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The robotoid called Biden Decides its good that he Gives the job of looking after Agriculture,We See Mr Monsanto with it The all Inspiring awe This deformity of Nature Is what we are looking for A blemish on the arse … Continue reading

Xenotransplantation written 13/10/1996

Xenotransplantation Thats a bleeding long old word But actually what it concerns You’d wished you had never heard Cross species organ transplants By surgeons who purport To be up there with medicine But clearly they are caught Up in works … Continue reading

A mouse worthy of so much more

Written 1/12/1996 You dare to grow a human ear Upon a mouse my friend You call yourself a Scientist Where is it going to end Transgenics is a word you use But much of human thought Has not yet grasped … Continue reading

Meat = dead flesh and profits not prophets

Factory farms have spread across This country pretty fast Huge scale indoor facilities That state of affairs is cast Far and wide with hundreds Of animals inside Really a robotic rise Which farmers have denied Cows in fields munching on … Continue reading

Universal dupery

Shenanigans and skullduggery its so beyond the  pale to get through this we have to find our back bone And the trail just  using  our  minds to resonate And  to banish all this fear Deceit  it’s bloody  everywhere Bias that … Continue reading

Will we all be rounded up (before you know it)

Science for a better life For me thats hard to see Its out there on their website Sustainablity Bayers innovation (monsatan)products too The creeping hand of modern man Who has the the gall to do The really weirdest of things … Continue reading


A land walking mannatee Created we hear To end certain hunger Although its not clear A Genetically altered Creative attempt To put food on the table And therefore pre empt The world and its shortages Apparently This beautiful kind caring … Continue reading


Understanding Of Nature Of soils and of need Seem to go out the window When it comes down to feed The people thats when ofcourse Genetics is played Thats the card of the moment Where profits are laid Fairly and … Continue reading

Franken chickens

Baseless groundless without foundation Almost fictitious in a way Unconceived and unimagined In the finsl stages of decay Insubstantiality Not a whit or jot can we Talk about in real terms Just shallowness and vacuity Meaningless and characterless No relstion … Continue reading

The great ROUNDUP

Consciousness has been around For many a year The thoughts the sense Of the inner child A mindlessness bordering on the moronic An abstractness that could be seen as wild Unconcerned and uninvolved Indifferent one might say As the corporate … Continue reading

The new god

Franken flatworms Arrogance on the grandest scale Scientists have created But sadly they did fail To realise by cell manipulation What they got Was flatworms with another species Head and thats a lot Of miracles in development Its not genetics … Continue reading

Mind you!

I point my sweet Advice at you Those who gave up flesh All through their lives till then may be They were a sick depository And then it dawned on them that they Would try to use another way They … Continue reading

Corporate enhancement

The corporate ideal Is really never one to feel The utility and ability To amplify for real The logic of perception And the colour of deception Taste and smell are paramount More from less can mean The Mary Shelley principle … Continue reading

Poland knows

Kronor atcorpdoratesyorporatesocorporates♨️Wheat Continue reading

Dwindling numbers

Asclepias An essential plant The milkweed had it’s place The arrogance of Monsanto Reprobates whose case Was ignorantly created For glyphosate It be Used as a foil for common sense And now of course we see The Monarch Butterflies Dwindling … Continue reading

Beggars belief

Grass fed beef Beggars belief That’s what moo cows eat For years they ate the fresh Green grass Plantain and clover sweet Wild plants they were up to it Instinctively they knew The plants that kept them healthier On them … Continue reading

Russet burbank emphasis on bank for the producers

Acrylamides are found in many foods It’s said today But they are found in potatoes And so it just might pay To tamper or to tinker with the Genome and create a cleaner food Modify it somewhat And of course … Continue reading

iniquity and eugenics

A web of such iniquitous behaviour stretches far and wide it sinks into our bodies encouraging a  downward slide   meddling with our precious genes corrupting our pure DNA America has spawned a great satanic cult of scientists who with … Continue reading

Mc Donalds GM Potatoes

Simplot Potatoes are coming to you via Mc Donalds french fries all new its all about  acrylamide the problem of course but I can’t help thinking it might not be the source the genetic  upheaval reducing black spot and lowers … Continue reading

Genetic ambitions and their march forwards

the reasons they have given whatever they say I don’t take that crap from them anyday the american public are too stupid to deliniate factors it just isn’t true   Monsanto and others are powerful like hell corporates marching wanting … Continue reading

GMO Corn stick it up says China you can decide where

China she has made it clear stick your GM Corn where it hurts we do not want it Fcuk me we were born long before you clearly and Monsanto they can run and take a jump whereever whereever there’s no … Continue reading

If you are a pathological corporation you are above all laws

The labelling of GMO’s is a contentious issue, and the great big corporate fat cats they clearly understand after their investment and  developing this stuff based on eugenic principals they feel they have had enough   they are really awesome … Continue reading

Bio Science experimentation on living pigs

It is a  reproductive science technique this  the warped senses that I now critique China used, the jelly fish DNA so they glow in the dark what is there to say     there is no excuse for the tampering … Continue reading

At least we now know who our friends are

The writing is clearly up on the wall the GMO secrets oh Goddess appal any real thinking soul for when they see where the big corporations are trying to be they want to stop us knowing all the facts they … Continue reading

Pig genes with your orange juice ( a quick breakfast treat)

We fiddle whilst the Florida Orange stays green on the tree the juice is sour and needs a lot of sugar actually “greening” came along when Liberibacterium was born choking off the nutrient flow which has become a thorn in … Continue reading

This is ominous could it be the last Round up and it may seriously to affect us all

When it comes to Monsanto we need all the studies that any independents can do and this one on Round up and its effect on Aflatoxins make when reading its findings feel blue for if Round up enhances the growth … Continue reading

Santo ( the movie that could move us all)

Santo will be a movie it will tell all and we will see it all in cinema scope and it will hopefully expose the monsters out there into the GMO’s into re positioning the planet and hopefully it shows where … Continue reading

Hungary a brave nation ( Mon satan’s corn perished in its own hell fire)

Hungary had the courage of its conviction lit up the sky with its greater bursts of fire Monsanto’s ash employs such utter evil in our core of understanding it was dire understanding all the implications to public health the Hungarians … Continue reading

G E Labelling laws ( note to Monsanto)

Connecticut and Maine have passed the GE Labelling Law at last people are waking up perhaps like ne’er before dumbed into insignificance with an, open window for Monsanto, and their Big Pharma who thought that they were so sure pumping … Continue reading

HR 933

Obama signed HR933 giving Monsanto power to do just what it wants with food its was our final hour Obama has conceded that american food will be Monsantorised for ever we shall have to wait and see the outcome of … Continue reading