to see … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 10

Shadows come dancing Bluebells and all Light infused greenery At the wooded ball Vast serenades Of lustre and blue Patches of May Show what Hawthorn can do Vistas of cerise Boughs heaving too With bounteous blossoms What fragrances do To … Continue reading

Khai Eng

Transforming a plot That was lifeless and dry Smothered in carpet And destined to die A classic Beech Pulling nutrients fast Neglected for years There the die cast The true historicity Wildness took charge Draining the top soil And it … Continue reading


A real women of substance Of courage and verve Soulful and beautiful Willing to serve Humanity A genuine being can I See from your ethos Assess from the care Marvel at the wisdom You proffer and share A mother whose … Continue reading

The blue dress sage 9

A feature I found When wearing my dress Was when I met up with Wild souls I confess Not only was I invisible to Humans I took on a diminutive View It was to Roll Rights I wanted to go … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 8

A sea of bells bluer Cyanic and true A great undulation Of sapphires on view Look to the horizon Between the tall trees The ice and the powder The ubiquitous Bee’s Waves of true vastness Eternity rolls Incessant and flowing … Continue reading

Misunderstood that is us

From the time of our birth To the time thats prescribed That we die in The death camps Our question is why? We are pretty intelligent And so aware We know what’s going on And are willing to share You … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 7

I Woke very early To a Dawn chorus where The male birds were Singing they wake up, they share When the mornings are still And the traffic is low It is then that their voices Reach further you know The … Continue reading

Wedge tailed Eagles my heart bleeds

An iconic bird in the big scheme of things The wedge tailed eagle with The broadest of wings Perth Mint creates bullion And they Were Significant coinage In every way A beautiful bird With full feathered legs Handsome to look … Continue reading

The hunters

I have experienced life first hand Being the son of a Poacher man A countryman in the nineteen twenties In a family 10 boys and 2 girls an Living in lower BEADING in Sussex All that time ago Hares and … Continue reading

The Blue dress saga 6

The sky had that blueness Forget-me-knots they Like fairies hold hands And seemingly play Stretching their woad like Littleness too Supporting each other In all that they do Each happy face Staring into the sun Overwhelmed by the Spring time … Continue reading

Steve Miller

A man of many colours Of such profundity Enlightened by the digital His creativity Stems into Farsightedness and foresight As we pause A while for inspiration About his home because Canopus The second brightest star That shares it’s spectral light … Continue reading


A lady from Germany Living in Canada Fighting the good fight For all she is worth All of the creatures that live Love and die here She is on their case that much is clear She is a vegan She … Continue reading

To the AR Community

To the AR community everywhere The warriors on the front line Those locked down at their computers Yet more petitions to sign All of us fight hard to save them The animals in captivity For all of their life And … Continue reading

Little lily

Little LilY Bluetit That’s actually her name A prettier soul you will not see That’s her claim to fame Looking for a safe place A pretty garden where She could bring her chicklet’s up Where people were aware She wanted … Continue reading

A reverence for Cats

The Egyptians have revered cats As Gods and goddesses they Were held in high repute And loved and cared for in a way When cats were killed out of respect They shaved their eyebrows they Held them in sublimity Forever … Continue reading


Thailand should be ashamed of itself For what’s happening right here It’s called a zoo But the view Is anything but clear It’s a nothingness of caring It’s baseless and unreal The animals are all prisoners They are trying to … Continue reading

Leopards and Snow Leopard tonics

Some of the Chinese Pharmaceuticals Have been trading many years Like the BeijingTangrentong place There are a lot of tears Falling in the big cats stakes The LIONS the LEOPARDS too Supposedly for tonics The bones in wine it’s true … Continue reading

“Honey” the sad dolphin

Japan has a inanity towards Wild creatures she Drives them with audaciousness And never mindfully Talking up their brand of ZEN Where peacefulness apparently Exists in their tranquil garden scenes But not in their true philosophy They have so many … Continue reading

Annette Wardell

Yorkshire’s finest Resolute yes resolute is she In the world of opera Uncompromisingly Well versed in the classics Purposeful and strong She blossoms with her melodies Into delightful song Indefatigability A self determination A staying power An hour on hour … Continue reading

Wasters and the degenerate

We all have internal environments We all have venous blood We all have minds to think with Caught up in the flood Of life and death and lockdown The official title for House arrest I too detest Our freedom and … Continue reading


A blue sky up above the clouds A silver bird glides through And Melanie the vegan She knows what she must do Not take the dead flesh Into Her body and to see If she can sell some vegan meals … Continue reading

Horses going down with virus

Thailand’s going through the mill Since February horses there have been Infected by some midges which caused A really frightening virus Where seventy per cent infected Sadly die. It started in Pak Chong Not far from BANGKOK A race horse … Continue reading