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Government subsidies matter in Spain

Its easier to hide behind tradition Let culture take the can and just move on Killing Bulls in sawdust rings Is stridently proclaiming The medieval mockery hasnt gone Great Roman Colosseums Going begging Just the place To kill a bull … Continue reading


I think this is Brazil And clearly people having fun The music playing loudly Underneath the sun A couple warm and sexy dance They feel the need On top of a poor horse That inside wants to bleed This is … Continue reading

Trapping and Penning Coyotes and Foxes

We often hear of China and how immoral they be But let me tell you America Takes some beating tragically Many states in the south west Are guilty really so Of barbarism on a scale That most of you dont … Continue reading

Save us will you

Building houses Making PROFIT And sleeping at night Must be ruddy difficult In the true moonlight The silhouette of lovely roo’s Underneath the moon Iconically bush angels To be exterminated soon Thats the way they do it Clear them out … Continue reading

To develop without murdering wild souls

A strong reputation for excellence Your words I have to say And what you are doing South of Perth Is upsetting us today We are a group wild souls The iconic kangaroo We have been living At Baldivis but we … Continue reading

The torturer and his audience

Insensitiveness clearly That numbness we can see A woodenness an obtuseness Its true stupidity Unconcern snd lack of care Callous they truly are Half decapitate Then shake on salt The agony will scar Such an unconscious nature The actions of … Continue reading

Norway’ s arrogance

There was once established wolf zones But the government of the day Decides that hunters have the right To kill them anyway Such arrogance is unfounded They are unable to see 6 wolf packs in the area That supposedly should … Continue reading

Kayla or Laurel wreath

“Kayla” means a laurel wreath Thats the name she got Given by her prisoners Honour that was shot Away from her for certain An ocean going soul Committed to the watery cell So that Sea World could control “KAyla” can … Continue reading


Born at Seaworld died at Seaworld A really fitting end Born into a prison cell That the arrogant defend They allocate a precious life To educating all But They were never educated Sadly and the call Was only to be … Continue reading

It all happened at salt creek thanks to GUMTREE

The horror film “WOLF CREEK” they had discussed it A very frightening movie And so they two young women Agreed to join up and Travel off to Salt Creek Two hours outside Adelaide That day A wilderness these backpackers On … Continue reading


Soreadeagled Strung up Beaten A cat against a wall Chastised and castigated By an ugly nasty fool Slapping smacking punishing Whats it all about? And playing it on face book And with each slap a shout Someone has to find … Continue reading

Bloody pages

History shows so many pages Written with the blood of those Slaughterhouses everywhere Where everything now goes CAFO’s increase margins Its all based sadly on Cruelty and profit Its really a big con A madness known as god force GM … Continue reading

Rising Shiva’s abode

From melt water In the Himalayas At Gangotrig we see The mighty Ganga Rise up on its journey to the sea Through Bangladesh and India This tumultuous display Rolling ever onwards To the great Bengal bay Surrounded by so many … Continue reading

Surprise surprise

In actuality What I saw today Was daffodils their trumpets Sounding out clearly a way Ahead even of snowdrops Still to break cover who Undeniably are imminent And should soon be Showing too Minus five and icy And some snow … Continue reading

Red sand forts

They stand out in the estuary In about one hundred feet Of sea water these massive forts The Maunsell gun towers meet All of the objectives When built in 43 To shoot down Nazi aircraft And the doodlebugs That be … Continue reading

Magickal whittling

A length of willow Tearfully sprung Witches brooms Were once among The uses for a branch To be Held and whittled Lovingly An aromatic inspiration Feminine and lissom too The outer green and inner bark stripped Where once great beads … Continue reading

Our precious FOX and the lousy huntsmen

The quad bike gang The terrier men Who have their work to do To have a go at the saboteurs a proper clueless crew Often they have a terrier A shovel and a spade They open gates and close them … Continue reading

Beavers made into coats

The tastelessness The vulgarity The obscenity of it all The need to want a fur coat And a wild soul then to call On to provide its skin and hair That creation gave it So hags can walk about believing … Continue reading

“Cyril”and the other Belugas and Orcas

Wild Orca’s Are an ocean going mammal An intellect much more advanced Than those Captors in the commercial world of slavery Who stole them from their pods As the world knows 80 beautiful Beluga’s And eleven Killer Whales Suffering immeasurably … Continue reading

A bull mowed down chucked in a ute

Its enduring its undying Its unimaginable terrain Physical and tangible With not a lot to gain From existing on these Cattle stations In the outback where Nothingness and emotionless And truthfully despair Is what you get And do expect Its … Continue reading

Street dog under a porch

Lying panting underneath A porch Yes there he lay The worse for wear All alone Living with despair In India in Udaipur Rajasthan was he Really very very sick As sick as he could be By the hand of fortune … Continue reading

Elephants in the snow

Its ingenuous And arrogant To have elephants in the snow To abuse them in a circus Somewhere where they shouldnt go They are the biggest land animals With weight issues and they Should not be walking on tarmac roads Or … Continue reading

Butcher boy

One hundred and twenty years Sees everyone of us beyond The pale of life and living That infinate time bond With breath and soul and being Despite whatever, we Can process every chicken On gods earth and profitably Sell them … Continue reading

The Iberian Thrill

What happened in the ancient world Its only right to say Despite all the technology Countries have today Recycling the colluseums One time places where Public executions And gladiators share A spot to kill and slaughter Each other it felt … Continue reading

Exporting animals to their death

Abandoned we’ve been just that Loaded on a truck Coming down from Scotland Its cold it just does suck! Profit thats the keyword The farmer didnt say Goodbye he just closed up the doors And left, yesterday And we are … Continue reading


I want you to try An imagine our pain We are babies for goodness sake Little to gain We have horn growth Some of us a year old So we According to farmers Who dont want to see Horns so … Continue reading

“Bai Tong” little girl

Every sort of reason Comes out of hunters gobs They are as arrogant as the day day is long Most are left brain slobs They havent got an inkling Or a smidgeon of empathy All they think about in life … Continue reading

Calves for Southern SPain from Scotland

Its very regretful The untimely delay The gross inefficiency And there is no way Live exports should continue Its terribly wrong And very young calves Just do not belong Picked up in Scotland On thursday night Shipped down to Ramsgate … Continue reading

Waiting for the fishing boats

All us Tabbies Gingers Siamese Abyssinians we Are waiting tummies rumbling On the old brick quay The fishing boats Will hopefully come back laden They Always throw some scraps at us Which clearly makes our day They gut some at … Continue reading