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Squirrel play

If it rolls Then these souls Are set fair to play Mind over matter Why not I say In the wilds Surely animals Are bound to amuse Themselves

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Foxes in the garden give us a call

They label us pests Then reach for a gun They then advertise What they have done Shot many foxes In plain marked vans So the neighbours don’t know Our unseemly plans.

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Big Pharma universal bad karma

Geo engineering Godly work, some say We can change the climate Let Big Pharma have their way Such riveting evil Repellent to the tenth degree Odious and litter -strewn Clodhopping brain dead infamy

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Whose conning who

When the sky is pink Then I think The gods perhaps bring joy And if its grey Perhaps it may Be trying to annoy And when con trails Criss cross the sky Then we should ask the Gods Why

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In sunlight

In sunlight floral bodies Achieve diversification Patterned and embroidered A beautiful celebration Of petals play on colour Exciting for one’s eyes Perceive discern distinguish And then just realise How lucky we all are

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Yes jack’s gone on his holidays And blossoms search the sky Soon replaced by fruiting bodies The feathered minstrels ply The striped tinnabulation The pollen gatherers they Striving to find nectar As a means of extra pay

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Rape seed

Great swathes of golden madness Brimstone at it’s hue Often in the wake of harvest Dead hares glare at you Open eyes stare skywards At The toxicity rape for me a ghastly term Where the sunless tend to be

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Cows enjoying the Summer sun

Females as gentle as any might be Festooned in blossoms And sunlight for Free Truly remarkable loving it there Eating wild grasses and feeling the care It is remarkable the bovine tribe Soaking up sunlight their wish to imbibe The … Continue reading

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The hour the captain met the whale

They both looked into each others eyes On that day the whale from the deep depths The Captain whose way Was to peer and realise They both were friends Eternally grateful for the message it sends

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Glastonbury and the TOR

Angry but angry with purpose The avid see genuineness Artistic meaningful passion In truest form I still bless All of the Gods there have ever been For all of the centuries before Avalon island of immeasurable charm With glastonbury and … Continue reading

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OV Ducts

Yes I am baby With big ideas but I Am going to the crusher Tragically to die The egg world is a crazy place Humans eating eggs Mothers working like machines With sore ovi ducts and legs

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The farmer who introduced this torture On the basis of profit for Him is bloody arrogant And I just can’t ignore The dairy trade for what they do And human beings who Support these bloody murderers Who are clueless too

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Donkeys hopes and wishes

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Two cows on kill floor awaiting death

Two cows were stood there embracing, on a kill line A slaughterhouse where Two friends together “Primrose”and “Heather” Cast outs enjoying despair This is their tragedy really Tears clogging eyes from the start Death comes to really so many They … Continue reading

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Maggots worms and bits of dead flesh

Eat their flesh Maggots and all Worms if your lucky Out in the stall Just being butchered Hear their cries One after another an Innocent dies

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Shark finning

Cruelty beyond contempt A hellish symphony Of truly vile proportions One has to ask why we Could ever stoop this low evil sinners scum sucking louts And for a fin a glutinous spin Which leaves me in no doubts The … Continue reading

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Cherries and the magpies

It’s been a nice warm day today Lots of sunny days The cherry tree has erupted sweet It’s reached it’s cherry phase Green but lots and lots of them The problem the magpies Have visited this early evening And they … Continue reading

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Silent Heroes

Foxes Deers Hounds Hares And thankfully silent heroes There are some Whose dedication Servants of Humanity Benevolence Crusading Lovers of wild animals Enlightened Truly wonderful Champions of caring Silent heroes Recognising Larcenists and hunters The heartless and unfeeling trolls Intolerant … Continue reading

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Making us gallop beyong our ability

They call it racing But it’s making us run Faster than we want to Under a hot sun Some twerp on our back Whipping us hard Making us jump over fences And scarred, at the very least Broken and made … Continue reading

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Man’s arrogance belittles

My Slavery is in no way becoming, The magic of the immensity which is the world beneath the great oceans where life was placed and exists still to this day, as a dwindling state of affairs through the evil of … Continue reading

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Stevie Nicks

A songstress of the most noble Her life her love her pain Profoundly commemorated Each musical refrain An encounter with the magical The mythical the might Her genius and composure Has kept her in the fight Fleetwood Mac distinction Beyond … Continue reading

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On the side of right

Just an amazing fellow who stands on the side of right Wild animals what have they done Their days just became night Put here 2be counted Discounted all their days Life 4them is wretched But they have won some praise … Continue reading

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Kongzi wise man from the East Where ginger’s famed to grow India China south east Asia It’s bright green leaves on show Bursting from a rhizome A great spice as we know The Greeks put lashings in their bread Gingerbread … Continue reading

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Bears always to be wild never in cages

Ofcourse keep them wild Where born From a child to grown ups In the forest by the river They must be Never in zoo’s Never in cages Always forever free Wild as the wild winds That blow through the tree … Continue reading

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Tina turner 2

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Trafficking baby animals and accrued karma

Illegally trafficking baby Cheetahs Pangolins and lots lots more Little babies stolen by the arses Who I am sure Care nothing for animal families Only their profit score Karma is going to upset their bloody Apple cart and what’s more … Continue reading

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EU Leaders

EULeaders What do they know They butter their toast And enjoy the show Sharks fin soup Why would they care Animal rights They do not share It’s eu leaders rights alas The rest of us are seen as crass

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My pet Turkey

I had a Turkey once Many years ago I was five years old And so quickly she did grow 12 Rhode Island reds And 6 rabbits As a child I learned how to look after them And find food that … Continue reading

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Another captive dolphin dead

It’s frighteningly obvious wild dolphins are Wild and as captives They can’t pose as a star They need space and fresh fish Not frozen and left In a Bath tub a prison cell Just all bereft Of all that is … Continue reading

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Bear with a bucket on his head

With his head in a bucket He must have felt bad He couldn’t see where he was going I mean it’s so sad He might get knocked sideways or crushed on the street And it’s clearly a problem for the … Continue reading

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