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Sleek of mind and body muscled to a tee braindead when it comes to it its not something some see   on the face of it they are everything a flower of untold worth but a heart transcends to deeper … Continue reading

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Fcuk off

A crescendo of emotions is often followed by a profound thought a plunging a bottomless pit and why?   why? because expletives of such a  dramatic kind can draw one into battle and leave the soul behind   it tests … Continue reading

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The end came far too rapidly so let the tenant pay £17 was all it cost £17 per day   that they showed great unfairness let the tenant pay asthmatic and dust went everywhere so what!  is all they said … Continue reading

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Baltimore Maryland and the dog Nala

A pet dog lost and found by police its reward was a sick release one held it down and one cut its throat shouting expletives its worthy of note what had theat dog done to justify this it just had … Continue reading

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Living in the forest imagining  that he has something ladies look upon as magic tragically   an arrogant narcissus conceited, as hell such bumptiousness and self consequence such vanity does spell   disaster for the feelings for the loving that … Continue reading

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Chained up for a decade

10 years of it such torture despite the plea’s they still chained this poor soul up each day ticks and lice and flea’s she never got a blankey she never had a toy they urinated on her from the porch … Continue reading

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How I feel for those 6 miniature horses

Just before Christmas South of Adelaide 6 horses had their throats cut in some sickly raid when hell was unleashed on these miniature souls some bloody grievance clearly he’s poles apart from a balanced creative soul, he  murdered these babies … Continue reading

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Dr Sepai

In all the world, I have to say the doctor that I met today has no equal none at all here’s a man so on the ball so geared up yet so laid back a listener and can he pack … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice at Roll Rights

Oxfordshire boasts a yellow stone that masons sculpt and build all the way to Roll Right’s where the standing stones concealed in trees and in a circle ragged stones now be lichen embellished obelisks clothed in mystery   other worldly … Continue reading

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How wolf haters use children in photographs

There is clearly so much ignorance from wolf haters, who feel the case to slaughter all of them is very very real the ranchers and their allies and goodness knows the rest are an arrogant bunch of idiots and really … Continue reading

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Harming subsidies

If you listen to  the Hill Farmers bleat about the way they farm to make a bloody loss and expect us all to pay sheep really are the culprits they gnaw away all day roots and shrubs and seeds are … Continue reading

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The Hamlet of Rotten Bend (A modern day fable)

Rotten Bend a hamlet in the heart of some old Wood A castle of Doom, stands idle its turrets never should have been allowed permission to darken this fair land and living there a boorish Count most fail to understand … Continue reading

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A marriage made in the Devils Navel

what degenerates how is it two people could ever sink so low,  its real regression how can people think that to murder a sweet Zebra with no malice in its heart to put an end to its time on earth … Continue reading

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Taiji’s slaughter of Dolphins Call made to the gods

The vehemence of Taiji’s fishermen the torment that they cause the evil in their blackened hearts they seemingly fail to pause for the  inexcusable savagery and slaughter of the meek the reality was ghoulish the atrocity they reek on pods … Continue reading

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Yates and Pi two amazing horse friends

Yates and Pi imbue the hue 2 reasons why we see what we do the inner eye it may defy the outer spectrum we apply as nights fold down around the town as  silence drums with aching thumbs the reality … Continue reading

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Posiedon Awakens ( the plight of the beloved Seals)

Politics its all about the grey suits kowtowing to each other that’s for real there’s not a person in the world that know’s what’s going on when they ever, talk about the Seal     the violence is extreme its … Continue reading

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A Shepherds Hut

A shepherds hut located in an idyll close to where the road from Ashridge transverses through Hudnall and does share the convenience and countryside a statement that does say the forest is spectacular in every single way   up the … Continue reading

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Greece and the last 2 years dog hangings

79 hangings in Greece thats in two years strung up by the neck and left to die,   hold back your tears thats if you can, for savage thoughts and evil ways abound as loyal friends met their maker on … Continue reading

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Freedom v Captivity (Ocean v Sea World)

Puget Sound and areas of ocean great depth and vast surroundings they enjoy miles and miles of coastline in which to forage awesome beauty Orca’s do employ pods of them all socialize and show us just how playful and intuitive … Continue reading

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Sheep who went to Cambridge

The were raised in New Zealand and shipped all the way to Cambridge for testing and so made to pay   a very high price which ended in their death very tragically who was aware?   the Home Office, clearly … Continue reading

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Romania and its attitudes towards strays

Its a fearful place to live and die Romania remains a really dark environment to describe it truly strains the spirit and the heart, in fact for 4 million or so are on the streets just left to fend and … Continue reading

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Positive deception

the poachers are an ignorant bunch endangering the lives of those their arrogance is vile and vast still unaware of how they pose   a darkness and criminality on the wild souls that abound killing indiscriminantly just anything around   … Continue reading

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The secret garden

Last night I slipped into a dream and found a secret garden place Potten End and there did spend an interlude I dropped the pace and wandered like a tortoise down grassy banks close by fruit and nut trees feathered … Continue reading

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We are going to slaughter send us a kiss or something

Banksy’s idea of a video for all the farm animals nobody’s sure what they feel when we say you are to die most of the meat eating people are shy   when it comes to the day that death knocks … Continue reading

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wolf fur and the lies and deceit( in the fashion trade)

Wolves don’t need this evil the poaching classes, who slaughter this great predator and destroy the environment too they are an integral part of it everything inter connected knock out wolves and you will imbalance each level when inspected   … Continue reading

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From the shelter its all heart felt

  .     Looks at those faces all sorts of faces pale faces dark faces rough, airs and graces   flat noses,long noses some wearing spectacles one with a beard and how he endeared   look at the lot … Continue reading

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I find it so objectionaable that people would ever call a turkey after another type of food a butterball   to denote a round big breasted soul at what is a premium price and subjected one would imagine to perhaps … Continue reading

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What should be euphoric

21 days the expectancy of life within the cell warm and moist and dense with air what else can we tell   29 million eggs per day are eaten in the UK so hatching out of one of them is … Continue reading

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A soft look at a hard subject “Canned hunting” and the tribes who follow the new religion

What is it in the hearts of man that presents a case to kill to arm themselves and leave their homes and hope fresh blood to spill   burdened by the pressure’s of life, perhaps their jobs and decked out … Continue reading

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