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Dolphins never smile not any more

Dont ask a federal judge To budge Why should he anyway Captive dolphins Let out And literally made to pay “Bogie”Bacall” “Jake” “Luther” and “Buck” All found the draw of the sea Were let out to roam Away from their … Continue reading

Lesser Celandine

Moisture wetness dewiness Where Ficaria Verna thrives A harbinger of Spring itself A wild plant that survives Forming mats in woodlands Threatening to control In the Buttercup family It has a powerfful role Called the lesser celandine But noxious one … Continue reading

Master of the emotions hormones and assorted ailments

The Biontology master Henry Northcroft West Hampstead’s answer to the travelling seer With his box of tricks designed by Johan Boswinkel Took the mighty M1, and got here I am quite a complex but simple fellow A poet and a … Continue reading

Bella Donna

Bella Donna All that honour All that power And all that strength Just 12 a day Blows me away She goes to such a length Luscious like a fruit from heaven Pain flies off to not return Lovable seductive idyllic … Continue reading

Miss pain

Dear Miss Pain Has come back again Into my life, for she Has that truly amazing way Of taking over me Pulsing, sore and tender Biting and severe All the pathos in my heart Comes back to hold my fear … Continue reading

An arthritic interlude

Cobblestones affect the bones When travelling too fast Shaky joints damage the points Despite how long they last And last they do But it is true Considerable weight can place A lot of stress and without redress It’s a blast … Continue reading

My journey through the Winter of my life ongoing notes for a book

It began in February 2006 I had book to go to Nuernberg it was a a cold icy day that a took a car to Stanstead and caught the plane to Nuernberg. arriving in Germany there were signs of snow … Continue reading


When I was first diagnosed, I felt like giving up, why me? what had I done to deserve this awful problem, now facing me it mattered not, I decided I had always been a fairly slow Hare, now I was going to be one of the fastest tortoises, and that’s how I new see it,.and that keeps me going forward if a little slower each day Continue reading